JLM tells Greens: how dare you welcome Jews we don’t like

Letter from right-wing, pro-Israel group warns Green party leaders not to offer a home to Jews who support human rights for Palestinians – or who dare to say what the Forde report and others already admitted: Labour’s ‘crisis’ was a scam. The Greens will shame themselves if they cave in to this bullying

Jo Bird, the Jewish Greens councillor who suffered horrific smears and abuse from the Labour right and the right-wing press. In the background is regulator IPSO’s judgment in her favour over a smear against her by the Jewish Chronicle and right-wing hack Lee Harpin

Showing no lack of its usual arrogance, the so-called ‘Jewish Labour Movement’ (JLM) – which continues to claim the name despite having a senior officer who openly campaigned for another party during the 2019 general election – has written to the leaders of the Green party to demand that the Greens explain why they have welcomed left-wing Jews and other victims of the great antisemitism scam into their party.

The letter names Wirral councillor Jo Bird, the popular former Labour national executive (NEC) candidate who was atrociously and relentlessly smeared by Labour – and by the right-wing media – and repeatedly suspended to prevent her election to the NEC and because she wouldn’t bow to the right’s smear campaign.

Cllr Bird is Jewish – one of the many Jewish victims of the Labour and pro-Israel campaign against Jews and others who speak up for human rights for Palestinians and against the racist assumption that all Jews support Israeli apartheid.

A Jewish News article by – of course – libellous hack Lee Harpin reports the letter – which strikingly, but unsurprisingly, sees JLM figures demanding that another party report to them about why it decided to accept Jo Bird and others who dared to challenge the antisemitism narrative.

That narrative, of course, has long been exposed as a scam designed to damage the left and prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister – and, no doubt to Keir Starmer’s and JLM’s consternation, even the Starmer-commissioned Forde Report had to conclude that antisemitism accusations had been widely ‘weaponised’ for factional political purposes.

Starmer’s and JLM’s response, like that of almost the entire UK ‘mainstream’ media, has been to simply pretend the report doesn’t exist – Labour even deleted it from their website – just like the years of extensive independent journalism and finally Al Jazeera’s profoundly-evidenced documentary series showing the extent of right-wing abuse and false accusations.

None of this matters, of course, to JLM – which continues to be affiliated to the shell that remains of the Labour party under Keir Starmer despite having at least one senior officer who openly campaigned for the disgraced ‘funny tinge’ CUK party in the 2019 general election – and none of it will be allowed to prevent them from trying to hound out of public life all Jews who challenge the Establishment’s pro-apartheid narrative and fight for human rights for every community, including Palestinians.

If the Greens concede a tenth of a millimetre to this arrogant, entitled bullying, they will shame themselves and damage an already-blighted country.

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