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Beck quits as Labour parliamentary candidate over CSE scandal

Labour’s claims its war on the left is about selecting candidates who won’t embarrass party exposed yet again as a sham

Rotherham councillor Dominic Beck has quit today as Labour candidate for Rother Valley, after a storm of outrage that he was selected after stepping down from the council’s cabinet over the leadership’s failures in Rotherham’s notorious child sexual exploitation scandal.

Labour has claimed its anti-democratic rigging of selections has been all about ensuring candidates were chosen that would not embarrass the party.

Yet as well as Cllr Beck, the party has selected or tried – using every trick in the right’s rigging playbook – to select right-wingers with allegations of hate speech, bullying, racism and even sexual assault in their closet.

A regime that will so abuse process and its members is unfit to run a raffle, let alone a country, leaving ordinary people without a meaningful choice beyond which pack of scoundrels takes office.

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  1. Good.

    Now, every last one of those Scottish
    MPs who voted against the amendment to the trans bill that will now allow convicted sex offenders to be able to legally change their gender – plus the two who abstained (did keef direct them to? 😙🎵) ought to hang themselves as penance their disgusting heads in shame.

    You are ALL nonce-enablers.

    1. This Scottish Parliament legislation is not the only case in which the Official Narrative is being forced through this week.

      The Welsh Government have just won a case against the parents of children over the indoctrination of their children into this Officially sanctioned ideology:

      The party of Government in Wales is the Labour Party. Just about every political party across these islands, including some significant decision makers within the Tory party, are now pushing this Official Narrative Agenda in every aspect of peoples lives, even to the extent of exploiting toddlers.

      The reality is that in practical terms hoping to tackle this via rational discourse and the ballot box is a lost cause. The time is now rapidly approaching in which the only means to restore sanity will be robust direct action which makes life as uncomfortable as possible for those grifters and chancer’s at political, media and NGO levels who are pushing this anti-social, anti-society, anti-rational and misogynistic cultural nihilism which has more in common with the lunatic ravings of extreme individualists like Ayan Rand and Margaret ‘no such thing as society only the individual’ Thatcher.

      This faux philosophy and its approach is not only doing damage to the social fabric it is also exploiting the very groups on whose behalf it claims to be working. It is the very antithesis of progressive politics and if any kind of civilised collective society is to survive it needs to be completely expunged in its present form.

      1. And bang on cue what passes for leadership in the LP sends out a neon message that could be seen from Pluto that it does not want the votes of 51% of the voting population:

        What Sturgeon and Harvie have done by stealth under the direction of Denton’s Starmer, in his reality denying delusion, thinks he can do openly.

        SteveH must be bloody incandescent given the size of this soon to be rapidly increasing open wound that will hemorrhage votes by the skip load.

    2. Toffee, sickening stuff. The sods expect us to believe that they protect the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. They have exposed themselves ( no pun etc ) to be ideologically degenerate. Next stop for the filthy swine, Wales.

    3. Please pledge something if you can:

      JVL Submission to EHRC on Labour’s Action Plan

      Following our recent lawyer’s letter to EHRC – in yesterday’s update – our legal team have today written another.

      Stephen Marks was elected to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) of the Labour Party in November 2018. He received an administrative suspension from the Party in July 2021.
      This was based on the grounds that Stephen, along with many others, had signed three public petitions/open letters in 2016. 2017 and 2018 respectively…..

  2. EDIT:

    Should’ve read: ought to hang themselves as penance their disgusting heads in shame.

  3. The fact that Beck quit is not the issue. The issue is that Starmers Labour considered him a suitable PPC despite his failure and that of his colleagues to protect vulnerable children from being exploited by disgusting paedophiles and pimps.
    Of course the Labour right has form with that sort thing. Margaret Hodge who was leader of Islington Council ignored complaints that children in Council care were being raped and prostituted . She claimed she was “naive “about this.
    She later became an MP and had the brass neck to accept the post of Minister for Children in the Blair administration but then that’s Hodge and the Labour right all over isn’t it. She is shameless and neither she nor they believe that the rules of decent behaviour apply to any of them and that is one of the reasons why Beck was selected as PPC by Starmers Labour.

