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Royal Mail gets owned after claiming £1m-a-day loss to attack union members

Red-block propaganda campaign didn’t go well

Royal Mail has suffered a severe ‘owning’ on social media after an ill-advised attempt to smear 115,000 CWU union members who have just voted massively for strike action over the company’s feeble pay offer.

Royal Mail decided that a solid red block would act as the background for tweets blaming workers for the company’s abysmal 2% pay imposition and assault on working terms and conditions, such as this:

The company also posted a tweet claiming its actions were needed because it is ‘losing £1 million pounds [sic] a day and we need to change what we are doing’. It seems Royal Mail’s communications team didn’t notice that the next tweet down its feed was one pointing to its full-year 2021/22 results – which show that it made £758 million profit, a profit of over £2 million per calendar day instead of a loss of £1m.

But that fact did not escape the union’s supporters, who quickly started to adapt the business’s propaganda format to deliver some blunt and inconvenient facts, of which just a few are shown below:

CWU members working for Royal Mail voted by 98.7% in favour of strike action on a huge 72% turnout. CWU general secretary Dave Ward said the vote was:

another rejection of those at the top of Royal Mail, who should consider their positions.

Postal workers in this country are being pushed to the edge, but there can be no doubt that they will fight the planned erosion of their workplace rights with determination.

Right now, this country is growing sick of a business elite who are completely out of touch with ordinary people and their lives.

Things are getting harder and harder for normal working people so that incompetent bosses can have an easy life. But this union will fight this disgraceful state of affairs every step of the way.

The CWU’s message to Royal Mail’s management is simple: do right by your workers.”

Unlike their Royal Mail counterparts, the CWU’s communications team has been ‘playing a blinder’ on social media:

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      1. “Wide boys”…we used to call spivs” and were best avoided.Nowadays they siphon money away to tax havens in Caribbean bolt holes and are considered respectable after having financed a carpetbagging operation on givaway public assets….time flys and I am not allowed but I still can’t believe that what happened to public utilities could be legal…!Surely a incoming real government could give them war bonds to be cashed in the very distant future..if there is one ?

    1. I should also add that as a plc, royal mail group should not be granted any special access to the police national computer system (PNC), nor should it have any RIPA prosecution powers, when it is both the victim and the investigator.

      It can no longer be deemed a relevant public authority while it is not entirely state-owned.

      Amazon don’t have those powers. DHL don’t, why should royal mail?

      1. Great point Toffee.
        Crony capitalism results from thousands of such misappropriations running wild and never being admitted or checked. They reduce value to customers and workers, solely to allow the accumulation of capital by the parasites we call ‘the Few’.

      2. I’m not too arsed about them calling themselves royal mail (although I believe it’s a breach of advertising standards) , but imagine if the likes of Amazon & DHL were able to investigate and prosecute you on their terms?

        This is a country where we’re supposedly subject to common law. RMG’s special dispensation suggests otherwise.

        Having that capacity while they were state owned was an aberration even if it was generally accepted. Now they are privately owned it’s the first step to corporate fascism.

      3. …it’s the first step to corporate fascism…

        We crossed that threshold decades ago, thanks to Reagan and Thatcher. As mentioned above, we’re well into late stage capitalism and it’s only going to get worse

        Add in agenda 2030 and we’re in very deep trouble.

        As an interesting aside, it seems that generally around the globe, the right wing leaning folks are more aware of what’s really going on. Most of them are not part of the loop, so why are they more informed than the left?

        As for postie’s, they’ve got my solidarity and appreciation. Out in all weathers and still a keystone of our dying communities.

  1. Feeding off joe public once again,and showing nothing but contempt for the working class who provide them with luxerys .This so called privatisation of state assets was and is a mammoth rip off by greedy operaters..

  2. Theres so much going on in the west related to “control” and so many new laws to coral the unions and the working class its a wonder that weve still people willing to take on the fascists ..Speaking of fascists a film in Germany “Ukraine on fire” by oliver stone was disrupted due to Ukrainian fascists rioting and attacking the venue….Der Speigal reports.IT would appear that freedom and free speech is under the cosh and its not just carried out by hired yobos but intelligence services watching you..?

    1. Here is some GOOD NEWS – ……”

      It’d be very good news if Labour were Labour. Under Starmer it isn’t. And make no mistake – Starmer in Downing Street would be bad for everything that Labour usually cherishes:
      the people,
      the planet and

      1. qwertboi – So you keep telling us, but repetition doesn’t make it true. The only alternative that you are offering is another Conservative government.

