Why Corbyn can’t say he’ll stand as an independent (yet)

Any commitment to do so would be to gift Stalin Starmer an excuse to expel him altogether

Clamour is – understandably – growing for former Labour leader Jeremey Corbyn to announce he will stand as an independent in his Islington North seat, after his cowardly successor confirmed what everyone knew: that despite the (sham) EHRC’s ban on ‘political interference’ in disciplinary processes, Starmer has no intention of allowing Corbyn to stand as a Labour candidate. He never did, of course – despite initial agreements with Corbyn’s team to do so, Starmer cares too much about right-wing pro-Israel opinion and, like most weak men, his reflex is to go over the top in trying to act strong.

Corbyn has publicly responded to say that it is up to local members to decide and not Keir Starmer – Corbyn remains a Labour member after rightly being exonerated and readmitted following his suspension as a party member for saying something the EHRC said he has a legally-protected right to say.

However, the Labour right has barely bothered to disguise its contempt for party democracy and rules, rigging a string of selections and ignoring conference resolutions – even overwhelming and unanimous ones – that are supposedly binding. There is no allowance in the party rules for a party member not to sit as a Labour MP if elected, but that hasn’t stopped Starmer’s cowardly actions so far in ‘withdrawing the whip’.

And if Corbyn said now that he is standing as an independent candidate, that would gift Starmer the chance to exploit the party rules to expel Corbyn from the party altogether and give the press the chance to make hay with it for the next twenty-two months or however long is left until the next general election.

While many will feel that, since Starmer has effectively killed Labour as a force for anything except – at best – ‘more of the same’ as the Tories, Corbyn formally on the outside of the party would be a good thing and a rallying point for a new political party, Corbyn is unlikely to feel he wants to hand Starmer that PR opportunity just yet.

Of course, since there isn’t realistically time for a legal challenge before the next general election and the courts routinely rubber-stamp the regime’s disregard for rules and democracy even when the party’s excuse is it wanted to prevent someone challenging corruption, whenever an election is called it is almost certain that Corbyn will have to stand as independent Labour or similar if he wants to stand at all. Thousands from Islington and all over the country will flood the constituency to campaign for him the moment he announces, but Corbyn is likely to feel that to do so now would be premature and play into his enemy’s hands.

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  1. Guess there is an issue with how many supporters of Mr Corbyn in Islington CLP have left or been expelled. I first joined Labour in 1970 and made the decision to leave in early January,after so many years it was a difficult decision. Interestingly on the day I completed my resignation form I also cancelled my tv subscription to Paramount. Since then I have been contacted by Paramount eight times asking why I left and what they could do to get me back. From Labour I had an acknowledgment of my form and that’s all. No curiosity as to why,no contact from the CLP. It’s almost as if they don’t want a grassroots.

    1. Jim, I didn’t resign I stopped my Direct Debit, after Labour Conference. I was contacted advising me that I was in arrears and my reply was: at present I cannot afford to pay.
      The problem with resigning is that were you decided to join later on the Party machine can block you. If you don’t resign but stop paying your DD it is easier to rejoin.

      1. Thanks for that Maria . If the party ever changes enough to make me reapply hopefully they won’t be blocking Socialists. It’s very sad to have been effectively disenfranchised by the party you have worked so hard for.

      2. Maria – Have you familiarised yourself with the changes to the procedures for joining the party and members voting rights that were introduced in 2021&22. You may need to have the foresight of Mystic Meg to optimise the point you decide to rejoin

        Here’s a couple of them that you might find relevant.
        ▪ The introduction of a formal “probationary period of provisional membership”, during which time an application for membership can be “rejected for any reason which the general secretary sees fit”.
        ▪ The introduction of a six-month freeze date, meaning members must have six months continuous membership prior to the timetable being agreed for the election of national officers (leadership elections) of the party.

    1. I suppose he could try “Independent non-Labour”.

      In fact, for as long as a neoliberal stürmer-like bod is leader of Labour, the ‘non-Labour’ name would be very effective. Their lawyers are creaming their pants at the prospect of 300 notionally independent parliamentary candidates using the idea. If/when it fails, he could try “Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of Labour, now necessarily Independent” ticket.

