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Starmer’s Labour loses another 91,000 members and posts £multimillion loss

Ordinary people leave in droves – and it seems the billionaires aren’t buying either

The lies and excuses of the Labour right have been exposed (again) – this time by the Electoral Commission. While Keir Starmer’s supporters have tried to deny the obvious and claim the party’s membership and fortunes are on the up under what passes for his leadership, the EC has published Labour’s official accounts for its most recent years and the figures make appalling, but not shocking, reading.

In the most recent twelve-month period, Labour has lost 91,119 members – and made a financial loss of £4.829 million – a loss that would have been far worse if the pension scheme hadn’t made a net gain of almost £1.6m. Ordinary members are leaving in droves and disgust – and it seems the billionaires are not buying what Starmer is offering either.

Starmeroids have tried to claim membership was increasing and that Starmer’s ‘reforms’ have put the party on a better trajectory. Instead, as the left has known and warned all along, he is destroying it – morally, politically and financially.

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  1. My entire life this party has lied cheated and literally screwed the working class of this country! I am proud I am still alive to witness it;s demise…

    1. What ‘demise’ is THAT Andrew?! The LP has been ahead in every single poll since the beginning of December.

      As for your entire life etc, could you be more specific. You wouldn’t happen to be a Tory shill would you, cos it’s amazing how many times you post the first comment, and it’s ALWAYS the same narrative, and in THIS instance, a falsehood, because there is no demise!

      1. Agreed re December but that’s a narrow timeframe. Due to a range of factors and in so many ways, the LP has been in decline over very many years.

      2. Er, well you couldn’t very well disagree, could you Paul! So anyway, could you elaborate about the decline over many years. Oh, right, and being ahead in the polls in every poll for nearly eight months is part of the decline, is it! Well, if that’s a decline, I’m sure Starmer and Co will be happy to take it.

        Sorry Paul, but your attempt to back up Andrew was rather feeble if you don’t mind me saying so. What I would like to know is what demise Andrew is proud to be alive to witness. Any thoughts Paul?


  2. My entire life this party has lied cheated and literally screwed the working class of this country! I am proud I am still alive to witness it;s demise…

    1. I’m sad to reflect that I feel very much the same. There are still a few more honourable MPs (Zara S) but the ship is surely well set for the iceberg.All that work that went into building… seemingly now gone!
      New Party? Or what?

      1. Martin, if you and Andrew are referring to the same things, then how come YOU are sad about it, and ANDREW is proud to be alive to witness it?

        I think you must surely be wrong in your assumption of what he was alluding to. No?

      2. Martin, so what do you think will sink Starmer’s Labour Party? Any ideas? And when you say ‘sink’, what precisely do you envisage happening?

        The reason I ask is because it sounds to me like just empty rhetoric

        And can I also address the above questions to your six Likers, who presumably Liked your comment because they agree with what you said.

      1. Millions?? Yes, Mr Okeefe is prone to gross exaggeration!

        So you too are proud to witness the demise of the Labour Party that isn’t happening are you Joe! Or am I missing something? If so, could YOU, or one of the millions of former members you mention, elaborate. Or even Andrew himself!


  3. But but but Corbyn lost 20% of the membership…. 😴

    …And just how many members has keef gained? 😙🎶

    The sad part is, he’ll be back, spouting his usual drivel (on other threads)

    Normal people would just shut up after being proved wrong the first time. Not the wee gobshite. He’s abnormal. Oh! There’ll be more opportunities for him to get his arse handed to him.

    …Question is – At the rate they’re bollocksing themselves up at; how long will they last before those opportunities dry up for the cretin?

    1. The membership numbers in Dec21 (432,213) are roughly equal to the membership numbers in Nov19 (430,359).🤔.

      1. I think the starmeroid as named by squawkbox has woken up and feels a little downer after all the bullshit he peddles under the fascist labour party banner…..maybe time to truly assimalate and disappear into the Caribbean bolt hole stevie boy 👦wonder..!

      2. Joseph – Are the figures in my comment above inaccurate?

      3. That Nov19 number is wrong. The 2019 accounts say “As at 31 December 2019 the total individual membership of the Party was 532,046”. Where did the “430,359” come from?

      4. rwendland – You are mistaken. The figure of 430,359 is quoted from the internal election returns from Nov19, they are a matter of public record. I can quote you figures going back to July17 if you feel that will help. All are verifiable via the published election returns at the time.
        The figure for the end of Dec19 includes the sudden influx of members who joined the party to participate in the leadership election. It was widely reported at the time that over 100,000 members had joined the party following the 19GE. On 20/01/20 the actual number of fully paid up members who were entitled to vote in the leadership election was 552,835.
        As I have said elsewhere we will all know the actual number of members as soon as this years NEC election results are published.

      5. If you go by a single consistent source, the annual accounts as submitted to the Electoral Commission, you get a much better and smoother series from end of year numbers since 2013:

        2013-12-31, 189531
        2014-12-31, 193754
        2015-12-31, 388262
        2016-12-31, 543645
        2017-12-31, 564443
        2018-12-31, 518659
        2019-12-31, 532046
        2020-12-31, 523332
        2021-12-31, 432213

        The NEC ballot number is not on the same basis as accounts membership numbers, so yours is a confusing comparison. People in part-arrears weren’t given a NEC ballot (and there always are quite a few sending money late etc, not necessarily leaving), and I think the 6-month min membership rule was applied to that ballot again reducing the number. So such a lower number is not directly comparable against an annual accounts number as you give for Dec21.

        Ann Black tweeted a while back “in July 2021 was 430,926 with an additional 35,200 in arrears” indicating about 7.5% are generally in arrears. This suggests you need to add at least 35k to the NEC ballot number to get something vaguely comparable to an accounts membership number as Dec21 was.

      6. rwendland – …and yet in the past when I have quoted the official Labour Party numbers as published in many of the NEC’s monthly reports I have been repeatedly told by numerous people on these pages that these figures are not valid because they are made up and/or include members who are in arrears. I therefore took to quoting the easily verifiable numbers of actual number of fully paid up members as definitively reported in NEC election returns.

        Personally I think that the Labour Party should stop this nonsense and publish the number of members plus how many are in arrears quarterly.

      7. At the @enoughisenough event, last night, at a ‘rammed’ Clapham Grand – queuing round the block – it was announced, from the stage, that 400,000 people had signed-up to the campaign, since it was launched, on the 08 August – ten days before.

        The Labour Party might want to check their Membership figures, again, and continue checking them, on a weekly basis – before the phones go silent, and their computers are only used for playing games on.

        Have you signed up, yet?

  4. Is it not deliberate? This guy is a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission and receives donations from private health and other corporates. He works for them. The Labour Party is a dead parrot, hijacked by people who are bought off. It is corrupt. Time for a new Party and mass protest.

