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Labour party ‘bankrupt within 2 years’ on current financial course

Forensic analysis of party finances submitted to Electoral Commission comes to grim conclusion of financial mismanagement and disaster

Analysis by a former candidate to be Labour’s treasurer of the party’s latest financial disclosure to the Electoral Commission concludes that Labour will be bankrupt in about a year and a half if its current financial course continues.

Esther Giles has published a Twitter thread of her findings on a set of dire results – which included an astonishing 65% increase in remuneration to the party’s ‘senior management’ despite an appalling performance and the lost of over 91,000 members (and many more in reality) in a single year:

As she continues her thread, Giles notes an expenditure of £6million on ‘political activities and publishing’ that the party has not explained and clearly could not afford:

And she ends her thread by listing her concerns – and a conclusion that the party will rapidly be bankrupted by financial mismanagement if it keeps going the way it has been run so far:

And the situation appears to be getting worse. As Dave Levy in a separate analysis notes, the rich individual donors Starmeroids have been hoping would come back to the party once Starmer had signalled his lack of interest in making changes to benefit the many have failed to materialise and union donations – by far the mainstay of Labour’s income – is likely to fall rather than increase because of Starmer’s assault on democracy and betrayal of their members interests. Levy has also noted that the party’s running costs – 80% of the total – seem out of control.

So much for the party being ‘run by the grown-ups’, as Starmer’s supporters claimed. His predecessor Jeremy Corbyn left the party with healthy finances and a surplus of over £13million, despite the huge costs of fighting the 2019 general election. In just over two short years, it seems Keir Starmer and David Evans have set Labour on course for financial oblivion.

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  1. This is hardly surprising though is it?

    The current Labour Party would rather spend
    OUR money on tormenting loyal members
    with spurious accusations followed by
    expulsion -than doing its actual job of
    opposing the Tories.

  2. Starmer and his Blairite friends made a very obvious miscalculation by anticipating donations from capitalists after removing the socialist threat.
    Capitalists have more sense than to waste money paying for something which has been done for free.
    Once Starmer was ‘elected’ and socialists expelled he lost his raison d’etre.
    And the bad news is that neither Keir or Evans or any of the tenth rate Stalins killing off CLP democracy, fixing ballots and cutting off Zoom debates has anything to offer the ruling class: they aren’t very clever, there is nothing subtle about what they do and they are no longer welcome in most of the Unions.
    And there is only so much room in the House of Lords.

    1. “Capitalists have more sense than to waste money paying for something which has been done for free.”

      True. And there’s the rub of the matter, bevin. Starmer, Reeves, Cooper and the like would happily do it all for free without any financial payback. They are 3rd-way anti-socialists. Removing democratic socialist thought and people from Labour is, for them, a social duty, a noble undertaking.

      1. Reply to Qwertboi
        I can’t agree with you that Starmer Reeves and Cooper are wrong but sincere, seeing the destruction of socialism within the party as a “social duty, a noble undertaking”. In my opinion there is nothing dutiful or noble about them-they are unprincipled careerists more Tory than Labour.
        I really don’t know about Cooper but the actions of the other two show that their remit is, as I have posted before, to totally neuter the party, lose the next couple of elections so that by around 2030 ( by which time the electorate will be sick to death of the Tories and will want a change)it will be a Socialist -free Zionist Labour party that gets into power.
        Starmer will be in the House of Lords by then and both will be, like Tony Blair before them, earning a fortune with directorships, property deals, advising foreign regimes ,after dinner speeches, TV interviews, newspaper articles etc. This is their motivation- self interest and self aggrandisement- not duty or any sort of nobility of purpose.

      2. I said “removing democratic socialist-thought and people from Labour is, for them, a social duty, a noble undertaking”. I think you know that I don’t believe that any of their vile anti-socialism and factional thuggery is a noble undertaking. They are – to me – “the enemy within”.

        I’m sure you’re right about their motivation. Self-centred and anti-social all the way.

