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Starmer’s motion to bar Corbyn is an anti-democratic coward’s charter

Starmer’s motion is an attack on democracy

A ‘restore the whip’ banner hanging above a cafe near Corbyn’s office (image: Steve Walker)

Keir Starmer has personally submitted a motion to Labour’s national executive (NEC), which meets tomorrow, to formally bar Jeremy Corbyn from standing as a Labour candidate at the next general election. The motion is for show, as Starmer’s cronies hold a majority on the NEC and the outcome is not in doubt.

Starmer is afraid to leave the choice up to local members, as Corbyn is overwhelmingly popular with them – but the wording of the motion shows just how cowardly and dishonest the move is:

1935 was in fact a better result in terms of vote share that Tony Blair’s 2005 election victory and in 2019 even the sabotage of Corbyn’s party by the right could not prevent Labour receiving significantly better shares than the party managed under either Ed Miliband or Gordon Brown, neither of whom have been targeted by similar motions.

Thousands have said that they will travel to Islington North to campaign for Corbyn if he is forced to stand as an independent candidate. It’s time for Corbyn to declare that he will do so and for his supporters to mobilise what will surely be the biggest ‘on the ground campaign’ in the seat’s history. Will any Labour candidate be foolish enough to stand against Corbyn if he declares he is standing despite Starmer’s anti-democratic coward’s charter?

Update: Corbyn has now commented publicly, but still stopped short of saying outright that he will stand as an independent:

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  1. Starmer stopping Jeremy standing as a Labour candidate isn’t really news. This has been clearly indicated for a long time and we were left in no doubt in mid February that he would be barred.
    This is a vicious and vindictive act on the part of Starmers Labour and I hope it comes back and bites them on the backsides. They need to be taught a lesson in democracy and decency.
    Regarding mounting a campaign for Jeremy if he decides to stand as an Independent most of us would happily knock on doors for him but I don’t think it will be necessary. Jeremy is an outstanding constituency MP and is held in affection and esteem in Islington North. People will vote for him there for those reasons.
    Solidarity Jeremy

    1. Smarboy, it is necessary to openly support Corbyn in our 100s if anything to ensure that the MSM picks on it and send Stamer & Co into a panic.
      More boots on the ground for Corbyn means less boots on the ground for other Labour MPs. I don’t expect that Starmer’s loyalists will suffer defeat as the LP resources will be diverted to them and right wing members would be buses to their seats at weekends.This is of course would be in detriment of centrist/soft left MPs.
      The result would be Labour will lose the next GC with two churches left standing:
      -the right, represented by Starmer, Jess Philip & co
      -the SCG (we need to canvass for the nearest one to us and get them all re-elected)
      Under those circumstances the SCG will have the necessary 20% to put forward a candidate and the membership of the LP faced with a choice of a Tory Tribute or a Socialist will vote for the socialist candidate.

      1. Reply to Maria V
        I take your point Maria. I was just trying to say that because he is an outstanding constituency MP held in affection and esteem by his constituents Jeremy will have no problem getting elected as an Independent if he chooses to stand.
        Regarding what happens after the next election I have been convinced for a long time that Starmer’s sole remit is to turn the party into a Zionist, Socialist free party. He doesn’t care about winning the next election ( he’ll be off to the House of Lords anyway) and his successor will continue with the purge of antiZionists (particularly Jewish antiZionists) and socialists and of course the mass voluntary exit of people appalled by what the Labour party has become will continue.Labour will eventually be completely neutered and only then will it be “allowed”to win a General election probably (about 2030.)
        Any Socialist or Anti Zionist who becomes leader in the meantime will be subject to the same concerted daily campaign of vilification smears lies and threats that Jeremy Corbyn had to put up with. Jeremy is an exceptional man – a man of steel as Len McCluskey called him – so he is still standing, still smiling, still refusing to be bullied or bought. However we have to realise that most people wouldn’t have survived it . They would have been totally destroyed by the onslaught of pure hate and malice he faced down every day. Few people will be willing to volunteer themselves for this treatment (and you can’t blame them) so it looks like we are stuck with Starmers nest of vipers for the foreseeable.

      2. If Corbyn stood as an independent candidate it would be interesting to see how many of those ‘boots on the ground’ came from other London constituencies.
        e.g. Ilford North, Holborn and St Pancras etc

  2. Starmer, liar your pants are on fire! Or adjusting the words of Captain SKA’s song about May in 2017:
    ” He is a liar, liar, Starmer is a liar, cannot be trusted no, no, no, no”
    Perhaps, Captain SKA can do a new version, this time with Starmer as theme?

    1. I just read the motion wording for tomorrow’s NEC meeting. You can almost hear the creaky clogs in Starmer’s brain (forensic, my arse) turning as the smug autocratic author dictated it to Shabana Mahmood.

      Question: Would Jeremy forfeit his voting rights and entitlement to attend non-PLP party meetings (as a member) if/when he stood as an Independent (or could he maintain both and stand as an independent)?

      1. They’ve craftily sunk JC’s boat but have trapped him on board the Right Wing Bad Ship Labour. For God’s sake Jeremy Jump!
        See my post later. Solidarity to Socialists!

  3. This unpleasant, immoral and unacceptable formal bar of Jeremy Corbyn shows Starmer and his neoliberal clique are terrified of Corbyn, particularly what his politics mean to their right-wing, pro-establishment same-oldism from the Blair and Cameron years.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s not just living ‘rent-free’ in Starmer’s head, he, and the real Labour herepresents own the free-hold.

    Therein lies their weakness. ‘Mr Rules’ Starmer is compulsively obsessed with Corbyn. For they are Few and OCD and we are Many….

