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Video: Burnham on why he backs Byrne to stay as West Derby MP

‘I would never claim I achieved as much in my first three years as an MP’, says Greater Manchester mayor

Supporters of Ian Byrne rallied on Saturday in Croxteth, Liverpool for Byrne’s fight against the Labour right’s rigging and machinations to try to replace the West Derby MP with a right-winger.

Among those supporters from unions and community organisations were Merseyside mayor Steve Rotheram and Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, who told the crowd why they back Byrne for the role – and Burnham was able to recount his experiences of Byrne’s determination to fight for the poor, hungry and those who suffer injustice:

The hustings and vote take place Sunday 20 November and only a mass turnout by members can force the right to abandon their attempts to fix the contest. Party communications to members about the vote taking place have been dire and members have been misled about the nature of the contest, so spread the word and make sure every member knows to turn out.

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    1. His that a genuine bit of sympathy for a rare bird in the labour party “a genuine MP” or just the usual sarcasm fascist labour endeavour Steve H….?

      1. Joseph – I have nothing against Ian, from afar he appears to be an excellent constituency MP and therefore should win the OMOV ballot easily.
        BUT it also can’t be denied his 2019 PPC selection was a very, very close run thing (3 recounts and a majority of only 2) and that he lost all four of his Branch ‘trigger’ votes which means he still has a sizeable opposition. This did make me wonder whether or not there are still enough of his supporters left who still have a vote.
        It would be an absolutely monumental fuck up by ‘the left’ if so many of them had resigned in a fit of pique that there aren’t enough of them left to win the vote.
        As it happens I think he’ll win the ballot, not because he’s on the left but because the majority of his constituency members will recognise that he is an excellent constituency MP who has their interests at heart.

      2. You’re right SteveH: every former-member that chose to leave Labour once the ferociously divisive and anti-democratic leadership of likudist Starmer became apparent knows that their departure harmed the local party and the working class in that vicinity.

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they/we should not have left. Had we done it earlier, Starmer’s entryism would not be quite so dangerous.

        We’re called the ‘dearly-departed’ for a reason: there’s a big price to pay (primarily by the party and the working people whose forebears created it) BUT also for the charade-pretence that UK is a ‘working democracy’.

  1. I’m glad Burnham has for once decided to do the right thing but I do really wonder what’s in it for him. Left votes in any future leadership contest perhaps?

  2. I am pleased that Andy Burnham along with Rotherham are standing with Ian Byrne and extremely pleased with Andy explaining why they need to stand shoulder to shoulder with a MP whos not all about “me me me” which is what motivates most of the parasites in parliament who forget their roots and their constituents .Andy appears to be remembering where his loyaltys are the longer hes away from the House of horrors..I have no doubt he’s now on a hit list….AS or somthing else along the Rotherham who have made the ultimate sacrifice of defending a comrade who has been stitched up by the labour party.regime and their paymasters.What a Sewer system of turds WC 1 Westminster ! Excuse the language but its so apalling to see the vandals destroying a good mp and a good human being.

      1. Yes, but whatever his motivation, Ian Byrne and his supporters in Liverpool West Derby will welcome his intervention. I do, as will many other ‘dearly departeds’ who don’t otherwise care for him.

      2. Reply to Qwertboi
        Burnham’s support may well be welcomed by Ian Byrne and others but Burnham’s motivation and his record of self interest is definitely an issue for many of us.
        In my opinion Burnham is, as always, doing what’s best for Burnham and on this occasion Ian Byrne happens to be the beneficiary of it.
        However the question has to be asked – why is an ambitious Right Winger who has made his contempt for Left very clear supporting a Left MP facing deselection?
        As I posted earlier I think he has his eye on the leadership and wants the Left’s votes when the time comes. Its the only explanation I can think of as I don’t believe Burnham has suddenly has acquired a conscience or developed a backbone.

  3. Ian should win the trigger ballot, but if he doesn’t he should stand as an independent. I am confident that the residents in West Derby will stand by him as he is standing by them. They cannot hope for a better champion for their community.
    Solidarity Ian!!

      1. George Gallaway did win as part of the Respect Party.
        Gallaway wasn’t the incumbent MP went he stood for election and he wasn’t as popular with its constituents as Byrne is. Byrne is the genuine article: a champion of its community.
        I am confident that he will win as an independent, specially against a right winger Labour candidate.

    1. Reply to Steve 101704
      Rotherham certainly didn’t do so for Audrey White when she was manhandled by Starmers security guards in his presence.
      This incident also showed the state the Labour party is in – the Labour leader feeling he needed security guards when visiting Liverpool.

      1. Steve 101704
        Or he just could have brought big tough Wes Streeting to protect him. Wes is better than any security guard. He totally fearless and will stand toe to toe with any middle aged woman and scream in her face. Audrey like Diane Abbott before her wouldn’t have stood a chance – what a guy eh?

  4. We’ve heard lots about the apparent unsuitability of Anthony Lavelle but very little (if anything) about Cllr Kimberley Whitehead, the other person who will be on the ballot paper.

    1. Reply to Steve101704
      I don’t doubt it and is it something I would love to see. lol

  5. With reference to the ‘Lobster’ pub in Croxteth……many years ago (1970s) I played football in the Premier Huyton League, against teams such as the Lobster. Being from Bristol they would endearingly refer to me as the ‘Cockney C…’ or ‘that Pikey B……’ Ever since I’ve often wondered why I engaged in a form of blood sport every Sunday morning for so long. One of my co-conspirators was a black lad called George (they had a name for him too) & together we scored many a goal but………one morning @ half time I went back into the changing room to get some losenges & I was followed. A man pulled a gun & told me that if I scored again ‘I was dead meat’. Wonderful memories.

    1. Playing for school came on as a sub, we were 3 nil down, in what was a very hostile environment, parents were tripping us up and barging us on the sidelines and threatening us off the ball, ref was to scared to do anything about it
      Scored twice to get us back in the game, until our captain came over and asked WTF are you doing !

    Byrne told LabourList today: “Following a series of events which took place last Saturday, an official notification has been filed with relevant bodies.
    “It is now for them to pay due diligence to the law and relevant codes of practise, fully investigate and reach a conclusion. The matter is in their hands, and I am focused on representing my West Derby constituents and fighting the Tories.”

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