      3. Exactly, “working for free” means one thing in Capitalist Society, the hands go from on top of the table to under the table!
        In Socialist Society Working for Free, means Working for the Good of all the PEOPLE with no need of a table.
        That is why a Pollster can leave her Multimillion Pollster Co, to “Work for Free” as BlueKeef’s Office Director Of Strategies! You can believe that a “Power” Individual like her would get out of bed for less than 1K ph if you want to, I certainly won’t!
        Deborah Mattinson has been involved in the OUT with Socialism, The UNDESERVING POOR, sick and disabled since Kinnock’s days!
        She has a task and a product to deliver: ‘Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState’, as dragged in by BLiar when he gnawed his way into parliament via the Sewers of Westminster, and created New-Labour Party TORIES, anti-Socialist, anti-ThePeople, anti-UNDESERVING POOR!
        Here is what Benn said after one of their focus group meetings: “Early SCA research indicated there was significant voter antipathy towards so-called ‘scroungers’ and, by
        implication, Labour policies devoted to helping them. In his first major qualitative based study for the party,
        Philip Gould argued its ‘minority agenda’ was a major electoral handicap (Gould, 1998, 49-50). Consequently
        the subsequent 1986 Freedom and Fairness campaign was tailored to appeal to the burgeoning aspirational
        electorate. The strategy for this was outlined to at a SCA presentation on the topic of ‘Society and Self’. The
        Agency’s message was not universally welcomed. Tony Benn was particularly alarmed by the meeting:
        ‘Labour was associated with the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants,
        minorities and the unions, and this was deeply worrying’. Benn was further troubled by what he saw as the
        proposed remedy of Thatcher style leadership: ‘I came out feeling physically sick; I’m not kidding I felt unwell,
        because if this is what the Labour Party is about I’ve got nothing whatever in common with it’. Signficantly
        alternative understandings or contradictory findings from the research data were invariably ‘filtered’ out of
        discussions (Benn, 1992, 442; Shaw, 1994, 63).”
        That Deborah Mattinson “Works for FREE” as an executive in BlueKeef’s Office! Bah! Pull another!
        However they have successfully completed the mission, I guess it is just a matter of maintenance.
        The UK Labour Party is DEAD. RIP (13 DEC’19)
        Most Socialists are Evicted.
        The “UNDESERVING POOR” are successfully replaced with the new minimum entry requirement The Middle-Class & UP.
        That also explains the mightier than thou, self pity, self obsessed nature of the Neo-Labour Party TORIES, especially since the DEATH of the UK Labour Party.

      4. Reply to Qwertboi
        Thanks for the response. I was surprised by your earlier comments and am glad you clarified them.

      5. Exactly quertboi the same way greasy lawyer worked to get bent coppers and saville off….basically using public money to follow their own private perversions.such a as destroying decent people who have been treated like mad dogs.The labour party have dug a deep hole by removing left wing activists and socialists and I will be suprised if they are even able to fund a General election campaign let alone using activists that have fled the toxic labour party.

      6. Joseph – The income from members in 2021 is roughly the same as it was in 2019.

      7. Joseph – How do you explain that Savile’s victims and their lawyers plus the enquiry report all disagree with your false narrative.

    1. It makes sense as they’ve been morally bankrupted for some time now

  3. Greasy lawyer who like many of the parasites infesting parliament have never had a proper job,working for think tanks “goverment jobs and investment banks…the greasy lawyer doesn’t have a clue only the instinct to pray off joe public and now mug labour party members that fund him and the regime.I don’t think they will last two years and sincerely hope they don’t.Get out of the way labour and make way for a proper working class party….not a Tory tribute act thats even frightened off the investors with the fascist behaviour.Who in their right mind would dream of funding another conservative and unionist party when weve already got two functioning tory partys one with a knighthood as well for servicing the queen…why second rate knight of the realm with a second rate band making three tory parties.We’ve had enough of partying on the back of the working class….Begone labour party. Good morning comrades and another day in labour wonderland?

    1. Have you thought of a name for your new ‘proper working class party’ yet or is that still at the meetings about meetings stage and how’s the search for a credible leader going?

