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Survation poll shows continuing massive support for the renationalisation that Starmer refuses

Why is no political leader interested in representing the national will?

A new poll by Survation for ‘WeOwnIt’ shows that support for renationalising energy and every other key utility is huge among the public of all political persuasions, with seven out of ten people wanting to see sectors privatised by successive governments brought back fully into public hands:

  • 69% want publicly owned water
  • 65% want publicly owned buses
  • 67% want publicly owned rail
  • 78% want a publicly owned NHS
  • 66% want publicly owned energy
  • 68% want a publicly owned Royal Mail

Yet no political leader shows the remotest inclination to act on it in the nation’s obvious interest – nor is the media seriously discussing the option, as the Bath Ordinary Left group pointed out:

‘Labour leader’ Keir Starmer bears the greatest responsibility for persistently refusing the idea, because he fooled Labour members into voting him into his position by promising that he would bring them back into public ownership and honour the party’s previous two election manifestos. Ironically, and with the help of his friends in the media, he still claims to represent ‘integrity’ despite shredding every promise he made during the leadership campaign.

The UK’s democracy is broken – and neither Starmer nor any other parliamentary figure in a position to do anything about it has any intention of doing so, instead appearing completely vested in maintaining the unequal, grossly exploitative status quo.

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  1. I genuinely don’t understand ANYONE being a member of the Labour Party now. The Labour Party of old, has gone, never to be torn from the cold dead hands of the PLP. Save your ire, your money and your hopes. Form or join another proper party.

      1. timfrom – It didn’t take very long for the voters of Bradford to realise that Galloway was just an empty showman.

      2. Now if SH had said that George Galloway’s party stands zero chance of winning power and forming a government, and for the obvious reason that he would be smeared every-which-way by the Establishment’s propaganda machine, then he would have been making a valid point. But No, and like the malignant little piece of shillshit that he is, he smears a man who has a trillion times more integrity than Starmer and his Stasi Party democracy-subverting fascists.

      3. Infinitely more in fact, because THEY have none whatsoever!

      4. EXCELLENT point Allan Howard. STASI Party UK, Keir Starmer.

        Surveillance Capitalism isn’t only happening because of technology. It needed a legislative framework to enable it*, which, in the UK’s case, was provided by at least 7 of NewLabour’s 13,000 new laws.

        Indeed, Starmer is an enabler of the Establishment and its corrupt economic order.

        *(just like an untested and probably dangerous vial of ‘medicine’ needs Indemnity and legislative authorisation, before it can be given to the general public – for a disease with a 99+ survival rate)

      5. This is not purely posted to discombobulate Allan Howard
        Geordie Galloway is a good horrible bastard, exactly what we need in Labour party to do the dirty work
        We already have our spiritual leader in JC
        What we need in next leader of Labour party is a young bame woman to directly take on the attacks from MSM and toilet papers over the Woke agenda, it’s all they have left now
        She will also secure the future amongst our natural demographic, Progressive Socialists
        Finally she will repair our democracy before moving to PR

      6. Two Cheeks
        I agree, even Poundshop Thatcher would be better than PWC
        For simple reason she has a history of changing her spots in record time
        Take about 5 minutes for her to change into all of the Marxist brothers
        My favourite was Chico

      7. Chico
        Always had that look on his face that said
        Then there was the Sanity Clause

    1. Says a shithead who supports a serial liar and a fascist, the polar opposite of George:

      1. PS The above was in response to SHs 12.37pm post of course.

      2. Allan – As I said earlier
        ” It didn’t take very long for the voters of Bradford to realise that Galloway was just an empty showman.”

  2. The only thing standing in the way is the Tory and Labour duopoly and their collusion.

    The same collusion that brought us the 2019 GE result; multiple unprovoked wars, and the legacy of misery still playing out around the globe today.

    Time for proportional representation and finally some real democratic choice.

  3. They’ve all got their fingers in the pies** No bleedin’ chance they’re gonna take those things back into state ownership.

    Parasites, the bastard lot.

    **And those that haven’t will be expecting grotesquely renumerated boardroom/consultancy appointments (that they possibly don’t already have) when their snouts are removed from the Westminster trough.

    Like I said. We need a Swedish style method; one where they get paid a wage – and that’s it.

  4. Journalists and lawyers file lawsuit against CIA over ‘spying’ on Assange visits

    US journalists and lawyers who visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have filed legal action against the CIA and its former director, Michael Pompeo.

    They also filed a lawsuit against Spanish security firm Undercover Global and its former chief executive David R Morales Guillen, claiming they violated constitutional rights.

    The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York and alleges that Mr Pompeo oversaw and directed a campaign of illegal spying on Assange’s lawyers and others inside the Ecuadorian embassy.

    1. A little off-topic

      Same tired arld shite, same shovel flingin it.

      Address the elephant in the room, nonce apologist. Namely, further evidence of smarmer shithousery.

