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Starmer posts ‘picture of his soul’ after death of monarch he wanted to abolish

Young Starmer wanted to abolish monarchy, Labour insiders are not convinced by shows of grief

Keir Starmer has changed his Twitter profile picture to solid black today, after the Queen died. One Labour insider told Skwawkbox:

I think it’s a picture of his soul. It can’t be grief, he always wanted to get rid of the Queen.

Video exists of Starmer, amused at being made a QC – Queen’s Counsel – because he wanted to abolish the monarchy:

Starmer has also banned all Labour meetings and campaigning in response to the death. Another Labour insider told Skwawkbox that this was essentially a move to ensure only Starmer gets the limelight in the wake of today’s events.

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    1. Toffee I think our kid is in touch with spirits although a swift pint will do as well so he said partying the night away..I
      ..Durham police…as keefs fellow knight said jim ill fix it “…?

  1. I find it maddening how Starmer and Labour grandees are gushing about the Queen’s wise counsel. In her weekly meetings with the PMs of the day, did she act as a constitutional brake on the worst excesses of Thatcherism? Excesses like mass pit closures and the outrageous privatisations of natural monopolies – selling off the family silver – the consequences of which are plain for all to see today. Did she restrain Tony Blair’s rush to war. The monarchy is fig-leaf giving a bad political system cover.

    Westminster politicians are as out-of-touch as the Royals themselves. I personally hope the public reject King Charles III. The hereditary monarchy needs to be abolished with the Queen’s death. Replaced with a republic and modern written constitution with proper checks and balances on the executive. Something that would be perfectly sensible to anyone who is truly on the left

    1. Andy a Labour party whos members considered voting for the establishment knight of the realm could never be considered left wing and certainly not democratic socialist as it says on the membership card.A party that inserts lords and ladies into the House of lords cannot be taken seriously as a democratic socialist party….The whole fiasco of the labour party was built on lies.

      1. Don’t forget how much the members were lied to by the 10-pledge-rebutting reprobate, or the extent to which the synchronised-MSM did its propagandist thing. Starmer’s not a one man show. The entire Establishment is in on it.

      2. quertboi….how can any socialist or working class movement buy into voting for somone with a title however much he lied its unforgivable for me and I am still staggered that so many comrades think its not a reflection and a obstacle to leader of any Labour movement thats supposed to oppose privalge and represent the many.For me titles royalty private schools are all thats rotton in Britain and I just can’t get my head round why the members voted for him when he was known as a knight of the realm and a establishment man who ticked all the ” right “””boxes….maybe I don’t belong amongst others that think its ok for prancing knights and perhaps being in a jungle is not the
        best way to understanding why a working class party would
        think its acepptable in the 21st century…..regards and still swotting up on the malaria cure so billed .by the Oxford university scientists who also made a certain cv vaccine.

      3. Joseph – Is this the malaria vaccine that has been developed by the Jenner Institute with the aid of funding from the Gates Foundation

      4. Socialists need to consider whether there’d be this much political support for the monarchy if they held socialist values and had opposed the privatisations, illegal wars and been vocal in support of Palestine?

        We can guess the answer, the political class and the likes of the Telegraph, Times, BBC heaping praise now would’ve turned on the monarchy, called for their abolition (or stripped them of their powers) in no time.

      5. “developed by the Jenner Institute with the aid of funding from the Gates Foundation?”

        Yes Steveh. I think there’s only one fully-approved/validated Malaria Vaccine available at the moment and that’s the one (RTS,S).
        GlaxoSmithKline paid Jenner Institute/University of Oxford for their expertise/services/lab facilities. They’re the people who gave us the Oxford–AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine which produces horrendously bad and never-publicised Adverse Reactions.
        I believe the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money is mostly used at the deployment end of RTS,S’ roll-out.