      Jeremy should milk this opportunity for all it’s worth. I’m sure there are hundreds/thousands of qualified lawyers who distrust the covid-creating US-backed centrists enough to give their services for free (and make a donation to his election fund).

  2. I agree, it isn’t the time yet. So far Starmer hasn’t dare to select a PPC for Islington North and most likely, Starmer will wait until the last minutes to parachute a favourite without consulting the rank and file in Islington.
    I hope it is why members of the SCG are minding their “manners” too. No point in risking having the Labour whip removed, Kim Johnson a good example.
    I have not doubts that has Kim refused to apologise, the whip would have been removed and we will have seeing Louise Ellman parachute into the seat.

  3. Why is Corbyn outrageously silent on the mounting number of foreseeable and avoidable Covid19
    life changing injuries and deaths hitting his constituents and millions of other people right across the globe?

  4. Which is precisely why politicians are shit at politics
    Hodge handed JC 50 seats on a plate yesterday for his Peace and Prosperity party, nothing to do with anti semitism, everything to do with Zionism and their paymasters Israel, USA and Global Kleptocracy
    Here’s proof of the pudding, how many have stood up and condemned Starmer for the Sheister he is and called his bluff, not one
    Corbynism MkII needs to learn some hard lessons and fast
    First suggestion take JC out of the firing line and make a young BAME female, leader of the new party
    Second suggestion announce 50 handpicked seats now
    Then sit back and let Big Mo do the rest

  5. Ordinary members can’t even meet to discuss, organise against Starmer/ Evan’s reign of terror, because they’d be kicked out of their own party before any grassroots membership campaign got off the ground. This conman, turned tyrant, is protected by the London press/media mafia. It’s a truly obnoxious situation.

    Corbyn has much more power than he seems to realise though. Why not call Starmer and the PLP’s bluff and start a new party?

    His Peace & Justice Project (PJP) would put the heebie-jeebies up the PLP. There is little to lose, Starmer and Reeves are neoliberal, neocon, Zionist shills. Both robotically talk only of “growth, growth ,growth!”But Rachel ‘rough love’ Reeves’ only ambition is force through some form of workfare, “working every hour god gives for the good of your soul” – as long as the same doesn’t apply to her and her mates.

  6. Clever!! If I were Jeremy Corbyn, I’d say exactly the same atm.

    He knows (no disrespect, Jeremy) the real story (which the MSM will downplay or ignore) is only simmering, still coming to a gentle boil atm elsewhere..

    Enough is Enough.

  7. A real test of a leader, is how open they are to debate, and how tolerant they are to dissent within their own ranks. Good leaders welcome debate, being challenged and organic dissent; it results in a happier party that can generate voter enthusiasm.

    Imho, there are two types of internal dissent : organic, and that which is sponsored. Dissent from the left and progressives eg., anti-war movements,voting reform, support for striking workers etc tends to be wholly organic and driven by grassroots party feeling.

    Whereas dissent from the right, in supposedly left-wing progressive parties, is invariably sponsored and has a web of connections to sinister people in the UK/US establishment. It’s amazing how many of the anti-Corbyn RW PLP, have ended up either promoted by Starmer, gaining positions they’re unqualified for eg. Watson & Smeeth – or getting wholly unmerited places in the HoL: Woodcock, Austin and Mann + Smeeth and Watson.

    1. Remember when Starmer went ‘off script’ on Brexit policy at Labour’s conference, by announcing Labour were committing to a second referendum or ‘people’s vote’ without even discussing with the leadership?

      Were a shadow minister to pull a stunt similar to that under Starmer/Evans, they’d not only be sacked on the spot, they’d have the whip removed and be escorted out of the conference building by security.

      1. At gunpoint, Andy. I was at the criminal 2021 Brighton Conference with armed guards patrolling the aisles.

      2. Ellie – Can you provide one single photo of these “armed guards patrolling the aisles” to evidence your ‘assertions’❔

  8. Jeremy knows what he is doing and his number one priority is to get returned to Parliament at the next General Election for the simple reason that today you cannot effectively lead any political party or group from outside of the Commons Others can do what they like but having given a large slice of my time to the Labour cause I no longer believe that the Labour Party can ever return to a true socialist party like the one I joined before any of the current personalities were born. Momentum is wrong to suggest the only way forward is that its members should continue to strive for change from within for there are alternatives and in any event my guess is when it suits Stamer and Evans Momentum will be next for the chopping block. Having taken an active part in WW2 I know a dictator when I see one.