  5. If as we all suspect, his agenda is to gain power and thus make the NHS available for a privatizing bonanza, is this not immoral, illegal and corrupt and therefore a national scandal in the making? Even on hostile doorsteps, the NHS is still treasured above everything else.

  6. What makes my blood boil is that Starmer will be appointed in the House Of Lords for destroying the Labour party and socialism, just like the other rats: Blunkett, Austin, Mann, Kinnock, Mandelson, Coaker, McNicol, Watts etc etc

  7. It’s no good various party spokespersons claiming that if they rid itself of the left and the unions disaffiliate there would be an abundance of wealthy benefactors prepared to give generously. Let’s see if this happens, it doesn’t seem to have happened up to now. Even if it does it’s going to take an awful lot of unscrupulous characters to donate and keep the party from going bankrupt.

  8. How does a vote of confidence from members and unions work
    Would cost buttons to organise a poll
    I’ll do a quick straw poll of every Socialist in the village
    Make sure the correct questions are asked

    1 ) Do you support PWC reneging on 10 pledges
    2) Do you agree with Israeli PM Yair Lapid that PWC is the worst kind of anti semite
    3) Is PWC a Red Tory
    4) Should PWC support the Unions
    5) Has PWC United the party

    And on and on and on
    Blah blah fishcake

  9. According to my newsfeed the Green Party is now calling for the full nationalisation of the energy industry :
    “By bringing the big five energy retail companies into public ownership, setting the price of energy at an affordable rate and absorbing the global price rises, the government could make sure everybody can afford to get through this cost of living crisis,” the party’s co-chair Carla Denyer said, as quoted by the news outlet.

    “According to the report, the party based its proposal on a recommendation last month by the British Trades Union Congress (TUC), which called for bringing British Gas, E.ON, EDF, Scottish Power and OVO under state control. According to the TUC, the move would cost around £2.9 billion ($3.5 billion), which is not much more than the £2.7 billion ($3.3 billion) the government spent on bailing out another energy firm, Bulb, last year….”

    So maybe Starmer will now gain a few hundred votes from eight wing Greenies. And lose millions from Labour supporters who want socialist policies.

    1. Bevin – the smart money is on Carla Denyer to take Thangam Debonnaire’s seat in Bristol West come the next General Election. For this alone she is definitely one to watch.

  10. Noticed how the mainstream TV news media are now talking about ‘when’ Starmer forms a govt, and ‘what his govt will do,’ as if voters are incidental and it’s already being prearranged – set to happen. As if voting is a performative sham? Maybe some news organisations got their scripts early?

    Corbyn was never spoken about like that, as the ‘leader of a future govt,’ despite having a better claim and it being likely, after 2017’s close result and 40% vote share.

  11. The Guardian, as ever, has minimized the issues as far as possible (but with limited success).

    1. Paul – We’ll see what the current membership number are when the NEC election results are announced

      1. Are you saying the electoral commission are mistaken/lying? 🤔

        If you are it’ll be just like that time you said that labour(dot)org is: an obscure site few visit when I posted what was then the policy to respect the referendum result. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

        But anyway, here’s what you reckoned just two months ago….

        Toffee – Who said anything about 450k, it wasn’t me?
        The latest NEC report states that the current membership is approx 420k with about 30k in arrears.

        Still think it’s as high as @390k?? (I’ll even deduct the 30k in arrears to get you closer to the actual numbers)

        Cos you’re very much on your own if you do. (Nowt new there then) 😏

      2. Toffee – You can speculate all you like, but currently your assertions are just that. Please feel free to come back and tell me all about it when you can at least claim to know what you are talking about. We’ll all know the actual number of fully paid up members soon enough.

      3. Says the beaut that persists with the Corbyn LOST 20% of the membership when he in fact INCREASED the numbers by 400k or so during his tenure.

        And how’s keef done during his??

        CLUE: What’s this thread about?

        So YOU come back when YOU know what YOU’RE talking about. Ordinarily I’d ask you to hurry up, but there’s the less than fuck-all chance you’ll EVER get it right.

        Now, off you pop…

      4. Toffee – The figures are there for all to see
        Here’s something that I posted a while ago
        18/09/2021 at 7:15 am
        Smartboy – It is easy to get confused about the actual number of members because the figures that Labour usually publish include members who are up to 6mths in arrears,
        The following article published in Jul19 provides a rare insight into the breakdown of these figures.
        Fortunately the various internal elections provide an accurate count of fully paid up members who are entitled to vote. I have listed these official Labour party figures below. These figures are accurate and tell their own story.
        “Labour’s membership has dipped below half a million after tens of thousands quit the party, PoliticsHome can reveal.
        Official figures put the total at just under 485,000 – down from a peak of 564,000 at the end of 2017.
        That includes around 35,000 supporters whose subscriptions are in arrears, meaning the party now has around 450,000 fully paid-up members.
        The 14% drop in membership comes against a backdrop of dissatisfaction by many in the party at Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit and anti-semitism.
        A senior Labour MP said the party’s budget was based on an assumption that the number of paying members would not fall below 500,000……..
        …………”It’s the biggest annual fall in our history – admittedly from a huge base – and it will only get worse.”
        Glen O’Hara, Professor of Contemporary History at Oxford Brookes University, said: “The decline in official membership is very big – 14% or so in just 18 months……

        18/09/2021 at 7:18 am
        Smartboy – Here are the official number of fully paid up members at the time of various internal elections. You may find it worthwhile reading the full article. There is all sorts of interesting stuff buried in its rather dense pros
        NEC elections are very useful for giving us accurate membership numbers, as under the rules only paid up members get to vote. NEC election electorate numbers give us the most clear picture of committed membership at each point they are held. Recent numbers are as follows:
        July 2017 – 538,606
        November 2017 – 525,779
        June 2018 – 506,320
        November 2019 – 430,359
        January 2020 – 552,835
        August 2020 – 495,961

      5. I’m well aware that the figures are there for all to see, dopey-hole.

        You were asked how keef is doing in relation to Corbyn.

        Keefs’ haemorrhaging the membership Corbyn built up. Almost at as quick a rate Corbyn – NOT keef – built it up

        That fact is inescapable.

        Yet you persist that keefs’ doing better than Corbyn ever did…But ‘The numbers are there for all to see’ aren’t they, soft shite?


      6. Toffee – But the figures clearly illustrate that it was Corbyn that haemorrhaged a very significant proportion of the increase in the membership during his tenure.

      7. But, but, but….

        BUT NOTHING – You colossal imbecile.

        How many members has keef GAINED?

        ANSWER: – >100,000. (Most likely MORE)

        How.mamy seats has keef WO

        ANSWER= ZERO (Regaining a seat which should NEVER have been lost is NOT a win)

        What was the increase in majority in seats where smarmerite candidates were imposed?

        ANSWER: A significant decrease in both. Scraped home in Batley.

        How many deposits has keef lost?

        ANSWER: TWO

        Corbyn (in by elections) ZERO.

        How many government defeats has keef had?