      1. Sinn Fein is my “proper working class democratic socialist party former comrade Stevie wonder 👦boy
        .I see like a bad smell youve come out of your cave again sunshine 🌞

      2. Joseph – So bugger all to do with either the rest of the UK or Westminster then.

      3. …Steve H …….finaly come out of the cave? We will Stop labour in its tracks from returning Ireland to partition and if the truth hurts stuff you mate because we can’t afford any more flat earth unionists from the labour party interfering with Ireland.or continued partition much like the other labour party support of Apparthied Israeli government…
        ..You have no principles and no longer any moral compass …you are bankrupt of ideas and clearly your party is kaput.!

      4. “Have you thought of a name for your new ‘proper working class party’ yet

        “Strawberry Saspirella”

        Do grow up Steveh! If you have nothing to add, please stay quiet.

        FWIW steveh-lad. In a horribly rigged system such as ours with a ferociously anti-social, billionaire-owned ‘synchronised’ MSM and FPTP, the “dearly departed” do not need to start a ‘new party’.

        Guerilla warfare!!

        Thousands upon thousands of unaligned free agents standing as ‘independents’, starting and contributing to alternative news-sources, building strong organic links in their communities.

        ‘Parties’ do not endure until there are mass-movements behind them

      5. It will all come in good time, the way it is now is how one could expect from the death of a political party, especially after nearly 5y of constant bombardment of Propaganda and divission tactics. However they must not be fooled, unlike them we can fall out and remain Comrades, we don’t need to like each other, be in the same Party, movement, group to have a strong sense of Solidarity! We are already ONE, refining details will come when we’re ready.
        The Quintessential BlueSteveH’s of the New Middle-Class & UP Neo-Labour Party TORIES are still having their little giggle, unlike us, they have not even begun to understand the factions among themselves and of course “they have none” Ooooh, I do love all those realisations when they happen.
        We are still attacking from the outside, but soon we will stop, when all realises that it was their “corban” of VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn that killed the UK Labour Party and we will apply our own version of that campaign, but one thing is for sure That Party is going NOWHERE fast, well, fast down the pan I guess. I would love to see what happens to their habitual 7y of Nasty Attacks 24/7 when it turns inwards, because there is no one interested in engaging on the outsde.
        I’ll hang on to ‘Told you So’ for a while longer.

      6. qwertboi – So the only thing that’s stopping you from setting up your new “Strawberry Saspirella” party is a lack of support?🤔

      7. Have you thought of an excuse that pins the blame on Corbyn yet?

        This is just a political party. Imagine what keef’d do to the nation in the (never-happening) event he was elected pm?

        credible alternative pffft! 😒

      8. Toffee – How has pointing out that Joseph’s choice has nothing to do with the vast majority of people in the UK blaming anyone.

      9. Joseph – So bugger all to do with either the rest of the UK or Westminster then.

        Blame everybody BUT keef, I see.

        You know those multi- millionaires/ billionaires that keef’s got funding him?

        They’re not doing too bad, are they?

        Why they’d want to prop up a poncey twunt that’s incapable of running a whelk stall, I don’t know. 🤔

      10. Toffee – I’m not seeking to attach blame to anybody, I’m simply pointing out a simple fact. You’re the one with the obsession.

      11. Joseph
        Sinn Fein are about to replace two Conservative parties who have had a strangle hold on the people for way too long
        Tectonic plates moving on the island of Ireland
        What can we learn from them

        Two Cheeks

      12. You’re NOT seeking to blame anybody?

        Makes a change. But we know why.

        There’s only one person TO blame, and the reason you won’t is because you’d have to eat a large portion of humble pie and admit that keef’s burst your bubble.

        Cultist weirdo that you are.

      13. Nothing to say to that, have ya? You’ve been sussed all too easily once again so you return to your stock answer(s).

        Eyes down folks, it’s time for wee stevie bingo…Anyone with ‘but Corbyn on theirs…unlucky, ‘cos the wee fella daren’t use that one.

      14. Nonce apologist, how many people have you convinced?

        Every day,- in fact every post you make – is met with derision.

        Defending keef vigorously for allowing kids to go hungry says it all about you.

