Byrne’s powerful speech on hunger is a must-watch

West Derby MP spoke to open food debate last week

The Labour regime did its anti-democratic worst to remove Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne earlier this year, in an attempt to secure the seat for a right-wing drone with unanswered bullying and hate-speech allegations who wouldn’t humiliate the party leadership by showing what a real Labour MP looks like.

And we saw again what a real Labour MP looks like when the working-class Byrne – MP of the Year for his work against hunger – delivered a powerful and moving speech to open his Westminster Hall debate on the cost of food and its impact on the poor for whom he fights:

How badly the country could do with a couple of hundred Ian Byrnes on the Labour benches. Instead, the Labour right has rigged seemingly every selection to try to populate them with Starmeroid mini-me parodies – Labour’s notional leader spent Byrne’s Commons speech on hunger playing on his phone earlier this month – and the and the poor and vulnerable of this country will continue to suffer, without hope of better at least from Westminster, as a result.

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    1. One of the most magnificent speeches I’ve ever listened to. Well done Ian Byrne MP and all concerned.

  1. Hunger is the endgame for a country in real trouble.
    Hunger and cold destroy the very person themselves , and in a country thats one of the wealthiest in the world were only the wealthy matter then the obscenity his hidden away from public view.With the Labour party tribute act doing sweet FA (apology for the language)then having a person like ian Byrne is a embarrassment for the majority of the labour mps who are seen to be greedy and selfish with a couldn’t care less attitude.and thats why he will not last along with a few good labour mps inside the labour party.Time is running out to save the country from a second rate tory tribute act who havnt a clue about government but will have a good chance of getting into drowning street by default….surely the labour party can’t be worse than the calamity tory party?…..yes they are and far more dangerous with a leader and a bunch of imbeciles like Sir knight of the realm.and his appalling misfits in the shadowy cabinet..MP of the year ian Byrne with a target on his back.and so called opposition mps out to get him.

    1. However there are 36 MPs who admit to being members of the SCG, along with Ian Byrne. Starmer can’t proscribe that group as he will lose far too many voters.

      1. Starmer can’t proscribe that group as he will lose far too many voters

        Perhaps not in one fell swoop, but I doubt very much that’d stop him trying.

      2. That bunch can’t even find the guts to ask why the hell are 45 marine commando fighting on the ground in ukinaziville.

  2. Ian Byrne is a embarrassment for the majority of the labour mps

    Damn straight.

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