    1. I think JC’s non-Labour candidature would be the ONLY thing that encourages Momentum to drop the unrealistic within-Labour strategy. Proud to give your comment a like, Bill.

      1. Thank you. I do not know Jeremy’s constituency but it is my guess that all he has to do at the next General Election is to get a very good loudspeaker van, stop at every street, get out of the vehicle and announce his presence and he will walk it. Starmer the Betrayer is terrified of Jeremy and he knows and shows it

      2. I very much doubt that JC will stand for parliament at the next GE, why would he take the risk?
        Maybe he’ll have a go at running for the Mayor of London.

    1. Some in the Socialist Campaign(SCG) group are speaking out, albeit timidly.

      John McDonnell is suddenly sounding very hawkish over Ukraine, which is most unlike him. He’s usually dovish. Will such sucking up to Starmer’s gang protect him from Corbyn’s fate? Doubtful tbh.

      The SCG may as well speak up, because Starmer/Evans will prevent many in the SCG from standing using some last-minute, underhand, rule-bending chicanery.

      1. John McDonnell is a rat. A text book example of how Labour is riddled with wrong’uns. Modern day judas

      2. Some in the Socialist Campaign (SCG) group are speaking out, albeit timidly.

        John McDonnell is suddenly sounding very hawkish over Ukraine….

        Could you provide some links Andy. Cheers

        NB It’s always a good idea to post links to your sources/articles Andy (but bear in mind to only post one link per comment, otherwise it has to be moderated, and that can take days). Unfortunately there are shills galore on this ste who have posted numerous falsehoods about JC and the SCG and the left in general during the past three or four years, and ALWAYS somethng that discredits them. So could you provide a link to the SCG members who are speaking out, and also a link to JM suddenly sounding very hawkish. Thanks

  9. In the meantime.let’s have a look at what Jeffrey Sachs reports General Wesley Clark to have said:

    NATO weapons supplied to Ukraine are again surfacing in third countries
    The Pentagon reported that over the past few months, the US military has seized more than 5,000 submachine guns, 1.6 million cartridges for small arms, a small number of anti-tank missiles and more than 7,000 contactless explosives off the coast of Yemen.
    A number of American politicians and senior military officials said that the seized weapons arrived in the Middle East from Ukraine through grain corridors.
    “While the United States is struggling to meet Kiev’s need for weapons, Ukrainian officials are selling the weapons they have received to terrorists,” said General Wesley Clark, former commander–in-chief of NATO’s Joint Armed Forces in Europe.

    Will our resident analyst come to the considered conclusion that Wesley Clark is a “numpty”?

    1. goldbach – Unlike you I don’t claim to know anything about the guy but it is more than a little puzzling why you should choose to introduce the possibility of him being a numpty.
      It does make one ponder about what Wesley Clark has done or said that you are not telling us about.🤔

    2. Why have weapons found their way to third countries ?

      Because of corruption I suspect – an evil which is endemic in
      Ukraine and one reason why the Maidan Square protest of
      2014. It is also a reason why Ukraine wants to be independent
      of Russia but not the only reason for they have been wanting this
      since at least 1917.

      Just as soon as the USSR broke up the pointy elbowed former
      CP officials acquired much of te countries resources which had
      previously belonged to the State. The money they acquired is
      currently slurping round the London Market.

      Zelenski was elected because the Ukrainian public did not
      trust traditional politicians – and tried to rid the country of these
      parasites – but failed. However he is currently cracking down on
      some of the corruption which exists in his own government – now
      that the war has given him greater political weight..

  10. Lots of anti-Corbyn Brexit revisionists online, now trying to pin the hard Brexit on him.

    Labour’s strategy of running down the EU’s extension clock to force the divided Tories to remove Johnson – rather than risk a no-deal Brexit – was a sensible one.

    The Lib Dems led by Jo Swinson, and the SNP at Westminster, screwed it up by announcing they’d vote for the December election Johnson so desperately craved – giving Labour no choice but to agree to it. Another month and Johnson would’ve been kicked out by his own party.