    1. Yes cos we got 12.8m whilst the best they could get was 9.6m with Useless Ed & Right Wing Lightweight Labour Loser Reeves.
      As they attempt to rewrite history, in 2017 we did great (despite RW Lab MPs slagging JC off in public for years and some RW Lab staff sabotage) and we did it on IDEAS whilst they are devoid of them and rely on the dark arts inside Right Wing Labour?

  4. “You were in talks to take a job yourself.”
    “No, I wasn’t. I was in discussion.”

    It is just possible that Boris Johnson has more integrity than Starmer!
    Whenever he and his henchpersons appear, we need to be out there challenging their lies.
    At the same time, Corbyn now needs to declare himself and we need to ensure that he is resoundingly re-elected.

    1. “Whenever he and his henchpersons appear, we need to be out there challenging their lies.”

      Including the liar and fraud who spends all their time on this site like a Poundworld Goebbels.

      1. ” a Poundworld Goebbels” ….
        I wonder who that could be ??

      2. Reply to Dave H and Johnsco 1
        We all know what Steve H is- he doesn’t even try to hide it. However there are others who pose as socialists on this site and others with the sole aim of undermining and demoralising us. Thankfully most of them seem to have gone where all good trolls go ( particularlysince Skwawkbox started limiting comments) but unfortunately they usually reappear under another name.

      3. Smartboy
        George Galloway made millions taking MSM and Toilet papers to court
        On Not the Andrew Marr show he failed to understand why JC had not done the same
        Whistling in the dark does mot make you a Socialist

      4. Not everyone is what they seem.

        Whilst an expressed sound argument and position on any matter remains sound regardless of who articulates it, personal experience of the subject of this part of the thread points to only two possible conclusions:

        George is either:

        1. The most psychically gifted individual on the planet.


        2. What is commonly known as a plant.

    2. Reply to Doug
      I don’t really see what you are getting at Doug – are you seriously suggesting that Jeremy is not a socialist and was whistling in the dark?
      In relation to George Galloway – I ‘m glad he won his legal action. However Jeremy knew that the establishment and the Zionists were trying to goad him into court where he would have potentially faced massive costs. Every word given in evidence would have been duly reported by the BBC on every news bulletin and discussed on every current affairs programme and throughout the MSM with the worst possible interpretation being put on it. This would have enabled the lot of them to further vilify him and irrespective of the outcome of the case we all know that mud sticks . Jeremy isn’t stupid. He wisely refused to play their game and I admire him for that.

      1. Smartboy
        Geordie Galloway risked everything on a matter of principle because he knew he was right
        That makes him a Socialist
        Whereas the Wolfie Smiths of this world, whistle in the dark
        JC really needs to step upto the plate and launch the Peace and Prosperity party
        On the understanding he will be the figurehead not the leader

      2. Reply to Doug
        I disagree with you entirely for the reasons previously given

      3. ‘On the understanding he will be the figurehead not the leader’ says Doug, as if to imply that as a figurehead – as opposed to its leader – the party wouldn’t be smeared and demonised every-which-way the anti-democratic fascist forces can think of. Of course it would! Yes, the MSM would mainly just completely ignore it at first, but as soon as it started making headway they would steam in with all ther lies and falsehoods, and no doubt tag it the Anti-Semitic Party.

        Anyway, I posted the following on JVLs website a couple of days ago re an article entitled ‘How many antisemites in Labour? Facts not factionalism’, which readers may find interesting:

        On CSTs website they have a page that lists prosecutions for anti-semitism by year (but only up until 2019 for some strange reason, as I pointed out recently). And although they say that (the list) is ‘unlikely to be an exhaustive list’, I doubt that there are more than one or two prosecutions that they are unaware of and are not listed as such. If any!

        Anyway, the 180 expulsions [of LP members mentioned in the article] over a five-year period amounts to an average of 36 a year, and yet the total number of prosecutions (listed by CST) amount to 20 a year (for the four-year period from 2016 to 2019 – ie 81). Seems that either the people reporting allegations of A/S to the LP don’t report them to the police, or, on the occasions when they do, they are either not regarded as A/S, or they are taken to court but not found guilty of A/S.

        I have no doubt that it’s the first of these. I mean given what John Mann said about (and to) Ken Livingstone, how come he didn’t report him to the police. Doesn’t make sense of course, and ESPECIALLY given that he chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism (during 2004–2019). But we (on the left) all know why he didn’t! And, of course, why none of the other high profile (alleged) cases of A/S were reported to the police by any of the individuals and groups that were so vocal. But why bother (and waste their time) when you know you can bank on the MSM to declare them guilty.

        PS And it’s interesting to note that as of 2016 the amount of prosecutions listed by CST approximately doubled compared to the years prior to 2016.

  5. The lies and corruption that Starmer represent know no limits.
    Corbyn has more honesty and integrity in his little finger than Starmer has ever had.
    Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission, a liar and a fraud.
    He is a fifth columnist in the Labour Party.
    His mission has always to be America’s puppet in the UK and to destroy the Labour Party as an effective vehicle for the advancement of the interests of ordinary people.
    We must do everything possible to defeat Starmer and to support Corbyn.

    1. This is the sort of company Starmer likes to keep:

      But this is far from the only recent piece of reporting backing up the “October surprise” story. A little more than three years ago, the Times published another report that touched on the matter, this one charging that Chase Manhattan Corporation chair [and Trilateral Commission co-founder] David Rockefeller (brother of GOP politician Nelson) and a team assembled at the bank “helped the Reagan campaign gather and spread rumors about possible payoffs to win the release.” Unlike the most recent Times piece, this report was based on documents that had been sealed until Rockefeller’s death, one of which was a letter from his chief of staff (incidentally, named Reagan’s ambassador to Morocco in 1981) to his family admitting he had “given [his] all” to sabotaging the Carter administration’s efforts “to pull off the long-suspected ‘October surprise.’”