      1. Toffee – What’s your problem, did you bother to watch the video before you responded? 🤔

      2. Whats my problem?

        As if you don’t know. But I suppose it has to be explained again.

        Some of you might find this video interesting

        While not bothering to click on the link I’ll take me chances and assume it’s Corbyn talking about even more keef shithousery.

        Hence the some of you

        But we already know about keefs’ gobshitery. We’ve read (parts of in my case) the Forde report and have already said – many times – on this forum almost exactly what Corbyn will have said on that video.

        And you have chosen to sneer, to obfuscate, and mitigate for each and every bit of keef shithousery over the years.

        Which is why you said some of you (but pointedly NOT including yourself might find it interesting.

        Because you’re not. You posted it thinking it’d be a distraction to the sub-topic of the article; that of keef reneging on his pledge to renationalise mail rail & the utilities.

        Instead it has evidenced that you’re a hopeless oaf who uses something you think is a distraction from the original article but you’ve ended up streisanding yourself.

        You’re just not as clever as you think you are, soft ollies.

        And you’re a nonce apologist.

      3. I don’t bother to even glance at any propoganda this steve h davida,sh,,mr steve hall dishes up.Hes lost all credibility this last couple of years since he sold out to fascism.

    2. Thanks for the ‘what the MSM don’t want you to know’ clip steveh. Does anyone know if the video is also on any non-Fcbook site?

      1. >>*(just like an untested and probably dangerous vial of ‘medicine’ needs Indemnity and legislative authorisation, before it can be given to the general public – for a disease with a 99+ survival rate)

        Shame about all them 1’s isn’t it how many in a thousand, handed thousand, million, and what’s the population of the UK? Them 1’s in a hundred sure add up quick. What they never tell you is this isn’t a one time thing nope that new role of the dice happens every second your exposed in a enclosed space.

        This is where this tired argument falls flat because just using your very basic and BTW wrong maths. All them 1’s add up mighty quick to a huge pile of dead and this happens again and again every day every time you meet different people them 1’s occurring every second of the day so my question to you as you don’t seam bothered about a huge pile of dead is how many is to many? Hundred thousands 2 and climbing? Every life matters FFS! Or none do and I am tired of people that seam to think lives must be lost just because they don’t care.. Or there scared of a injection. But that’s another tired argument that boils down to I don’t care again. See pattern there?

        So excuse my fully vaccinated backside that still wears a mask inside in public. Because I do care about others and myself. You don’t that’s a you problem not a me problem. Have a fantastic virus free day…

  5. When the “will of the people” is completely ignored and democracy pushed into isolation than the country itself is in danger of implosion.That could be said for Britain and the US along with the EU nato states.Has the penny dropped yet?…just look around you.

    1. ..and there was I thinking that the use of a OMOV ballot to elect our leader was a relatively recent innovation.

      1. Leaving the rest of us wondering why you had ZERO crib with you NOT getting your vote (along with 500k others) when the shithouse bulldozed through the second ref.

        But then again, conference is only sovereign when it’s sitting, innit? 😒

      1. baz2001 – Really, even Corbyn has acknowledged the vast majority of both Labour’s membership and Labour’s voters supported a CV and staying in the EU.

  6. Good morning peoples and its raining ☔cats and dogs in a country with a hose pipe ban?…follow the yellow brick road in the fantasy land world of OZ politics and “control” .Stand in line for the universal jab that will cure covid,monkey pox,and the common sense of humanity.that we were born with…..New world order spreading the virus of fear and loathing of democracy.!

  7. Again the same as the US, the supposed party of the left , the Democrats, never implement popular leftist policies.

  8. Starmer isn’t the problem. He’s just a sad, little, symptom of the problem. FPTP; neoliberal economics; elected political representatives that serve the agenda of corporations, organised wealth and the WEF.

    To quote the marvellous Ronan Burtenshaw, Editor of Tribune:

    “There is only one force on earth that Organised Wealth fears, and that is Organised Labour”

    Keir Rodney Starmer is currently fulfilling several key tasks for Organized Wealth: the disorientation and castration of Organised Labour.

  9. Starmer, as with others before him like Saville, hides what he is in plain site.

    This piece succinctly and cogently nails the issue:

    “It’s not because he’s dull or because he exudes the air of a weak man trying desperately to persuade you he is strong, it’s because he is the embodiment of the failure in Britain’s democracy. He is a distilled, concentrated version of why Britain is shit.”

    Wankers attract other wankers. As we see daily, nay hourly on a 24/7 basis, on this site alone. That is why there are no adults in the room and nothing works.

    1.’s a great site, thanks Have Hansell. How his lively mind describes Starmer is wonderful: “Mr Rules”, “a consumerist, a supply-side politician”, “a personification of why Britain is in decline in the first place.”

