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‘Centrists’ horrified by anti-royalist arrests should remember Starmer’s police intimidation just a year ago

Outrage against burgeoning fascism is right and proper. The idea that right-wing Labour would be any better is fantasy

They’re all the same: the Labour right and the Tories are moving toward fascism and repression

The arrests of several ordinary people for simple acts of protest – and in one case for taking Prince Andrew to task for his alleged sex with an under-age US girl, for which she was paid a huge sum in an out-of-court settlement – have rightly triggered horror and outrage at the UK’s descent into authoritarianism and even fascism. Several, including the man standing up for children against predators, have been charged.

But ‘centrists’ and their fellow-travellers expressing their horror would do well to remember that, less than a year ago, Keir Starmer’s Labour regime deployed armed police in Labour’s conference hall for Starmer’s speech, in a clear attempt intimidate potential protesters and hecklers – a move largely ignored by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media but reported by Skwawkbox.

And, as Starmer lectured the audience and the country to know their place – to spend our childhoods preparing for work and to obey the Establishment’s rules and then spend our adult lives working and obeying the rules – armed officers positioned themselves at the end of rows of seats in a show of force and a clear message to potential dissenters:

Starmer’s conduct is not an aberration for the Labour right, but standard procedure, as those who have seen the abusive manhandling of Holocaust survivor Walter Wolfgang from a party conference under Tony Blair will attest.

The UK’s descent into fascism under the Tories is appalling, horrific and frightening. The idea that Starmer’s regime would be any better is centrist naivety at best and probably in many cases deliberately misleading.

(A big hat-tip to @Agitate4Change for pointing out the issue.)

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  1. Starmer would probably do things that the Conservatives would not dare do. We should work to ensure his defeat at the next election.

      1. Guns are not the only arms.

        I thought everyone knew that.

      2. Six months…suspended for two years**.

        Which can only be mitigated by the assumption that keef probably wouldn’t have prosecuted him at all in case it upset his toerag ally.

        **Should’ve been suspended by the friggin neck for two years, the fucking filthy degenerate. .

  2. The police are not your friends anymore they are your enemy. This country is now a police state. Th British police have too much power and have politicised over the past 12 yrs by the Tories. Democracy has GONE.

  3. We saw the marchers on kill the bill opposed to anymore draconian laws passed through parliament with hardly a murmur from the Opposition benches.We saw protestors non violent beaten and banged up for years….no Opposition from the labour party and even some torys were shocked at the labour party.Now we see the monster devouring its offspring and whos fault is that…they were warned and all they saw was the great unwashed and now its comeback to haunt everyone’s life.I personally know that freedoms are not easily won and I am afraid that we are as the sixtys hit says ..on. “The Eve of destruction “?…

  4. Amusing how both Starmer and Truss are on video record calling for the abolition of the monarchy. Starmer seemed quite radical at one point, until something happened(?) and then suddenly he wasn’t.

  5. “Keir Starmer’s Labour regime deployed armed police in Labour’s conference hall for Starmer’s speech” (is there a reason why armed is in italics in the above article?)

    I’ve yet to see a single photograph that evidences the above article, where’s the guns?

    1. Maybe he just thought that it looked pretty ……. as when you put stuff in bold.

    2. Guns or not, knobhead – wtf were plod playing at?

      Who gave them permission to march up & down aisles of people sat down in a conference hall? And what was the purpose of it?

      Never seen that at any other political conference – Nuremberg rallies included.

      Fascistic nonce-protecting establishment goon and his new world order.

    3. Do you recall that episode of The Simpsons where, after Earth eliminates all weapons, the aliens take over armed with a stick with a nail through it?

      THAT is “armed”.

      If I was to walk down a street equipped with a telescopic riot baton and a can of pepper spray I would, quite legally, be arrested and charged with ‘being in possession of offensive WEAPONS”.

      THAT, too, is “armed”.

      The picture above, quite clearly, shows a police officer equipped with what, if they were in the hands of a member of the public, would be classed as WEAPONS. They are quite clearly ARMED POLICE.

      Quit trying to mitigate obvious intimidation with your transparent semantics, Tory Boy.

      1. Rob – What semantics, the simple fact is that they were not ‘armed police’ and to describe them as such is disingenuous.

    4. The tatoos were looking very dangerous,but then again I have never seen so many scumbag cops since I got lost in the fairground when I was a little kid in Bolton They had to talk me down after I became obssesed with James Cagneys film…Angels with dirty faces “Come and get me coppers” .Nice to see all that again at the labour party conference… “.Nostalgia “

      1. SteveH – Semantics, as in “they have to be carrying a loaded firearm for them to be considered armed”.

        Would you describe the subsequent hospitalisation of anyone unfortunate enough to suffer the consequences of being beaten with that baton as “an unforeseeable allergic reaction”?

    1. So whilst the British are involved in mass hyteria a symptom of Royalist worship they must be pleased that His Royal tallness “gets to waive 2fingers at inheritance tax because as the government say that” he needs to maintain a certain amount of wealth to do the job “….unlike a few of us lucky blighters who paid the inheritance tax because we don’t have any” standing “in society other than a subject of his hoghness” ….sorry about the misspelling but it’s accurate and discriptive of just whats going on in the world.

      1. Joseph – Or maybe like Cambodia and many other countries the UK should just do away with inheritance tax for everyone.

      2. I paid forty percent inheritance tax and I have never had problems with using a good acountant with regular taxes.Although forty percent seems a lot I believe that wealth should be shared…..not our betters and the royals feel otherwise……Greedy barstewards and pirates.And they dont even have the decency to get the “old girl buried instead leaving her in a” state “..”..!Gluttony is a sin against god and humanity”” remember that Steve H….

      3. Joseph – The estate of the person you inherited from paid the inheritance tax, you didn’t have a choice in the matter.

  6. So straw reckons people ought to be arrested for exercising their right to demonstrate, does he?

    Like the windsors, I think jack five-grand-a-day straw’s shady as fuck; another parasite… Like Brian, straw has a brother who’s a nonce, too. Oh, and a lad that sells drugs…

    Fucking vermin. The lot of them.

    1. Windsors? How terribly English! You mean the Hanover House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha when George V changed it in 1917 post WW1. Lest we forget the treachery of King Edward VIII.

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