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Video: Ashworth – nobody defending Lineker tweet – after own party u-turned to join millions supporting it

Inept Labour right-winger contradicts Starmer contradicting himself

Woeful Labour right-winger Jonathan Ashworth made a mug of himself on national television over the Gary Lineker affair this morning.

Ashworth appears not to have got the memo after his party’s embarrassing u-turn from attacking Lineker for criticising the UK’s fascist-adjacent government for using fascist language about desperate asylum-seekers – so he continued saying that ‘nobody’ was defending Lineker’s comments.

Millions, of course, have been doing exactly that – and after the screeching u-turn Keir Starmer and co finally got on board too – three whole days ago – attacking both the government and the BBC:

Ashworth, though, was still pandering:

Ashworth contributed to the sabotaging of Labour’s 2019 general election campaign, with many believing he ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ got himself recorded bad-mouthing Corbyn to a Tory MP – and responded to the Forde report, which exposed widespread fraud, racism and sabotage by right-wing Labour staff, with a ‘yawn emoji’.

But his self-sabotage here looks like either cowardice or incompetence, or perhaps most likely both.

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    1. Anyone wishing to put a little context around the very short clip above can watch the whole interview on ITV-X where Ashworth’s interview starts at 1:20:10 or alternatively you can watch the full interview here on YouTube. (video duration 6min40secs)

      1. This is interesting and much as I despise Ashworth it is clearly untrue that he was still following Starmers original statement during this interview. We are being mislead

      2. Two Cheeks
        In the White Heat of a GE and with a fraction of the smears thrown at JC, how long will it take for Red Tories to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

  1. Makes a certain someone seem positively genial.

    Wonder if he’s been out for dwinkies with his tory mate who grassed him up over that confidential phone call…😙🎵

    I just can’t look at ashworth without seeing him in a schoolboy uniform like the one Terry Scott used to wear on the curly wurly advert.

    Thing is, that schoolkid’d lose ashworth (the fat-tongued meff) with ease.

  2. What a pillock!
    I am sorry that we have to have such spokesperson on the front bench.
    He looks and sounds totally out of his depth when confronted with a question of the moment.
    Goodness only knows how he would come across as an actual government minister.
    Imagine the scene:

    Interviewer. “So, Mr Ashworth, what is
    your position on two plus two?”

    Our Jonathan: “Oh, er, ah, erm…..
    Somewhere about five?”

    And that is where Labour is as a party at the moment.

    1. Wouldn’t his response be to ask, “what is the governments’ answer to this?”.

  3. Ashworth is married to Emelie ” smelly cow pube head” Oldknow one of the former Labour staffers who worked against a 2019 Labour victory, name called and insulted her colleagues and used language in internal Labour party communications that would have made a navvy blush.
    As reported by Skwawkbox Ashworth seriously undermined Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the same election. He looks as if butter wouldn’t melt but he is every bit as despicable as his wife.He fits in well in Starmers Labour

      1. Would it matter? Although in chemistry opposites attract, maybe in Starmer’s sold-out party they just help each other (and Herr Schwab).

      2. Reply to Steve H
        I’d be surprised if the split was genuine – it wouldn’t be the first time that couples publicly “split” for convenience reasons – they are in my opinion like two peas in a pod and are absolutely made for each other

    1. The polls were narrowing when that happened. I think it was deliberate.

      Today, more concerned to attack the tweet rather than the despicable policy that provoked.

      Truly awful man.

  4. Ashworth has always been a blinkered apparatchik, unable to see beyond the shady Uriah Heep goffer career he has managed to scratch out.

  5. SteveH13/03/2023 AT 10:12 PM
    Anyone wishing to put a little context around the very short clip above can watch the whole interview on ITV-X

    Firstly, there you are AGAIN with “context” as if that’s some sort of get-out clause. It just isn’t. The rest of society KNOW the “context” because – and there’s NO mistake, or room for debate about it – there’s ONLY lineker’s tweet they’re discussing.

    Secondly, you’re in the Caribbean (allegedly)

    itv x isn’t available overseas.

    And don’t bother to give us the spiel about using a VPN. That will only imply you’re using a caribbean-based VPN to post your day-to-day garbage.

    You’ve cast serious suspicion on the veracity of your foreign based ex-pat claim with that post.

    You’re a Walter Mitty.

    1. Toffee – Why are you afraid of ‘context’?
      On what grounds can you reasonably object to anyone posting a link to the full interview. Not everyone is like you and content to be passively led by the nose.
      As for your musings about my access to ITV-x. I can access anything that a UK based computer is able to from anywhere in the world without signing into a VPN service. I can also record and access any TV or radio program that is available on FreeView in the UK. I feel sure that (given a little time) even you will manage to work out how.

      1. Nobody’s afraid of context soft ollies. Your problem is you have no bloody concept of context. (Or much else as you continually demonstrate).

        As for being: “led by the nose”(?) Yeah, alright div.

        For context

        Who is it beats their (pigeon) chest about voting for Corbyn when I didn’t?

        Who is it ONLY voted keef because “he was best of a bad bunch” but continually castigates Corbyn, despite this best of the bad bunch shitting all over your OMOV virtues and shitting all over your remain plans AND shitting on the ten (corbynist-like) pledges YOU voted him in for – in the delusion that he’d actually stick to a single one of them for any more than a few months?

        All of this, despite constant warnings of what’d happen. And those things happened alright.

