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Exclusive: CLPD to quit Momentum after ‘double-cross’ bars Corbyn-backed’s Wimborne-Idrissi from NEC slate?

Lansmanite ‘Momentum Organisers’ group makes deal on NEC candidate support with CLPD to take Momentum chair positions then u-turns and overturns big vote in JVL’s Wimborne-Idrissi’s favour, say insiders

Left-winger Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

The new Momentum regime has double-crossed Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) to bar left-wing Jewish activist Naomi Wimbornne-Idrissi from the left slate for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC), say insiders.

Skwawkbox understands that the Lansmanite ‘Momentum Organisers (MO) group struck a deal with CLPD to take control of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG), after a tight vote in the recent NCG elections left the committee finely-balanced between the reformist ‘Your Momentum’ slate and MO. The deal meant that CLPD backed a motion brought by MO appointing members to executive positions (not the usual process, which is a normal election for each position separately).

An NCG meeting last weekend voted by 20-11 in favour of supporting JVL’s Wimborne-Idrissi as part of a ‘Grassroots 5’ slate for the NEC – but the NCG’s co-chairs then agreed to hold another vote last night, which went 19-11 against her. Momentum is today advertising a ‘GV4’ slate:

The full left slate should look like this:

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi is backed by Jeremy Corbyn and a number of unions and received 113 CLP nominations.

According to insiders spoken to by Skwawkbox, the left-run unions who backed Wimborne-Idrissi are furious with what has been termed a ‘double-cross’ – and CLPD is so outraged that its representative will quit Momentum and the group is likely to withdraw its cooperation with the group entirely.

Update: other CLPD sources say only individual reps are leaving Momentum but that levels of anger are sky-high.

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  1. I’m, so, very, sorry, Naomi has, once again, been used as the focus for unwarranted discrimination.

    Such a lovely lady, does not deserve any of that.

    Solidarity, Naomi!

  2. It would be good to know the names of the 40 members of Momentum NCG, 29 are directly elected by members and 11 are reps of trade unions :CWU, FBU, Bakers (4 in total) Jon Trickett MP representing the SCG and reps from other socialist groups affiliated to Momentum such as CLPD, CND, CFS, LAAA, LRC, WLG among others. Somehow, I cannot see the majority of affiliates reps voting against the inclusion of Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.
    I am not going to be surprised if CND, LRC, LAAA and WLG plus the TU decided to follow CLPD and disaffiliate too. After all they are openly supporting the G5 that includes Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi.
    Momentum has lost Momentum and belongs in the dust bin of history.

    1. So proud that Sasha da Gupta LARAF’s (Labour antiracist and antifascist) founding member voted on both NCGs in favour of Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi been kept on the slate.
      I am afraid that it would appear that the cancer of fascism is spreading to Momentum. So glad that I left Momentum last year after Conference at the same time that I left the Labour Party.
      Below link to JVL’s statement.

      1. Maria, it’s astonishing for me to find out that a supposed Labour Party needs to have an anti racist group within it. I would expect that all of it’s members already were. That should tell the world all it needs to know about the New Labour Party.

  3. Yet again The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES show their truely Racist and Misogynist nature.
    A Jewish Woman today, tomorrow the Black Woman, then that Muslim Woman again, and then they do it all again, like a rusted crunching old Racist Misogynist Merry-Go-Round from Hell! There is only one thing that will reconcile, sue the bastards for every penny every drop, empty the house of the few good, then anihilate it to the ground as ashes, start afresh and Parasite free.

    1. I don’t know what Starmer has promised Lansman but he will never see the “promised land” as a fundamental shift in the world is on the cards and these left imposters are on their way out.and so is the neo liberal alliance.World order means disorder..

