Starmer falls behind disgraced Johnson in working-class former Labour seats

Peas in a rotten pod

Keir Starmer is behind disgraced Tory soon-to-be-ex-PM among people in the so-called ‘red wall’ working-class, former ‘Labour heartland’ seats that voted Conservative in 2019, according to the latest Redfield Wilton polling.

More than fifty such seats abandoned Labour at the last general election because of Starmer’s referendum betrayal – and it’s clear that those working-class voters see right through him now:

Johnson is on his way out as a disgraced buffoon unrepentantly responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths, finally toppled by his habitual lies and arrogance.

But people prefer even him to Starmer’s spineless weathervane antics, inauthenticity, lack of substance and towering dishonesty – while Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity among the same folk only increases.

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      1. So how many hundreds of times is it now that you’ve posted a ‘reply’ to the first poster? And usually within a matter of a few minutes!

        SH either posts the first comment himself (within a few minutes of the email notification) or posts a reply to the first poster, at LEAST fifty percent of the time. Oh, but he’s not a paid shill of course!

      2. Allan – I’ve no idea, I was relying on you to keep a log. Over the years I’ve commented on a total of around 950 Skwawkbox articles, I hope this helps you to catch up on your vital task.😏

  1. It will take a while for the Red Wall voters who switched to voting for Boris to admit how f’ing stupid they were.

    1. SteveH, it would be really stupid for them to vote for Starmer the high guru of the People’s Vote, that delivered a Tory government that has landed the UK into the worse cost of living crisis with rampant inflation despite almost frozen salaries.
      So you better hope that the Red Wall is full of stupid voters. Because otherwise Starmer doesn’t stand a chance.

      1. Maria – The only people who put Boris in office with an almost unassailable majority are the f;wits who voted for him, it will just take a while before they can admit to themselves how gullible they were. Hopefully the change of leadership will give them enough reasons to convince themselves that they can now save face.

      2. Says SH who must have posted several thousand comments on here arguing for a second referendum!

        God you really are a total XXXX!!

      3. Allan – I’m disappointed that you are unable to give me an exact number, your’re falling down on your job.

    2. Skwawkbox : Starmer falls behind disgraced Johnson in working-class former Labour seats

      SteveH : This is good because… something, something Corbyn

      1. You usually name drop Corbyn and contrast some poor poll of his.

        The simple fact is, Corbyn at a similar point in his tenure as leader was doing far better comparatively. Right now Starmer would bite yer arm off for the 40% and nearly 13 million votes Corbyn-led Labour got in 2017’s GE.

        You can claim Theresa May was crap etc, but the media were presenting her as Thatcher 2. Why do you think she called a snap election in the first place, they were polling miles ahead. It was only Corbyn’s solo campaigning and a well-received socialist manifesto that clawed them back. Another week of campaigning and he’d have been PM. Whether he’d have lasted as PM with that PLP is another matter though.

      2. Andy – But after the 17GE it was downhill all the way, all the way to the loss of 20% of the membership and 60 seats.

      3. qwertboi – So Jeremy is even less popular than he was prior to the 19GE.

    3. SteveH, keep telling yourself that you and others who supported the People’s Vote have nothing to do with Labour losing the General Election.
      You maybe want to forget about it and blame others, but have Labour stay true to the manifesto promise of 2017 to enact Brexit we wouldn’t have lost many seats in the Red Wall.

  2. Starmer has been leader of the Labour Party for over two years. I clearly remember many members of the PLP in 2016 and earlier in 2017 that with any other leader Labour would be 20 points ahead of Teresa May.
    I remember early 2017 members of the PLP criticising Corbyn after winning the second leadership contest because he wasn’t 20 points ahead of Theresa May.
    Clearly Starmer isn’t performing against the dreadful Johnson, he is not 20 points ahead but rather 3 points behind. I wonder what the PLP is waiting for before challenging Starmer for the leadership?

    1. Maria – Have you read the Stats For Lefties report on the silly 20% meme?
      “Labour hasn’t been 20pts ahead in a monthly average of polls for nearly 20 years, and it hasn’t been 20pts ahead in opposition for 24 years (the last time was in March 1997). There have been many double-digit leads for Labour, but polling 20pts ahead of the Conservative Party is difficult to do. The main reason for why it’s so hard, especially now, is that there are a substantial number of people who will never stop supporting the Conservatives.
      Aside from a brief collapse for both major parties between May and August 2019, the Conservatives have not fallen below 28% in a monthly average of polls since November 2001. As a result, Labour needs to regularly average 48%+ in polls in order to be 20pts ahead of the Tories; they have not achieved this in opposition since March 1997. The graph below compares the latest poll average (February 2021) to the last time Labour was 20pts ahead in opposition:
      Comparison of poll averages in March 1997 and February 2021
      However, Labour has been 20pts ahead in the past. So what’s different about now?

      1. SteveH, I agree with Stats For Leftist analysis.
        However, it didn’t stop members of the PLP at the time to parrot Tory Tony did it? See link below in case you need to refresh your memory.