        ANSWER: ZERO – Abstaining doesn’t defeat the government.

        He’s working fucking MARVELS is keef, isn’t he soft lad?

        But, but, but… ffs 🤦

        Just shut the fuck up and give your arse a chance why dontcha?

      8. Toffee – There was no but, but, but about Corbyn losing 20% of the membership or the loss of 60 seats. There was also nothing but, but, but about Labour going into the 19GE with two thirds of the electorate expressing a dislike for Corbyn, the outcome of that was all too apparent.

      9. Irredeemable cretin

        Labour voters in marginals wanted brexit. Keef shat on democracy and that reflected on Corbyn in 19.

        If it hadn’t have done and Corbyn WAS the reason/ problem, keef would have 800,000 members by now.

        Instead the numbers are continuing to plummet.

        He’d be the 20pts ahead all the knobheads (including the biggest of all – you) said he’d be

        He isn’t. He can’t even maintain a <4pt lead for longer than a few weeks against an even more corrupt government than tess may's.

        He'd have won just about every seat they've contested with increased majorities.

        He's barely held on to two, lost his deposit in two others and turned yet another (leave seat) blue for the first time in its history. .

        NOT Corbyn – keef did that. Like he did the other 60 or so.

        Oh and lost a very healthy second place margin in the two seats the libtards took from the rags.

        Not one of those things can be put at Corbyn's feet.

        Corbyn – who left the leadership with 400k members MORE than when he took over.

        ..And inflicted forty one defeats on the government to keefs' perpetual abstentions and continued open support of the toerags.**

        And left the party financially far better off than keefs' put it in.


        ** And spare us the fucking tedium of well Jeremy lost the seats so it’s harder for keef it’s just been spelled out for you, you fucking filthy nonce apologist.

      10. Oh….And remind us how many NCV’s Corbyn had Formby shut down?


        How many NCV’s has fat Dave shut down regarding keef? 😙🎶

        Disgusting nonce apologist.

      11. You work it out.

        You’re the one knows what you’re talking about 🤭

    2. Paul Smith, yes, though their report does provide interesting context. That the party still exceeded the Tories in terms of income (£45m versus £31m) in the face of declining membership highlights the problem with continuing to permit businesses and unions to contribute to party funds. The end game here is a democracy bribed by interests rather than validated by voters. I’d be interested to see the actual accounts and those from previous years. It is also surprising that Labour still has so many members – what on earth are they paying for?

    3. I’ve had quite a bit of fun seeing what topics will get a comment in the Guardian immediately deleted. Anything that mentions the rampant racism of the right exposed in the Forde report I have had deleted in seconds flat. Most things mentioning the Forde report at all go, but some now slip through.

      1. It’s true, an algorithm identifies it and a ‘community’ agent removes it. The identity of the logged-in poster, the MAC address of its device and their IP address are all loged and stored. Surveillance capitalism. Next up, all money will be digital, i.e. vouchers. Won’t belong before someone (a politician maybe) has to endorse every transaction you make with their vouchers. It won’t be your money any more.

      2. Yesterday it was Tory MP William Wragg ‘taking a break’ because of his mental health issues. I do not denigrate anyone’s mental health issues, but make an exception for this Tory Government, and posted several times the mental health of the whole country would improve immeasurably if all Tory MP’s ‘took a break’ – permanently. Deleted as you say in seconds. It’s usually easy to spot which will be moderated but I sometimes try and sneak one in!

  12. Off topic;

    On 12 June, Apsana Begum broke. A self-described survivor of domestic violence, her mental and physical health ravaged by what she called “a sustained campaign of misogynistic abuse and harassment” culminating in a trigger ballot process overseen by friends of her ex-husband, the MP for Poplar and Limehouse was admitted to A&E and signed off work the next day.

    Four days later, Keir Starmer and David Evans received an email that would stop most of us dead in our tracks.

    Seen exclusively by Novara Media, the email was from an independent domestic violence advocate (IDVA) working with Refuge (the charity maintains strict confidentiality with its clients; details of the email were shared by Begum’s office with her permission). The email’s subject marked it clearly as “urgent”.

    “I believe what we are seeing in this current trigger process is a further extension of the abuse that she has already endured,” the IDVA wrote.

    Her email solicited a pro forma response from Labour’s safeguarding team and none at all from the party leader, who permitted the trigger process to continue for a further 13 days to its completion on 30 June.

    1. Not off topic at all PW. This is the kind of behaviour that has been driving many longstanding members out of the LP over the past year or so.

      1. Indeed. It’s just another addition to keef’s exponentially burgeoning rap sheet.

        I can only wonder why it’s only 250 per day…

    2. Anything “on topic” especially when it is the labour party and its leaders appalling cruelty to a labour mp whos already suffered so much.from the manipulation of labour party rules.and the thugs who act as enforcers.Well done PW and Goldbach who never fail to dig up the lies and deceit inside this shambles of a once proud working class movement for the people….The labour party “

  13. I have been told that the Labour Party press department maintain a loyal group of non-staff members to respond to negative comments about the leadership. They are not paid but have access to party archives, research and policy decisions. I imagine SteveH is one of these constructs which is likely to involve several people. This explains how SteveH responses are so immediate and fits with the idea of using volunteers to replace paid staff. I’m not particularly opposed to these posts. They give us insight into dubious party workings and keeps them in touch with the avalanche of the disgraceful behaviour of the Party leadership. It must be an increasingly depressing job.

    1. December 2019 532, 046
      December 2021 432,213

      Oh look!! That almost a 20% loss. Wonder if it’s the same one the wee plum attributes to Corbyn…Except its impossible to do so. Corbyn wasn’t even a member for a vast portion of of that period, nevermind leader.

      the latest estimate 415,000.

      Even less than 432,213!! Still an estimate though….😙🎶

      (And even he daren’t try to put that one on Corbyn).

      …So the real question is….If keef’s so popular – where are the gains to even match Corbyn’s?

      Hasn’t won a seat. Only held on to seats with vastly reduced majorities. Behind on the polls when anyone but Corbyn’d be 20 points clear…

      I reckon the rest of the rodents’ll be planning to punt him pretty soon. Except they’ll only manage to replace him with another nonentity.

      The game’s up. And I don’t mean a bit of game pie stuck on the ceiling….

    2. Chris – The figure that I have quoted is the actual number of fully paid up members who were entitled to vote in internal party elections that were published by the Labour Party at the time. They do not include any members who were in arrears. Here’s some more.
      July 2017 – 538,606
      November 2017 – 525,779
      June 2018 – 506,320
      November 2019 – 430,359
      January 2020 – 552,835
      August 2020 – 495,961
      You can verify them with the various election returns at the time.

    3. That ‘latest estimate’ figure isn’t conservative enough for Keir Starmer. It’s well-under 399,000 Well under! Should be lower; will be after Conference.

      1. SteveH, My question was not directed at you, so mind your own goddamn business, OK?

        When I want to ask you a question I will, until then keep yourself to yourself.

