Ian Byrne warned by police and Jewish groups of far-right death threats against him, family, staff

Popular Liverpool left-winger implements new security procedures at constituency surgeries after extremist seen at his office

Left-wing MP of the Year Ian Byrne has published a statement notifying constituents of new security measures to be implemented at his local surgeries after a right-wing extremist made death threats against him and was then photographed outside Byrne’s office.

The MP has also thanked Jewish community groups who alerted him and police to the threat and have provided support throughout, along with local police:

In June I was contacted regarding a possible threat to the life of myself, family and office staff.

A far right extremist who had been posting vile threats to the Jewish community on extremist websites had also posted comments about the murder of Sir David Amess MP, saying he would not be the last MP to die. The individual was then photographed outside my office in West Derby.

I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to the organisations from the Jewish community who flagged this threat to me and to the counter terrorism unit in Parliament. Their support has been excellent throughout this worrying episode, as has that of Merseyside Police who have offered security guidance to help assuage our very real fears.

My office will once again commence face-to-face surgeries in the community from September, but the security of my team must be paramount and our previous procedures will sadly need to change.

Once again thank you to all involved in supporting myself, family and staff during a difficult time.

This is a sobering reminder of the dangers faced by all who work in the public eye for a society free from division and hate.


Skwawkbox understands that no arrests have yet been made.

Ian Byrne is far from the first left-wing MP to be threatened by right-wing extremists after standing up for ordinary people, or following gross misrepresentation by the so-called ‘mainstream media’ and the Labour right. Byrne has even been smeared by local Labour right-wingers, who have falsely claimed that his office was not open when it was operating on an appointment-only basis on police advice.

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  1. Solidarity with Ian Byrne, his family and his staff. Very worrying to know that you are facing death threats.

  2. Well! Well! Well!

    Heil! BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen!

    Preferably: To HELL with BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen!

    Solidarity with Ian Byrne Stand Strong Brother!

    How many more death threats, bomb threats, etc, etc before real actions are taken. It is no mystery where the source of these violent fascists are! At the Belly of the dead thing that once was the UK Labour Party!

    We can’t afford to be separated by these Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour/Conservative TORY bastards and their MSM!
    The PEOPLE need to drop whatever shit they hold, well beyond petty, talk if you must, or move on, but don’t condemn Comrades!
    We The PEOPLE are committing political suicide!

    1. Ian Byrne names it “Death Threats”
      Skwawkbox names it “Death Threats ”
      The BBC names it “Death Threats”
      I’m just wondering why would LabourList mak extra effort to name it: “Byrne warned of “possible threat” to his life and those of his family and staff”

      1. nellyskelly – The explanation is very simple, I’m surprised that you missed it. The LabourList article uses a direct quote in their headline and is arguably more precise whereas the above article doesn’t. It does however directly quote Ian Byrne in the body of the article
        “In June I was contacted regarding a possible threat to the life of myself, family and office staff.

      2. Why would I not see that, you stupid person!
        That was the initial responce to the situation, is the current situation still “possible”, or do you think that it has by now moved to a Death threat?

      3. nellyskelly – I pointed out your obvious failings as diplomatically as I could. It isn’t my fault that you failed to read and/or understand the article before posting your crass comment. Please feel free to carry on digging.

      4. nellyskelly – I can’t be bothered, but please don’t let that stop you from continuing to embarrass yourself

      5. If Byrne HAD been assassinated, SteveH would be saying “I’ll wait for the results of the autopsy”. Are you paid by the deflection, Steve?

      6. Ken – I was simply correcting nellyskelly’s misunderstandings. I’m struggling to see why you would have a problem with this.

      7. You truly live in your own Little FluffBubble, this is an open forum and I answered your assumptions, nevermind you have fun up there watch those thorny bushes!

      8. nellyskelly – Oh dear, you just can’t help yourself. 🤣

      9. Your reaction is truly like that of a 5 year old Bully Child, in the playground, even if it is your own little fluff bubble, anyhow knock yourself out.

      10. nellykelly et al: A contextual suggestion for a solution:

        Three relevant observations seem reasonable to present;

        1. The headline at the top of this thirteen year old article:

        2. Efficiency is the most sacred of values in neo-liberal religious doctrine.

        3. With both point 1 and 2 above in mind the most appropriate response for everyone on this site to adopt in all cases here will be posted below immediately following this post.