      1. Exactly Joseph, the frightening and very real potential Truss Government will have more to do with BlueKeef than any expectations from Truss. Truss will be locked in a room, with absolutely no red buttons and a snap election will be called almost immediately after.
        They are using the uselessness and stupidity of Truss to speed along the PMship of BlueKeef. That is my theory anyways. Why else would Truss knock two ‘bright young things’ like Badenoch and Modaunt out of the race, it is as insane as GE2019! We’ll have to wait and see.
        Once BlueKeef is in Nr10 he will naturally turn into Mr Uber Nasty to impress his Trilateral Commission and his Elitist Establishment Masters. Also after fucking up with the Memorial thing that Tel Aviv Beachfront Property slipped away a bit, he has mending to do. Then Joseph I reckon everything will hit the fan, especially if a great many voted for him expecting respite from 43 years of TORY suffering, only to realise that he and that Parasite Party are The TORIES and potentially twice as nasty!
        It’s not just Party politics that is changing, the Old World Order is fast being removed from their ivory towers by the New World Order and to be frank, hurrah! Even if it is Russia, China and Iran in comparison with the West and their Old World Order it would bring a sigh of relief, that is for sure.

      2. nellyskelly – “Even if it is Russia, China and Iran in comparison with the West and their Old World Order it would bring a sigh of relief, that is for sure.”

        I don’t give much for your chances of selling that on the doorstep.

      3. I’m not selling anything, but if I was, have you smelled the Roses and the Coffee lately?
        Then again, I guess not, you Sheeple need The SUN in Lambskin Clothing to inform you what Coffee and Roses smell like.
        Surely you are not so naive to believe that the death and destruction reaped by the West on the world, even just in the past 10 years, is remotely comparable to anything Russia has ever done? Yes, inliding the blond hair, blue eyed Nazis terrorisng Ethnic Russian Ukrainians.
        You really aught to stop being their sheep! I am under no illusions that Russia are squeeky clean or even slightly clean, they not, they are Bastards like every other Conservative Globalist Neoliberal Government opperrating their longcons today. They are no worse and no better. As far as the Old World Order is concerned time’s up and not too soon either! Hopefully we will see a truely United Nations, which is truely independent and much, much more, Xi has already spoken a lot of Common Sense regarding the New World Order. Much more all encompassing than the current one rogue nation being the Super Terrorist Bully of the planet. It’s about time, those people still think that they are Pirates and Colonialists, with gold nuggets and hunting ‘the natives’. Times Up!

      4. That woman will have the UK blown 6ft under the Atlantic Ocean, within a week of taking office. She scares me more than Putin, more than all the might of Moscow!
        Senile Biden on that side and Cheesy Truss on this side, we’re Fucked.
        Well Biden has Covid and the CIA chief was quoted saying, today that “Putin is too fit” could this be coincidental, too fit for what, a big whack of designer virus Covid to take him out?
        If I was Mrs Biden I’d be checking the life policies and wills right about now. I think the CIA zapped Biden with a serum of Covid Designer Virusus 😂😂😂
        Let’s hope there is a padded room full of cheese and tea, British Cheese and British Tea, somewhere under Nr10.
        On the otherhand we may as well get it over and done with, because there simply is no improvement whoever goes into Nr10, no matter how many tiers down, there is no safe or sane man or woman.
        C’est la Vie!

      5. With the UKs position as a global power long gone along with the rest of the European countries, and US power in decline, it is clear that a new global settlement will emerge. US and some European leaders will continue to do the Canute act believing that it will work. It won’t.
        Nobody needs to “sell it on the doorstep”. It’s simply the reality that we all will have to learn to work with.

      6. Joseph, aren’t they both Zionists? If they are, they want the same thing.

      7. Baz 2001….Zionist maybe but we are increasingly seeing labels for politics redundant.with left and right confused about there identities.maybe good and bad or more accurately the elite who are a new type of tyrant warlord.We may soon have to study the middle ages and the reformation to understand whats happening today with the self appointed leaders of society
        Archaic and dangerous with a scattering of perversions humanity itself is threatened by the New world order but they will crumble and I hope I live long enough to see it.

    1. WHY!? Why is that an interesting read!? Coming from you BlueSteveH I would love to know why? Yes it is Indeed an interesting read and it exposes the rot of BlueKeef and That Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES, so why would you recomend that? Are you now also alienating people from that Parasite rot by exposing their true nature!? Why?