        You’re a narcissistic thoroughly unlikeable antisocial weirdo who should never be allowed within 500feet of a child.

      15. Toffee – Thanks for your kind words, I love you too 🥰

      16. Again – with the stock reply. 😴

        Christ, but you’re fucking mind-numbingly dull. Small wonder you’re universally despised and ridiculed.

        But then again, nonces and nonce apologists are.

      17. Toffee – …and yet here you are again, following me around like a needy attention seeking stray.

  4. It’s not just the loss of members and union donations.
    Once Starm-Trooper was elected and it was clear which way the wind was blowing, I reduced my subscription to the lowest possible. Prior to that I had been paying the full adult rate.
    In the past I would often respond to the begging emails by sending a donation.
    Now …. Delete – delete – delete.
    Our good fund raiser who used to organise regular pub quizies to raise party funds left the party in disgust. I can’t really blame her.
    All the good-will that held the so-called “broad-church” together has been dissipated in a hail of spite from the centre.
    The result – a party that is morally-bankrupt and facing financial ruin – brought about by the factional stupidity of the right-wing leadership.

  5. Oh dear just had a quick “butchers” at the acounts in a forensic manner and must say that UK serios fraud office should be interested in the lack of explanation in the acounts were money has been “siphoned off”into the “great unknown.Now we all know about the thirteen millions legacy of jeremy Corbyn has been “disappeared by fatty Evans and said greasy bottom feeders lawyer Sir knight of the realm.
    but it looks like that ignoring the obvious bank robbery of jeremys legacy by the ultra compliant members has led to even greater criminality and encouraged our very own “robber barons “duo evans and strummer to get their snouts in the trough once again of members hard earned money without worrying about repercussion from said comotose members.Maybe stevie wonder having a few hours off the payroll today or is he looking for a proper job?in his Caribbean bolt hole.

  6. Labour will not allowed to become bankrupt – it is the perfect tool to maintain the illusion of democracy and its demise would threaten the existence of the Tory party. Starmer has played his hand badly by so obviously exposing the charade and the Tories would most probably favour another Corbyn at the helm as a means to more credibly frighten the horses. In fact, Starmer’s grasp of what is expected is at least on a par with the two vying for the PM position and he has pursued positioning himself in this way untroubled by the inconvenient baggage of leading the Labour Party. There will always be a place for the right in politics just as there should never only be a place of the right in politics, which is where we are heading. The disruptive breaking of this impasse is to hasten the demise of Labour as a means to fracture the Tory Party, the less destabilising alternative is to use the failing Labour Party as the means to bring in PR.

  7. Ive been watching GMB this morning – talking
    of Unions and the cost of living crisis.

    I like Rob Rinder’s description of Starmer as
    “as useful as a fart in a lift..”

    He also correctly characterised the problem
    in this country of “poor people not
    represented and not getting help when
    required”. Legal (and other) aid is often
    non-existent and left to young people
    in the law profession who are NOT fat cats
    but are living on less than minimum wage.

    I must say that the Labour Party round here
    are great in trying to reach every part of the
    Community. I think that it in other areas
    where they are not it is COMMUNITY
    politics which is coming to the fore –
    never mind (party) political parties.
    (See for example the Independent
    Community group in Liverpool.) Unions
    too are flexing their muscles but not
    everyone is even represented by a

      1. If keef opposed, instead of continually abstaining or bragging about openly supporting the toerags, maybe people would vote for him.

      2. Toffee – If the voters hadn’t abandoned Corbyn we wouldn’t be having this discussion..

      3. If Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState Neo-Labour TORIES didn’t run their VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign the TORIES wouldn’t have The Massive majority, that would have and should have been a landslide GE for The UK Labour Party, but you already know that, don’t you, you and your Neo-Labour TORIES, now for the Middle-Class & UP ONLY!
        It doesn’t take rocket science to work out that the.only way to stop Corbyn, was a mass VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn campaign. There were far More People telling us that they would NEVER vote Corbyn than their proclaimed LidDem votes. The only party who did well were the buffoon led Con TORIES! The only places BoJoke was EVER popular were the unverfied Pollster Billionaire bent Polls.

