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Video: police brutalise boy as he accidentally rollerblades down same street as king’s motorcade

‘Help me, someone!’ – lad’s pleas can be heard as he tries to explain street was open

The UK’s descent into a police state continued tonight as an apparently teenage boy was brutally taken down by police after accidentally rollerblading into the street where King Charles’s cortege was about to pass. The completely unthreatening lad’s pleas for help and attempts to explain can be clearly heard in the disturbing Boca Media footage:

The Metropolitan police are supposedly in ‘special measures’ because of the out-of-control behaviour of officers in a string of uses of excessive force and even murder convictions. They seem to have learned nothing and nothing has been done to restrain them. They boy hobbles off holding a potentially broken arm and having sustained a potential head injury – and worse could easily have happened:

After a string of arrests last week for simply expressing an anti-monarchist opinion, the use of such lengthy brutality against a young lad who evidently posed no threat reflects the sickening direction of travel of a country in which the supposed opposition is just as obsequious and authoritarian as the Tory government.

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    1. Yes! Royal events have often been marked by arrests of anti-monarchy protesters, but this was a young lad playing with his skateboard. World of difference!

    2. I am suprised in the way that the power of the Royalty has been used against the people with the mainly full backing of parliament and only a murmur from the usual source david Davis and nobody else.
      keeping their heads down no doubt to protect their big fat pensions in the palace of Westminster.if you know of any other politicians feel free to inform me…Skinners gone he is missed.

  1. He’s lucky he is white. If he had been black he’d probably be dead by now.

    1. And if he’d had a backpack on he’d have ended up having more lead in him than 100 royal coffins…

    1. Oh for the days when a clip roundt’ear and a night in dungeons and a bit of borstal, maybe a Tap with birch. Remember. Oh yes, meat and heat.

  2. For King and country lucky this young lad did not have his mobile in his hand they would have shot him fuck the scrounging royals should be stripped of everything they have taken from the tax payers fucking leaches

  3. This kid shouldn’t have to grow up in a country infested with the establishment monarchy.and their families who are not whats best in Britain but for many like me whats worst and a insult to the people who will suffer this winter….I make no apologies for saying this and hope that its the last Royals jamboree on show today.and forever…RIP an ordinary human being that deserved a proper burial not a political statement of intent.

  4. I hope the young kid will have learned a valuable lesson about which side he is on.

  5. Don’t worry, former human rights lawyer and current leader of HIS Majesty’s überloyal opposition, will want to speak to their superiors about this brutal treatment.

    And to ask whether they can be made available for Labour’s Liverpool conference.

  6. We don’t have a party in parliament that would see anything wrong in this, or in a mob assaulting a lone anti-monarchist in plain sight, as if we’ve regressed in time, back to the Middle Ages.

    Sums up the ‘them & us’ society that the bourgeoisie in charge of the Labour party think is the best the country can aspire to. Hardly any MPs have made the case for a meritocratic society over an aristocratic one in recent days, only Clive Lewis, afaik? Most prefer to engage in the idolatry and pretentiousness of this pomp & ceremony – much of it recently invented – stuff should’ve been reformed away years ago. It’s not even the Royals themselves at fault, the roadblocks to basic UK constitutional and democratic reform are nearly all political. Because the big two Westminster parties, are in fact one. It’s only when someone like Corbyn comes along you witness them cooperate to prevent change.

      1. The public wouldn’t support abolition of the monarchy, to quote Morpheus in the Matrix: They’re not ready to be unplugged. The UK media certainly wouldn’t push public opinion in that direction either, as they love royal gossip to sell their newspapers. What has to happen is a gradual process of change:

        How long have parties been talking about making the House of Lords a fully elected second chamber?
        It never happens tho. Starmer even promised it in his 10 pledges….

        The Royal prerogative powers date back to the Middle Ages and can be abused by PMs as we’ve seen. Jack Straw popped up recently telling everyone to show deference for the monarchy at this time, Jack Straw! Jack Straw once produced a booklet explaining why the prerogative powers should be abolished. He’d have hated his younger self, wouldn’t he.

        Lots of former anti-monarchist hypocrites in the Labour party like him though, people who’ve joined the establishment and gone all gooey about the monarchy, unelected Lords and aristocrats.

      2. Little known fact.

        In the relatively brief period the UK was a republic under Oliver Cromwell, 1649-1660, he facilitated the resettlement of Jews in the UK. In 1290, King Edward I of England had issued an edict expelling all Jews from England.

        There’s a statue of Oliver Cromwell that stands outside the House of Commons, the at-the-time anonymous donor who paid for it turned out to be married to a Rothschild heiress.

        Cromwell’s legacy is mixed though, to say the least. Though sympathetic to Scottish independence he terrorised both pro-royal Scotland and Ireland, being a Puritan Protestant himself, hated Catholicism.

  7. How dare he do an activity in London Streets, that is done in London Streets everywhere, everyday. Fucking commoners!
    What else can be expected from the nasty bastard family, who clears the streets of homeless people for one of their pomp & pageant wedings.
    What was that kid going to scream some anti-Royal abuse at worst at the well paraded dead body of an old woman!?
    The hate and divission caused is blatant in the force, that man who shouted not my king, this child, you can see those officers desire to perform further brutality on a child and an anti-royalist man! They had to wait to the van and station before they can rough him up a bit more.

  8. Looks like, at best, utter incompetence.
    If it’s possible to close off many miles of road for a marathon every year, then it should have been possible to cordon off a few miles of road and this young fellow would not have skated onto the route.

  9. Meanwhile, our inept PM has arrived in NYC, and the Beeb states – “The prime minister has said that higher energy bills “are a price worth paying” for the UK’s long-term security.”
    I’ll send her mine when it arrives.

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