      2. baz2001 – …and the reason I should GAF what you think is?

      3. baz2001 – …and the reason I should GAF what you think is?

        The fact that youanswered him. even though he was t addressing you.


    1. I googled it, they’re from the wikipedia Labour party page. Wikipedia has it’s limitations, but it’s usualy good enough for basic facts. Wikipedia is better than the Torygraph or the Grundian.

      1. Thanks Chris Mooney. I do not trust any numbers given out by the Labour Party because they include ex members who have stopped their DD but not officially resigned. Also maybe ex members like myself who officially resigned and still get pleading letters and emails asking for money and help canvassing.

      2. baz2001 – “I do not trust any numbers given out by the Labour Party because they include ex members who have stopped their DD but not officially resigned.

        The figures published in the above accounts all originate from the Labour Party but I do take your point about the members who are in arrears (for whatever reason) which is why (whenever possible) I try to quote the figures from internal party election returns because these do not include any members who are in arrears. We’ll find out exactly how many fully paid up members there are when the returns for this year’s NEC elections are published.

      3. Wikipedia is as bad as the MSM at a minimum.

        Have a look what Phillip Cross digs up.

        It’s totally corrupted

  14. Am surprised anyone knows the ACTUAL number
    of Labour Party members – when I enquire about
    anything I get nul response.

    I haven’t got my NEC voting pack yet and neither have others. These have likely gone to ex-members or more likely “ghosts” who will vote as Starmer and his instrument** Evans desire.

    ** see “David Copperfield” : Murdstone and his sister.
    If you like – the “Labour Party” is akin to David C’s
    mother who Murdstone married – and subsequently crushed – but that’s going beyond my pay grade.

    1. HFM – If you have any evidence of election fraud then you should report it to the Electoral Commissioners.

      1. The evidence of election fraud was admitted by the knight of the realm when he was finaly forced to admit his Israeli embassy funder in the election of leader of the Labour party.From thereon not a single figure or comment can be relied upon coming out of the Hq bunker southside..Evrryone who knows that more members left the labour party or were expelled than there are members now….its just took a couple of years of leaks from Lotto ticket hq to find out the truth.Labour are in terminal decline along with a few hangers on funding the shitshow

      2. Joseph – The rules and schedule for the publishing of donor info were negotiated and agreed by all the leadership candidates. Keir complied with all the rules schedules that had been agreed.

      3. ” The rules and schedule for the publishing of donor info were negotiated and agreed by all the leadership candidates. Keir complied with all the rules schedules that had been agreed.”

        No he didn’t. He kept the identity of his sponsors hidden/UNDISDCLOSED until after most members had cast their votes. This is a clear example of how “Mr Rules” starmer is the very personification of “dirty politics”.

        Voters would quickly regret ever being duped by the FPTP electoral system and the billionaires synchronised MSM to let this functionary of the WEF called Starmer anywhere near power.

      4. qwertboi – You are wrong, Keir did not break any of the agreed rules regarding the notification of donors and you can’t prove otherwise.

    2. Did I say he broke the rulesw? No. He adhered to them – BUT made sure the backers were not disclosed until most party members had voted. He’s “Mr show-me-you-papers Rules” – but he’s also a sneaky, two-faced, duplicitous runt. Klaus Schwab and his band of ‘moderate’ NWO neoliberal fascists must be proud of Keir Rodney Starmer. His parents, not.

      1. Where did qwertboi state explicitly that keef broke the rules?

        Point it out.

        Point out qwertboi’s quote, verbatim.

        Or shut up. And continue to be regarded as a gobshite by everybody.

  15. To go from a £13 million surplus to a £6 million deficit since 2019 is pretty impressive
    Same with his energy policy, cannot afford £4 billion to nationalise energy companies but can find £30 billion to bail them out
    Only Red Tories could be this economically illiterate, chips off the old block
    Apparently Evans has decided to donate the deficit to charity
    Who thinks they can be trusted with the economy

    1. Doug – The Labour Party was heading for deficit from the summer of 2019 onwards and this was further exacerbated by the loss of 60 seats in the 19GE. Hence the recent redundancies and the decisions not to renew temporary contracts

      The prices are not dictated by the energy retailers, they are at the whim of their suppliers and the world markets.

      1. And how much have they got left in the pot now there’s 250 less members per DAY?

        Did they budget for that?

        Is that down to Corbyn?

        No….And no.

        It’s down to keef. Nobody else.


      2. Toffee – We’ll know when the next set of accounts are published.

      3. You really are a idiot steve h…there would never have been a labour party or a welfare state and nationalised utilities with your politics.Even man leaving the caves and standing on two feet would have been beyond your pea brain.Not difficult to see why the labour party is kaput..!

      4. Again avoiding the point.

        You cannot – no matter how much you want to and no matter how much you care your furniture in abject frustration – pin these losses on Corbyn.

        Hard shit.

      5. Listen Steve H….World markets can be influenced by goverments .A classic example is the USA..You seem unaware of “working together for the common good” and the value of organised labour.What in gods name made you the mercenary barsteward you are now comrade.?and is this the future for the people of the western world …slavery?and cruelty?

      6. Ah yes. Good old “world markets.”

        Living off massive taxpayer subsidies to supply speculators and feudal rentier elites with free money while people freeze and starve as we head rapidly backwards to the Middle Ages for the benefit of our still in place feudal elites.

        No one forced the European Energy market to opt out of long term contracts for cheap low cost reliable Eurasian gas as far back as a over a year ago in favour of spot market prices which immediately sent gas prices soaring from around $600 per thousand cubic metres in early 2021 to over a $1,000 per 1,000c.m, by October 2021 to over $2,000 per 1,000c.m. early this year.

        Another bonanza for parasitical financial speculators who produce nothing.

        Forcing fertiliser prices through the roof and making it uneconomic for vast numbers of producers to grow food over the winter, spring and summer this year.

        Not to mention high grade Urals oil – due to be banned across Europe by the end of this year (only 135 days to go) for which the entire European refining facilities has no substitute replacement – having been constructed to refine only that blend of oil on long term (30-50 year) contract cycles. And we’ve not even mentioned zero infrastructure (deep water ports, harbour facilities, transportation, pipelines etc etc) for excruciatingly more expensive US fracked LNG which will never ever supply the required volumes (tankers run on diesel and there are not sufficient numbers of physical, as opposed to fictional virtual reality ones, in existence on the planet anyway).

        These are ALL, without exception, down to political choices by clueless cretins who have deluded themselves that they can make up their own subjective reality and impose it on everyone else. Much like the TWAW ideology and its doctrine.

        Knob heads and morons who think a piece of machinery is some kind of plug and play device and that you really can run a diesel engine by putting petrol through it, and vice versa.

        You’ll be telling us next, steveH, that unproductive QE represents sound economic sense.