      The ‘October surprise’ being the release of the US hostages in Iran to bolster Carter’s reelection campaign, which Reagan undermined.

      It’s not a conspiracy theory: Ronald Reagan secretly negotiated to keep the Iran hostages captive for an extended period to try to keep President Jimmy Carter from winning reelection.

  6. Isn’t the crux of the problem that Labour party is a ‘club’ and has been possible for a small minority to take it over and change the rules to exclude others.

    1. ellie
      Kitchen cabinets rule OK
      Not only a small number but done for not a lot money as well

    2. Its not just the Labour Party which operates on this basis but the entire Western world.

      Here’s ex CIA operative Larry Johnson with a succinct dissection of the “Rules Based Order” which includes a definition of what a rule is and how it operates in procedural terms:

      “The so-called international order basically is a system of rules that the United States sets and arbitrarily decides whether or not a foreign country is complying or disobeying. The bottom line? These “rules” are designed to promote U.S. interests at the expense of others.

      What is a rule? It is, “an authoritative, prescribed direction for conduct, especially one of the regulations governing procedure in a legislative body or a regulation observed by the players in a game, sport, or contest.” In theory, the rule is supposed to apply to everyone.

      When we look at the so-called international rules to promote global order a very different picture emerges. We are essentially talking about an international casino and the United States traditionally has behaved like a crooked dealer who makes sure that friends of the casino win. Here is one example. If protestors take to the streets and try to overthrow a government the United States likes, that is bad and those protestors must be punished. However, if the government has fallen out of favor with the United States then the protestors are sanctified beings carrying out God’s will and must be supported.”

      And the same application or otherwise of rules made or discarded to suit convenience operates everywhere you turn. The Labour Party being merely one manifestation of a wider cultural malaise which is wrecking havoc across the entire Western world where people at every level sincerely delude themselves that it is possible to make things up as you go along to suit yourself without any negative consequences.

      As Don Corleone might have put it: “We make the rules; you obey the orders.”

    1. Brian61 – Really, if true then I’m surprised. I didn’t think he’d take the risk. The next few days will tell.

      1. It’s no great risk for the man who has fought 10 General Elections in the same seat, and always significantly out-performed every other candidate. At GE19 he obtained 64.3% of the entire vote. The runner-up (a Lib Dem) got less than a quarter of the votes Jeremy got.

        Key question is, what Starmerite is brave or stupid enough to stand as a Labour PPC against him?

      2. qwertboi – I suppose that all depends on how concerned Corbyn is about his legacy. As I see it he can retire at the next election safe in the knowledge that his legacy as a hero of ‘the left’ who will pass into the annals of history, remembered and revered long after his death ‘by the few’ is (sort of) intact.
        Or alternatively he could end up with being remembered as the person who led Labour into one of their biggest ever defeats before suffering the ignominy of being rejected by both the electorate and party that he had served for over 40yrs as a Labour MP.
        Take your pick.

      3. SteveH, you use the word ‘legacy’ but treat it as if it means ‘reputation’. Point is, JC probably gives no significant importance to his reputation at all. He’s an evidence-based socialist who operates in the world of cause and effect (‘reputation’ doesn’t, per se).

        I don’t think he believes his life is finished. In fact, he’ll see that his recent-past and the failures that it contains, provides him with reason and motivation to keep going.

        Lastly, Labour has been a big part of his life, and, I’m sure, the party’s dire health also motivates him to carry-on Corbyning.

        Retirement is the last thing on his mind.

      4. qwertboi – No I haven’t, I wrote precisely what I intended to write in order to impart what I wanted to convey.
        Is your own argument really so weak that you are unable to impart it without disingenuously misrepresenting what I said.
        As I’ve said before I don’t think Jeremy will take the risk of standing as an independent candidate for Islington North in the next GE. If his previous performances are anything to go by I also think that the most likely scenario is that Corbyn will leave you all in limbo by delaying any announcements as long as he can.
        Even if I’m proved wrong, what’s the worst that can happen, he’s yesterday’s man and it’s only one seat out of 650?

        Here are the results of a recent poll.
        “Most People Think Keir Starmer Is Right To Ban Jeremy Corbyn Standing As A Labour MP, Poll Shows
        In a survey of 2,144 people, 55 per cent said they believed Starmer was right to block the former Labour leader from running as a Labour MP – with 23 per cent believing it was wrong, and 22 per cent saying they didn’t know.

  7. Ellie is unfortunately correct.
    Our enemies have seen how easy it is to infiltrate and take over the Labour Party.
    They have correctly-identified how easy it is to use 24/7 lies and vile propaganda to undermine the party and turn it into a shadow Tory Party.
    The anti-Semitism scam has been well-organised and well-financed by our opponents to assassinate Corbyn and discredit his supporters.
    The Labour Party, as a democratic-socialist party, is lost to us.
    When we get our act together and establish an effective replacement for the Labour Party, it must be done carefully to ensure that such weakness cannot be exploited again.
    Our enemies are ruthless and well-resourced.
    Fighting-back will not be easy.

    1. Wasn’t really a shock, was it? One positive is that if Corbyn stands, labour won’t win there.
      What is surprising is that people aren’t seeing the pattern here. Labour was taken over years ago. I gave up looking after seeing the chain;

      Brown. Saved the bankers instead of jailing them. Which has led to today’s financial situation. Also flogged the gold off cheap.