        Where are they know, what are they waiting to challenge Starmer for the leadership? It only proves what a bunch of dishonest hypocrites they all are, No wonder Starmer is 3 points behind, the miracle is he isn’t more than 3.

      2. Maria – ..and yet if you check the MRP polls (that’s the ones that extrapolate the results for each seat) they predict that Labour will regain nearly all the Red Wall seats at the next GE

    2. Amazing how the Tories dump failing leaders at will. And yet Labour fret and toil on, unhappily despairing under a leader most despise and can’t wait to be rid of. His leadership campaign betrayal alone is enough to thoroughly despise the man.

      Labour MPs and CLPs need to realise the press and wider media won’t do the heavy lifting removing Starmer, as they do for the Tories with their leaders, and as they did with Johnson and May. You have to do it yourselves. Fears of the PLP foisting Reeves on them are overblown, as virtually any rival will beat her under OMOV.

      1. Andy – The PLP are the ones who get to decide who you can vote for

      2. I realise that. But above all else they want to hold their seats, no? And for that they need Labour voter enthusiasm.

        So caveat emptor for them, if they even countenance a Blairite stitch up. They could end up with another Starmer. Far better picking a genuine compromise left-right healing candidate, someone like Barry Gardiner. The London press may mock the choice but Labour voters won’t ,another 2017 result can be theirs, especially against a Truss or Sunak.

      3. Andy – Barry tried flying his kite at the 2020 leadership elections, it didn’t go well. In the event of an election Labour would more than likely end up with its first elected female leader. But you’ll have to wait until after the next GE at the earliest because nobody is going to challenge Keir before then.

      4. you’ll have to wait until after the next GE at the earliest because nobody is going to challenge Keir before then.”

        You think, or you just hope?

      5. qwertboi – I don’t think that any of the potential challengers are that stupid. You are more than welcome to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ should the occasion arise.

      6. ” welcome to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ should the occasion arise.

        No, I suspect you’re right. I hope to high heaven that you are: Starmer should lead Labour at the next GE, he will be the reason for its poor performance.

        Thing is, the LabourRight are a bit unpredictable and not very electorally strong, you know. Rumour has it that even Rachel Reeves and Yvette Cooper are working together in that sneaky, scheming, conniving way we’d expect from the two of them.

        Me, I hope it’s the webegone Wes Streeting that does his stuff.

  3. We all know the Labour movement is Toxic and the leader is nothing but a fucking Wanker!!! For Christ sake I wish I had someone to look up to!! Only one man is speaking any sense George Galloway…

    1. Andy – But after the 17GE it was downhill all the way, all the way to the loss of 20% of the membership and 60 seats.

      But but but….

      Match the membership numbers to the timescale on the picture in the link. No coincidence that the numbers started plummeting matches keefs’ shithousery to a fucking tee.

      Nonce apologist. Toerag enabling apologist.

  4. New New Labour’s red wall is a misnomer, it should be called their light blue wall.

  5. Starmer has broken so many rules sooner
    or later he will go too far even for the current
    PLP .

    They’re short of money – and not answering
    questions from membership. The new software
    for the so-called “Labour Hub” was supposed to
    be active on July 25th – but its not properly
    working and members are getting automated

    1. Well what do you expect from a party leader who invites Danny Kruger mp whos background is in pro apartheid boar homlands and krank Church Ned kerk evangelist church who peddle the doctrine of the Great white saviour and the belief of a sub class…(anyone poor)whos punishment is the “wrath of god” for being poor?or a person not of the white race… and in fact most of the world…This is what the labour party now supports..and those that bankroll this monstrous vile party should “think again” ..!

      1. Nice one Joseph. Monstrous vile party, indeed. I get ill when I see or hear them speak. They have nothing to offer the working class but insults and pain. Vainglorious pigs with their grease dripping snouts crawling for complemements from Nick ‘Jabba the Hut” Fuckari. I would love to be interviewed by him, moron and vile.

      2. Wobbly – and the credible alternative that you are offering is?

    2. HolbyFanMw….I’m looking forward to seeing the latest accounts when they’re published. The last set of accounts showed a huge slump in members donations in one year from £13.8m down to 800k. A slump of 13 millions.

      1. Reply to Steveh, personal responsibility. I continue to do my pensioner assoc work, literacy for newcomers, trustee on a membership led mental health group (not liked by the NHS or local goverment) seek out the masonic nonces( not liked by local plods) defend our small farmers, tenants action committee, keep an eye on extreme RW infiltration into our area, encourage the non derangeanged students to learn about the classics of the left and tutor struggling, poor students hopefully resulting in more uni admissions. It is in this automatically diverse community that leaders of substance will emerge. I am proud to be part of a movement that will flourish and grow. I am not a leader of men+ etc but a small part of something that will one day act politically to benefit all the working class. I’m old and won’t be around to see it but it will happen. I will not go into self imposed exile believing that I am prophet abroad. Thanks for your question, I only just received notice of it. Best to you and yours. Excuse the smell of cow gum and ink.

  6. I’ll try that post, again, without the link for ‘The Peterloo March for Democracy’ blurb :

    The – Enough is Enough – campaign, was launched on Monday.