  3. A very serios threat and I have been treated to that myself and the fact that somone turns up at the office is chilling..The right wing organisations dont usually make idle threats especially combat 18and other neo Nazis like the UVF who are active in England and especially the N.West were for a time in Bolton we had automatic weapons and hand grenades used.during a fall out with various terror families that were given housing and benifits from the labour a council house swop…..little surprise that the council is now Tory.when the town is used as a dumping ground for trash from the streets of the labour council who couldn’t at that time give a monkeys about the ordinary working class people….only the cash from the government for taking on known thugs and drug dealers from across the water…Ian Byrne cannot expect any help from the labour party or the PLP who would probably like to see him and fellow left wing removed by any means..Good luck to ian and hope its just another nutter from the treacherous labour party not to be taken too seriously especially if it isnt a organised group which of course the labour party isnt.

    1. Yup I know the feeling, it is no better on Twitter now, by all accounts, Corbyn is still writhe with Far Right abuse and threats and predominantly Gnasher Trolls, Mr CAA, connected to EDL and Britain First types, it is vile!
      My worst was some guy who was going to wear his kippa and dance all over my corpse singing something or’t other and then dump my body in the wheely bins behind the, get this, tiny private airport about 8 mile from my fkn house!
      Geeezus that chilled me, not his Chihuahua Barking, but almost pinpointing my whereabouts, that was freaky! I kept checking for Mossads for some time, I tell ya!

  4. Support to Ian Byrne against the hatred and aggression death threats

    Back when Labour was a proper political party with a regular leader it could be proud of (July 2016), the BBC ran the following headline:

    “Jeremy Corbyn appeals for Labour calm ‘after death threats’ “

    (is your alarm-bell ringing yet?)

    Jeremy Corbyn has called for “calm” and “dignity” from Labour members after leadership challenger Angela Eagle’s constituency office was vandalised.

    “Mr Corbyn said that “as someone who has received death threats this week” he condemned the “threatening act” and the other “abuse and threats” MPs faced.

    “The Labour leader urged members and supporters to “treat each other with respect and dignity”.

    “Ms Eagle said Mr Corbyn needed to “get control of his supporters”.”

    Two things:

    i) The party is unlikely to get a similar leadership message from its current incumbent re Ian Byrne.

    ii) Did you notice how the state broadcaster needed fewer than 100 words to create the impression that Jeremy Corbyn supporters were responsible for a death threat to Angela Eagle?

    Misinformation and manipulation writ large, that’s our BBC.

    1. Indeed qwertboi, even when Corbyn’s supporters had nothing to do with the threats of violence against right wing Labour MPs sabotaging the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party (others were) the BBC and other Media outlet were blaming us.
      No chance that the BBC will blame Starmer’s supporters for the death threats to Ian Byrne, even when we know for a fact (interference on the trigger ballots) that the Party machinery wants him gone.
      The MSM including the BBC aren’t bothering in reporting what is going on within the Labour Party,

  5. For what it is worth Mr.Byrne, solidarity.

    @Luke. Keep filling the threads with your drivel. Helps the new arrivals spot you sooner. Maybe you speak to Nigel Jones and ask him how he feels about possible threats

  6. I can’t say it keeps me awake at night …
    BUT …
    In the back of my mind I do have some concerns about the authoritarian drift in current legislation and rhetoric.
    Also – the top-down, authoritarian nature of the current Labour leadership and their failure to counter the rhetoric of the Toe Rag Government.
    As often said … Two cheeks of the same arse … So – No surprise there !

    Over the past few years, I have publicly gone out of my way to call out the contrived and dishonest weaponisation of anti-Semitism; I have stood by Jeremy Corbyn while he has been defamed by the zionist lobby and I have supported and championed Palestinian rights.

    I’ve always believed that you take note of what your enemy wants, and then do the opposite.
    So – In the past three years, I have listened carefully to Tom Watson, I have listened to Starm-Trooper, and I have joined Jewish Voice for Labour (as a solidarity member) and I have joined Palestnian Solidarity.
    These are two very-solid organisations who punch well-above their weight.
    Well-played Twatson; Well-played Keef !