      I love that he says (almost) in passing
      “It’s not because he’s dull or because he exudes the air of a weak man trying desperately to persuade you he is strong, it’s because he is the embodiment of the failure in Britain’s democracy. He is a distilled, concentrated version of why Britain is shit.It’s not because he’s dull or because he exudes the air of a weak man trying desperately to persuade you he is strong, it’s because he is the embodiment of the failure in Britain’s democracy. He is a distilled, concentrated version of why Britain is shit.” “

      And again:
      “The only politician Britain has had who has had any real understanding of the scale and cause of the crisis we face was Jeremy Corbyn. His political assassination took place at the hands of the elite Starmer and Brown want so much to protect.”

      Thanks again Dave. I’m bookmarking your link.

    2. Great article, absolutely nothing disagreeable within it

      Well found, Dave. Bookmarked 👍

    3. As ever, the devil is hidden in the detail. The scariest bit of MaCalpine’s article is to be found in this paragraph:

      “Britain is lost. To give a simple metaphor, it is now almost certainly physically impossible to repair England’s failing water infrastructure at a rate faster than the failure of Britain’s weather system. Our decline is faster than the fastest version of reversing the decline.”

      He may well be simply using it as a metaphor. However, the stark, literal and practical reality of the rate of serious deterioration of basic but vital systems – from water to energy; agriculture to supply chains; transport to health; education to politics and more – beyond recoverable capacity is, like Starmer, the out of touch with reality elites he represents and the cheerleaders trolling for him, hidden in plain sight.

      It is the practical survival issue which no one wants to face. Instead we are pissing about with nonsensical policing of pronouns and narcissisticly wallowing in atomised Thatcherite self-id and its pseudo-gibberish bollocks of ‘intersectionalism.’

      We don’t even produce anything any more – having reverted several centuries back in time to the rentierism of the Feudal Middle ages in terms of our economy.

      A lot of us, when we were sprogs, sat through hours of tedious lectures about the systemic collapse of Rome. And just like no one expected the “Spanish Inquisition” no one expected to be living through the same experience in real time.

      What is clear is that there are no adults in the room. Not in basic arithmetic, never mind Economics. Not in basic social interaction, never mind diplomacy. When your choice is between the geographically challenged sociopathic Truss and the equally sociopathic more pips on shoulder than brain cells Starmer the gig is up. There’s no way back from total systems FUBAR.

      If anyone wants to play catch up with those pesky details recommended options would be, for economics, Michael Hudson (either his own blog, Naked Capitalism, The Vinyard of the Saker, or, more generally, Steel City Scribbler); for geo-politics, Pepe Escobar; and Alaister Crooke/Declan Hayes et al over at Strategic Culture (if you can access the site given that it is designated as ‘undesirable’ by the gatekeepers of The Official Narrative (TON).

      1. Quick question for the brains of the operation
        In the year 2022
        Why do we not have a Peoples bank, its our money
        Why do we the people not own land, then we can profit from the speculators, whilst protecting our own
        Why do we not have a global media company, then we get to frame the story
        But more than anything else, why are we so cheap to buy and how do we know who has sold out

      2. The short answer, Doug, is down to the old divide and rule.

        The longer answer, certainly in regards to money, is that in terms of the necessary criteria Western economies no longer qualify as Capitalist economies – whose raison det’re was/is to create value via producing things and to reduce parasitic rentier costs – having long since reverted to the financialisation model serving feudal rentier interests of the pre-capitalist Middle Ages (Michael Hudson’s observations and analysis refer).

        The systemic structures and processes of the capitalist model as described by such as Smith, Ricardo, Marx and other Classical economic thinkers and philosophers of that period have been put out to pasture by the neo-liberal scribes prostituting themselves for a long and well established Feudal Oligarchy.

        It is of little surprise that an elite – via their bought and paid for politicians of all party’s – which control the State and thus the economy for the benefit of themselves are pushing a narrative that those States where the opposite is the case – where the corporate elite and the economy are controlled by the State for the benefit of the populace – are “Autocratic” and must be destroyed down to the last peasant.

        If only to get their hands on what is left of other peoples resources. Lifting 730 + people out of poverty in a generation is not, and never will be, on these peoples agenda.

        Check out, for example, this 1975 Report from The Trilateral Commission (I wonder who we know is associated with them?):

        A report which: “argued that Western societies were plagued by an excess of democracy, which the authors proposed to resolve not only through a reduction of the bargaining power of labour, but also through “a greater degree of moderation in democracy” and a greater disengagement (“non-involvement”) of civil society from the operations of the political system through the diffusion of “apathy”. This second objective was achieved primarily through a gradual depoliticisation of economic policy: that is, through the removal of macroeconomic policy from democratic parliamentary control and the separation of the “economic” from the “political”.

        – Thomas Fazi: Unherd Magazine 16/8/2022 (Available online)

  10. ……as LOTO knew, he had to get behind Jeremy B4 he could stab him in the back, unlike Jess Phillips………

  11. On another point
    By what calculation is Football not overwhelmingly a Man’s game

  12. If Starmer or the rest of his cronies promised tomorrow to privatise the Utilities I wouldn’t trust them to do it, it doesn’t represent the people’s interests that they serve.

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