      2. “The only alternative that you are offering is another Conservative government.”

        Not at all. Starmer is the culprit here. He the one is making another conservative government inevitable.

        Politics is a process (not a narrative). Processes (when intelligent) can bring about unforeseen fundamental changes. A new party, a fixed Labour party, a re-invigorated or new Labour Movement? Nobody knows yet, but you don’t keep repeating earlier mistakes in the hope that ‘this time’ it will have the desired effect. Maybe – for the electorate at large – Labour still represents hope and change. They’ll soon discover (as they did with Blair) that under Starmer it doesn’t.

        Birth and Death are not comfortable ‘events’, but critical as in ‘essential’. You don’t seem to understand what’s happening Steveh-lad or how to interpret it. ‘Good News’ indeed.

      1. FFS Steveh, ‘facts’ and ‘truth’ are not the same thing.

        The ‘fact’ you are heralding is that a polling organisation, YouGov, which has a hard-wired instinct to say whatever its founders and senior managers believe is in the interests of the Establishment, is giving Labour a 15% lead.

        The ‘truth’ here is that political polling is used both to control and influence opinion as well as to measure it. Another one is that Labour under Starmer is supportive of the oligarchy (and quasi-fascism) that the economic system currently produces.

        That is a tragedy. ‘Good News’ indeed.

      2. qwertboi – …and yet this blog is quite happy to quote the polls when it suites.

      3. Aha, the Luke Akehurst Tribute Band again…

        Let’s look closer to home shall we? As well as train staff being threatened by government, the poor ferry workers laid off without notice have been told of record profits and no chance of a court case let alone conviction.

        It’s an imperfect world, and shouting about how someone stinks of shit with your own pants busy whiffing away isn’t a good look.

        Oh, and what’s Joseph gonna do as an ex pat? What are you doing about politics in your neck of the Windies? Nothing, cos your both powerless as foreigners.

      4. NVLA – I’m not a fan myself but it is undeniable that Luke Akehurst was amazingly popular with the members at the last NEC elections. I wonder how he’ll do this year.
        As for the rail dispute Labour has been quite clear that if in office they would be seeking an amicable resolution through facilitating meaningful negotiations instead of impeding them like the Tories are doing.
        Labour’s new Employment Rights Bill will go some way to stopping a repeat of the likes of the P&O debacle. I appreciate that it is a long read but you really should take the time out to read the whole of the document with an open mind. (just ask if you would like me to search out the link for you).
        My wife, daughter and I all have dual nationality so we are all in a position to influence democracy as much or as little as any other citizen and more to the point we are free to do so without fear. I wouldn’t choose to live in any country where this wasn’t the case. Incidentally we pay all our taxes just like any other resident does and despite the opportunity being there to do so we don’t offshore any of our finances.

      5. “yet this blog is quite happy to quote the polls when it suites.”

        …in a confirmatory manner. Like all good journalist SW will happily cite data that confirms or supports a proposition/line/article, but you’re sometimes using them to attack the readership of the blog, or rather, the beliefs we hold. Speaking personally, that’s the only time it bothers me. Basic psychology I suppose..

      6. qwertboi – As do I, to evidence what I am saying and to also on occasions evidence that others are talking nonsense The only difference is that you you don’t like it when you are unable to contest it with some credible evidence of your own.

      7. Distraction politics once again Steve H…and I have explained numerous times my love of Cambodia and the people who gave me a home when I couldn’t fly back to France or Britain because of the covid passport scam ..Your continued push of propoganda and your hatred for a people still suffering from a lunatic dictator pol pot and lunatic polices of the USA in Cambodia …Laos and Veitnam.People like you warmongers are still at it but it’s probably too late for you lot especially as you look to bring your fascist endeavour into the S.China sea.You have been warned about China and loss of “face” you may come to regret that former comrade now fascist troll ..davidh .You have no understanding or concept of the minds of the people of S.east asia and you will soon be given a lesson.

  3. What’s good about it?

    What’s keef gonna do for the likes of me that the toerags won’t?

    I note sunak’s been going on about slashing welfare at a time when the most vulnerable in society are even more vulnerable and hundreds of thousands – if not MILLIONS – are knocking on the door of destitution.

    No doubt reeves will take inspiration from it, with keefs’ blessing.