    1. Smart boy, la Hodge sees herself as a champion of children. The squad of PIE eaters have climbed the pole and now squat gleefully atop the point. How did we get to where we are now? Every moronic right-wing critic sees socialism as a monolithic whole. They use this demoncratic progressive tendency as a stick to beat us. I have gay friends who are fearful of recent developments. It has become a frightening time for all socialists. Our priority is to defend our kids from the state and it’s perverts in the child protection agencies, the police and the churches

  4. Came across this recently, which is well worth checking out:

    THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH – FULL DOCUMENTARY | Spies, Fake News and Disinformation

    A documentary film about Colin Wallace an intelligence officer who blew the whistle on fake news and was framed for a murder.

    The Man Who Knew Too Much is a documentary by Michael Oswald about Colin Wallace, a former Military Intelligence Officer involved in psychological operations in Northern Ireland. Colin Wallace spread fake news, created a witchcraft scare, smeared politicians and attempted to divide and create conflict amongst communities, organisations and individuals. He fell out with members of the intelligence community and found himself accused of murder.

    In conjunction with the public release of the film in October 2021, Colin Wallace has announced legal action against the British Ministry of Defence.

    And the following is from the wikipedia entry for Colin Wallace, which is ALSO well worth checking out:

    John Colin Wallace (born June 1943) is a British former member of Army Intelligence in Northern Ireland and a psychological warfare specialist. He refused to become involved in the Intelligence-led ‘Clockwork Orange’ project, which was an attempt to smear various individuals including a number of senior British politicians in the early 1970s. He also attempted to draw public attention to the Kincora Boys’ Home sexual abuse scandal several years before the Royal Ulster Constabulary finally intervened.

    He was wrongly convicted of manslaughter in 1981, for which he spent six years in prison, until 1987.[2] The conviction was later quashed in the light of new forensic and other evidence that raised serious questions about the dubious nature of the evidence used to convict Wallace initially. The Court of Appeal heard that scientific evidence used to convict Wallace was false and that the Home Office pathologist involved in the case admitted that he had received it from an anonymous American security source. The journalist Paul Foot, in his book Who Framed Colin Wallace?,[3] suggested that Wallace may have been framed for the killing, possibly to discredit the allegations he was making. This view was similarly expressed by Alex Carlile QC (now Lord Carlile),[4] who later speculated that this may have been the motive not just for the alleged frameup, but also for murder.[5]

    1. Caitlin Johnstone’s latest article is worth checking out as well:

      ‘The McProxy War Continues: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix’

      I used to think it was great when I’d see Tucker Carlson covering an inconvenient narrative like the chemical weapons false flag in Syria or whatever. I’d say “Ah good, it’s getting mainstream coverage!” But over the years I’ve seen Carlson’s “coverage” do far more harm than good.

      Now good faith critics of empire get associated with Carlson and his right wing ideology whenever they talk about unauthorized narratives. Even very left wing empire critics like me get called right wing for criticizing US proxy warfare in Ukraine, just because Carlson does.

      1. In the wider context it seems reasonable to observe that this recent piece from Caitlin Johnson……

        … the more relevant.

        Focusing on what is but one Official Narrative (another being the Official Narrative which the poster Toffee opens this discussion thread with) Johnson takes aim at the self-identifying and self-referencing faux ‘progressive left’ from Paul “Full Metal Neo-Con” Mason and Stephen Gowens through to the Guardian and WSWS/ AWL et al:

        “You can’t just conduct yourself as though these propaganda campaigns aren’t a thing. If you live in one of the member nations of the US-centralized power alliance, you can’t just pretend your expressions of support and solidarity mean the same thing as if they were coming from someone in Latin America, Asia, or Africa. You’re not the same. You’re speaking from within the most powerful empire that has ever existed, and you are always necessarily in some kind of relationship with that empire’s campaign of global conquest and the propaganda operations which grease its wheels.

        And you need to be responsible with that relationship. If you live in the US or any of its imperial member states like the UK, the EU, Australia or Canada, it simply is not possible for you to lend your voice to the cause of protesters in empire-targeted nations without facilitating the empire’s propaganda campaigns about those protests. It cannot be done. You either have a responsible relationship with this reality or an irresponsible one.