    2. Doug, Imagine come election time when the Tories say to Starmer, “Well you cannot manage your Party’s finances so how can the Voting Public trust you to run the Country.”

      And sadly it would be a very valid point.

  16. Breaking: First Rally of Enough is Enough campaign tonight. 400,000 people signed up in a week! Message of support to ‘British Brothers and Sisters’ from Bernie Saunders. Hall filled with young people. Here we go!

    1. Love reading them going at it.

      Could be pent-up sexual frustration? If ever they met in person sparks could fly..

      Only joking fellas. 😉

      1. Andy – “ If ever they met in person sparks could fly.”

        So Toffee keeps telling me, in his own inimitable way.

    2. There would be no Opposition without SH hes the only voice of the depraved on here.You will get used to the poetry of words that Toffee has and the sense of Liverpool humour.that without him the comments would be much less appropriate for a disruption of Steve H.
      .rayvisino in these dark days we all need a smile 😃 and Toffee does that whilst speaking the reason.

  17. Starmer and Reeves very much want to cast Labour as a rival party of business and corporations to the Tories. As if they weren’t already catered to by Truss’s gang.

    Doubly ironic then that were Starmer a CEO and Reeves a chief financial officer running a business, on these metrics, he and she would almost certainly be fired for running the company into the ground.

    Politics has to be one of the few job categories where no qualifications, experience or proven political capability are required. Yet they all seem to demand unearned respect, as if our superiors.

    1. If CEO Starmer achieved these numbers and trends, it wouldn’t take long for the owners of the firm to work out that he’s working for the competition. Non dearly-departed members and affiliated Unions have no excuse. It’s time for something to happen!

    2. Andy – Is that why Labour have promised to introduce Employment Rights legislation within the first 100 days of being elected. Have you read their Green Paper.

      1. Because the pretence of being a Labour party has to be maintained. Enough people vote predictably, and Starmer’s praying that the billionaires’ MSM can do their thing (misinform and lie) at the GE the way they did to create a ‘global health emergency’. Yes, big money (Organised Wealth’) is in on it too.

        And he’ll simply 10-Pledge it IF he’s actually elected.

      2. Every single one of them that he had the power to. Re. Starmer, it’s not about good faith and integrity – except in showing that he has none.

      3. qwertboi – Is that a ‘non answer’ or an ‘answer of none’?
        Can you be more specific

      4. SteveH

        We’ve seen enough to know already exactly what sort of govt it’d be. It may even be given a free run to power by the press and Tories, simply because Labour can do things the Tories can’t; like introducing further market reforms into the NHS or further austerity measures.

        You do realise that Rachel ‘fully costed’ Reeves is a menace to any sort of socialist program for govt? That’s why Starmer made her Shadow chancellor.

        The biggest crisis facing the UK post Tory privatisations, is caused by a spike in wholesale energy prices. That’s why Corbyn’s stance of calling for a ceasefire and dialogue in Ukraine, followed by some amicable settlement for the east of Ukraine – not happy since the 2014 coup – is an important intervention. Labour under Starmer just want to ape the Tories, even on that.

      5. Andy – How many times do you propose to capitulate to Putin’s imperialist aggression.

      6. SteveH

        ‘How many times do you propose to capitulate to Putin’s imperialist aggression.’

        I don’t want anyone to have to capitulate. But you need to realise WE are suffering too.

        Do you know the recent history of Ukraine? Because it is complicated. Everyone agrees that in 2010’s Ukrainian Presidential election the people there freely elected a pro-Russia leader in Viktor Yanukovych. The east overwhelmingly elected him, parts of the Donbas (in the East ) voted for him by at 90% + levels. He was overthrown by a western backed coup in Kyiv (western Ukraine) in early 2014. They have been fighting over that coup ever since.

        Just look at the electoral map from 2010 at how divided Ukraine was between the pro-Russia east (blue) and pro-EU west (pink) and the concentrations of support :

        Support for Zelensky isn’t as firm as made out in our media. Ukraine is still a deeply divided country and needs peace negotiations not more war.

      7. Andy – Or maybe the Ukrainian people were more than a little pissed off when he betrayed them by switching his platform to being pro EU to pro Putin.

      8. SteveH

        Ukraine’s western regions were always the most pro-EU.

        Ukraine won’t be joining the EU anytime soon. European leaders esp. in France and Germany don’t want another net recipient country draining the budget. Look at what voters i the Netherlands said to closer EU – Ukraine ties in 2016 :

        It’s all right the US and non-EU UK making plans for Ukraine to join the EU with Ursula von der Leyen , but European voters didn’t want them and certainly not when in a state of civil war. You do know Zelensky rejects federalism as demanded in the Minsk agreements? He wants to run ALL Ukraine like some absolute monarch and basically smash the east to pieces if necessary to keep UKraine’s territory together. If you believe in self-determination you can’t support Zelensky.

        I don’t agree with what Russia are doing, but Zelensky isn’t the hero he’s made out to be either. They had a peace agreement in the Minsk accords agreed with Russia, France , Germany and Ukraine. And it floundered over sequencing issues, but since then Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists have further tied the hands of the Ukrainian govt.

      9. As usual steveH is being deliberately disingenuous about who the imperialists are here. Conveniently ignoring any evidence which is not congruent with the false official narratives he pushes which have no basis in reality:

        Like the parasitic elites he shills for on this site objective real world evidence is rejected at every turn in order to shore up the most blatant propaganda narratives.

        It must be so frustrating for him being committed to the a false narrative which is doomed to failure. One day, in the not too distant future, denazification will, by necessity for the purpose of the survival of civilisation, encompass the entire planet. Including that alleged bolthole in the Caribbean.

        Time is running out and there will be no place to hide.

    3. .qwertboi… Can you be more specific”
      Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, Starmer has no integrity: he kept his leadership sponsors secret until he duped votes out of a MSM-lied to membership, promised to be the unity candidate and to end factionalism as party leader, achieved neither; made 10 pledges that he rescinded as easily as farting in private, is currently the only British born member of a hard right oligarchic billionaires club and is contorting himself to look indistinguishable to a tory for the global capitalists and psychotic billionaires that worship at the church of klaus schwab and the NWO. Moreover, he is eagerly facilitating the destruction of two fine Labour creations from the 1940s, NATO and the NHS. The man is a scoundrel.

      Jeremy, on the other hand, is a man of abundant integrity, immense decency and wonderful honesty.

      1. qwertboi – …….and Which of his promises did Corbyn fulfil?

      2. NATO died the day the Warsaw pact collapsed.

        It’s zombie has become a harvester of God. That’s gold, oil and drugs.

        There’s a great video just released on YouTube titled “The dark side of 1991 Gulf war” Comments are good too. Think about those Libyan slave markets after NATO brought democracy.

        It’s become such a farce that the north Atlantic treaty organisation is starting to threaten the south Pacific…

      3. …….and Which of his promises did Corbyn fulfil

        Try the one where he promised to oppose the toerags instead of perpetually abstaining.