      4. nellyskelly – But where was the alternative narrative from Corbyn and his team after the 17GE. They were nowhere to be seen.

      5. WTF does that matter!? Somewhere close to the GE19! I am sure you can find it, all by your little self!
        There is only one BBC, and only one Morning Papers Program on the BBC!
        Are you suggesting that it is fake? It is YOUR MSM, YOUR BBC and you think it’s fake!? You’re off your Mellon Pet!

      6. If keef & fatwat hadn’t shat on democracy then people would’ve voted for a Corbyn-led brexit.

        But keef wasn’t up to the job of negotiating one. His unachievable six tests were panned by leave AND remain.

        And don’t bother pulling up polls that say people voted toerag because of Corbyn. They voted to get brexit done.

        Just like they voted toerag in 2015 when they were the only party offering the referendum, while the nick park creation (ed moribund) and that fucking weirdo-turned-media-whore (odd balls) were offering austerity lite.

      7. Toffee – Which begs the question was Corbyn in office or in charge. We also shouldn’t forget that Corbyn himself has admitted that he had no choice but to support a CV and staying in the EU because that is what the vast majority of Labour members and supporters wanted.
        It isn’t my fault that you and your comrades from ‘the left’ were gullible enough to vote for a RW Tory wet dream.

      8. Toffee – I’m simply reiterating what Corbyn himself has said. He has quite clearly stated that the vast majority of Labour’s voters supported a CV and remaining in the EU. It makes one wonder what the Brexiteers were scared of.

      9. The Brexiteers were a miniscule amount of people compared to Your NeoLab TORY Saboteur, BLiar Mande Campbell Remoaner FBPE SpinPorn, Zionist and other Toxic GetCorbyn Bandwagons, Absolutely miniscule in comparison!
        No Petal, the “corban” of the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) was your masses’ VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn campaign, it’s bloody obvious and the nicely Gaslighted and Framed LP/RWall Brexiteers as much as they were part of the problem, but too small to make a significant difference in comaprison to your lot, gets the blame, clever, but not smart when the sums don’t add, then all we see is VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn!

      10. nellyskelly – Where was the counter narrative from Corbyn and his team?

      11. Did you advertise your true intentions and ultimate goal?
        Corbyn was out working for the benefit of The PEOPLE, You and your Middle-Class Chums were out plotting VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn, working against the most vulnerable, the many who by now are dead and buried, with gratitude, to you and yours!
        And you ask for a Counter Naritive when you and your TORY chums voted us into a OnePartyState!

      12. nellyskelly – I’m sorry but I can’t work out what you are referring to,

      13. Remain was what the vast majority of labour supporters and VOTERS wanted, was it?

        First of all, where was YOUR vote?

        You didn’t get one. Nor did 500,000+ other labour members.

        So you have NO reference point as to that figure. Therefore you’re talking out your arse.

        Second, why is it you continually blame these so-called idiots that voted toerag for the first time in 19 if the vast majority of them wanted to remain?

        Because they didn’t. And keef demanded – and shithoused it through so they did.

        So they fucked labour off – as you were continually warned they would do. It really is THAT simple.

        But you & keef & fatwat knew better.

        Knob-head nonce apologist.

      14. Toffee – The figures are available online if you want to educate yourself, I won’t be holding my breath.

      15. Of course it is, beholden the totally unverified and totally biased figures of VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn GE19!
        Bought and paid for by International interests and Thatcher/Reagan’s Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState for the Western Old World Order.

      16. Why did Remoan/FBPE powered by the Spinmeisters BLiar Mande Campbell’ SpinPorn continue their Hysterics after Corbyn gave them EXACTLY WHAT they were Hysterical about!?
        They had their People’s Vote/2nd Ref in form of the Confirmatory Vote! And WHY did backstabbing McDonnell, Lewis, et al go off on a People’s Vote whine and join the “millions” march as though they knew nothing about the Confirmatory Vote!?
        I’ll tell you why, they needed to create the Brexiteer Bandwaggon by Fear Tactics and Propaganda, so that they had their scapegoat for their VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign!