        So come on, who is it, hmmm? You or me?

        Clue: it isn’t me, Walter. 😏 Try again. And then fail again. And again. And again.

        Silly boy.

      2. Toffee – As I said above “On what grounds can you reasonably object to anyone posting a link to the full interview?”

  6. Throughout that debacle, there was one man who was, absolutely, consistent in his support for Gary Lineker’s right to tweet what he tweeted.

    No ifs, no buts, no maybes, no U-turns.

    That man was Jeremy Corbyn, who never lost sight of the fact, it wasn’t about the Lineker tweet – it was about the refugees, and the language Braverman used – about – those refugees.

    Refugees are welcome here!

  7. Asylum seekers
    “The definition of an asylum seeker is someone who has arrived in a country and asked for asylum.
    [N.B. It is sufficient that they arrive and ask for asylum. There is no requirement as to how they made their way or whether or not the UK was the first country they arrived in after fleeing (my clarification)]
    Asylum is when a government accepts that your home country is unable or unwilling to ensure your protection and allows you to remain in their country in order to stay safe. Once someone is determined as needing protection, they become known as a refugee. Until they receive a decision as to whether or not they are a refugee, they are known as an asylum seeker.”
    “The definition of a refugee is someone who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war and persecution. They are unable to return home until conditions are safe for them again.
    Refugees are protected by international law under the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention, of which the UK is a signatory. ”
    The UK has signed up to welcoming refugees, it’s not doing this.
    There will be some who don’t think that the UK should have made such a commitment, but they must acknowledge that the commitment was made and is not being honoured.

  8. Economic migrants. Loads of Brits have been economic migrants. Remember the pink bits in atlases, loads of economic migrants in those pink bits.

  9. Seems my previous post has disappeared into the ether.

    So here’s some context for YOU, wee gobshite…

    And on ch4 news just before, in gullis’ stoke-on-trent red wall constituency, the vox pops were asked: “smarmer or sunak

    Not a single one said smarmer.

    Then they had Annalise Dodds on, her excuse for keef not being miles ahead of sunak??

    (In essence)

    “Well keefs’ had to deal with antisemitism and has made steady progress”

    “Steady progress”??

    FFS woman 🤬 he’s been up against THREE of THE shitest, most corrupt, incompetent AND incapable prime ministers of ALL time.

    Three of them, in succession.

    And STILL he can’t impose himself on the electorate. If the useless, greasy dullard fell into a barrel of tits he’d come out sucking his thumb.

  10. Toffee – So what, it’s one poll and Labour still have a consistent and substantial lead Have you forgotten that it was the Red Wall voters who rejected Corbyn’s Labour.
    You forgot to mention that CH4 also said that the polling indicated that the Tories were predicted to lose every single Red Wall seat to Labour (all 45 of them) and that Labour was ahead in 14 out of 17 policy metrics.
    It doesn’t look like your ‘dastardly’ plan of desperately clinging onto every passing straw in the vain hope that the Tories will defeat Labour is going as well as you hoped. Do you have a plan B?
    This chart gives a clear perspective on the relative popularity of recent Labour and Tory leaders I don’t remember you castigating Jeremy for his absolutely miserable showing in the polls when he was in office. Polls that were clearly reflected in Labour’s catastrophic 19GE results.

    1. And there it is folks – every stock, <i.bongo card answer, except for the credible alternative.

      Just one poll?? And how many times have YOU posted just one poll you hypocritical wee bellend?

      You avoided the fact that given the choice between smarmer and sunak, not a single one chose smarmer. Where’s your fucking poll showing different now, plums?

      “lose every single red wall seat – All 45 of them”

      From the prick who bemoans the size of the toerag majority – what is it today, soft shite?

      And how many seats that were toerag pre ’19 did that report say he’d GAIN? (I missed the start of it and only tuned in when that gullis’ video was on)

      Because – and you really DO need to face up to REALITY, soft shite – keef has LOST as many seats as he’s gained since shithousing his way to the leadership.

      He failed to gain two toerag seats where labour was the clear second place; losing – yes LOSING – out to the libtards.

      Those SEATS he retained were done so with significantly reduced majorities (hardly surprising when the dullard himself chose the candidates, one who wasn’t even eligible)

      Doesn’t bode well for marginals, red wall or otherwise.

      And no, you WONT hear me castigating Corbyn for 2019 result. And that’s because it’s down to the greasy bastard and the fat twat.

      Now be quiet.

      1. I forgot to mention that although Corbyn got the highest number of votes since ’97, more people voted toerag since fook knows when.

        The reason? Because keef shat on democracy, made policy on the fly alienating labour AND floating voters with his shithousery.

        And you’re STILL a gobshite. Always will be.

      2. Toffee – …. and yet Jeremy has on at least 2 occasions, since he stepped down, clearly stated to camera that he had no choice but to go with the will of the vast majority of both Labour’s members and supporters (he said it was around 70%) and support a CV vote and staying in the EU. The only problem was that by the time he’d eventually emerged from behind his infamous ‘constructive ambiguity’ nobody trusted a word he said.

    1. Anyone who’d vote for that to be class milk monitor needs some sense injected into them via way of a damned good thrashing; but especially the toadies and lickspittles who do nowt but extol the greasy get.

      1. Talking of which; someone I know from your part of these isles Toffee was first ever person in the Country to be made redundant under Thatcher.

        He was the class milk monitor at his school.

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