      1. nellyskelly – I read many things that I find interesting but don’t necessarily either wholeheartedly endorse or condemn, life is seldom black or white. You’ve obviously already formed your own opinion so why do you need mine?

      2. Let me try to simplify. You are a BlueKeef pusher, promoting an article which rightly you call an interesting read, but that interesting read is Pure Poison to BlueKeef, The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES and your BlueKeef pushing agenda.
        Don’t get me wrong, I am greatful for this article.
        What i am asking is, why are you promoting that what is toxic to your BlueKeef pushing agenda?
        Have you started to realise what bastards they are?
        Are you dipping your toes in the ‘devils’ water?
        Just curious as to why?

      3. nellyskelly – You might also find this open letter interesting, even inspiring.
        We Celebrate 10 Years of Rojava: A Visionary Social Experiment Under Threat
        The people of Rojava pose a core threat to any existing government—especially those with imperialist ambitions—by showing the world a viable model of peaceful multi-ethnic coexistence, grounded in lived political, cultural, and ecological autonomy.

      4. Okay!? Who are you and what have you done to BlueSteveH?
        Thank you, yes this is very sad indeed, anything that is off grid, it does not even need to be decentralised, is currently at risk, ie the mothership project, slab city etc. This also links into the vaccine choice issue and so much more of the oppression of The PEOPLE, going on today.

  4. Everyone of those GV4 candidates should be canvassed and asked to stand up for Naomi
    Time to pick up the Telling Bone

    1. Steve Richards, Indeed it is. Lansman, and Momentum, the Trojan Horses. More fool me that I gave them my hard earned wages, just like I did with Labour.

    2. Steve Richards – Surely the left are more than capable of thinking for themselves, nobody is forcing them to slavishly follow a particular ‘slate’.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        Most people vote a slate simply because they don’t know the candidates personally but they do know their position on various issues and/or their politics depending on which slate they are on. There is nothing slavish about this. Its just common sense.

      2. Smartboy – Maybe they should be encouraged to do their own research instead of relying on the opinions of others.

      3. SteveH – I no longer know nor care what passes for being left wing, but I do have a fear of any unaccountable political party within the Labour Party & as for people thinking for themselves………just blindly follow the leader aka Sir Keir Starmer.

      4. Steve Richards – I was never a fan of Momentum, I was always suspicious that it was a personal power-base for Lansman’s own ambitions. I too am suspicious of parties within the party. (Lansman has thankfully gone on to pastures anew).
        For instance what useful purpose does JLM actually serve and who do they serve? Do they exert a disproportionate influence on party policy and if so why?
        The idea that any religious based organisation should be gifted more influence than others (whether religious or not) should be a complete anathema to the Labour party. By all means consult religious bodies and other interest groups but this should be done for all interest groups, giving extra power and influence to any collection of people because they profess to believe in their version of sky fairies is just wrong. The affiliates system should be re-examined. the Labour party could make a good start by dis-affiliating all religion based organisations (all two of them) and declaring itself to be a secular organisation and having a secular rule book (not anti religion, but not beholden to any disproportionate and undue influence either).

      5. SteveH “Surely the left are more than capable of thinking for themselves, nobody is forcing them to slavishly follow a particular ‘slate’.”

        The ‘thinking’ thing isn’t the issue Steve – it’s the Organising and Implementing bits that we want to do better/differently.

        FWIW – Lansman, like Starrmer – and the interests they work for – know this and intentionally carry out psyops like this to try and confound us. It’s unlikely to work – for “we are many and they are few”.

      Surround Parliament!
      Please join us on Saturday, 8th October in front of Parliament at 1pm to form a Human Chain to demand Julian Assange’s freedom.
      Surround UK Parliament – Oct 8th.
      Will you be part of the human chain to free Assange? We need your help to be part of this huge protest in support of Julian Assange and a free press. Please do sign up to pledge that you’ll be at Parliament to be part of the chain of support that will go from the front of parliament over Westminster bridge, along the south bank of the Thames and back over Lambeth bridge. Please be a link in the solidarity chain. Sign up here:

      1. Sadly, I’d imagine many can’t get to London to show solidarity with the campaign to free him.

        When govt demands total secrecy for itself, yet fights against privacy for the citizens who put them there (E2EE i.e end-to-end encryption), then the balance of power between govt and governed is all wrong. And the purpose and role of being elected as a public representative has been somehow lost on these careerists we call ‘our’ MPs.