    Why can’t centrists ever tell the truth?

  11. Oh my goodness, the BBC is reporting that the posing plonker has just shipped up in Keiv to grovel at the throne of Saint Volodimir.

    1. Before the meeting, Keir Starmer also travelled to Bucha and Irpin to see the sites of Russian war crimes, and met with experts in human rights, reconstruction and appropriations. He commented afterwards that “It’s incredible to see the evidence of atrocities that I’ve seen this morning. Photographs of civilians in the outskirts of Kyiv blindfolded, with their arms tied behind their back,” he said. “There has to be justice for this. There has to be justice in The Hague and there has to be proper reparation in the rebuilding of Ukraine.”

      1. Did some of those civilians happen to be wearing white armbands?

      2. goldbach – I don’t know, do you?
        Would the wearing of a ‘white armband’ justify Putin’s forces tying them up and then murdering them by shooting these defenceless victims in the head.

      3. Aha. You clearly don’t keep up with news reports.
        A brief rundown:
        Reports in February last year from various parts of Ukraine stated that certain, let’s say, fervent nationalist groups were making Russian speakers in their areas wear white arm bands (this I find very disturbing because it reminds me of what happened in the mid-20th century to family of a close friend).
        When Russian forces left Bucha in 2022, the Ukrainians released a video which they said had been taken by the first unit to enter Bucha. It was filmed from a vehicle travelling along streets in the suburb and showed a number of bodies, mostly laying individually well separated from each other, at the side of the road. I watched the video. Most of these unfortunate people were wearing white arm bands.
        Now that I’ve clarified my reference to the white arm bands, I’d be grateful if you could tell me who these “experts in human rights, reconstruction and appropriations” were?

      4. goldbach – I don’t know the names of the organisations and people he met, the short briefing that I read didn’t give any further details. If for some reason you are desperate to know then Google is your friend.

      5. , I’d be grateful if you could tell me who these “experts in human rights, reconstruction and appropriations” were?

        Oo…oo…oo!! Pick me?! Pick meeeee?!

        Human rights was lee anderthalson

        Reconstruction was dick cheney

        And ‘appropriations’ was imelda marcos.

        …Do I win £5??

      6. A good one Toffee.
        Surely the going rate is more than a fiver nowadays.
        I was urged to google. Couldn’t even bother to say where the (alleged?) quote came from.

      7. Surely the going rate is more than a fiver nowadays.

        Oh, I dunno about that, Goldie.

        Private Eye always runs stories of how these compliant hacks journalists are always being shafted by the press barons, regarding their wages/conditions etc…

        And I did about as much research to get my answer as 99.9% of them…

      8. Two Cheeks
        How many War Criminals can you fit in the Hague
        It’s getting a bit crowded don’t you think

      9. For the Record
        Germany has a big decision to make
        The war in Ukraine is all over bar the shouting, who do they jump into bed with USA or Russia
        Not the fuckers who blew up their pipeline

      10. Doug – It’s a question of whether or not Scholz has the bottle to face down the warmongers, particularly in the Green Party. If past experience is anything to go by he doesn’t have the bottle to face down a packet of jelly babies.

      11. What I’d like to know is HOW could these human rights experts possibly enlighten THE human rights expert??

      12. goldbach
        If they don’t make a stand their economy will be wrecked, they will lose the advantage they have using cheap Russian energy
        If they don’t, it won’t take long for the electorate to make the choice for them
        Agree on Greens, just goes to show how cheap politicians are to buy

  12. If the voices of Hodge and Smeeth are in any way representative of the Labour Party then they truly are now an irrelevance within the UK political system. This is far, far more concerning than the ‘let’s all pretend Nick Clegg has some integrity’ moment. Where now for all the disenfranchise?

  13. Perhaps JC has to take it to the bridge, that is to the point where the Labour Right Shenanigans keep him off the Islington Labour shortlist.
    Then he can stand as an Independent and may win, but he would be a gang of one.
    But Jeremy Corbyn has a brand name (unlike the little left parties) so 620 JC independents or his Peace & Justice as a Party (but not standing against the few Labour Lefties) could give him a bloc of 80+?
    It’s a bit of a chess game but could be game, set and match to the Left?

