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Usual suspects’ hatchets out for Dempsey – but they just highlight that he’s right (video)

If you don’t despise everything the liberal left have done to the Labour party and labour movement, you haven’t been paying attention. The centrists’ fear of the organised working-class has clouded their judgment

The RMT’s Eddie Dempsey, right, speaking at a recent Enough is Enough demo in Liverpool

The success of the RMT – and especially general secretary Mick Lynch and his senior assistant Eddie Dempsey – in persuading the UK public of the rightness of the cause of striking rail workers, and by extension of the cause of workers in every industry striking against exploitation and for decent pay and proper safety standards and working conditions, has the Establishment terrified.

So terrified, in fact, that an array of the ‘usual smear-suspects’ and right-wing (aka ‘centrist’) mouthpieces have been wheeled out to try to use an old video of Dempsey talking about those so-called centrists and the damage they do in an attempted hatchet-job on Dempsey today.

And, as so often, the remoteness and wilful blindness of those people has made them either deaf or uncaring about the fact that, to any working-class person listening, it’s blindingly obvious that Dempsey is… absolutely right.

The hatchet-wielders hope that the video will be damaging because Dempsey starts his criticism of the right-wingers that have occupied and neutered the Labour party and other parts of the Labour movement by pointing out that those people are also hated by right-wing racists.

But Dempsey is very clear that those racists are racists – and that the one thing they get right is despising the ‘liberal left’, another term for ‘centrist’. And he makes just as clear that the reason that the left should despise those saboteurs no less is because of the damage they do to our movement and nothing to do with the racism and bigotry of right-wing extremists:

The bad news for the would-be saboteurs trying to use this video against Dempsey is that his plain speaking and no-nonsense style is massively appealing to the working-class people that need to unite against the Establishment no matter what rosette colour it wears.

The even worse news for them is that the rightness of the cause for them to unite is becoming more obvious by the day – and that such smear-jobs and snidery will only open more eyes, however much the yes, liberal left, as well their right-wing allies and fellow-travellers smear and sneer.

After all, those sneers toward our class are exactly what has disgusted so many for so long with the whole corrupt political system. And as first Jeremy Corbyn and now leaders and activists outside Parliament are showing, when words are communicated clearly and without that condescending superiority that defines the so-called ‘elites’, people listen.

Many, many of us. And more every day.

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    1. Please stop posting that over and over- it’s insulting and arrogant- there is nobody who is only going to vote Labour next year because Keir’s moved the party massively to the right and carried on a still-unending purge against perfectly innocent left activists whose only crimes were supporting socialism and not being Likudnik on the Israel/Palestine issue.

      You’ve nothing to be smug about and nothing to be dismissive about.

      1. Ken – What is either insulting or arrogant about pointing out the facts.

      2. Ken – What is insulting or arrogant about pointing out the fact that you can’t offer a credible alternative.

      3. Ken, his language is revealing.
        The article references the growing awareness of sections of the working class and the need to jettison the neoliberal nonsense that we have endured for decades.
        So we get “If only they has a credible alternative to offer.”
        The working class (the great majority of the population plus you and I and just about everyone visiting this website is referred to as “they”.
        The comment is an example of the disinformation employed by the neoliberals when they are unable to offer either solutions or even a critique of an analysis with which they disagree.

      4. goldbach – ….and the credible alternative that you are offering is?

      5. Your question is vague. Are you looking for an alternative to neoliberalism?

      6. goldbach – I’m not looking for an alternative, I am simply pointing out that they/you aren’t offering one.
        I’ll be quite happy to vote Labour at the next GE, who will you be voting for?

      7. Do you remember what VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn did to the UK Labour Party, do you think that the Neo-Labour Party TORIES who manufactured it, and 4y3m of 24/7 propagandist attacks, can handle something similar?
        Do you think that the Middle-Class minus the UNDESRVING POOR lower class peasants are enough to win a GE? I doubt it! I doubt it very much!
        Never Trust a:
        Neo-Labour TORY
        Neo-Lib Dem TORY
        Neo-Green TORY
        Neo-Con TORY
        No Socialist to vote for?
        VOTE for your Granny
        VOTE for the Looney Party
        BUT NEVER VOTE FOR Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal #OnePartyState

      8. Good. It is now firmly established that you do not want an alternative to neoliberalism.
        Either you are a defeatist or you believe that you benefit from the pernicious system we have had foisted on us over the past 45+ years. I wonder which it is.