      6. Steve H….The malaria vaccine I believe is developed by a group of Scientists at Oxford university…but in the murky world of Vaccines it could be anyone especially after the “first” of releasing the covid vaccine before properly testing and insisting on a “no liabilities clause.I do hope that more money is spent preferable government money across the world on the real killer diseases that have flourished since the Covid hysteria…..apologies for not answering sooner.!

    2. You wouldn’t want the people running the country to produce a written constitution or found a republic. When the working class take power it will be time to found a real republic. In the meantime the Monarchy is a symbolic indication of what the UK is really about: inherited wealth, power and privilege, with an aristocracy of which the Labour right are all part, whether they are Mr and Mses or Lords and Ladies.

      1. Yeah quite right. We could end up with a constitution that is detrimental to the working class. I could name at least one that doesn’t serve the workers well, but they cling to it like a comfort blanket.

    1. Joseph, may I point out that it was SHE who raised that “awful family?” And never restrained her husband for his racist language? Moreover, while she was (apparently) the nation’s “rock” she was beavering away changing laws to her own benefit and evading HER taxes so they were not paid to HER MAJESTY’s Revenue and Customs!!

      1. I agree joe Robson…but I try not to speak ill of the recently dead and usually say a prayer.I restrain my natural insincts realising that many people have transferred their beliefs into a godlike figure with words such as “your highness” although only God knows what the hight of a person has to do with decency and goodness.but we must somtimes cross our fingers and hope a more diverse range of people in Britain leads to the abolition of the monarchy….not that mrs O’Learys cabinet is inspiring despite so many good complexions.

  2. The pound is rallying from its slump from 1.30against the doller to yesterdays 1.14and now on Asian markets going up to 1.15.
    This means that the two hundred and twenty two dollers my wife and I have lost over 3months on our state pension may soon pick up.Has usual the BBC have not reported the rise of the sterling or the drop in oil prices that effects the masses who are at the mercy of the financial markets……God save the King?and Putin sent a message of condolance to the British people showing a mark of respect.for the British that fought the Nazis alongside Russia in the second world war.End of a era as the Nazis once again rise in the East and Germany mobalises the largest and best equipped
    army in Europe ..the German tanks roll eastwards and the post war queen must have wondered Why?…

    1. IIRC Joseph, the beeb paid lip service to the £/$ rate on Monday(?) telling us that the yanks have it harder because they’ve raised interest rates quicker and to a higher rate than BoE have.

      We mustn’t grumble, in other words…

    2. On the subject of armed forces in the present context it is useful to remind ourselves of the salient realities of the present class riven Feudal institution the monarchy represents.

      This blog makes the point as well as anyone else:

      “Was Elizabeth II a Good Person? Don’t know, don’t much care. What I do know is this:

      – In an illusion wrapped in a chimera – that of a constitutional monarch within a genuine democracy – she had the power to dismiss her government, with her armed forces solemnly oathed* to support her in the event of any dispute on the matter. Of course this power is little used, though we should note the 1976 dismissal of Gough Whitlam’s Labour Government in Australia. The British ruling class has a plethora of seemingly arcane powers – cards for a rainy day, either unknown to the public else dismissed as harmless but colourful pageant – but few trump that ace up the sleeve known as the British Crown.

      – That last leads to a more general point. It matters not one whit whether Elizabeth II was personally involved in the ousting of Gough Whitlam. We needn’t suppose her powers a personal thing. While there’s no shortage of evidence of their use to veto legislation on matters affecting her family, that is a damning but not pivotal issue. More important is the fact that these powers exist to maintain class rule under even a slight threat. When an unnamed general stated, after Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, that the armed forces might stage a coup in the event of his becoming prime minister, we again do well to remind ourselves to whom those forces, though funded by you and me, pledge their loyalty. And, I repeat, for purposes of class rule it matters not whether that loyalty is to a real person or a figurehead – though in truth both apply.

      – Even as a “real person”, with that symbolic role set aside – it should not be forgotten how extraordinarily wealthy, which is to say powerful, Britain’s monarch (and senior royals like the man who is now king) actually are. The combination of eye-watering wealth with sovereign powers only part-hidden from view is not to be underestimated.”