    So what’s ‘good’ about it?

    1. Below is a a small sample of what Labour will do for you and the many and yet sad numpties like you still prefer the certainty of being shit on by the Tories? 🤔

      If you follow the link you will find a much more comprehensive list.

      • Fair pay agreements. A Labour government will bring together representatives of workers and employers to negotiate pay and conditions in every sector. Collective bargaining in every sector will end the free market free-for-all that encourages undercutting, exploitation and a race to the bottom.
      • Give all workers rights from day one in their jobs: sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave and protection against unfair dismissal.
      • Create one, single worker status, banning bogus self-employment.
      • Ban zero-hour contracts and ensure all contracts come with minimum hours and reflect normal working life, requiring notice of shift changes and pay.
      • End fire and rehire. Labour will end the scandalous practice of fire and rehire once and for all.
      • Introduce a new right to flexible working as the default, protections for those with caring responsibilities and a right to switch off.
      • Increase statutory sick pay and make it universal.
      • Put mental health and safety on a legal par with physical health and safety, and make sure the laws are enforced by a new, empowered watchdog.
      • Sign into law the new deal for working people within the first 100 days of coming to office.
      • Set up an integrity and ethics commission to stamp out the Tory sleaze.

      ……and the credible alternative that you are offering is what? 🤔

      1. Reply to Steve H
        The promises made by Starmer’s Labour are impressive but given Starmers record on breaking his promises – the ten pledges – we can be sure he won’t keep them unless it suits him. This failure to keep to the pledges he made in the leadership contest established his reputation as man whose word means nothing – a completely untrustworthy individual.
        Given this I suggest that you ,like most of us, take these latest pledges with a pinch of salt.
        Regarding being s**t on by the Tories, it seems to me that Starmer is doing this to party members already with his refusal to apply Conference policy, his disregard for the rules and his hated of Socialism and antiZionism.
        People who hold these legitimate political opinions have been hounded out of the party and subjected to a disgusting campaign of character assassination so please don’t compare Starmers Labour favourably to the Tories.
        If anything they are worse because the Tories are upfront about keeping their snouts firmly in the trough and unlike Starmers Labour they don’t pretend to care about the poor and marginalised .

      2. Smartboy – ….and your many and varied attempts to gain political traction have all come to nowt.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        I note that you have not challenged the accuracy or justice in anything I said about Starmers unsavoury reputation .
        I really despair when I look at the choices people will have at the next election if things go on as they are – Starmers blue Labour or the Tories. The poor and even the reasonably well off will be well and truly stuffed whichever gets into Downing St
        At the moment without TU backing and with the continued vicious and vocal hostility from the establishment, the PLP, the Zionists, the BBC and MSM towards Socialists there is no chance of a third party – a genuine democratic Socialist party – ever getting into power.
        This is not something you should gloat about Steve H- you not only lower yourself but you remind us of why we have a Tory Government in the first place. Its thanks to the likes of Tony Blair who is on record as saying he would prefer to lose an election than win it on a Socialist agenda, Peter Mandleson who said he worked every day to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, the staff in Southside who diverted funds and actively worked against the party, the PLP and the others who were queueing up to vilify Jeremy Corbyn daily, and the MSM and the state broadcaster the BBC who spread their lies and smears about Jeremy and his politics.
        And who will pay the price – the poor and the vulnerable most of whom now regret buying into the anti Corbyn narrative.

    2. …Below is a a small sample of what Labour will do for you and the many and yet sad numpties like you still prefer the certainty of being shit on by the Tories?…

      PMSL!! It’s taken me two minutes plus to gather myself. It’s still not totally stopped yet.

      Those pledges aren’t worth the bits they are using to display them.

      10 pledges? Maybe the definition of pledge has changed since I was at school (it’s been a while)?

      And then there was interview with Brillo asking squirming Stammer about renationalisation. Even I could tell he was lying through his arse (which explains why he went prosecution…).

      No one here wants Tories. They’re wolves. But we don’t want fixes either. We’ve seen through your grin, and know what’s really planned. I could go on about the disconnect between the party and the unions, and other key indicators that labour isn’t worth bothering with anymore (sadly, but everything must end sooner or later) but I know you won’t listen anyway. You’ve burned all your bridges Luke…

      Labour needs us more than we need them.