      9. goldbach – Given that by your own admission you haven’t achieved much in the last 45yrs then your opinion is extremely unlikely to impact me or anyone else much.
        However please feel free come back and tell me all about it when you actually have something credible to offer the voters. Hopefully it won’t take you another 45yrs to get there.

      10. I take it that you are not a defeatist but that you are benefitting from the spoils of neoliberalism whilst our energy, food and transport costs soar. Enjoy your triumphalism while it lasts. This winter may see a few chickens coming home to roost across Europe and the UK, and probably in the US too. You never know, it may even reach the Caribbean

      11. goldbach – Because we produce more power (PV and wind) than we can use we are in the very fortunate position of being to a large extent insulated from the increasing prices, but thanks for your concern.
        Keir Starmer’s policy of freezing energy prices seems to be quite popular in the UK.

      12. “Keir Starmer’s policy of freezing energy prices seems to be quite popular in the UK.”
        Tell us SteveH, what caused the Energy Crises in the First Place?

      13. Unless it’s the BVI, your adopted country has made great strides in recent years, which would be very impressive.

      14. goldbach – I am referring to the renewable power that we generate for our own personal and business use not our national power grid where in the main electricity is generated from fossil fuels. However there are plans in place to switch to renewables.

      15. I do vaguely recall that Barbados and maybe St Lucia and a couple of others had said something of the sort a little while ago but I had assumed that it was one of those announcements designed to catch the eye rather than something that was actually in the pipeline.

      16. goldbach – I think you’ll find that like the rest of the world most, if not all, of the islands have plans to move away from a dependence on fossil fuels. In the meantime loads of people are taking matters into their own hands and installing their own PV systems.

    2. There’s a better than even chance, there’ll be someone – among the 500,000+ that have signed-up to the @eiecampaign, since the 08 Aug – who will step up and challenge the neoliberal right, as Jeremy Corbyn did, in 2015 – and, again, in 2016.

      It all reminds me of those early, heady days of JC’s insurgency.

      This time, we’ll be ready for the backstabbers!

      Manchester Cathedral – Tuesday evening – packed to the gunnels, and, just, as many more outside, could have filled another ‘Manchester Cathedral’. Many of those people, vowing never to vote for Southside Labour.

      So, if Keir & Co are feeling smug about Liz Truss and The Tories messing up, and them ready to step in as ‘saviours of the nation’, they should keep the champagne on ice – unopened.

      Maybe have a couple of cases of Kent fake champagne lying around – on the off chance.

      By the way, have you signed-up to the @eiecampaign, yet? I’ve asked a couple of times, but you seem reluctant to talk about it.

      1. George peel. Theres a good fake champagne made in Surrey near Guilford,
        I Wonder if the fake leader of the Labour party as quaffed a few bottles whilst slumming it in the working class stronghold of Oxted on the green “Surrey.were he attended the local Reigate independent school bog standard comprehensive that didnt charge exorbitant fees for little” keir “just think starmer almost a veteran of the labour Party having spent nearly seven years as a mp and still learning with the other fake” fatty Evans “

    3. Well he’s quite right, isn’t he?

      You and your 70% thought you had enough to win the 2019 election…So much so that you didn’t even vote on it.

      Told us if labour didn’t offer second ref, the libtards’d hoover up the labour vote.

      How did that go? Well for starters you gave the toerags an eighty seat majority, and the libtards were almost expunged from the political map. Fucking genius.😒🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

      And what’s this credible alternative keef’s supposedly offering?

  1. This article hits the nail on the head. People can easily identify with Eddie Dempsey and his forthright speech just like they did with Jeremy Corbyn. As more and more people are driven into financial hardship ( including the previously I’m all right Jacks) by this uncaring government and the ineffective and policyless “opposition” his words will hit home even more.
    Eddie is clearly a dedicated and clever Socialist so if he is a member of Starmers Labour party we can expect him to be expelled for “antisemitism” in the near future.
    Solidarity Eddie and watch your back ( and your front if Jess Phillips is around)

  2. Dempsey is a proud name and a fighting name amongst the Irish and we are sadly short of firbrands that can speak and talk in plain English.and inspire as both mick lynch and Dempsey do.The working class who are the vast majority in Britain require people who will scrap and fight for the working class…ITs a shame its turned out this way but remember its The labour party that has deserted the majority and helped the Torys to attempt to put us in a time capsule and take us back hundreds of years….Good news for us bad news for the enemy of the people.