      Bliar. Do I really need to say more?

      Kinnock. Proto Bliar. Threw an easy win with deliberate stupidity. Went in to make millions working for the EU (involved in shenanigans whilst there too)

      Foot. The anomaly. Given the Corbyn treatment.

      Callaghan. The beginnings. Daughter wears ermine.

      Wilson. A very British coup…

      I want to believe in labour, I really do. But they policies, actions and repeated lessons on how they control it means that it’s dead to me.

      labour is never gonna represent me or my ilk

  8. It seems impossible to get the majority of the MSM to print anything
    which vaguely supports Corbyn apart from – occasionally a Guardian piece ..
    Unfortunately the poster who said that the LP were run like a Club is
    correct – with a sly take over ..

    It is not only democracy in the LabourParty (and hence the UK)
    which will suffer – but future well-being of the UK.

    There was an excellent talk at the 8.45am R4 slot yesterday – I
    don’t know who the speaker was as I was in bed and hsalf-asleep!
    I didnt agree with ALL he said but one thing I didc agree with –
    he stated that the UK needed a radical change in policy to correct
    what is wrong with the UK and he backed this up with argument
    and discussion ..

  9. Whatever Jeremy decides to do I wish him success but this issue is much bigger that the fate of one individual. Since he was elected I have maintained that Starmer would betray the pledges he made and eventually split the Labour Party. The bulk of Labour Party members have not changed but a shift of trade unon power and a split in the left CLP’s votng has enabled the NEC to be captured by the Right who plan no less that the total elimination anyone who support real socialist policies. A a result thousands upon thusands of members have left, many of them young and active and the Labour Party has become a holllowed out shell of what it was in the Corbyn era.

    The choice is really simple do members spend the whole of their lives fighting to return the Labour Party to the 1945 Atlee governments’ values and achiervements that produced real change that like I did or do those members form a new political party devoid of all the fascist traits we now witness from the current leadership..

    1. @Bill Wells

      The 1945 government gave us the special relationship. You know the one where we grab our ankles for the yanks…

      The only reason the 1945 government delivered was because they had no choice.

      Our great grandparents were promised homes fit for heroes after WW1. Never materialised.

      After WW2, they tried the same stunt. Demobbed soldiers were living in ex army camps. The authorities would turn the water off to try and evict then, they turned back on just after 5pm.

      The reason the ’45 government delivered was because they were facing millions of battle hardened men and extremely tough women. They had to. By 1970 they were all too old to do anything. They then started to take back what they had given.

  10. Bill Wells is correct in everything he says … Except for one thing:
    It is not simple !
    We do need a “new party devoid of all the current fascist traits”.
    How do we prevent the same contamination re-establishing itself in the new party ?
    Do we need the trade unions “on-side” ?
    Many of their leaderships were bought-and-paid-for during the Blair years and still there today.
    We know what we need – But it is not simple.
    The right-wing are well-resourced and they are ruthless bastards.
    Our people are the “good guys”.
    Many of them are more interested in discussing what their pronouns are than discussing why the USA is promoting its long-planned-for proxy-war against Russia.
    The political world is an ugly place.
    As a senior shop steward I learned quickly that winning on behalf of my members was a daily war of attrition.
    I was up to the job .
    It was not simple.
    Building for political power will not be simple.
    We need to be up to the job.

    1. johnsco1,

      So very well said. What many people do not understand is that the USA controls most of our politicians and politics, and has done for a number of years. They originated the bullshit AS scam with Jeremy Corbyn and won, I refer people to the comments made by Mike Pompeo where he stated they would not let Corbyn run the UK.
      Sunak is controlled by the US financial elite, and Labour is in control of the Zionist Cabal of Israel, or in other words the US indirectly.
      The next few years will be interesting as the wheels are beginning to fall of the US Imperialist Juggernaut, which is being rejected the world over at the moment.
      I hope Corbyn runs as an Independent, but ultimately I hope he’s happy doing whatever he does because he’s a decent human being and doesn’t deserve the shit thrown at him by Stamer and his Nazi Party.

      Never has there been a better time for a new Party, but are we all up for the challenge?

    2. “How do we prevent the same contamination re-establishing itself in the new party ?”
      We make sure a new party is – as Jeremy envisioned the Labour party under him becoming – a bottom-up organisation, serving and controlled by its membership.

      “Do we need the trade unions “on-side” ?”
      Would be nice, but it’s not a critical requirement. Trade Unions seem to be organisationally lethargic and unlikely to challenge/compromise a FPTP-enabled “government in waiting”.

      The existence of a ‘new party’, no matter how erratic its electoral success in the early days, would profoundly show-up the Labour Movement’s non-adherence to principle.

      Wouldn’t take long for the likes of Mick Lynch, the Labour Land Campaign, SHA, Labour Campain for Electoral Reform, CLGA, JVL, Labour Muslim Network, etc.,etc., to see the dead hand of labourism, made worse by Keir Starmer’s refusal to support pickets and renationalise the railways or buses and for activists and members of the new party to energise and magnetise it. The Unions are not needed as they were 130 years ago.
      It’d still be a gamble, but a better one than yet more assured Dead Handism.

