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Exclusive: TSSA/Boilermakers merger falls through

Union has advised reps merger with US union will not go ahead

The TSSA union’s planned merger with the US Boilermakers union is off.

The union has told reps this morning that attempts to finalise the details of the deal had failed and the merger has been abandoned by mutual agreement.

A TSSA conference planned for 17 September has been cancelled while the union’s executive decides its next steps.

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  1. An interesting piece by Rob Turnbull in Jacobin on the Welsh coal miner’s dispute leading to the terrible events at Tonypandy:

    The Making of the Welsh Working Class

    In 1910, Winston Churchill sent troops to the coalfields of South Wales to put an end to a strike. Though the miners were defeated, this episode radicalized the Welsh working class and helped sever ties between conservative Liberals and trade unions.

    1. Paul, don’t be sensible. Keep it up and you be punished by the white shirts.

  2. Paul, either the RMT or Aslef? both Trade Unions are left leaning. Let’s us not forget Unite as the T&G (transport) became part of Unite.
    Thus, no need to amalgamate with a Trade Union from the US, plenty of choice at home.

    1. Plenty of left-leaning Unions, in Europe, or in the left-leaning regimes, emerging in Latin America.

      It needn’t be a merger, simply, closer ties with kindred spirits.

  3. That would have been a foot in the door for US business unionism.
    They were in merger talks with the RMT. Affiliation to Labour was a major bone of contention.

    1. ” a major bone of contention” – to whom AT, the US Boilermakers?

      It is unknown why the TSSA/Boilermakers merger fell through, but TSSA were claiming on website that the merger suited them because it gave them greater autonomy than any merger with other UK union would.

      The website is obviously being updated as I type. I’m eager to discover the details behind the “mutual agreement” to call off the merger.

    1. Don’t think it’s time to take a stand quite yet.

      Few more doses of people like that dinner lady crying over refusing to serve food to kids with no money and it’s gonna pop.

      Stay safe all

    1. A bloody good question! But then again, when TSSA asked its members to vote on a prospective merger with US Boilermakers, 32% participated and of them 85% voted yes, and 15% voted no.

      How are people supposed to know? I think this is what’s called an information gap

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