  3. “Unity is Strength”. ‘Eddie Dempsey, assistant general secretary of rail union RMT, said his union’s slogan “Unity is strength” was fittingly taken from a banner carried at St Peter’s Field in Manchester 203 years ago before authorities unleashed troops on a peaceful crowd in the Peterloo Massacre. And he said that rallying slogan was now in action in the “Enough is Enough” campaign.’

    The Morning Star continued “through unity and action the people would take back all that the Tories are destroying.

    “We are the people who created pensions, built the hospitals, schools and social housing, the things they have taken away. We are here to take them back.

    “But our strength comes from unity. That is why the government and the media tries to keep us divided. They want teachers fighting NHS workers, rail workers fighting nurses, and all of us fighting immigrants. They want us turning on each other so that we miss the trick — those at the top making the money while we fight each other.”

    “Eddie Dempsey asked: “Who runs this country? A bunch of multi-national corporations? I feel change is coming. But we have got to get people to act. The next step is collective, united, non-violent action,” he said, bringing a standing ovation.”

    Other speakers, including Liverpool MP Ian Byrne, pointed to the obscenity of the growing dependence on food banks in the UK – “more foodbanks than there are branches of McDonald’s.”

    The Enough is Enough! campaign has more rallies planned in Liverpool on Friday, Norwich, Glasgow, Bristol, Brighton and Leeds and a national day of action in London on October 1 when government regulators will allow energy prices to leap to an average £3,549 a year.

    The movement is making five key demands: slash energy bills, win a real pay rise, end food poverty, decent homes for all — and tax the rich.

    credit, Peter Lazenby, Morning Star.

    1. Look at this: Landlords urged to ‘take advantage’ of soaring rents in ‘grotesque’ email.

      Speaking to openDemocracy, Nick Ballard, head organiser at ACORN (The Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now) said: “The fact that estate agents are sending out these emails at a time when millions of people are struggling with rising rents, bills and food costs is nothing short of disgusting.

      “It is profiteering, plain and simple, cashing in on an opportunity to make more money from renters in the middle of a cost of living crisis.”

      “Enough is enough,” he added. “The reality is people are going to die from the cold this winter, either in homes they can’t afford to heat or on the streets when they’re evicted.”

      1. Owning a property or renting is a fundamental part of being human…a patch of land a peice of grass is in our bones the world over.IN the western world a roof over your head or ownership of a piece of land is now a luxury and a roof over your head of no importance to the government of Europe Britain and the USA.They are making a serious mistake if they think that the working class can be put back in the Cage.
        General Strike and bring down parliament..!

  4. Talk is cheap. As the old lady down the road used to say when I was a kid “Kind words doth butter no parsnips” She knew.

    Actions define us. It is actions and behaviour that speak loudest. Mr. Dempsey is going to attract an ever growing audience.

    Meanwhile, the usual suspects continue to shout as loudly as possible they do not represent us, nor do they care about us.

    If you listen, you can hear them say “Labour needs you more than you need Labour”

  5. The bourgeoisie have always despised the Working Classes aka the Great Unwashed; the Uneducated; the Riff Raff etc. who must be kept in their place. Education is wasted on the poor. Look at New Labour; the Parliamentary Party & Loto’s supporters; how many MPs were dockers or shop workers, you have to be a solicitor before even applying to become an MP in ‘Blue’ Labour. The class struggle is viewed with contempt. “We have to be more like the Tory Party if we are to achieve power”?
    Thatcher did a complete hatchet job on the economy, replacing manufacturing with service industries. We produced more during the 3 day week in the early ’70s than we do now with all our technology & now the ‘gig’ economy, courtesy of her greatest achievement Tony Blair now seeks to destroy education & replace it with teacher assessed training for business. Education is wasted on the poor who only need vocational training. Wages have remained stagnant for decades & social mobility is now just a Socialist dream. Enough is Enough! Get Up Stand Up & Get Up off of your knees!

    1. Reply to Steve 101704
      I agree with most of what you posted except the bit about education being seen as wasted on the poor. Its actually worse than that in my opinion.
      Once a person is educated they aren’t as easily fooled, have a better understanding of politics and history and can make informed choices. They don’t read the S*n or believe what the BBC tells them and are therefore not as easily manipulated by the MSM ( owned by billionaires) or the state broadcaster.
      I truly believe Steve that the underfunding of Education – the run down schools, the lack of educational equipment ( including books) etc -is a deliberate policy decision intended to deprive the poor of a decent education in order to keep them ignorant and therefore malleable.