  11. Thanks baz2001.
    Your comments about the USA and Israel are 100 per cent good.
    Fortunately, we are seeing Israel consumed by its own fascist lunatics.
    We are seeing the war in Ukraine continuing to isolate the USA among the nations of the global “south”.
    The mask is starting to slip in UK despite the 24/7 endless stream of lies and propaganda in support of USA/NATO.
    The BRICS and the SCO are gaining economic influence and this process is being accelerated by the war in Ukraine.
    Most people in UK do not realise that NATO is the military arm of American foreign policy in Europe.
    They don’t recognise that the Trilateral Commission is the political arm of America’s foreign policy to maintain its hegemony over the World Order.
    This is information that everyone should have.
    They need to know that Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission and that he is subverting the Labour Party on behalf of a foreign powerr.

    1. johnsco1,

      Again you are right on the money. I cannot agree with you more. The US/UK have been planning the Ukraine event for years, but so was Russia, they knew what was going to happen. Solidarity to you.

  12. An aside –
    it seems a view of both the left and the right that the war in Ukraine –
    is an extension of the Cold War ..

    Another view of it is that it is an extension of the reason for World War 1,
    of Imperialism and the fight between Empires for domination.

    1. Sorry – Ill clarify – the end of World War 1 resulted in the demise of the Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Austro Hungarian empire .. with Stalin (among others) trying to resurrect the Russian Empire. This was opposed by (among others) Ukraine which for a short while in the early 1920s was an independent republic. The Russian Soviet Republic aka The New Russian Empire broke up in 1991 and since that time Russia – in the person of Putin – has (in many cases successfully) attempted to put it together again ..

      A third alternative (my idea) is that much of it goes back a thousand years – to the Great Schism – of Christianity between Rome and Orthodox ..

      1. You see this most clearly in the Balkans, where there still exists the interface between the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and Islam.
        NATO / USA play this antagonism to their advantage whenever and wherever they can.
        Hence the MSM plays up the narrative of the “good guys” and the “bad guys”

      2. Sorry to take issue with you again but Stalin, for all his multiplicity of faults, was not trying to resurrect the Russian Empire. The schizm between him and Trotsky arose because Stalin thought that the priority for the USSR should be to defend the revolution from inevitable attack by the US and UK which would be designed to rid the country of Communism. Trotsky’s view was that the priority should be to export the revolution as quickly as possible. [One example of this was Stalin’s insistence on building a fleet of short range, therefore defensive, submarines, whereas Trotsky wanted long range subs to allow the USSR to support revolutions anywhere in the world.] There is also no evidence, other than assertions by commentators, to support the view that Putin is trying to re-establish the Russian Empire. By all means dislike the man if you wish. By all means take issue with some of his policies. But, unless you can show any instances of him having said that he wishes to re-establish the Russian Empire, don’t claim it as fact.

    2. @Holby

      …it seems a view of both the left and the right that the war in Ukraine –
      is an extension of the Cold War…

      For the sheep maybe.

      It’s theft. Resource theft. The UK and others have been tried to steal Russia’s riches for centuries.

      It’s why we have words like cardigan and balaclava.

      I wonder if Florence Nightingale was the real deal or propaganda like the ghost of Kiev…

      1. Which Resources have “the West” tried to steal? They have none – they have already been stolen by Oligarchs as soon at the Soviet Union broke up. Same in Ukraine – to the detriment of the workers there for as soon as it separated `from the USSR the pointy elbowed leaders of various sections of the Communist Party grabbed the mullar. In Russia’s case Putin made sure he was in charge of this – that Oligarchy was “in-house”.

        The money was funnelled through the London markets, some of it enriching both the Tory Party and many members of the Establishment and they – it is true- did gain as the Soviets split up. Meanwhile back in Ukraine the working classes were suffering. McDonnell has told how he went to help out the miners there whose wages had massively fallen and that he was successful to some extent. Well guess who was chief share holder of the Mining Company? One ABRAMSKI – yes – the football club owner:
        McDonnell further explains the rise of the Socialist Party in Ukraine – in contrast to the corruption aided and abetted by Russia. Ukraine was the most corrupt of the ex-USSR bloc.

        The hypocrisy of Labour Party MPs was staggering – siding with the Tories and not pursuing these rich thieves and not supporting Corbyn (and McDonnell) who wanted to impose restrictions .. To his credit – Sunak drove through the Magnitski Act – but Johnson was very unwilling to restrict anyone ..

      2. @Holby

        …Which Resources have “the West” tried to steal? They have none…

        This is almost American…a gas station with nukes.

        Let’s start with Uranium. Guess who provides the fuel for both US and UK? Be grateful they’re still selling it to us. You’ll also note that the less damaging abiotic fuels have been taken away from us?

        Platinum and titanium are two more important resources that are mostly found in Russia. Neon gas is used for microchips, guess who the world goes to buy it from?

        Russian resources are vast in array and huge in size. Just one place in Russia holds one 6th of the world’s iron reserves. You have the most powerful machine known to humanity at your fingertips, use it to find out just how much Russia has.

        Money. It’s all about money. Or more specifically, we don’t have any and we need what they have to continue the charade. This explains the political lockstep because their paymasters run the show.

      3. Apologies: This is now the seventh attempt in almost an hour and a half to submit the post which should have preceded the post at 06:24pm

        This provided a link to a set of data as a starter to shed some light on the subject of resources in Eurasia.

        If this post does appear then the only reasonable conclusion is that the site is rejecting any post which contains the specific URL link.

        I will attempt to find a workaround.

      4. Okay: Seeing as the link in question – which is obviously barred from appearing in any post on this site – does not have a search facility the quickest way around this [for anyone interested in the data which provides graphics of evidence that Russia and China have significant leverage over USA and Europe in Food; oil; natural gas; coal; aluminium; steel; other key minerals; etc.] is to break it down into its constituent parts to put back together to get access:






  13. “Keir Starmer has personally submitted a motion to Labour’s national executive (NEC), which meets tomorrow, to formally bar Jeremy Corbyn from standing as a Labour candidate”

    When the vote is taken it will be interesting to see how the trade unions and other groups voted.
    The names of the treacherous should be known.