      17. If we had a UK Labour Party win, without the Sabotage and VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn, with a Socialist Cabinet, a decent Brexit Minister & Plan the vast majority including me, who voted Remain and saw the EU under a microscope for 3years and spotting all those Nasty Neoliberal Warts, we would have voted Leave at the Confirmatory Vote. I remember tonnes of people saying they would change their vote to leave based purely on the ultra nasty FBPEers!

      18. nellyskelly – Really, my recollection is the opposite to yours.

      19. Of course it is, you have your FBPE, Middle-Class, Remoaner head stuck so deep up MSM & BLiar Mande Cbell SpinPorn arses, that you couldn’t tell if it was night or day.
        That is the problem you Self Obsessed Middle-Class Wannabees face, you don’t see the world outside of your cesspits of chasing the Carrots and Blaming the Poor and MSM Whorshipping.
        There is a fundamental flaw! You believe that you are more, better, bigger than you are.

  8. The Labour Party has attracted large donations from some very strange sources over the years, one of the most troubling is the betting indusry. This stopped during Jeremy’s tenure, but appears to have resumed again. Some moral compass!

    1. Apart from lots of very obvious, insincere wokery from him, Tom Watson didn’t even try to hide his connection with the betting industry. He’s an ‘Advisor’ to Paddy Power and Betfair atm!

      Great timing when yesterday Ex-Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone denied fraud charge. He and Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair had what can only be called a grubby and very suspicious relationship.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    2. I think attracting brown envolopes from the Israel embassy would be a bit of a gamble in a democracy…..Keef relys on cash in hand “reminds me of my old window cleaner in Reigate who was a dead ringer for keef,and always wanted extra….must a bin a relative of strummer and he certainly had that flushed rosy cheeks smelt of drink and told a few porkys….probably third cousin from the boonies!

  9. Labour can waste as much money as it wants it’s nowt to do with me . They are certainly not going to get any more of my cash.
    Their wild claim about still having 300k members is laughable . Get all those members to put in an average of 50p each per week and after a year the Party will have nearly 8 million quid no problem. £1 per week and that’s over £15 million.. I wonder what’s stopping them?

  10. If Akela announces her retirement, Tories would have a replacement in post within 24 hours
    They would look at how to monetise the Cub Scouts, exploit and extract spondulicks from the organisation
    Then they would load it up with debt and sell it to a tame pension fund
    If you think this is any other than a scorched earth policy to destroy the Labour party, your off you’d rocker on your Granny’s yacht

  11. I guess bankrupting the Labour Party is just part of the corporate supported Establishment’s end game, along with abolishing any pretence at democratic elections altogether … and anyone who doesn’t agree with them will be dispatched to Rwanda (or any other country that Priti can bribe into taking them) – it’s a bit like when we used to transport people to Australia, but I don’t think Australia’s takes the UK’s cast-offs anymore

  12. Who is responsible for calling it a day, to continue trading when insolvent is a serious offence and leaves a lot of people liable for claims from creditors
    The Unions need to think about throwing good money after bad, they would liable for claims from their members

    1. And theres still a matter of compensation for stolen members info and strummer dragging it out till bankruptcy?…typical bottom feeders scam and its actually legal…..whatever happened to we will keep info private?…they subbed it out to the S.London mob.The partys over comrades and theyre up shit creek without a paddle…..The partiers cant afford to stay in business with all the baggage.and liabilities including the SFO looking at the so called accounting if they continue trading whilst insolvent..Some real questions of misuse of union and members funds also…

      1. Joseph – How’s your own compensation claim progressing?

  13. When all’s said & done the fact is working people are steadily becoming aware that smarmerite labour doesn’t represent their interests.

    They piggy-backed on young rashford’s efforts & disgracefully attempted to claim the credit for his sterling work in embarrassing the rags to continue to give out the food vouchers for children

    …And then keef ordered the peers to abstain on voting to give them a meal at school.