      1. NVLA – You are of course entitled to your opinion but what it will achieve is questionable.

        “Labour needs us more than we need them”
        Really, I’ve not seen any proof of that myself, however I do accept that if you repeat your little meme to yourself enough times then you might manage to convince yourself that this is the case. How much do you think you’ve been missed?

      2. Opinions are like backsides. Everyone has one and they usually stink. Your foxy smile shows every time you start a post with that Luke…

        Labour _does_ need us more than we need them. You cry unity yet what did we see? Even now, the old man’s a threat. It won’t stop until he’s seen to be broken, as is par for the course.

        Sad thing is, just like Trump (who is sharing a similar fate, total removal from politics), he’s just a symptom. Labour isn’t the cure that it should be. And what’s far worse is it doesn’t want to be. They’re playing to the right, so they clearly don’t need me or millions of others.

        The final thing is I don’t believe the government is going to save me, so why play the charade anymore?

        Labour worked for some, and will again. But I, no we, are not going to be a part of it. Because that’s what labour wanted.

      3. NVLA – Or to put it more succinctly, nobody apart from you is mourning your absence.

      4. Mourning is saved for loved ones.

        So the statement stands. Labour needs us more than we need them.

  4. Christ almighty….

    Keef won’t even allow his MPs to join picket lines without sacking them

    He ORDERS labour peers to ABSTAIN (again) on a vote that’d give children a hot meal at school ffs.

    And then there’s his ten pledges… Not worth a dry wank – nevermind a wet one.

    What is it escapes you that none of those things mean a bastard thing after his previous showing?

    You can shove your credible alternative right up further than it’ll go. Keef offers NO alternative

    1. Toffee – ….and you do?
      Is it any wonder that you and your ilk can’t make any political progress.

      1. When the alternatives are put on offer shithouses like you & keef undermine them, sneer at, and sabotage them.

        Now, either tell us a single, discernible difference between smarmerism and conservatism – or just shut the fuck up

      2. Gaz – What ‘alternatives’ would they be, I don’t recall you ever offering any?
        It is also more than a little unfair of you try and blame others because your ‘alternatives’ don’t stand up to scrutiny.

  5. With Autumn coming down the line soon and the Telegraph, amongst others, suggesting that inflation could easily reach 20% by the end of the year, it is bizarre to imagine that an opinion poll gives any reason for optimism. If anyone seriously believes that Starmer could provide an answer to our problems they should come to me – I could sell them London Bridge for £500k.

    1. goldbach – It is self evident that he has more to offer than you and your ilk. All your many and varied attempts to gain political traction have all come to nowt.

      1. You arrogant little subvirate.

        You – who allegedly voted for Corbyn and his policies TWICE.

        The fucking STATE of you.

      2. Toffee – How’s the formation of yet another ‘leftie’ party going. Have you managed to find a credible leader yet?

      3. God but you’re fucking nauseatingly boring.

        You’re obviously some sort of mental deficient with your constant repetition of the same abused-to-death lines.

        And you’re a nonce apologist. Wish I knew exactly where you was, I’d alert the the locals about you.

      4. Toffee – Is that pathetic nonsense all you have to offer?

      5. You should ask yourself – and keef – the very same question.

        Nonce apologist. Filthy despicable rat, making all sorts of excuses for those who would see kids starve as long as it doesn’t upset the establishment.

        What next? A return to feudalism, nonce apologist?

      6. Toffee – Oh dear, but all you are offering is another Conservative government. How do you imagine that will help the vulnerable that you profess to care about?

      7. Still no rebuttal that you apologise and make excuses for those who would rather see kids go hungry, than at least make even a token opposition to it, and make the signal to the electorate where the toerags are going badly badly wrong.

        And no provision of a single difference between smarmerism and conservatism.

        The reason in both cases is because smarmerism and conservatism are unmistakably the same thing.

        You know it.

        We know you know it.

        Projecting your shortcomings onto others doesn’t hide that fact. (See what I’ve done there?)

        You’re a nonce apologist. And a tory. You are of no use to society, unless you offer yourself for experimentation.

      8. Oh dear. You neoliberals really should stop trying to count how many silly little digs you can get on the head of a pin and pay attention to the state of the world.
        Chris Hedges seems to be right here:
        Big problems need big, imaginative policies, not a bit of window dressing whilst out children and grandchildren head for a dire future.