    1. Maybe he fancies a go at standing for London Mayor next year. He could lose that without losing much face.

  14. Brown 2010 8.3m
    Miliband/Reeves 2015 9.6m
    Corbyn 2017 12.8m (despite RW sabotage)
    Corbyn 2017 10.2m (Brexit sabotage).
    So JC now has no choice but to stand as an Independent and he should win but he would be a gang of one.
    Better to have 620 JC Independents around the country (not standing against the few Left Lab MPs) and crowdfunded.
    Then we could have a left wing democratic socialist group in Parliament.
    Hundreds of thousands of us are ready and waiting out here to continue the JC Dream.

  15. Another thought on this.
    This is going to generate a huge amount of negative publicity for Labour which is likely to continue for months, and even more member will resign..
    How likely is it Tories will take advantage of this and announce an early GE if/when the rid themselves of an albatross called Johnson?
    It’s not like Starmer has any charisma or visionary policies to offer?

    1. iamcrawford
      Tories and their supporters have not even started to go for Starmer, the man has Neil Kinnock written all over him

      1. Judging from the wording of the motion it looks like Keir has calculated that Jeremy is an electoral liability and that any publicity will on balance be positive for Labour.

        Here’s the meat from the full motion
        This meeting of the NEC considers and agrees that: in order to effect the NEC’s primary purpose to maximise the Labour Party’s prospects of winning the next general election, and to avoid any detrimental impact on the Labour Party’s standing with the electorate in the country as a whole; the Labour Party’s interests, and its political interests at the next general election, are not well served by Mr Corbyn running as a Labour Party candidate; and it is not in the best interests of the Labour Party for it to endorse Mr Corbyn as a Labour Party candidate at the next general election.
        Accordingly, this meeting resolves that:
        1 Mr Corbyn will not be endorsed by the NEC as a candidate on behalf of the Labour Party at the next general election;
        2 the general secretary write to Mr Corbyn immediately after this meeting to advise him of the above; and
        3 Mr Corbyn remains a member of the Labour Party and, save as set out above, his rights to attend Labour Party meetings and voting rights afforded under the Labour Party rule book remain unchanged.

  16. In order of preference
    Launch Peace and Prosperity party (he has the numbers to shaft Starmer)
    Stand for Mayor (Livingston was brought back in to the party)
    Stand as Independent (then what)

  17. Goldbach – well I accept we’ll never agree about this!
    – but no Stalin did not say the USSR was a new Russian Empire
    but that does not mean it wasn’t in its effects! Though given the
    amount of murder at the top – maybe a new ROMAN Empire
    would have been closer.

    To get back to discussion and sorry to change the subject :- {

    In “Politics Live” today Ash Sarkar attempted to
    attack Starmer and defend Jeremy but was not too successful.

    What she did NOT say was
    (1) the EHRC report did NOT say Labour was Institutionally Racist –
    which was Corbyn’s point really ..
    (2) It only came up with two names of people who were .. what?
    It was not clear and those people are challenging that opinion .

    Jeremy Corbyn attempted to comment on the EHRC said
    or didnt say – however discussion of what it said is now
    BANNED by Evans.

    In that respect the Labour Party itself were disrespecting the
    EHRC report which encouraged discussion.

    What has happened is that the Labour Party are now being purged
    of Jewish people and if that is not antisemitic what is?

    1. Murder at the top, indeed. Also lots of murder that was far from the top. ]
      As I said, a multiplicity of faults, and rather big ones.
      It’s interesting that the Warsaw Pact countries were seen in the West as having been colonised by the USSR. In the USSR, and for most people in Russia today, they were/are seen as an attempt to set up a large buffer between Russia and what the Russians saw/see as an aggressive West bent on destroying Russia.
      “What has happened is that the Labour Party are now being purged
      of Jewish people and if that is not antisemitic what is?”
      Quite so. Started a couple of months after Starmer was elected, as I recall. You have to be Jewish and have a certain set of views.

      1. IN fact the expulsion of Jewish LP members happened in Corbyn’s time too – but not nearly as much.

        Corbyn queried as to why so many Jewish LP members were the object of complaints – wondering if it was part of “Jewish Politics”?
        He said so in an email and it was a THIS email that was filleted and misused in The BBC Panorama program ..

        As for the assembly of the USSR satellite countries, the so-called “Warsaw Bloc” yes they were supposed to protect the USSR and provide a buffer against “The West”. However cynicism reminds me that it was the USSR who allied itself with Nazi Germany in 1939 as both of them attacked “The West” (viz Poland).

        The wars involving Russia and the rest of Europe have been going on for hundreds of Years – in Napoleonic Times and before. There was no “The West” then for the countries this comprises spent as much (or more?) time fighting each other. Poland who were part of the Russian Empire during this time have generally come off worst with racists despising “The Slavs”. They fought for their Independence and distinct culture and for this they were punished by their Russian masters – denied a proper Education and having to study independently of the State.

        PS So far as I know Corbyn has not declared he will stand as an independent .. He will be waiting for the new Labour Candidate there and the row which will ensue for he can afford to bide his time.