    That is what they’re about. There can be no bigger fuck you from politicians to people than wilfully putting their children’s health & wellbeing at risk…and doing so for NO political gain.

    They are NOT interested in the plight of millions of ordinary people. They seek to serve themselves and the corporates.

    Hence the continuing and growing support for people-led organisations like Enough is Enough, and Don’t Pay UK.

    It is they who will prove themselves to be far more effective opposition to the Westminster plutocratic and kleptocratic clique in the not-too-distant future, rather than keef’s shower o’ shite and their status quo.

      1. Knob-head, the polls aren’t the election…or even a by election.

        And keefs’ only managed to regain one seat, while losing one.

        Held on to two others (with vastly reduced majorities) – but lost his deposit in two more.

        A terrific record for someone who’s supposedly as popular as you seem to believe. 😙🎶

      2. Toffee – and yet it is undeniable that the polls got the the result of the GE right and were spot on about the national vote share.

  14. It isn’t my fault that you and your comrades from ‘the left’ were gullible enough to vote for a RW Tory wet dream.

    Had you and the slimy bastard accepted your defeat graciously, we would’ve had a SOCIALIST LABOUR-negotiated brexit.

    But as I’ve said, keef was out of his depth. He still is. He’d be out of his depth shovelling shit.

    Although sometimes I admit I’m relieved the greasy prick wasn’t given the opportunity. And I’ll confess Corbyn should NECER have welcomed thrngosghite back, nevermind promoted the utterly useless bellend to negotiate any brexit deal. Should’ve been Barry Gardiner.

    1. At least keefs’ showing solidarity – of sorts – with his barrister chums… He’s keeping (some of) them in collar, with all the legal fights he’s picked.

    2. Toffee – Why would we give up the fight for what we believe in. Why were the Brexiteers so afraid of more democracy?

      1. AFRAID of MORE democracy?

        Fuck me.

        What an irreconcilable imbecile.

        How many times do you need reminding that remain LOST the fucking vote and wanted to impose another vote…and if they lost that they’d have wanted yet another.

        End of discussion.

        MORE democracy Jesus wept.

      2. Toffee – Do you mean the advisory vote where the Brexiteers had a marginal win that had no standing in law and resulted in a completely unprecedented number of petitions to the High Court to have it overturned.
        Were you worried that you’d lose a second vote when people had had a chance to see the reality of what was actually on offer

      3. Just another reminder that it was you and yours who spent 4y3m 24/7 ensuring that we have a Conservative Party TORY Government Today! The VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign came from you and yours! Your insistence in trying frame a minority group (your expertise I guess) for something that your Masses did, is laughable, you are looking more and more pathetic by the day

      4. Yeah I mean the advisory vote that had no standing in law – but was agreed to be respected by, and implemented the labour party AS POLICY before keef shat on the democratic process.

        Or do you not understand how Labour decides on policy?


    3. Toffee – If Corbyn hadn’t spent month after bloody month prevaricating behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ then maybe enough people would have trusted him enough to vote for him.
      Have you forgotten that Barry tried flying his kite at the last leader election, it obviously didn’t go well.

      1. Nobody mentioned anything about gardiner running for the leadership, numbnuts.

        But he’d have done a far better job than keef at both negotiating a brexit deal AND leading the party.

        Face it, he couldn’t do worse as leader than keef has.

      2. Toffee – Back in 2020 there weren’t many who supported Barry’s short lived leadership bid, why would it be any better now.

    4. There was only ONE VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign! That had NOTHING to do with The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19)
      EVERYTHING to do with Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
      Look for who are ponting the fingers en masse and who they are pointing that collective finger at.

  15. Toffee – The figures are available online if you want to educate yourself, I won’t be holding my breath.

    Oh really?

    And when did the membership vote take place in order to determine these figures?

    It didn’t.

    So button it.

    educate yourself ffs. You really are a complete retard.

  16. I voted Remain but was appalled at the ‘only advisory’, ‘small margin’ bollocks that others on the losing side trotted out. May’s deal was far better than where we ended up and the idiots in the ERG and the People’s Vote campaign did no more than make a bad situation worse.

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