      9. Did you not notice that (say) a year before, GE 2017, no-one knew what Labour’s policies were? The great surprise of it’s leaked launch put Labour on the front foot (and we’d have won, but for Starmer/Mandelsson/Blair, corrupt party management and the chicken coupers generally). The thing about Labour-under-starmer is, it’s trying too hard. Too many of those policies you cite are un-costed and unspecified.

      10. qwertboi – Labour would claim otherwise. Surely even you must appreciate that It would be politically naive for Labour to give their costings this far out from a General Election.

      11. and so many unspec’d policies (headings really). Not what real political parties do in real worlds. As I say, Labour-under-starmer’s trying too hard to look like they’re ‘competing’ for power. They’re not actually serious about the politics – as is the case when you’re being told by the powers-that-be that’s “it’s your turn to be PM, you will do this…”

      12. qwertboi – Oh come-on, I can’t believe you are daft enough to think that giving detailed policies out at this stage of the political cycle wouldn’t be anything but monumentally stupid and naive thing to do.

      13. Two Cheeks
        Your man has nothing to offer, the people have no choice
        What’s his solution to cost of living crises ‘let them eat cake’
        Its time to get snouts out of the trough

      14. Doug – Oh dear, come back and tell me all about it when you have something credible offer.

  6. Your inability to deal with the truth and your willingness to sacrifice the vulnerable on the alter of your political dogma has been noted.

    Your name vill also go on ze list…. Vot iz it??


    Says the would-be child harmer that makes excuses for keef ORDERING his labour peers to ABSTAIN on giving hungry kids free school meals.

    You don’t require an altar to sacrifice hungry kids. You require castration to prevent you further contaminating the planet, you horrible, horrible bastard. 🖕🤬🖕

    1. Toffee – Turning everything into a melodrama doesn’t always help. You should calm down before you blow a fuse.

      1. Remind everyone why keef was CORRECT to ORDER labour peers to ABSTAIN on that vote….

        Go on. Nonsense case.


  7. What’s up, nonsense-advocate? Cat got yer tongue…inserted up its hoop?


    Abhorrent wrong ‘un that you are 😒

    1. Gaz – Perhaps Labour have a more effective plan to deal with this situation because lets face it with the Tory’s having such a large majority the vote in the Lords would have made bugger all difference to the final outcome.

      “It’s understood Labour didn’t tell its peers to back the amendment amid concerns it was too widely drawn and because the party is working on a similar campaign through other means.

      ps – They do say that patience is a virtue

    2. Who the fucks gaz??

      And because there’s too many toerags that it’d make no difference, it shouldn’t be voted against? There should be NO protest, NO dissent?

      Oh well that’s alright then. We’ll allow children to go hungry because there’s a lot of tories…That’s what smarmerism is about?

      What a crock of SHITE. What a snivelling simpering shithouse of an excuse.

      You can fucking stick your brand of toerag nonce enablism.

      God stiffen you and every last one of those who failed those children every bit as much a the toerags who want them to starve so they can have their foie gras.

      Lower than whaleshite

      1. You can rant all you like (it’s what you do) but unless you believe that futile gestures are going to make a difference then what’s the point. The passage of this HofL bill has a long way to go, it hasn’t even reached the HofC yet.

  8. Just reading again about the Audrey White affair
    and the brilliant letter sent by her solicitor and what
    is evident to me is the sheer incompetence of GLU
    or whoever is in charge .

    The main consolation for me is that Starmer
    and Co are so incompetent that they could
    not take advantage of the Tory mess.

    It is evident though that for the ordinary
    people Enough is indeed Enough and that
    applies to the shambles which calls itself
    the opposition and we will hopefully have
    some changes.

      1. No their not, Tories have simply moved to ‘staying at home’
        You cannot be ahead if you have nothing to offer
        Choice of two Tory parties, the least worst option does not a democratic choice make
        The Cost of Living Crises is the Poll Tax on steroids and the backlash will take out Red Tories along with their mentors and paymasters

      2. Doug – I see you are still trying to prop up your comments with patheticly childish taunts.
        You should take a look at the poll it seems to indicate otherwise,

  9. Another couple of years before a GE. Who knows what will happen between now and then? It would be foolish to try to predict the composition of the new parliament?
    One thing is certain though. If the LP is still as it is now, whatever the outcome of the GE, the overwhelming majority of the people lose.