  14. Footnote they may also use the dark arts like some suggest they did in Wakefield (?) etc at shortlisting/selection meetings ie demanding ID at the meetings without forewarning people or any of the similar dirty tricks (?) some suggest the Labour Right have carried out?

    1. A brand name that two thirds of the electorate had issues with prior to the 19GE when (as predicted by the polls) Labour lost 60 seats. Given the obvious divisiveness of the ‘brand name’ what makes you think that they would gain 80+ seats when the most likely outcome is that they will follow in the well worn footsteps trodden by most of the left’s previous candidates who have consistently been losing their deposits for years now.

      Aww come on get a grip, this is hardly ‘the dark arts’ is it. Isn’t it just common sense to make sure that you have some appropriate ID and your membership card on you.

      1. I’m not sure you’re even capable of acknowledging the possibility of dark arts, much less recognising when and how they might be applied.

  15. Isn’t it just common sense to make sure that you have some appropriate ID and your membership card on you.

    Never used to require it as a prerequisite; or at least people were trusted because electoral fraud was – and is – miniscule

    Until your arch-memesis flange started whingeing incessantly about it.

    Agree with Nige, now? It appears so.

    Is it because keef doesn’t appear to have a problem with it, neither? 😙🎵

    Oh! And IIRC, most issues with voting fraud come from postal votes; not at the ballot box

    …And who introduced postal voting?

    Yep. The same fella wanted us all to show our papers…

    …Whereas your human rights lawyer ONLY wants to tag immigrants 😙🎵

  16. Is it because keef doesn’t appear to have a problem with it neither

    Should read ID

  17. I and many others predicted after the May 2019 Elections that Labour would suffer
    because of the Party’s promotion of REf2. I sat through the local election
    results and watched the Council leaders of the “Red Wall” seats
    almost in tears as they begged the Party to change its mind .. but no – Starmer
    wouldn’t have it .. I used to have nightmares about the Tories winning outright,
    my worst being that they would get a big majority.. and of course that is what
    happened ..

    Changing the subject – just read your post about Ruth Smeeth – but of course
    that kind of thing is never discussed by the MSM with its implications for Human
    Rights ..

  18. Nyomi Khan – No Truth

    The video and the track were inspired by my personal journey working within the Labour Party, subsequently deciding to Whistleblow against the Labour Party by refusing to sign an NDA. The testimony shared in the track ‘No Truth,’ brings light to the revelations uncovered in the Al Jazeera documentary and my personal journey through it all.

    1. Nyomi Khan – From labour whisteblower to rap star – good on her!
      The Labour Files programmes are being viewed by people who’d never normally, particularly younger Extinction Rebellion types, who are more Green than Red and now better-informed about the dangers a Starmer/patriotic labour premiership would create.
      I wish her well, thanks for the link, PW.


    David Smith a security guard at the UK’s Berlin Embassy has been sentenced to a total of 13yrs 2mths imprisonment for spying on behalf of Putin and the Russian state.

    1. Good.

      Let’s hope all foreign interference in UK politics is stopped.

      On which : Why does MI5/ MI6 turn a blind eye to those with ‘special protect’ status operating here, as revealed by WikiLeaks? Don’t they have to register now? How come Starmer’s IT specialist ,Assaf Kaplan got through vetting? I doubt Israel would allow someone from UK GCHQ to be in charge of political oppositions’ cybersecurity.

      1. It’s almost exactly the same sentence that Skripal got for spying for Blair and the UK state.

      2. goldbach , SteveH

        It’d be a good idea to ban all these parliamentary ‘Friends of …’ groups…

        Imagine a Friends of Russia or China – with lavish hospitality & gifts accepted- would it be viewed as corrupt? You betya!

        Things like the British American Project (BAP) with all-expenses paid trips courtesy of the good ole’ CIA, that so many MPs and MSPs are involved with. Or all-expenses paid family holidays, worth £000s at luxury hotels in Eilat, Israel, all seen as no strings attached.

        Tbh, it’s not Russia or China we should worry about.

      3. It’s a form of intimidation of OUR elected representatives. In a way the likes of Shai Masot could only dream of.

        If you’re not a friend of Israel…. what are you?