  6. In light of the FBI file, wonder if Paul Mason has quietly added ‘The Monkees” to his mind map?

    “…the [FBI]file does describe the Monkees as a “quite successful” band featuring “four young men who dress as ‘beatnik types’ … geared primarily to the teenage market”.
    During a Monkees concert, it says, “subliminal messages were depicted on the screen which, in the opinion of” an agent whose name is redacted “constituted ‘left-wing innovations of a political nature’ including video footage of ‘anti-US messages on the war in Vietnam’.”

    You’d like to believe this insanity would end some day, but every generation seems to have to cope with the same crap and paranoia. Thank our two-party system for producing politicians who green light this crap.

  7. Good stuff. It’s very heartening to hear speakers like this appearing just when they’re really needed. We haven’t heard their like for too long. Cometh the hour, cometh the men. First Howard Beckett, then more recently Mick Lynch and Eddie Dempsey among others all point to a more positive future, provided the Globalists don’t unleash their private armies on us first!

  8. I thought that this short letter in yesterdays Guardian from Prof Mary Mellor and the accompanying editorial might interest some of you.

    A challenge to neoliberal economics and the myth of market supremacy | Letter

    Taking back control of malfunctioning markets must mean challenging neoliberal economics and the myth of market supremacy (Editorial, 29 August). The market is not the sole source of money and wealth. The public economy is equally important – and vital when markets fail or in times of crisis. Even in normal times, the private sector relies heavily on public money, infrastructure and services. The biggest myth of all is that public expenditure is funded from the (private) taxpayer’s pocket. There is a growing alternative economics which shows that it is the state’s capacity to create money that underpins the market, through the authorised banking system and government spending.
    The illusion that the latter is based solely on borrowing from the private sector or taxation is sustained by the ambivalent role of central banks. When national debt is held by the (national) central bank, the reality is that the government effectively owes the debt to itself. Public spending is not inflationary if it is balanced by taxation.
    The time has come to recognise the autonomy of public money and the role of the public economy in sustaining the market system. Proposals for public spending for the public good need not fear the neoliberal question: “Where is the money to come from?” We know where it comes from. It doesn’t come from magic money trees – it comes from us, as citizens.
    Prof Mary Mellor
    Author of Money: Myths, Truths and Alternatives

  9. As the Tories are massively unpopular at the moment, Stammer could be next PM. A depressing prospect for anyone on the left. New New Labour instead of the Tories, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

      1. @SteveH

        I see the NEC results are in… Luke Akehurst?…again?!? How does he do it?

        As Matt Thomas pointed out on twitter :

        c70k votes, c380k paid up members, = 18% turnout? Seems suspiciously low.

        Labour NEC Election Turnout:

        2012: 30.2%
        2014: 33.1%
        2016: 48.7%
        2018: 32.5%
        2020: 27.4%

        So why is the 2020 turnout so low:
        New voting system confusing?
        New leadership uninspiring?
        Actual membership lower than reported?

      2. Andy
        So why is the 2020 [did you mean 2022] turnout so low – I’ve no idea, Maybe ‘the left’ failed to get their vote out again. I’m sure you’ll get around to explaining why.
        New voting system confusing? – Really, do you find it confusing?
        New leadership uninspiring? – They weren’t voting for the leadership they were voting for NEC Reps, surely if they were unhappy with Starmer then they would have been out in force to vote for candidates from ‘the left’
        Actual membership lower than reported? – Do you have any evidence to support your rather wild assertions?

      3. Chris – Would you prefer Liz Truss?

        To keef? Like a choice between swallowing a live grenade or being strapped to the business end of a loaded 105mm howitzer.

        Name me a difference either will make to my life – for the better?

        No? Then shut up.

    1. …..*drumroll….cymbals bash……silence* and in walks gooff faced CheezyTruss ready to announce that she is blowing up all of Russia, All of China, All of Iran, All of Socialist South America, All of the Middle-East except Israel, that is in “the West”.
      All nicely planned and prepard by the Trilateral Commission for their blue eyed boy Sir Notsolot BlueKeef, absolutely no Competition and a Nation of Sheeple! BlueKeef is buying the wall paper as we speak!

  10. However please feel free come back and tell me all about it when you actually have something credible to offer the voters.

    What’s ‘credible’ about what keefs’ supposedly offering – and if it’s THAT ‘credible’, why aren’t people falling over themselves to vote for it?

    Don’t bother posting opinion polls, because they don’t elect people. ACTUAL polls do.

    And smarmerism isn’t winning ACTUAL polls, is he?

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