      *As anyone who has ever served in the armed forces, including myself, will verify

      Whilst ever the political opposition remains “The Loyal Opposition” – as in loyal to a Feudal monarchy and the titular head of that structure and its processes – there cannot and never will be any kind of healthy democracy anywhere on these islands.

      Nothing has changed meaningfully and fundamentally in the last thousand years in terms of the undemocratic Feudal powers and influence which severely determine the limits and curtail the use of any power outside that Feudal structure. A structure which reaches right down to local level with its Lord Lieutenant’s and deputy Lord Lieutenant’s along with associated patronage.

      A patronage epitomised in the still operative principle of U and non-U, popularised over half a century ago by the Mitford’s, which produces an infantile culture which very effectively lobotomises much of the populace into unthinking forelock tugging and cap doffing drones unable and unwilling to accept any kind of functioning and workable democracy.

      From the philanderer WEF stooge Charles to his Epstein customer brother there is no one within this structure fit to have the power and privilege they enjoy at everyone else’s expense. Those who seriously believe that being in any way reasonable will ever induce the Feudal British Class to relinquish any of its powers are delusional and represent a major barrier to both effective progress and grown up thinking.

      The French had the right idea.

  3. Let’s see which of the bishes is first to call the other out on their (former) abolitionist views at PMQs next time.😙🎶

    Either that, or let’s see a news anchor bring the matter to bear 😙🎶

    Or a morning murdoch 😙🎶

    Time to show who these hypocrites bear allegiance to (themselves).

  4. I take pride on election as a Labour borough councillor that I swore allegiance to the British people who voted for me in Surrey as the first ever councillor for my area (tory)to have been voted in to represent the people not the windsor family whom I didn’t know or cared any meaningful way like all of us “peasants”
    I refused point blank to swear on the king James bible and used the Roman version which is more legitimatefor swear loyalty to the people of Britain whilst serving as a councillor.The majority of the country have to swear a oath of allegiance to a family of ill repute especially in positions that have influence and its about time this archaic system including the bible punching was dumped in a largely secular godless society.which are the majority….Until people refuse as I did then we will never see real change….I can remember that it caused a minor storm amongst the rabble councillors but it didn’t stop me refusing invite to the queens yearly “Garden party for serfs or a invite to drowning street for a fund raising dinner for crooks to buy favours from the PM Tony Blair…….The penny dropped and I opened my eyes to the Big Con of the Labour establishment party.

  5. LOTO must be really counting his blessings as the Queen’s death provides yet another excuse to cancel face to face meetings, as if the Covid lockdowns weren’t enough as CLP & ward meetings cancelled for years.

  6. As an unapologetic republican, I’d make the following observations:
    I can empathise with a family who have lost someone close to them. I don’t have personal feelings of loss but do recognise that, as someone who was a constant in the entirety of my life, the death of the monarch is a moment of punctuation in a world we cannot help but see as an ongoing procession of crises. In the reflection that follows, I’d hope that greater consideration would be given to the notion that this would be an appropriate time to draw a close to the monarchy: whatever qualities and residual affection attached to Elizabeth do not transfer to her son and, beyond this, the grandchildren offer either a fusty condescension or Disney+ as models supposed to symbolise our nation. I understand that Sqwawkbox would never knowingly pass up a chance to berate Starmer but in this moment, far greater opprobrium needs to be heaped on those who, in their headlong rush to pursue Brexit, were unapologetic in misleading the Queen in proroguing Parliament. These will be the voices uttering the most florid eulogies and no opportunity to call them out on their hypocrisy should be missed.

  7. It’s a monument to the pervasive double standards of the media that Starmer’s past is rarely investigated as compared to that of Corbyn. But Starmer has made his peace with the established order; Corbyn is a reformist.