        Too many are loyal only to their party – the electorate seen as a mere rubber stamp inconvenience they face every 4-5 years. Assange’s case reflects everything that is wrong with FPTP : two-parties, no real choice and safe seats for life. They don’t have to give a damn because they’ll keep their seats regardless.

        Some are now saying that pointing out that there is now no substantial difference between Labour and Tory on domestic policy; fiscal policy and foreign policy is somehow spreading disinformation. This despite the fact it happens to be absolutely 100% true.

        Did you catch the news clip of a younger, then Lib Dem, Liz Truss? Calling at conference for the abolition of the monarchy and calling voters who supported it reactionary duffers? Was she lying back then, or now?

        And posters here shouldn’t be too depressed about 2017’s sabotage as per the Forde report confirmation. In truth, there would never have been a viable small majority Corbyn-led govt – too many PLP backstabbers ready to bring it(him) down. It wouldn’t have lasted six months with so much internal sabotage(some of it no doubt foreign in origin). It simply wasn’t the right moment.

      2. The Culture of Fear, this can be perfectly observed in BlueKeef and MrBlobby’s Culture of Fear in The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES.
        This will go on for some time yet, until The PEOPLE feel they have nothing left to lose. Oh boy, what a spectre that day will be, Peterloo, Cable Street, all over again! Sadly it is not going to come soon enough for Julian Assange, Yemen, Palestine, Donbass, etc, etc, etc! Where were the masses of The PEOPLE the moment of his arrest that is when these rages should have been expressed. Same with the Farce of GE2019 for nearly 5 years solid we fought side by side for a UK Labour Party Government we watched The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES’ Coups, Sabotage, Smears, Lies destroy The UK Labour Party and that one chance to end 43years of TORY hell, from the inside. We “lose” the GE and everyone just vanishes, back under their slumber rocks of fluff and comfort, where they will remain until the next Jeremy Corbyn, ie NEVER!
        JC was a fluke, a happy accident, the one that got through the net, that will never happen again, not in the now DEAD Labour Party or The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES. Our rage too late again. We need the spark, be that someone as inspiring and effortlessly powerful like JC, an uprise, whatever, until then we will just about complete a human chain, when we needed a human bastille, years back when this started. The People sold their lives for an iPhone, zooped up luxury car, over priced tat and manufactured consent, they are asleep again. I hope enough able people can make it it would be a ‘nice’ show of solidarity.

      3. I doudt the powers that be will allow it, but it would be lovely to see, he would really need to up his security it it does come to anything at all. 😎

  5. Corbyn is still in the Labour Party so is there any reason
    why he shouldn’t challenge Sadiq Khan as a replacement
    for him as the official Labour Party candidate?

    1. HFM – Probably not but as I understand the rules his candidacy would need to be approved by the NEC and I can’t see that happening, can you?

  6. Thanks SW. If you didn’t cover this, nobody would.

    The entire charade – and the lengths certain control freaks will go to – makes we suspicious and leery.

    This is probably intentional. It occurs to me weary that if I were a “my way or no-way” psychopath (like certain factional players are), I’d love everybody who isn’t in my gang to be suspicious and leery. It would mean they are weary, demotivated, and unable to oppose me so effectively.

    The Black Arts of PsyOps – beloved by class enemies the world over.

  7. Andy, sorry no reply button…… I hope you are wrong. The ati-war march [Iraq ]in Madrid drew 3 million people and the BBC estimated around a million attended the anti- Iraq war protests in London in February 2003. The weather, on the day of the protest was grey and cold,

  8. George Galloway has a way of capturing the inner selves of our political so called masters, Starmer was accused [probably rightly] of tucking his shirts into his underpants and to have the political gravitas as a wardrobe.Truss [God help us all] George called Truss Norman Bates Mother [Phycho], I disagree with George on this, Normans Mother was far better looking

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