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#EnoughIsEnough announces mass strikes for 1 October

Three rail unions to join posties for mass day of action against exploitative employers, with ways for supporters to join in

The EnoughIsEnough movement has announced one of the biggest strike days in recent history, to take place in 1 October.

Three rail unions, RMT, ASLEF and TSSA, will all join 115,000 postal workers of the CWU union – supported by hundreds of thousands of supporters at solidarity rallies across the country:

The announcement comes after unions postponed strikes because of the royal funeral, so if the Establishment on both sides of Parliament thought the movement would stall after the delay for their bowing and scraping to hereditary power, it made a bad misjudgement.

With millions still facing fuel hardship this winter despite the government’s plan to pour billions into the accounts of greedy energy exploiters, October should be just the start of a winter of resistance.

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  1. No idea how I feel about the entire lot TBH! First was the condemnation of NATO, pathetic withdrawals, now the queen cancelation of strikes and pathetic messages to the poor suffering royal family, while poor families suffer deaths by malnutrition, living conditions, etc! Fuck this SHIT! The UK Labour Movement is as DEAD as The UK Labour Party!
    Why couldn’t strikers wear a black square, ribbon or arm band if they so felt included! There is a rotten thing in Labour and that is the Bitter Middle-Class! The Bitter Middle-Class Wannabes who despises the ‘lower classes’ The “UNDESERVING POOR”!
    Regardless of financial status Pauper to Rich, there are only two kinds of people:
    The PEOPLE who work FOR the BENEFIT and GREATER GOOD of The PEOPLE, ALL The PEOPLE unconditionally, we deal with the shitstorm as one!
    The people who work FOR the BENEFIT and GREATER GOOD of THEMSELVES and The Elites, NOT The PEOPLE 100% thoughtlessly and with no empathy in pure apathy!
    I guess I do know how I feel, disillusioned! What a sad thing and blaming Starmer alone is just a nother means on shoving your heads deeper into the sand!

    1. Nellyskelly, ” no empathy, pure apathy”.. Excellent. Don’t despair, we been through hard times and we didn’t buckle. You won’t now. All the best to your loved ones. Dry your eyes and put on your boots, the world changed in February. A lost war has very wide ranging ramifications.

  2. RMT, ASLEF, TSSA, the CWU and the EnoughIsEnough campaign are to be congratulated if they get at least some cost-of-living-crisis onto the billionaires’ propagandist-sheets front pages.

    Mostly though, it is the mental health of tens of millions of very scared people, which will be strengthened by the mere fact that the strikes are finally – and respectfully? – happening.

    The dead queen’s sad death and the period of mourning that many feel compelled to undertake* should never have been used by the MSM and HMG as an excuse to ignore/disregard this cost-of-living calamity (which is how it feels to many of us).

    *. Even sitting shiva for her would not have taken as long – plus we wouldn’t have been able to watch the excessive, some say propagandist, coverage on the telly.

  3. The North Korean State could learn some lessons from the insane coverage of the mourning period and the proclamation (WTF ??) of the replacement monarch.
    The propaganda / manipulation of all this faux-grief has probably recruited more people to Republicanism than anything I can ever say.

    1. Not to mention the rediculously extended snd paraded Conservative TORY leadership farce! Something very fucked up is going on.
      Remember around the same time as covid broke out, they made an AI breakthrough of microbial robotics then we heard nothing more about it!
      Just makes you wonder why big pharma are refusing to make public the public funded vaccine contents! Even at the FOI request by the British Medical Journal!

      1. Will the Royal paedophile be attending the celebrations? Will he be wearing his medals?

      2. Will the Royal paedophile be attending the celebrations?

        Which one?

  4. Enough is indeed enough !
    I will be joining union picket lines again in the coming days.
    Support our brothers and sisters in struggle.

  5. Enough is enough but cancellation of strikes during the queens funeral thats gone on and on is ridicules and will be veiwed as a weakness by the Royals establishment parliament.
    Will they give a damm about the peasants this coming winter or workers wishing for a decent wage and conditions….No they will not and they will soon feel the trunchons and massed ranks of the police and even the military if theres a General Strike..I couldn’t believe that the Bolton wanderers match was interrupted during the subs exchange with another three cheers for queen Elizabeth 2nd….after the minutes silence at the beginning of the game.I don’t understand this veiw of Britain and maybe its best that I am not allowed back even if I wanted to without my Covid passport..Shocked 😲..!c

    1. It’s the Mddle-Class polite and nice boot forcing the heads of he UNDESERVING POOR to the ground!
      Fuck Polite, Fuck Nice, we are dying out there FFS!

      1. Nellyskelly, I agree with your sentiments, but better to be polite and nice while still been forceful and winning the industrial actions, that discard the proverbial baby with the bath water and be forced to surrender because Joe Public turns against us..

      2. What I am really saying is that we are seeing ‘polite and nice’ devouring empathy, it’s become more important to be ‘polite and nice’ than to be connected to the suffering of people. The strikes should never have been cancelled, those puke inducing messages never been sent, etc, it’s all a vile slap in the face the people suffering up and down the country. I do agree there are times for polite and nice, but when there are people battling to survive from one day to the next that’s not it.

    2. Joseph, I believe the Trade Unions could be playing a long game here. Unfortunately, the majority of the British working class worshipped the Queen.
      Hence, have the strikes gone ahead instead of postponing them as a mark of respect for the Queen, you can bet the MSM will have painted the Trade Unions as a communist revolution wanting to bring “British values” down.
      This way the Trade Unions have deprived the MSM and our political opponents of a stick to be used against us.