  10. Here are some more Labour policies that many will welcome

    Work doesn’t pay. Labour will fix that | Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves
    There’s a fundamental problem with our economy. For too many people, work no longer pays. It is a scandal that 5 million working people are living in poverty. There is no clearer sign of a broken system.
    ……….But this isn’t just because of the cost of living crisis. It is a consequence of a low-wage crisis from more than a decade of squeezed pay under the Conservatives. Average pay, adjusted for inflation, was lower in May 2022 than in February 2008. We need lasting change to how work and workers are valued in our country.
    ………….. next Labour government will change the Low Pay Commission’s remit so that – alongside median wages and economic conditions – the minimum wage will for the first time reflect the need for working people’s pay to at least cover the cost of living. Finally, the national living wage will live up to its name.
    Young adult workers are still getting a raw deal on pay. Their bills aren’t any cheaper, but they have to make ends meet with less. That’s just not fair. Labour will take steps to ensure our genuine national living wage applies to every adult worker and is properly enforced. We would also keep a link to median earnings so that all workers benefit from growth.
    Poverty pay doesn’t just cause financial misery, it undermines many of the things that matter in life. Being compelled to accept every bit of overtime or take an extra part-time job to pay the bills comes at a cost to relationships and mental health. Worn-out parents with less time for family can be damaging for children growing up too.

      1. qwertboi – We’ll see when Labour are in power and Keir is PM. Do you support these policies?

      2. Two Cheeks
        Where are the numbers, they are not policies, they are warm words designed not to spook the horses, hot air
        New Labour lost 6 million votes up against a bunch of Tory numbnuts, Hague, Howard, Duncan Smith FFS
        What’s new

      3. Doug – If you think that Labour publishing the numbers at this stage of the electoral cycle would be a good idea then you are even more politically naive than I thought and it goes some way to explaining why despite decades of trying you and your comrades can’t gain any consistent political traction.

    1. Poverty pay means people can’t afford to feed their kids.

      But smarmerite labour are already allowing them to go hungry without so much as a fucking peep

      Always jam tomorrow with that shower o’ shite…..but tomorrow never comes.

      1. Toffee – There is a simple solution to that, vote Labour at the next General Election.

      2. Toffee – There is a simple solution to that, vote Labour at the next General Election.

        Oh haha haha ha…🤦

        Get fucked. Keef starves kids and doesn’t prosecute nonces or tories. Won’t demonstrate any solidarity with workers and wants to punish the unemployed and disabled for being just that.

      3. Toffee – So you keep telling us but that doesn’t make it true.🥱

  11. Our neoliberal contributor would do well to read the recent article by Professor Helen Thompson in the FT. I’m told that it is on their website but is behind a paywall.

  12. Goldbach ….Thanks for the article by chris hedges which is accurately describing the suicidal direction the world is going.I have thought this for a few years although with the correct leadership in the western world it could be avoided.Theres not much of that amongst the western leaders and its not obvious with the authoritarian regimes in control that it can be stopped.A free press and media would help but even thats controlled by the elite who are hellbent on a suicidal pact with the devil himself in whatever form that is(USA)and much of the war machine of europe.Where theres life theres hope and thats what gives humanity a chance for survival against the odds….and despite the direction of the unelected new world order.I believe that we can come through the other side with a new world order and this time elected for the the people

    1. I’ll try to get hold of the FT article too. It echoes a speech made a few weeks ago by a prominent politician.

  13. Unions need to frame the story
    MSM and toilet papers always blame the strikes on the Unions, they never challenge the Bosses or Government
    So bypass the media
    Each Union should put up on their website key facts and named individuals, a summary which would be updated daily on where the dispute stands and why
    No mors than an A4 sheet of paper
    Point the finger at those responsible for the strikes
    When Mick Lynch and others go onto the telebox they can direct folk to the website
    Repeat Ad Infinitum

    1. Make sure website address is put up on the ticker tape at bottom of telescreen

  14. In every interview make the point that ‘we don’t trust the media’ you always fail to inform the public who is responsible for the strikes

  15. Point has just come up on Tysky Sour
    Why don’t Unions carry on working on the Railways, but not take any fares
    Apparently it was outlawed under Milk Snatcher, never reversed under War Criminal
    Two Cheeks
    What are the chances under PWC
    If you think about it logically it’s a no brainer, Companies lose the income now, so they are no WORSE OFF, you could then frame it as the employers and cheap and Nasty Tory party responsibility for no services now
    Go onto telebox and ask for an amnesty against sequestration to allow Unions to keep the services running

  16. Isn’t there a principal in Law that you have to prove how much you have lost to have a claim

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