        Western leftists who go out of their way to amplify protests that are part of an ongoing imperial propaganda operation have an irresponsible relationship with that reality. They’re not doing anything that actually helps the people in those countries, but they are absolutely doing something that could end up hurting them. And if they’re really honest with themselves they know this. But they do it anyway because it looks good in front of their propaganda-addled leftish friends and followers.”

        Ouch! But there’s more:

        “Before they drop bombs, they drop narratives. Before they launch missiles, they launch propaganda campaigns. Before they roll out sanctions, they roll out perception management. If you choose to help them do this by participating in their propaganda campaigns, then you are just as complicit in their consequences as the military personnel who carry them out. Regardless of whatever leftist-sounding justifications you might spin for yourself about why you did it.

        This isn’t a fucking game. The world isn’t a catwalk for you to strut your fashionable lefty expressions of “solidarity” on to win likes and retweets. If you live inside of the empire, then you need to be responsible with your relationship with its propaganda. Otherwise you’re just a garden variety imperialist with a cutesy story about yourself.

        “The Left Can Support Protesters in China Without Shilling for US Imperialism.” No they can’t. Knock it off.”

        And the relevance of this to the topic of this article – which Toffee’s opening contribution succinctly lays out – is that on a range of Official Narratives from the Ukraine proxy war to the Gender Narrative the political left have abandoned ground, values and principles they once held as sacrosanct to the political right.

        What Toffee’s opening contribution fails to make explicit is that the Scottish Gender Reform Act was supported by not just SNP, Green and Liberal MSP’s and their respective Party organisations but also by the Labour Party. Former Labour MP Tom Harris has a scathing article in the Torygraph today – see the links in Stuart Campbells latest Wings Over Scotland blog offering.

        Similarly, one can find similar articles going back several years in publications from the political right which range from Spiked to the Spectator to Unherd.

        Yet there is nothing; Zilch; Nada; Zero; to be found from what is regarded as the political left which deviates a single iota from The Official Narrative (TON) on the Gender/Sex issue from the Guardian to the Socialist Worker; from the BBC to Novara Media; being pushed by every institution and organisation across the Western World.

        Ditto on the Ukraine proxy conflict.

        I know there are left voices out there who are jumping up and down to be heard. But they/we are mostly silenced by those faux political left voices shilling for The Official Narrative. Just like they are with The Officlal Narrative on the Ukraine proxy conflict.

        And we arrive at the absurd situation in which not only right wing organs like Spiked and The Spectator, along with those such as Peter Hitchin’s, are adopting a more left and progressive stance than what used to be known as the extra-parliamentary left in regard to Official Narratives, imperial or otherwise, but Tommy Robinson of all people is now more to the left than the people Caitlin Johnson chastises in the link provided above.

        Posted on Social Media two days ago you could watch a short two minute or so video of Tommy Robinson outside the Ukrainian embassy in London protesting the amount of UK taxpayers money wasted in supporting Nazis – and that’s the word used on the banner he had – with no oversight or paper trail whilst UK pensioners shiver as a result of the numpty policies pursued by the morons running the UK and the West, of all political party’s, on this issue.

        Let that sink in. Tommy Robinson!

        Was it only twenty years ago the political left in the these islands mobilised millions on the streets to protest an imminent war under very obvious false pretenses against a former CIA asset dictator in the Near East?

        WTF are they now? They are stuck in no mans land dancing to Neo-con Official Narratives like that pushed by the likes of Paul Mason; who thinks that a Western political left which has failed to gain any meaningful and significant traction in its own backyard over generations – to the point of going backwards for at least the last half century – can carve a victory in Ukraine for left values (whatever they are these days) on the back of of supporting an Imperial project and its Narrative which utilises genuine bona fide Nazis and Fascists which have committed the most heinous war crimes against Russian POW’s (including not only cold blooded murder but also castration) in addition to their other documented war crimes.

        Whilst Tommy Robinson, TOMMY BLEEDIN’ ROBINSON, literally parks tanks on ground which was once bread and butter to the political left by stating the bloody obvious.

        We need a bloody good clear out of the stables. And something a lot more substantive than a few shovels will be required. Guillotines would be a good start.

    2. Allan, great stuff. You will love Lobster’s website. It does great work considering it’s resources.

      1. Oh and fuck the anti-China, Iran, and Brazil protesters and their English banners. We are not going to be fooled by cia, 5 shite.