    When I moved a motion in my Labour Party CLP calling out the Board-of-Deputies’ outrageous “Ten Pledges” at the time of Labour’s leadership election, the response of some good and trusted comrades was quite revealing:
    . One warned me to be “very-careful”
    . Another told me that I was being “very brave”
    . When my CLP overwhelmingly supported my motion, my MP (one of Corbyn’s back-stabbers) denounced the CLP’s . decision and described my motion and proposing speech as “most unwise”.
    When I later learned that both Twatson and Starmer had both received large bungs (between £40,000 and £50,000 each) from Sir Trevor Chinn of the Jewish Leadership Council), I could see why he felt my contribution to the debate had been “most unwise”.

    I’ve been a Senior Shop Steward and Union Secretary in a large factory.
    I’ve also been a Senior Lay activist in a major union for many years.
    I’m used to lies, threats, blackmail and bribery as part of the standard armoury of the employers and the right-wing in the Labour Movement.

    Should I be worried ?
    Perhaps we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
    “Your fear is their power” …. as it says on the motorway bridge near Manchester.

    Solidarity with Ian Byrne

    1. Johnsco whos your rat mp?…name them and shame them comrade
      .Too much secrecy as killed the labour party…and the enemy within rely on secrecy.You fund them so have your say .?

  7. Sam Tarry on whiskysour
    Has made it clear to PWC that electoral fraud has been committed in his constituency, he has warned the torag that if it isn’t dealt with then he will bring in plod
    Years ago I had to seek advice from the police when a bailiff threatened a client and his pregnant partner, they were horrified at what had happened and basically read the riot act to the bailiff company who then contacted me and offered to sack the individual concerned
    It would do no harm for both Sam and Ian to take advice on what constitutes Electoral Fraud from the police
    Prepare the ground, maybe set some traps for the fuckers

  8. “…Prepare the ground, maybe set some traps for the fuckers…”
    You’re right Doug.
    We must be serious if we want to win for our people and our cause.
    I used not to be a factional animal.
    However – Having learned from the dirty-tricks department of our right-wing opponents, we cannot afford the luxury of polite debate – only to be beaten by dishonest burocratic manoevring by villains.

  9. How many MSM journalists ‘take the shilling’ from British Intelligence?

  10. Archie batterbie will now be left to die sixteen weeks after his accident.The parents have tried every court in the land and the European court.Now life support will be withdrawn with the hospital refusing the transfer of archie to a hospice because “it might breach the hospitals duty of care?…you couldn’t make it up in a society that no longer values life..Absolutely a disgrace and I am sure that many out there realise now just how little life is valued in this rotton world….who next the elderly and vulnerable…disabled…unemployed?

    1. Joseph OKeefe…..What do you think they did during the first phase of the Covid outbreak? They killed many Elderly people by deliberately infecting them with the virus in their care homes, my Mother was one who died in this Tory genocide. Patients in the local Hospital who were Covid positive were deliberately discharged back into their care homes. Where they infected other residents and subsequently killed them. In my Mother’s case twenty of her friends perished in this way. We were not allowed to be with her when she died, and her burial was a farce too.

      Make no mistake this was deliberate Tory Policy and the Official Opposition fully supported them too. This is the UK 2022.

    2. You couldn’t make it up, true! When Rules-Based systems are treated as absolutes they go against the people or purpose they supposedly protect. Me, I’m cynical enough to believe the anti-human/anti-liberty/anti-rights consequence is sometimes not ‘unintended’, but instead the whole-reason for the rule or regulation in the first place.

  11. I dont know about this case – if a person
    is dead do you think it right to keep them
    artificially ventilated? My family had to make
    this decision recently about a person who
    suddenly died and of course it is heart

    What has REALLY incensed me this week
    is the real life story on R4 (1.45pm) about
    the search for a mother of an adopted man.
    The man is dead now – but the journalist
    who is telling the story promised him before
    he died that she would find his mother.

    The man was born in one of the dreadful
    “mother and baby homes” and the program
    features stories about others born in the
    homes or have given birth in them,.THe
    woman has managed to get the mans
    adoption files and practically everything is
    redacted ..

    The issue is complicated by the lack of
    government in Northern Ireland – a situation
    which makes me very angry

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