  8. “some of the country’s biggest strikes have been called off in response to the Queen’s death. CWU cancelled the postal workers walk-out today “out of respect for her service” and RMT rail strikes on September and 15th and 17th have been suspended. Mick Lynch said his union would join “whole nation in paying its respects”. ASLEF has also postponed action planned to take place on September 15th, expressing “deepest condolences to her family, friends and the country”.

    1. An alternative view from the Socialist Worker.
      Strikes should not have been suspended because of queen’s death
      The RMT and CWU unions immediately reacted to the news of the queen’s death yesterday by suspending planned strikes.
      At least they showed they could coordinate action—or inaction.
      Working class people are engaged in crucial battles with bosses and the government—and the outcomes will determine the future of millions for years to come.
      But the death of a monarch is instantly enough to pause resistance. There will be no such squeamishness from the Tories and bosses, who will not pause the class war for a moment.
      They won’t stop putting up prices in the shops, or stop rent increases or halt layoffs and job losses. There will be no let-up in the remorseless efforts to make workers pay for the crisis. Police chiefs won’t put aside the new powers gifted to them by this repressive government.

      1. quite right Steve H….my two brothers murdered by the Tory government ably assisted by your boss didn’t suspend bugger all despite my brothers being young kids when betty was crowned….and were only young by comparison to ninety six.years of luxury she had before popping off.Thousands sacrificed to greed and corruption and whats going for this winter.You treacherous dogs ballsed it up for the working class and the labour party by collaboration and sell out.

  9. Labour Party meetings cancelled.
    Stock market is roaring away today filling the pockets of the rich.
    Priorities comrades – Priorities !!

  10. The UK Labour Party is DEAD!
    The UK Labour Movement is DEAD!
    The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 December 2019)
    The UK Labour Movement (RIP 09 September 2020!)
    Unison – Always been Neo-Lab TORY!
    GMB – Too much to mention!
    RMT, SWU ref SteveH – Cancels Strikes AS THOUGH IT’S A DISRESPECTFUL ACT!) Did the bankesrs stop banking!? Did the traders stop trading!? Did the sportspersons stop playing!?
    Unison – Graham bans the use and association with ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!
    No concrete answer on why but I am going to put a wild guess on the monopolisation of a common term and Sayanim-R-Us!
    Hopefully now the few who are not quite awake are at least starting to pay attention, because it sure is going to get bumpy soon!

      1. Yup it’s the world we live in today! We are being forced into compliance with modern feudalism, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are going to zap us into a manageable global population by military and agency force with their’ and WHO’, Big Pharma’s Death Jabs.
        By which time Bezos’s Project Great Amazons in the Sky should be near completion for the great peasant space migration!
        Jokes aside, it is looking like The West are forcing a return of feudalism on it’s subject, TF for BRICS and South America! That is if they will come and resque us from the feudal inbreds and their inbred sock puppets!

      2. Millwall lost out on a big wedge now they won’t be playing at Sunnerlan. It’ll be played on a Wednesday in deep mid winter.

  11. Seems I was right…but for the wrong reason(s).

    I’m only on (a state [underpaid] ) carer’s allowance…Why the fuck should I join a union?

    What will smarmerism do for me when the DWP capos force me to abandon my caring responsibilities to graft me bollocks off for a few nicker extra per week?

    Seems the unions will do nish…like they did when I was earning.

    1. They took your dues and enriched themselves. I agree, fuck em. Baubles and trinkets and ermine. I stayed with the T+G when I became Disabled on reduced rates. Come the mergers and the tops pay rises I was no longer deemed fit to be a member.

  12. His soul might be black, but his ‘second-eleven’ political party isn’t. It’s in the red. A Negative amount of money and negative relevance to the people it was founded by and for.

    1. Remember todays medieval anti-democratic farce when British politicians pipe up to criticise countries that do elect their head of state. The democratic process was not up to their standard you see.