        Got him forty-one government defeats. A record.

        Instead, keef promised us this….

        10. Effective opposition to the Tories
        Forensic, effective opposition to the Tories in Parliament – linked up to our mass membership and a professional election operation. Never lose sight of the votes ‘lent’ to the Tories in 2019. Unite our party, promote pluralism and improve our culture. Robust action to eradicate the scourge of antisemitism. Maintain our collective links with the unions.

        Every word of it, bullshit.

        Each and every word.

        You don’t win votes and defeat the government if you perpetually abstain.

        You don’t ride the party of the scourge of antisemitism by expelling Jewish people with an opposing view of Israel’s abominations in Palestine.

        You don’t get pluralism if you persist with witch hunts and expel members for THE most spurious of reasons (see above for an example)

        And ordering MPs not to join picket lines alienates unions (and voters) rather than maintains collective links

        Now you can try offering the rest of us a pledge keef has stuck to….😙🎶

      4. Toffee – You’re the one who predictably can’t come up with anything.

    4. But they are expected to be accountable to the people who voted them into power. They don’t even want to do that either. They get seduced by the trappings and history of the institution and their heads get turned.

  18. I see the Luke Akehurst tribute band has been hard at work to derail the thread.

    As they say, nothing is true until it’s officially denied…

    In their defence, the LATB is the best ad here for the fact that labour needs you more than you need them.

      1. Steve H….why you know listen “ITs not rocket science teacher now is it LATB…a little bit like SS Sir Starmer tribute band?Do keep up stevie boy…youre obviously not with it today if you ever have been ?ps lay off the sauce”

      2. qwertboi – Maybe your audience will be suitably impressed but personally I think it’s a bit childish

  19. Ukraine has banned all opposition parties. It has cancelled all laws protecting labour. It is run by oligarchs employing fascist militias. It has set out to terrorise Russian speakers who constitute at least half of the population. It is responsible not only for massacres such as that at Odessa in which the Trade Union HQ was burned down and those within it burned to death, but also for refusing to investigate or arrest those responsible who boast of their crimes.
    When Russia, intervened in February the NATO backed and trained Ukrainian forces were poised to invade the Donbas and drive millions to take refuge in Russia.
    Far from being imperialist Russia’s actions have been a minimal response to a genuine, NAZI led campaign to eradicate the population of eastern Ukraine.
    Not surprisingly the fascists in Kiev have a fan in Steve H.
    The history of Ukraine since 2014 has been one of attacks on workers, lowering living standards, increasing poverty and celebrating the Nazi collaborators who in World War II were responsible for some of the worst excesses of the Holocaust- standing with Bandera and his disciples is taking the opposite side that the people who elected a Labour government in 1945 took. It beggars belief that, following the propaganda of the media, decent people are conned into pissing on the graves of the martyred dead of the war against Hitler. But that is exactly what supporting Kiev now means, and every fascist in Europe knows it.

    1. Ukraine is the 2nd most corrupt country in the world
      Zelensky has taken his cut and will skiidaddle asap
      This is one of Obama’s wars, same old NeoCons no matter who you vote for, all part of the Great American Century
      Unfortunately they are printing money to pay for it and that always ends in tears

    2. Can anyone convince Steve H as Caribbean action man to go to the Ukraine and teach them all in knows from his Naffi days in Germany..He s certainty mercenary enough.?

      1. He probably isn’t RW enough for them to bother letting him in. FFS even if they had their own mainstream politician as feeble-minded, devious and deceptive as the current leader of Labour or President of USA, there’s nothing that that reprobate would be able to teach the Ukrainian fascists in power today that they don’t already know and practice.

      2. Joseph Okeefe, The Chief Turd Polisher only exists to wind people up and to try and polish the Starmer Turd. It’s a pointless existence, a fruitless task.

        He doesn’t have the guts to go and fight for his delusional beliefs.

      3. NAAFI represents a suitable moniker for Britain’s answer to the birth pill.

        Those of us who were real soldier’s used it as an acronym to describe a state of boredom and apathy engendered by clueless Ruperts who thought they knew everything.

        No Ambition And Fuckall Interest.

        Yup. what steveH represents down to a T.

      4. Dave – So what is your definition of a ‘real soldier’?😏

      5. Dave Hansell
        Reading party accounts you can only come to one conclusion

      6. Far from being Caribbean action man, just like his idol keef, the wee fella’s weapons-grade torpor.

        Sending him to the Ukraine could cause an escalation…if either side could stay awake long enough to ensure him.

      7. Same definition as everyone else’s steveH:

        Someone who knows their arse from their elbow and does not have to constantly wing it with bullshit all the time.

        But I tell you what, seeing as how enthusiastic you are for polls. Lets have a poll of contributors to this site as to which of the two of us fit into which of the two categories.

      8. Dave – Yet another cowardly cop-out. You were the one that introduced the concept of a ‘real soldier’ to these pages, why are you now afraid to define what you mean.😏

  20. Somehow he managed to switch the discussion from the significant losses in membership of the LP to his usual infantile rant about Russia/Putin.
    A few points:
    1. Andy – Viktor Yanukovych was not a pro-Russia leader. He is a Russian speaker who wanted to maintain good relations with both the EU and Russia. He was seeking trade agreements to try to address the economic mess that he had inherited. The EU “offer” was conditional on harsh neoliberal measures that would have pushed millions into unemployment and destitution, dramatically reduced pay and condition for a huge proportion of workers and necessitated the privatisation of much of the public sector. He chose the much better trade deal that was on offer from Russia. That’s why Nuland organised the coup.
    2. I don’t usually use such language on this site, but SH’s talk of “imperialist aggression” is his usual bollox.
    Russia didn’t arm Mexico to the teeth, pursue the idea of Mexico joining an anti-US military alliance and take steps towards deploying nuclear weapons there, organise a coup in Mexico etc. etc. The US did the exact mirror image of this with Ukraine. The trigger for the war was US imperialist aggression.
    3. All this stuff that has been brought in about Russia is clearly a diversion from the point at issue in this report, which is that the LP has given up all attempts at being anything other that a nominal opposition and is steadily losing its foot sloggers and its money. Again, a classic manoeuvre. Very well carried out, I must admit, but nevertheless a classic disinformation strategy.
    4. Well said bevin.

    1. goldbach

      He wasn’t overtly pro-Russia, I agree, he tried to balance competing demands in what was and is a divided Ukraine. He was more accommodating to the Russian language/culture and the ethnic Russian east, that’s where his support base was. He fled to Russia and sought protection after the coup, which supports that view.

      He was certainly more pro-Russia than what has come since he fled. Zelensky and previous President Poroshenko were overtly anti-Russia. Poroshenko and Zelensky incidentally dislike each other, both accusing the other of corruption.