      4. Re: “Friends of ..” groups.
        I agree. Close them down along with all the other groups set up by foreign countries to help them interfere if the UK political system.

      5. SteveH

        Indeed there are, and some I might even like. But the better funded ones are the most attractive for obvious reasons. It’s in plains sight, overt corruption in the form of trips, first class travel luxury hotels, lavish hospitality, , tickets to big sporting occasions, gifts.

        I ask you seriously , if someone started showering you with such things , would you suspect they just might want something in return?

        All these groups should disbanded immediately.

  20. goldbach

    The secretive US embassy-backed group cultivating the British left :

    If you quite wisely, don’t trust clicking on links – copy it to text then paste. It’s like being infiltrated. Starmer’s membership of the Trilateral Commission(that he kept secret) is also as sketchy as hell.

    Then we wonder why no parties want to do anything about inequality – pushing culture wars instead.

    1. Andy – “Starmer’s membership of the Trilateral Commission (that he kept secret) “

      Only is you regard this information being freely available online (incl.Wikipedia) for years now as hiding in plain site.🤔

      1. SteveH

        The Trilateral Commission pushes neoliberal ideas: pro privatisations, open markets, pro-banking deregulation.

        As an org, It’s no friend of the left. So what’s he doing in it if he’s supposedly on the left?

      2. Andy – It’s surprising that nobody has thought to ask him despite there being more than ample opportunity to do so. I wonder why. 🤔

      3. Probably because they were too busy being taken in by his continuity Corbynism , Corbyn-defending, Sun newspaper bashing act, it was rather convincing.

        I think it’s horrific someone could totally lie like that about his true political positions, without scruples. This is a guy that was in charge of the CPS ffs. Just how dark and corrupt is the UK?

      4. Perhaps you should ask yourself where Labour would be in the polls if ‘Little Becky’ had won.

      5. I’ve just seen this.
        Oh dear.
        Patronising, sexist comments now, I see.

      6. goldbach – Sexist, really?
        Could you please explain precisely why you think that referring to RLB as “Little Becky” is in any way sexist?

      7. goldbach – Please feel free to compare and contrast Jeremy and Keir’s respective polling results.

  21. Honestly don’t know why Corbyn is demeaning himself, by praying for a late Starmer’s change of mind and readmittance.

    Holding out hope when it’s glaringly obvious Starmer isn’t minded to, or even capable of, giving in. Starmer wouldn’t have kicked him out in the first place if intending to allow him back – kicking him out in ther first place,being a much bigger decision.

    Zionists, including a certain notorious member of the NEC and the likes of Margaret Hodge et al have said it’s ‘him or them’- they will walk – with media in tow, if he were allowed to stand for Labour. And Starmer, being a self-declared Zionist, has chosen a side.

    What Corbyn should do imho, is front that new party : the Preace & Justice Project (PJP), temporarily. Left-wing social media can and will do the heavy lifting promoting it, the discredited MSM can’t hurt it. “If you build it, he will come,” as the film Field of Dreams mantra stated. Have a bit of faith.

    1. SteveH

      Starmer said in his recent speech: ” Never again will the Labour party be captured by a fringe group of narrow interests”

      I’d wager if you polled ordinary members and Labour voters on policy, Starmer would find he and the PLP are a fringe group of narrow sectarian interests.

      The only reason Starmer and Reeves and this PLP are electorally viable at all, is because we have a two-party system and they have the ‘Labour’ brand. We all saw how centrist outfit, Change UK (the Independent group) flopped, despite huge media interest at their launch.

      1. The electorate don’t appear to agree with you. Please feel free to compare and contrast Starmer and Corbyn’s polling results.

      2. SteveH

        Corbyn’s first general election as leader : 12.87 million votes(40%).
        Starmer’s first general election as leader : ………………….???

        How many more votes do you predict Starmer-led Labour will garner?

      3. Andy – More than suffice for Labour to get voted into office with a substantial majority.

  22. When will there be a gov’t announcement informing us exactly how much this war is costing the taxpayer? A price worth paying for democracy or just bigger profits for the Arms Industries? War is always good for business as demonstrated by record levels on the stock exchange.

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