      1. Maria…Vazquez You are correct,but like many I have been shocked at the grovelling of so many people who may be a minority….but who knows with a compliant media that spread the Royalist worship for the establishment….I have had a rude awakening to the nature of how many have been effected by propoganda to keep them survile to a archaic wicked system…..Tyrants without a doubt and repressive ones at that…!…I truly am a foreigner and a alian to this way of thinking and acting.and just thought that my veiws in Britain were fairly average….or have I fallen to the propoganda of the Establishment.?

      2. No Joseph, I don’t think you’ve fallen to the propaganda, you’re maybe being ‘neutered’ by psy ops trying to generate self-doubt and hopelessness in you – just don’t see it as “grovelling”. See it as working with(in) the system. See it as connecting with the people whom the system dehumanises and commodifies: they’re not ‘sheeple’ (I know you’ve never said that, but some lefties do), they are scared and confused, lied-to incessantly and ferociously exploited. They’re “our people”. They need us. Our place is beside them, “in” the system, but we don’t grovel, we explain and challenge. It’s what anyone who wants to improve a system HAS to do. Solidarity necessitates it.

        You – along with most people here – know that an enemy within (the system) is a strong agent of change. “These are not easy days for the labour movement, but we refuse to give in to cynicism or despair. There is a new world to be built – and we intend to keep laying foundations. The cause of the Labour Movement is the hope of the world.

      3. I joined the Down with the Monarchy demo in Brixton organised by the Spartacists.
        Didn’t find any hostility from the public. The response was general amusement.

    1. You are quite correct Maria! I always said the
      Unions could use this time to regroup and retain
      – nothing is lost.

      The worst disgrace is that nothing is being done
      by the so-called Govt to mitigate the effects of
      the financial crisis for the poor ..

      Elizabeth spent her last strength in getting rid of
      Boris and installing Liz – though the Lord knows
      we may be going from the frying pan into the fire.

      I dread to think what the future will bring from the
      New Administration – and the thought of the
      addition of the smirky faced Starmer is almost too

      1. This Parliament as a whole will do nothing but, create more crises. I guess we could always nice and polite them to oblivion.

    2. This fawning grovelling shit began with workers taking the knee, Celtic fined for flying a sovereign nations flag, then blue and yellow, lbgbt, and now the fucking icing on the cake. Nccl and PIE having a knees up with full support of the baton, boot and taser brigade. Max loves it.

    1. Tim white…..thankyou. Theres some good organisations backing this and power from the “grassroots” who are not lost in the corruption of the palace of Westminster

  6. From “Nation states” to the Top ten corporate states “who control the western world…and not a weapon or a fist raised in anger….Why?….These corperations control government and their very own militaries…They match anything the East India company had in their days of controling the most powerful empire on earth in its heyday Britain and surpass even world powers now….and not even a whimper from somthing far more dangerous than anything the Cold war attained.Democracy as returned to the Tyrants and the fight against enslavement is NOW”

    1. When did the East India Company get buried. They haven’t been they have developed and grown even more powerful. One fucks with the city at one’s peril. Good to know the rules haven’t changed. We have had a mere 2 centuries to get it. Soon the darkness, then we will have time to reconsider things, like what if Independent Labour did this, the NUM did that, and on and on, if only our dear man from Wall Street had outwitted you know who. Not to worry its pride year starting January. That will shake power to its boots.

  7. Al Jazeera has a mini Investigations series starting Thur 9pm on Labour, Corbyn, antisemitism and insider sabotage (the preview is a bit vague). Could be interesting…

  8. Here’s another great wheeze for cutting people’s incomes.
    Not a good look if you are paying/paid into a private pension scheme that was index linked, and you intend to live beyond 2030.
    The government has just changed the rules so that the index linkage will no longer track the RPI but will track the CPHI. Consequently, the annual pension increases will be lower than they otherwise would have been. The higher the rate of inflation, the greater the shortfall will be. RPI currently stands at 12.5%.
    Since much of the pension fund investments are in gilts and bonds, the government has, in effect, used a manoeuvre to enable it to default on a proportion of the national debt.
    No fuss in the Grauniad, on the Beeb or from the LP.
    Doesn’t Starmer read the FT?

    1. What rests deep down in that dark, devious mind. He’s thought this and talked this through. Call me a skeptic but I hardly think he compares to old Tony. Not buying it comrade. To bung it in that fucking rag as if he has testes of tungsten.

  9. Striking on a Saturday is less effective. It has become the norm in recent years. Makes no sense to me.
    We should go back to striking on working days.

    1. Just striking will do, what if one of the others finally fall to syphilis are they gonna desist again. There’s a whole wedge fearing the stake, we could be in black forever. No strikes then bonny lads. Not even in the red fortress Liverpool, as long as you don’t count the ones who aren’t Red like scab dockers. Yeah, I know they were bussed in from the fascists down Sarf. Oh and some maps and councillors and voters. They didn’t strike, and that’s it. Dream on about a long game, a democratic socialist Wales, Irish Unite, slim pickings.

  10. I just think the Unions have lost nothing from the pause.
    This way they get plenty of publicity and lots of opportunities
    of faux pas from the right wing – both Tories and Labour. They
    are not blessed with either political nous or intelligence!

    So far as I can work it out – the strike will coincide with
    the Tory Conference too plus the aftermath of the Labour
    Conference. I see that various popular and sensible
    motions have been quashed – viz the Green New Deal
    and the nationalising of various important industries.

    Stupid stupid stupid ..

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