      2. Sorry to correct the narrative again..
        The USSR did not “ally itself with Nazi Germany”
        Stalin had approached the UK and France in the 1930s with a proposal that the three countries form an alliance to guard against German expansion. He was concerned that Germany would attack Russia. The UK and France turned him down. His reaction was to sign a non-aggression pact with Germany, NOT an alliance. When Germany invaded Poland, the USSR seized eastern Poland. Some might argue that this was a sign of a desire for Soviet expansion. The alternative view, which i would go with, is that Stalin wanted to ensure that, when Germany attacked, the line of defence would be as far to the west as possible. I am far from being a fan of Stalin (N.B. the Georgians seem to love him) but I do think that we should be accurate in our accounts of his actions.
        And don’t forget that, during Czarist times, there was a substantial Polish Empire which, when it was the Polish-Lithuanian Empire, controlled a large part of eastern Europe including Galicia (not the Spanish one but the one in western Ukraine) with Lvov being the cultural centre. Part of Poland did fall under the Russian Empire in 1813, after the defeat of Napoleon, with the majority of it being annexed by Austria-Hungary and Prussia. Poland was re-imagined in 1918. Britannica does a good potted history of the Russian Empire.

        Re Corbyn: I think you’re spot on. I’m sure that, long ago, he will have considered all the scenarios that could arise and will have made plans as to how, and when, to react. It seems to me that the longer he can keep the horrors in charge of the LP guessing the better.

  18. Did I hear right, or did the end of the report on this on CH4 has just say Corbyn’s decided to run as an independent??

    Guess I’ll have to wait for +1

      1. And I got sidelined so couldn’t watch the +1

        And I wasn’t addressing you, so disabuse yourself from your delusion of self-importance.

      2. Toffee – Really, unfortunately you don’t get to choose who can and can’t respond to your comments. I suppose he’ll get around to it eventually, although he may well choose to keep you hanging on until the last moment.

      3. it looks like Keir has calculated that Jeremy is an electoral liability

        More like chief-puppeteer Mandelson’s treacherous string-pulling.

        The idea that voters outside Islington will be at all bothered by Corbyn standing for Labour there, and that will influence their vote, is just pure fantasy. It could even backfire, since there are many who would see this as mere vindictiveness and vote for another party, or not even vote at all.

      4. Really, unfortunately you don’t get to choose who can and can’t respond to your comments.

        Bear in mind I’m gonna remind you of that each and every time you whinge that I’m supposedly “following (you) around like a needy stray”,.

        And should Corbyn indeed choose to run independently, your lost deposits bingo card answer’s gonna make you look even more the hubristic twerp(s) that you (and the greasily-bequiffed one) are.

  19. PW – Really, the electorate were obviously influenced by their dislike for Corbyn in 2019 (check it out, the polls at the time consistently indicated that two thirds of the electorate didn’t trust Corbyn). Have you forgotten that for the first time ever at the 19GE more of the working class electorate cast their vote for the Conservative Party (led by Boris) than voted for the Labour Party (led by Corbyn) and by a very significant margin of 15%. Hence the disastrous loss of 60 seats and Johnson being able to legitimately claim that the Tories were now the party of the working class.
    As for it backfiring, maybe its a possibility but I’m really not convinced that there are all that many Labour voters left who are still ardent Corbyn fans. Particularly ones who are prepared to risk yet another Tory government for the sake of making a pointless and futile gesture.

    1. Two Cheeks
      Google Luck with the ‘they have nowhere else to go’ strategy, you know the tne 9ne that lost 5 million votes
      Then there’s they hated JC strategy, when in truth they hated Starmers 2nd Referendum Tomfuckery

  20. And you’ve forgotten – or rather you continually choose to deny – that you were continually and consistently warned
    that leave-voting labour marginals would be lost while toerag marginals would be held or increase their majorities if keef/fatwat et al, didn’t desist with their antidemocratic shithousery.

    The timeline of the shithousery matches the voting patterns (and intent) of the nation. Coincidence, or conspiracy?

    But let’s go back to slightly earlier, shall we? Let’s start from the year labour were beleaguered by the appearance of the greasy one on their benches….

    2015. Camoron offers tha nation their say on the EU. Moribund & the weird TV/media whore balls offer austerity lite.

    Camoron wins election without requiring libtard cooperation. Keef elected for the first time (the birth of the abomination)
    Corbyn elected labour leader by VERY substantial margin. Membership increases exponentially.

    2016. Corbyn elected leader by landslide, increasing mandate and membership even further. Offers anti-austerity; more importantly says labour will respect the referendum result.

    2016/17 Toerags imploding on both governance and brexit. May becomes PM after camoron walks.

    2017. may calls snap election with an eight week timescale. Corbyn, on anti-austerity platform and with labours pledge on referendum still very much intact (much unlike any pledge his successor’s EVER made) comes within just 3000 votes of being PM. Right wing faction of labour shit themselves and conspire to bollocks things up on a scale that make the rags look positively genial in ousting may and replacing with a fat pro- brexit scruff on the “get brexit done” ticket.

    “Oh no!! Not ANOTHER one?!?!” (referring to possibility of yet another vote) video sums up feelings of the vast majority of voters.

    2019. Keef & co shithousery culminates in making policy on the fly labour right rigs delegate selections to conference to enable keef shithousery. No vote is taken from rank & file membership.


    …Except more people voted (Corbynist) labour in ’19 than since ’97. How many more would’ve done had keef NOT shat the bed?

    But shat the bed he did. Purposely. And people were rightfully pissed off of being told by upper-middle-class imbeciles that they’d have to keep voting until they got the result they wanted.

    THEM’S the facts.

