Appeal: help Skwawkbox continue revealing what the ‘mainstream’ won’t tell you

Unlike the other main left news sites, Skwawkbox has always rejected advertising and sponsorship and has relied on its readers: ordinary people who appreciate the need for a left news perspective and a site willing to pursue and break the stories that the so-called ‘mainstream media’ prefers to ignore or actively cover up. This will continue.

But in an unprecedented corporate-greed crisis, with fuel and other bills continuing to rocket, it’s inevitable that some supporters will find they have to cut back, at least until the situation stabilises. At the same time, Skwawkbox continues to extend its on-the-ground activities to reach the stories, situations and events that matter, which means higher costs even without the so-called ‘cost of living’ increases that everyone is facing.

So if you see the value in what Skwawkbox does – and are in a position to do so without hardship – please consider either of the following options.

  • if you use PayPal and would like to make a one-off or monthly donation, please click here
  • if you prefer not to use PayPal and would like to make a monthly donation covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee, please use the GoCardless option here – if you use this option, Skwawkbox will contact you to confirm the donation amount as the GoCardless registration form doesn’t include a specific amount

Thank you for your continuing support and solidarity.

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