  5. What is described here is not a new or novel problem in that constituency.

    Unfortunately the PC in the 2019 GE was equally problematic for not dissimilar reasons:

    Julie Bindel had something to say about these “Labour Fun Feminists” at the time. I think it was in the ‘liberal’ publication ‘UnHerd.

    An issue which any remaining grown up’s of whatever self-identifying political stripe need to tackle.

    1. Dave, I alerted people to the result of p.c moons ago. Where are we now? In the land of the banned. Your list of appalling repulsive, lipstick socialists, sent a shiver down my family’s spine. Jesus wept, Spiked (RCP) whom the then ‘Leninist’ called, the SWP with hair gel, Nova M, alright they just want to be on the telly, bouffant and painted, Labour Black Barristers for disabled spaces, on and on Mon fucking biot, Jones. None of them are socialist. They’ve got the paperwork and can bore the arse of an elephant with their degree-deep knowledge of the class war but will they fucking stand when it gets dirty. No, just like most TU tops, born to kneel. Fuck me. This is the most profane-riddled post I have ever written but it’s that list. Merry Xmas all.

  6. The only reason why they think that right-wingers won’t embarrass the party is because they’re banking on the media not to look. Fortunately, sites like Skwawkbox haven’t got the message.

    1. I reckon that the whole of the R/W and S.S read every word on Sqwuakbox to find out not only about the left but to learn about their own colleagues and what’s going on in a nutshell. Nice if they donated.

  7. On another matter
    When Tories say there is no money, can anyone guess how much it cost to bail out the Banks, which has not been paid back, but they have managed scrap the cap on bonuses
    They also never point out what we spend our taxes on, we have a choice as to what is priority spending and what we can clearly live without
    Trident, rhe most expensive Penis Extension in human history
    HS2, Hinkley and subsidies for big businesses
    For every pound spent by North Sea gas and oil companies, the government give them 90p
    All the best lads and lasses, have a Goodun

    1. And much of the inflation caused by the deliberately-provoked Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    2. I remember the old sovs( the best of the best ) in Moscow, telling me, the Brit nukes mean nothing. It’s a cold, wet, rock in the north sea. I doubt that opinion has changed.

  8. A happy and peaceful Christmas to squawkbox and all the posters on here that have kept me informed and especially Toffee whos humour has been inspiring in the face of adversity in the face of a
    very dangerous situation in Britain and meltdown economically.

    1. Happy xmas Joseph and family. In struggle and joy.
      From bigjules and Wobbly.
      To Steve and everyone.

  9. Craig Murray (posted on 19th)……

    ‘Not a Fit and Proper Person’

    After a two year process, the NUJ Executive have finally rejected the renewal of my NUJ membership based on social media posts I allegedly made which they refuse to show me and of content and subject of which I genuinely have not a clue.

    But apparently these social media posts make me not a fit and proper person to be a member of the NUJ.

    Murdoch employees are fit and proper persons. The Guardian journalists who produced the front page of lies about Manafort meeting Assange are fit and proper persons. The security service mouthpieces at the BBC are fit and proper persons.

    The NUJ even accepts for membership copywriters for corporations working in PR companies. All these people are fine.

    But I am not a fit and proper person because of some things I allegedly said on social media, which I am not allowed to see or to explain.

    PS I wonder if Lee Harpin is a member of the NUJ?! OR Stephen Pollard?! I just this moment checked, and Pollard is no longer the Chief Editor of the JC, as of since December last year, which is news to me. I dare say he’ll be getting a knighthood soon for services rendered!

  10. And JVL posted the following yesterday:

    ‘Stephen Marks, expelled from the Labour Party for signing petitions’

    Stephen Marks was elected to the National Constitutional Committee of the Labour Party in November 2018. He received an administrative suspension from the Party in July 2021.

    This was based on the grounds that Stephen, along with many others, had signed three public petitions/open letters in 2016. 2017 and 2018 respectively. You can read these here, here and here.

    He wrote to the Party challenging the grounds for his suspension, but never received a response to that or subsequent attempts at communication.

    Until last week, 19th December 2022, when he received a notice of summary expulsion.

    Bindmans has written a letter on his behalf to the EHRC…..

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