    1. “comes within just 3000 votes of being PM” – this oft-repeated line doesn’t really stack up though. I presume it is arrived at by adding up the difference in votes in the tightest of marginals but this hypothetical massive swing on a miniscule number of specific votes could just as easily allow someone to say May was only x thousand votes away from a landslide. There’s ducks in a row and then there’s getting an entire ant colony to march in formation

  21. Seen this on Mike Sivier’s site… Worth a watch. Mcdonagh being her usual shrieking, gormless self, along with (harry Enfield’s tory boy lookalike) Sebastian old school tie Payne chiming in with his utter crap, as per. 😕

    1. Wow! The lies being spewed here are simply gobsmacking! How on Earth are these arseholes allowed to get away with it on national television? Propaganda at its worst.

      Fair play to Ash for standing her ground against that ridiculous tirade.

      1. Fair play to Ash for standing her ground against that ridiculous tirade.

        She did ok, but she could’ve done better imo. Instead of being exasperated and saying it’s “boring” (to repeat her defence of Corbyn against the lies and false accusations),; the next time she’s on TV to talk about it, why not just get her phone/tablet out, google instances of Corbyn accepting the forde report recommendations etc and read out loud the bleedin’ reports, or – better still – show YouTube videos etc?

        Surely that’s go some way to stumping the idiots once and for all.

      2. The point missed is simple
        Anti Zionism Anti Israel does not equate to Anti Semitism
        JC does not have an AS bone in his body
        Safest country in Europe for the Jewish Community thanks to JC and the Labour movement
        Vexatious claims of Anti Semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted

    2. Here Toffee….Guess who said this on Feb 4th 2020 1153hrs….?

      “The selections for Labour Candidates needs to be more democratic and we should end NEC impositions of candidates. Local Party members should select their candidates for every election.”

      Said author of this was in the running for the Labour Party leadership.

      1. Is it the same gobshite who reneged on it on April 4th 2020 @1153hours?

        (Had his fingers crossed behind his back, all the time)

    3. To be fair to Sebastian Wottsit he hardly got a word in on the BBC
      lunchtime program – McDonagh screeched so loudly!

      She was wrong in saying that Labour had been judged
      institutionally racist by the EHRC – but of course we were
      never allowed to discuss their findings .. contrary to the
      recommendations in the report.

      Even on their own terms Starmer and Co are wrong for Corbyn
      did much better in 2019 than either of the previous two Labour

      They had Miliband on R4 this morning who was questioned about
      the NEC vote and he never mentioned the previous GE results
      – whIch is unsurprising considering that he would not be an MP now
      if HIS numbers had been taken into consideration ..

      Ludicrous ..

      1. To be fair to Sebastian Wottsit he hardly got a word in on the BBC
        lunchtime program – McDonagh screeched so loudly!

        When he did get a word in, it was more-or-less repeating the same total crap as mcdonut.

        Just not as screechy. So methinks I’ll pass on the fairness, thanks.

  22. Not a great fan of Owen Jones but there’s not much here I can disagree with.

    TWO FACED Starmer Boots Out Corbyn

    1. Oh DO fuck RIGHT off, Jones.

      You’ll be beating yourself off the drum for keef come election time, you horrible godawful phoney.

      And it’s NO FECKIN WONDER you don’t want to go into the antisemitism mullarkey…NOT because you could be there for five hours, but because YOU DEMANDED CORBYN APOLOGIZE FOR IT.

      The backsliding knobhead boils my piss at times**, he really does.

      **ALL the time.

  23. And to think; there were some putting up a case for ‘red’ ed a few years back when I told them what he’s about.

    Socialist MY ARSE. Just another bluffer. I’m not surprised in the slightest.

  24. What’s going on in Leicester?
    Is there a reason why nobody has mentioned this?
    “Labour members have responded with fury after 19 sitting councillors were told they will not be able to defend their seats in May’s elections. The decision has been slammed as undemocratic, an attempt to silence members, and a demonstration of “utter contempt” by those not selected.

    1. On that note this observation in regards a short discussion on another thread about Asian Party members has (ahem!) “aged” well”:

      “Toffee – Do you mean those same Muslim members who contribute to selecting their Labour councillors on a regular basis?”

      1. Dave – It does make one wonder why there has been no long essays from yourself and no screams of outrage from ‘the left’. What is going on in Leicester, do you know?

      2. We thought we’d give you a day off from posting video links and text transcripts of the “Dear Leader’s” speeches.

        After all, every Blue Guard needs time to read The Little Blue Book.

    2. However, the short answer as to what is going on in Leicester is very simple:

      Its exactly the same thing as what has been going on in every part of the Labour Party since the “The Dear Leader” became “The Dear Leader”.

      Examples of which are featured on this site on a daily – often twice or more daily – basis. And have been for the best part of three years. Which you subsequently spend every waking moment defending like the good little cultural revolutionary you imagine yourself to be in your own head.

      Clearly, you don’t know what is going on in Leicester but would like someone to do the donkey work for you so you can find some way to polish the turd.*

      When you’ve paid your bill to stark and myself for the last piece of homework we did for you because you couldn’t be arsed than maybe I’ll ‘give it some thought’.

      * If you get in quick you could register your chosen trade as a Union: You could even be the head of the Union if you play your cards right. You’d need a suitable title of course. Something like:

      Turdpolishers International Tribune

      1. Dave – So you don’t know either.
        What did you provide of any value, all I saw from you was long whinging essays telling us that you supposedly couldn’t find anything.

      2. No one is under any obligation to provide bottom feeders such as yourself with anything.

        That’s the problem with you (alleged) ex-Pats. You expect everybody else to run around after you and give you everything on a plate in the form of a six word summary – as anything else is too much for your limited attention span.

        Listening to your constant mardy arsed whining on this site provides the definitive answer to why it is the Australian’s refer to us as “Whinging Poms.”

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