      1. That’s just it though. It isn’t medieval, most of the pomp and circumstance is relatively recent history invention.

      2. Much of that which the public thinks dates back a millennium or two is actually relatively recent invention.

        All the State Opening of Parliament fanfare – all that pomp and circumstance dates back to the start of the twentieth century, 1901 – saw the return to full ceremonial razzmatazz. The US has older traditions. The UK only achieved universal suffrage in 1928: Women in England, Wales and Scotland received the vote on the same terms as men (over the age of 21) as a result of the Representation of the People Act 192

      3. The terms ‘pomp and ceremony’ hide a more ruthless reality.

        As Matthew Ehret explains here:

        “For Canadians who had thought they would no longer be forced to endure watching their Prime Minister slavishly declare his oaths of fealty (and oaths of secrecy) to an inbred monarch sitting on the other side of the ocean as had occurred in 2017 they will be very disappointed. Canada’s Parliamentary Oaths Act of 1866 demands that both houses of Parliament are required to take pledges of allegiance after the deaths of all sitting monarchs. That’s right, every single member of the supposedly “elected and democratic” government of Canada must declare their oaths of fealty not to the people or non-existent constitution, but to some inbred family bloodline on the other side of the world.

        Similar oaths will be read by elected officials across every other Commonwealth Five Eyes member state…..

        …In a post-1776 world that began to get a taste for self-government, freedom and democracy as a new mode of self-organization, the “stability” of hereditary institutions came under grave threat.

        It would not be an exaggeration to say that the past 250 years has been shaped by the clash of these two opposing paradigms of organizing society. Where one paradigm assumes as self-evident the existence of inalienable rights of all people, the other system presumes that the only inalienable rights are those held by an oligarchical master class who wish to rule over subjects (aka: useless eaters) whose population levels must be periodically culled for easier management.”

        The incoming new management under the WEF stooge Charles – with its eugenicist ‘Great Reset/Great Narrative’ agenda – looks set to more overtly and explicitly enforce the supremacy of the hereditary Feudal Oligarchy over the demos.

        If the WW3 they have already started proves insufficient to cull us ‘useless (plebeian masses) eaters’ there are always deliberately engineered food, energy and water shortages available to finish the job.

        The latter, water shortages, is already in its early stages following the decision to go full pelt for fracking under Reese-Mogg. The volumes of water required, which will be heavily poluuted with radium, heavy metals and worse, will be far higher in the UK than in the uS because of the deeper levels of the UK/European fields.

        Something to bear in mind when considering the utility value towards one’s survival from the hordes of sycophantic forelock tuggers and fawning cap doffers to the British Feudal Oligarchy and its system such as not just those encamped outside lavish Feudal residences paid for and maintained by the serfdom we represent but also those who cancel strikes, meetings and other events. Along with Councils/Councillers who have mass emailed residents with wailing and gnashing of teeth messages over the past 48 hours.

      4. Just as a matter of interest Andy would it be appropriate to describe the oath of fealty given by senior MP’s today (including Keith Starmer) to the new monarch as mere meaningless showy ‘pomp and circumstance?”

      1. Theres nothing meaningless in the oath of loyalty to the Windsors and all their descendents not yet born “.The main laws were drafted after the reformation to inact High treason” still punishable by death today along with Establishment Royal perogative that allows the Head of state the king unlimited powers with even rejection of any laws that they so wish via the secretive and archaic privy council..My inlaw a English Catholic still refers to Houghton Castle near Preston as the family home and believes it despite it being handed over to new Nobles and aristocracy.under the draconian measures against recussants
        in the reformation and who were mainly of the catholic faith..
        I think that all of the royals protestant or catholic were motivated by greed and fear and that heritage still dominates Britain today including the economic black hole of gerrymandered Ulster…..God save the King?….as I think the anointed ones will one day soon get their comeuppance.much sooner than expected…. “Faith of our fathers holy faith we will take back our country once again” …Thats a part of a hymn sung in English catholic schools until the sixtys and just maybe those brilliant lawyers who drafted the oppressive and cruel laws may have just had that in mind that amongst the faithful linger a few unrepentant English catholics who want their lands and titles back..much like my brother inlaw.

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