      1. I forgot to add to an earlier comment:
        With the Ukrainian Army shelling the Zaporizhia power plant, there is a risk that the reactors could be compromised, resulting in a significant release of radioactive material.
        The prevailing winds are ESE and it is easy to predict where any fallout would end up.
        Is the Ukraine government trying to blackmail the EU into providing a great deal more military support? Is it trying to blackmail the EU into providing a great deal more economic support that can be syphoned off into the pockets of the oligarchs? Or is it simply determined that, if it goes down, it will take as many with it as it can?

    2. goldbach – “Somehow he managed to switch the discussion from the significant losses in membership of the LP to his usual infantile rant about Russia/Putin.

      Where did I do that?

  21. I remember 1st becoming a Labour Party member back in the 1960s, being so proud of my
    membership card & having regular debates with the people @ work & the many friends who I mixed with socially. I was a card carrying young ‘Socialist’ & I spoke with a feeling of moral superiority because

    I believed that ‘Socialism’ challenged predatory capitalism in the class struggle for social justice.
    That idealism slowly ebbed as Kinnock & Blair destroyed the belief until Jeremy reignited the flame & the ‘old man’ believed again that we can change the world. I can’t believe in the Labour Party anymore because it has no integrity; Socialism has been destroyed from within & the Labour Party nothing more than a corrupt shell. All hope is gone.

    1. Don’t give up hope. It is only within the LP that Socialism has been destroyed. There is plenty of it out there in the consciousness of people in the real world. Much of it is currently unfocussed and it is up to us to keep talking to people whom we meet about our ideas, and organising in extra-parliamentary groups – Trades Unions, tenants groups, peace groups etc. etc. The journey of 1000 miles ……………

      1. goldbach

        The frustrating thing is it could be sorted tomorrow if the membership & Unions organised and said to Starmer, who joined in 2015, get the hell out of this party and take Evans with you.

        Starmer will be an absolute nightmare as PM, he’ll privatise the NHS in all likelihood or introduce some insurance scheme setting it on its way. Starmer could be worse than a Tory govt, insomuch as the unions public sector and wider society, are primed to resist the Tories’ attacks on the NHS. Starmer and Reeves will blindside everyone with it and the PLP sheep will vote anything through.

        New Labour, Real Danger

  22. To show that it is possible to introduce a topic that is not directly connected to this report, I attach a link to a “Not the Andrew Marr Show” interview. Contrast this young woman’s thorough knowledge of the operation of the UK energy sector, and of how it could be organised in our interests with the burbling Starmer.

    1. Big thanks for the link to PMQs and your reason for doing it. You’re right. We’re everywhere – more outside Labour than in it.

    2. Starmer has the intellectual depth of a puddle.

      Is he knowledgeable about about anything? Obfuscation and bluster seem to be his first resort, and he turns bright red when lying, so he’s not exactly good at those.

      Makes you wonder how he became DPP?

      Maybe he’s good at following superior orders or something?

      1. Andy – His significant academic and career achievements would indicate otherwise.

      2. SteveH

        Can you honestly say you aren’t shocked by how poor he is at politics? I mean, fancy polling behind Johnson when he [Starmer] has had so little bad press himself. Seriously WTF?

        He’s on the right and doesn’t even seek to conceal the fact.

        For the left it’s kind of helpful, because if he had the charisma of an early Blair ’94-’97, and had kept up the 10 Pledge lies all the way to the election, he may have won a huge majority. And then he would’ve been far harder to remove.

        As it is, he’ll be lucky to cobble together a majority to cross the line with other parties. And don’t forget, he’ll also need the votes of the SCG…who may hold the balance of power.

  23. This is the summary of Labour accounts from 2002-2021. Make of it what you will
    Year Income Expenditure Assets Liabilities Profit/Loss Ass.vs Liab.
    2021 £45564000 £50769000 £34195000 £24860000 -£5205000 £9335000
    2020 £41580000 £42589000 £37778000 £26005000 -£1009000 £11773000
    2019 £57295000 £57278000 £40052000 £26559000 £17000 £13493000
    2018 £45667000 £46322000 £33043000 £20425000 -£655000 £12618000
    2017 £55793000 £54342000 £32673000 £19344000 £1451000 £13329000
    2016 £49840000 £43324000 £29263000 £18159000 £6516000 £11104000
    2015 £51153000 £46789000 £20554000 £15452000 £4364000 £5102000
    2014 £39570000 £35333000 £19925000 £18861000 £4237000 £1064000
    2013 £33336000 £27870000 £17269000 £15518000 £5466000 £1751000
    2012 £33024000 £30197000 £13655000 £15580000 £2827000 -£1925000
    2011 £31326000 £30253000 £13257000 £18734000 £1073000 -£5477000
    2010 £36270000 £33840000 £16597000 £24073000 £2430000 -£7476000
    2009 £26798000 £24732000 £15009000 £31633000 £2066000 -£16624000
    2008 £34012000 £26202000 £16764000 £28880000 £7810000 -£12116000
    2007 £32358000 £24848000 £14087000 £30086000 £7510000 -£15999000
    2006 £25823000 £26637000 £7900000 £32763000 -£814000 -£24863000
    2005 £35304000 £49804000 £14551000 £41798000 -£14500000 -£27247000
    2004 £29312000 £32109000 £13446000 £11208000 -£2797000 £2238000
    2003 £26940000 £24281000 £13333000 £13238000 £2659000 £95000
    2002 £21184000 £22085000 £12066000 £19001000 -£901000 -£6935000

    1. Hmm, wonder what was different c. 2015-2019? With that lovely inflow of revenues. Shame about the waste through sabotage from within.

      These were the ‘bad years’ according to the MSM & RW / centrist mythology.

      Can’t help but get the feeling the situation is far more dire and precarious now than they are letting on. Would anyone trust the ruthless RW, not to lie, obfuscate and hide the actual state using any viable means?

      The creative accounting going on if carried over to the world of business wouldn’t be allowed. Companies have to provide a detailed breakdown to shareholders at AGMs. Outrageous how political parties can play fast and loose and treat their members like sh*t.

      1. Andy – It would be a criminal offence to submit false information to the Electoral Commission.

      2. SteveH

        Well, parties seem to play fast and loose with the rules.

        There seems to be lots of flexibility and permitted mitigating factors being allowed for. Not just a Labour problem, the Tories do lots of sketchy stuff too eg. £250,000 Kitchen suppers with SamCam in the flat above No.10, followed by dropping a policy you wish to change in the No.10 in tray. Remember those? In any other country it’d be called selling policy influence, or pure corruption.

        A few weeks ago it was revealed Starmer was late in declaring eight interests but the watchdog called breaches ‘minor and/or inadvertent’. Since been revealed that one omission allegedly involved that £10 million plot of land in Surrey he sold.. does £10 million sound ‘minor and/or inadvertent’ to you SteveH? If so, you’re lucky to be so wealthy.

      3. Idk the exact value? But Starmer said it was in excess of the £100k HoC declaration requirement, thus breaking the rules.

