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Relief for Starmer as allies and neutrals take back Momentum

Keir Starmer is breathing a sigh of relief today after a group with more friendly inclinations toward him took control of Momentum.

‘Momentum Organisers’ – essentially the Momentum Renewal slate that stood last time round and a faction run by staffers in the offices of MPs currently or recently on Keir Starmer’s front bench – has taken the Co-Chair positions and the most seats on the NCG Officers Group, having won just over half of the votes (though the group claimed more on ‘reallocated’ votes) in an election that saw only 3,380 votes cast, a reduction of 60% in turnout compared to the last election.

Momentum’s new Co-Chair is a very close ally of former Unite general secretary candidate Steve Turner and an MP close to him. The Organisers slate ran on a platform seen by many as a move back to central control after a democratisation attempt by the rival Forward Momentum group.

The result is good news for Starmer, as the largely ‘moderate’ Lansman-allied wing of Momentum now in charge is likely to reorient Momentum on a far more convenient trajectory for him.

Update: supporters have said that the new MO slate backed Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi for Labour’s national executive elections. Others have claimed that this was part of a deal for CLPD’s support in today’s vote for NCG officer positions.

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  1. We are proudly told by the left that they have all resigned from the Labour party so it shouldn’t be a surprise that their influence has declined. Or has the left just failed to get its vote out, again?

      1. Not if they are supporting Sir Wef of the horrendously oligarchic Tri Comm, they’re not!

        Everyone who joined Momentum did so to support a break from the Labour party’s top/down Fabian Business-as-Usual. They joined to facilitate and promote a member-led movement within a party. Then Lansman’s mask slipped and became obvious….

      2. qwertboi – You really do need to catch up, it’s a while since Lansman lost control of Momentum.

      3. Read the article SteveH. Lansman’s sympathisers are intent on reorientating the newly focussed Momentum to something nearer Lansman & Starmer’s liking. Maybe they’ll push for a 2nd Ref. or something.

  2. This is sectarian rubbish Steve and I’m pretty sure you know it. There’s nothing Starmer friendly about anyone elected to the NCG. Your piece is full of sly assertions, ally, close to unnamed MPs etc. I’d like to see what evidence you have linking Momentum Organisers to Lansman. This isn’t journalism, it’s 2nd rate muck raking and aspersions that wouldn’t even make the Daily Mail.

  3. Last week I cancelled all mail from Momentum and consigned them to the junk.Shame really but they have damaged socialism and like the labour party are governed by a fiefdom of liars.who have no understanding or interest in advancing the working class.

  4. Well I do not have a clue about Momentum and
    all its works ..

    All I want to know is – when is the Forde Report
    coming out – or rather what is the latest info
    on it?

    Doubtless Starmer Central are hoping it has
    been kicked into the long grass ..

    1. .. seems that’s exactly what Starmer Central told Martin Forde QC and his Inquiry panel to do, and it looks like they did a forelock-tug on it: “Yesur, straight away, sir”.

      BUT maybe – instead – Forde’s panel are holding back on the Report themselves because they are good people and have something akin to the integrity that our wonderful previous leader had. Maybe they are not happy to not issue the original ‘leaked report’, which, obviously, one of them leaked in the first place and which Starmer Central can never allow b- as they need it Rewritten To Protect The Guilty?

      Leaders like Starmer destroy everything they touch!

      1. qwertboi – Or maybe they are acting responsibly by conducting all the necessary right to reply and due diligence before releasing their report. We shouldn’t forget that it cost the party £600k when Jeremy failed to get clearance from Labour’s legal team before irresponsibly issuing an official statement about the Panorama ‘documentary’.

      2. Joseph – Oh dear, was it really? 🥱
        Do you have a link to some credible evidence that supports your assertions? 🤔

    2. Holby momentum in its early days was second to none using experienced activists sent often and in large numbers to boost an election campaign.Specifically set up in the socialist revival to add power and muscle to Corbyn and the unlikely election of a real socialist leader.Then mr Lansman started to flex his muscles and whoever controlled him..A fiefdom developed and Lansman actively participated in sabotage of Corbyn….the rest is history and many of us left momentum and the labour party although we still kept in touch hoping for Lansman to go.That avenue is now closed along with the labour party.

      1. It’s disappointing that there was no mention of the Forde Report, surely at least one of the NEC’s members must have raised the issue.

  5. The problem is if Momentum did not exists you would invent them
    They should speak for our future members and supporters, the Demographics are there and the future looks good
    The Party is finished

      1. Good question, but irrelevant if we are in a ‘Masque of Anarchy’ situation re Starmer and Starmer’s mates’ “cost of living emergency”

        As Jeremy Corbyn’s mate Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote:

        “Stand ye calm and resolute,
        Like a forest close and mute,
        With folded arms and looks which are
        Weapons of unvanquished war.

        And if then the tyrants dare,
        Let them ride among you there;
        Slash, and stab, and maim and hew;
        What they like, that let them do.

        With folded arms and steady eyes,
        And little fear, and less surprise,
        Look upon them as they slay,
        Till their rage has died away:

        Then they will return with shame,
        To the place from which they came,
        And the blood thus shed will speak
        In hot blushes on their cheek:

        Rise, like lions after slumber
        In unvanquishable number!
        Shake your chains to earth like dew
        Which in sleep had fallen on you:
        Ye are many—they are few!”

        For the Many, not the Few.