    Yesterday, the number of people signed up to it, passed 250,000. That’s in two days.

    It reminds me of The Labour Party, when JC became Leader.

    Also, on Monday, this was tweeted. People queuing ’round the block’, in Edinburgh, to hear JC speak :

    This coming Sunday, JC – amongst others – will be taking part in The Peterloo March for Democracy, in sunny Manchester.

    Besides JC, speakers will include Ken Loach, Maxine Peak, Stella Assange, Laura Pidcock, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Eddie Dempsey, Lindsey German, Ian Hodson – and many more. If you can make it to Manchester, to join the fun, that would be super-duper. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Wouldn’t it, Steve H?

    1. Thank you George. I’ve been to the Peterloo event on occasions in the past but will have to give it a miss this time.
      We all need reminding of the state’s “proud” past.
      To others I would say, my original comment was clearly spot on.

  7. When I think of the carnage facing the working class this winter and listen to that moron SH going on about the Zombie labour party I despair.What about the parliament that provides money and weapons for Zelenskys Nazis but cant provide warmth or food for their own people in one of the wealthiest country’s in the world….Bloody disgraceful and it doesn’t matter anymore about labours “warm up” act for the conservative and unionist party..
    ” Gone with the wind “

  8. There’s an old (esoteric) saying where I come from.

    It’s a pity you shit…Otherwise you’d be in the waxworks (Madame Tussaud’s)

    Essentially means you’re an austere dummy. Bereft of the ravages of intelligence. Unresponsive to the social climate. Unfazed by the trials and tribulations of others. Completely self-absorbed with a woeful lack of spontaneity and impetus.

    Never more so has it applied to anyone than it does keef.

    De piffle, while being a total knobend, at least is capable of a form of communication, distasteful as it invariably is.

    As social creatures, humans (of whatever political bias) will always go for the de piffle type over the furtive, unsociable, uncommunicative smarmer type.

      1. Rattled?


        I’ll freely confess the knobend’s got me fucking depressed though.

  9. And as for his delusions of grandeur….just who the bleedin’ hell is he trying to kid?

    “A party of government doesn’t join picket lines”

    Err…Keef? You’re NOT the government. Nor are you EVER gonna be. Not with a boring, austere, detached dullard like yourself thinking you’ve got what it takes.

    Because you just HAVEN’T, and NEVER will.

    The country already knows that the toerags are giving us what you’re (not) offering. No need, nor desire, for the nation to fulfil your self-interest when they know it’s only more of the same.

    Oh, and mentioning you were once DPP ad nauseam, ad infinitum doesn’t qualify you on any way shape nor form.

    It merely confirms your pro-establishment, (westminster careerist) credential.

    Another stuffed shirt. Another chinless wonder.

    1. Toffee, well said.

      A DPP that failed to prosecute the most notorious paedophile the nation has ever witnessed, who initially locked up Assange on false spurious charges, and a DPP who refused to prosecute the killers of Jean Charles Menezes who was executed by the police in London.

      That’s one hell of a corrupt DPP.

      1. baz2001 – ….and you are basing this on what evidence?
        While you are at it could you also explain why both Savile’s victims and their solicitors disagree with you?
        Surely they are in a much better position to know the truth of this than you are.

      2. What is your obsession with excusing keef particularly about the nonce savile?

        You do that more than any other of his shithousery as DPP.

        Oh that’s right….😙🎶

      3. Toffee – Can you explain why both Savile’s victims and their solicitors disagree with you?
        Surely they are in a much better position to know the truth of this than you are.

  10. Two Cheeks
    Your man beaten by Baby Trump and ‘None of the above’
    You do know this is going to end in tears
    Not only did he give us the worst Tory government in history but he is on course to lose to Poundshop Thatcher

    1. Doug – I don’t remember you making the same argument when your hero JC was trailing miles behind Boris in the polls.

      1. Go on, you know it will appeal to his base in the Tory party
        Surely according to lean mean GE winning machine it will be a walkover for Red Tories

      2. Sorry I forgot you could not organise an egg and spoon race since you lost members data

  11. lost members data

    Hmmm 🤔

    Anyone remember that there were files relating to the nonce savile that were lost??? 😙🎶

    Oh, I forgot, it’s correct to mention tess maybot ‘losing hundreds of files into Westminster nonces….But it’s completely unfair to question why the savile files had been got shut of; and not having the evidence totally exonerates keef, instead of putting him under further scrutiny.

    1. Toffee – If you want to know what actually happened rather than endlessly spouting ill informed nonsense then I suggest that you read the report that was carried out into the failings over Savile and also look at the safeguards that were put in place by Keir to try and ensure that this wouldn’t happen again.

  12. look at the safeguards that were put in place by Keir to try and ensure that this wouldn’t happen again.

    Well, they worked well – didn’t they?

    What happened to the files on savile again?

    That’s right, you nonce apologist….they went west. 😙🎶

    Keef put safeguards in place to ensure it wouldn’t happen again? You really are fucking clueless as well as besotted.

    Weirdo. Wrong un. Nonce apologist.

    1. Toffee – Educate yourself by reading the reports, your self inflicted ignorance is your problem not mine.

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