        It may be more than £10 million since that estimate was a few years back. 7 acres at £1.5 million an acre, was held to be a reasonable expectation by the Surrey housing developers – the newspapers spoke to, due to the location etc.

      4. Andy – So currently you (and the MSM) are just speculating on its value. As I understand it Keir has now accepted an offer for the land so providing the sale goes through to completion we’ll all be able to see how much the land was sold for.
        Have you actually read the full judgement of the Standards Committee?

      5. The thing with “criminal” or any other officially designated and defined offences is the problematic nature of their implementation.

        Take the SNP as an example. People have been attempting over the past several years to find out just where somewhere in the region of half a million pounds, donated by ordinary independence supporting citizens for the sole purpose of funding another independence referendum, has disappeared to?

        Scrutiny of the accounts – which are submitted to the EC – do not show them. People elected to fulfill the role of Party Treasurer to locate this not unsubstantial sum of money have been refused access to the books by Sturgeon’s Husband, Peter Morrall, resulting in them resigning rather than putting themselves at potential legal risk in the future.

        No one knows where this money has gone to. And the body responsible for ensuring probity in such matters – the fabled Electoral Commission – might as well not exist given their total absence of any action so far.

        And we could fill reams and reams of reports with similar examples – from the double standards applied to ‘journalism’ in the Craig Murray case through to the Alex Salmond obvious conspiracy to the lobby money supplied by the Israeli Government to interfere in the political process of the UK.

        Where priority, in terms of implementing sanctions against ‘criminal’ acts, is reduced to police and PCSO’s threatening citizens in their own homes with forced re-education for using the wrong pronouns or displaying GC stickers in their own front windows:

        It ain’t just Denmark where there is something rotten in the State. Where it is now blatantly and unashamedly on display daily that legal and other rules about what is and is not an offence are implemented or not for the sake of the convenience of those elites in power – from Johnson to Starmer, Sturgeon to Stonewall Law.

        Its pick and choose to suit convenience. Attempting to sell another bullshit narrative is just not going to cut it steveH. Not when people’s everyday daily experience is the total opposite.

        Give it up kid. You are not flogging a dead horse, you are flogging a non-existent one. Simply because, like the Ruperts you shill for, you are out of touch with the real world. You are full of bollocks.

  24. Was the £3 membership deal that coincided with the election of Leader in 2015 as much a factor in the surge in both membership and income as the choice of Corbyn? As I have no dealings with Labour, what is its current membership fee, are there different bands and are those who signed up for £3 still on that rate or do they now pay a higher rate?

    1. Hearing centrists and various newspaper columnists claim the Ed Miliband’s £3 membership decision was the worst decision ever taken, just illustrates what an elitist bunch of bastards the PLP are.

      They didn’t want to widen the franchise to the great unwashed in case the people get ideas above their station. PLP – more like the haughty French aristocracy pre-revolution.

      Alan Johnson – a former postie, epitomises this disdainful arrogance of New Labour’s nouveau riche. A former lefty turned Blair rich project backer.

      1. A hideous party to join imho.

        Veer 1 mm off-message from the dear leader’s vacuous, uninspiring drivel and get your social media posting history trawled through for ‘evidence’ they can use to justify slinging you out.

        CLPs too scared to protest, lest face mass expulsions. A truly unrepresentative, vile party run by Southside diktat and fear, by a fella who has been a member since 2015; a man who brazenly lied his way to the leadership, and was likely ‘installed’ by the ‘Deep State’ or UK establishment.

      2. Anyone doubting the idea that handing them your private data is like handing them a loaded weapon to use against you, simply need look at the Forde report’s evidence, highlighting 1,000s of uses of , “trots”, “trot busting”, “trot spotting”… Persecuting and weeding out the left is all these people live for.


    I forgot to mention/add:

    Forensic, effective opposition to the Tories in Parliament – linked up to our mass membership and a professional election operation

    And HOW does that work, when the membership is absquatulating in droves, and the party finances are in scheisse strasse ?

    How is losing members’ personal data to hackers in any way, shape or form a professional election operation?

    Only a farmer’d keep keef – just for the amount of shite he produces.

  26. If you look at the way societies have traditionally organised themselves, popular leaders usually came to prominence on merit, i.e. the process was organic. I believe Mick Lynch or Howard Beckett could be that kind of popular Labour leader.

    Starmer’s awfulness can be explained by the fact there is nothing organic or natural about Starmer’s rise to becoming Labour leader. He’s more like a product of this WEF programme :

    Basically, it’s the elite ensuring similar like-minded individuals emerge in politics to protect the status quo. They claim they are apolitical, but the very parameters they view as valued characteristics for future leadership are political favouring conservatism.

  27. Andy, I’d agree that Starmer is not a figure one could describe as being borne aloft by an upsurge of public sentiment but I’d be wary of popularity and populism more broadly being posited as an unalloyed good thing – Farage, Trump, Johnson are the counter-examples to those you cite.

    1. That can be true, yes. Many populists aren’t necessarily good people, many are narcissists.

      But why is this phenomenon happening?

      Klaus Schwab, a man many here may not of heard of, is to politics what Simon Cowell is to music. Just as Cowell churns out packaged, identikit singers and bands with his X Factor show, Klaus Schwab’s WEF churns out bland, centrist leaders. This is presumably the political world dreamed of by the likes of Blair, Mandelson?

      Only one problem, the public are realising these secretive elites are making participatory democracy(the organic part) a sham. People crave a return to real politics and real choice, hence why mavericks on the right like Trump, Farage and to a lesser extent Johnson (still part of the establishment btw) came along and they seemed like a breath of fresh air. On The left we saw Sanders in the US, and Corbyn here. The public are sussing out how the system has been rigged with Schwab’s production line centrists and are looking to throw a spanner in the works.

      Look how in the US Pete Buttigieg is now being promoted despite little sign of popular appeal . The elites will keep insisting they know best and trying to foist their candidates eg. Clinton on people until populations force change.

  28. Andy – His significant academic and career achievements would indicate otherwise.

    Aha!! The cultist reveals hisself…

    And what’s significant about his academic achievements?

    And his significant career achievements? Christ! There’s as much be critical of as there is to acclaim.

    There’s a plethora of people been promoted out of their depth. There will be in future. Usually the upper-middle classes, with their connections.

    Neither his career or academic achievements qualify him to run a bloody whelk stall, nevermind lead a political party or (God forbid) a country. There’s people sweeping the streets, or flogging car park tickets (NOT that o’ byrne one) or wiping shitty arses in care homes who are FAR more capable of FAR better than that dullard.

    They haven’t got the connections and don’t wear the old school tie… But like the rest of them, keef comes from humble beginnings; his dad was a toolmaker, his mam was a nurse….He was DPP, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam, ad infinitum 😴😴😴😴😴😴

    At least kim il sung was born on a mountain top under a double rainbow, could walk at three weeks old and could control the weather…

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