  6. Never trusted them anyway, nor did I ever join them, Lansman has his own agenda. As for the party, it’s done…

  7. Momentums big mistake was trying to drag New New Labour to the left, no chance of that happening.

  8. Well there are lots of us just getting on with things,
    keeping schtum and trying to improve things for our
    neighbour.. just as we have always done. It is clear
    that Starmer and all his works commands no respect
    in much of the Labour Party .

    I rest my hopes on the formation of womens branches
    in the CLPs .. and am glad to see that one or two have
    supported Apsana Begum and criticised the racism
    she has suffered.

      1. PWC
        Who do you think
        He hates people of colour, the Jewish Community and all Socialists

    1. You sound like you think its a social club Holby.Maybe you should have joined the Womens institute You seem unable to grasp just how damaging your comments and funding are to socialism and the worldwide movement for the liberation of the working class.Politics is not a game especially now when Europe and Britain are on the “brink” .I don’t get any pleasure from informing you of your actions.but I do wish you would get a grip on just how dangerous the situation is.Maybe a church group justice and peace or st Vincent de paul but get out of the funding for fascism comrade.

      1. Steve H Don’t know,but it is certainly doing well in Ireland and especially has johnson is on his way out..Whoever the torys choose will not be as in deep with the DUP because like Teresa may he was blackmailed to cooperate with overturning the democratic will of the majority of the six counties of gerrymandered Ulster..Socialism is doing well in Ireland and reviving in europe its just a matter of time now before the politics of greed and corruption are banished starting in Ireland.

      2. Steve H having worked NGO charities around the world
        I looked to keep my nose out of cultures and politics including religion.I am retired and relatively happy were I am and even in France kept out of local politics especially.with mayors etc.I don’t have a covid passport so thats annoying and tirsome but hey ho I am still breathing.
        I have a stake in Britain and Ireland and one time S.Afrika and the old days of Apparthied…..I have been active in them countries and have no regrets despite suffering in all three.from vicious thugs.who got their comeuppance.Why would I stir the pot here in a country that has suffered so much and has been peaceful for thirty years after the Genocide and war.The people are beautiful in every way and want nothing more than peace and security.Your politics offers nothing but war and destruction.You are bereft of any humanity.and posters realise it .!

      3. Joseph – I still find it strange that you have chosen to live in one of the most corrupt regimes in the world whose leader maintains his dynasty in power through a combination of corruption, graft, nepotism and brutal repression. The only thing that Cambodian politics seems to offer is subjugation.
        But I guess if you are happy living in such a place then that is your choice.

      4. Excuse ME – I have my own opinions about this – but as
        usual you are free to express yours .. and that is OK
        so long as it does not include a personal criticism of
        me – as if Im an idiot.

        Note – I have NEVER made personal criticisms about
        anyone in this board – only made clear my own opinions

        On this occasion I was reporting what things are like
        where I live.

      5. Holby I certainly dont think you are a idiot but like many others you don’t realise that your funding and support gets in the way of a new version of a movement for democratic socialist government in the future including Ireland were your leader has been extremely busy with extending the agenda.Now maybe the Womens institute was not a good recommendation but the other two were sincere and contribute more to society than the labour party ever could do for people in need and the vunerable were the justice and peace commission within the church are needed now like never before.My whole family in Lancashire have worked for St Vincent de paul in providing food,clothing furniture and even accommodation for desperate people and are no longer interested in .anything but direct action against poverty.most used to be involved in labour or socialism and see that avenue of little use to the people.anymore via parliament….which sums up the feelings of a people abandoned by mainstream politics and parliament.

      6. StevegH…..I have been to a number of islands in the Caribbean and especially Haiti were besides the extreme poverty and inequality they are plagued by people like the clintons and Branson types who exploit the population.Their is still poverty and deprivation in many Caribbean countrys that many with your politics have exploited.
        I wondered if you have ever been here or anywhere in the region including China before making your ill informed comments from some westernized propoganda you have read.Whilst spreading lies straight from the CIA copybook about Cambodia and China.Sabre rattling and war crimes seem to go hand in hand with your party and its somthing that you may come to personally regret….and me having a daughter and grandchildren US citizens were fall out from nucluer confrontation will be massive.Steve the clocks way past midnight.

    1. baz2001 – A few of those on the left still seem to support them
      The Your Momentum slate was backed by John McDonnell and Nadia Whittome, while Rebecca Long-Bailey and Grahame Morris gave their support to Momentum Organisers. Zarah Sultana backed two Momentum Organiser candidates and one Your Momentum candidate.
      Three members of the current NCG ran for reelection, of which two were successful – Labour national executive committee member Mish Rahman and outgoing national secretary Sonali Bhattacharyya, who both ran on the Your Momentum slate.

  9. Sounds like a long list of class traitors to me mr H?or whatever your name is.note that Branson another bolt in Caribbean has been getting unwanted publicity of child explotation and the use of Necker island and his other island for dubious training facilities.Just whats happening to the Caribbean since its been invaded by low life tax dodgers criminals and perverts.?What say you Steve H davidh mr H Hall centrist dad?

    1. Joseph – Others who post on these pages may take issue with your assertions that Nadia Whittome & Zara Sultana are class traitors.

      I’ve no idea about your assertions regarding various private islands, do you have a link that you can post. I have seen reports that child sex tourism is a significant problem in Cambodia which “is a source, transit and destination country for children trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation”.

      I am a naturalised citizen and a resident. We could have saved a considerable sum in tax if we’d chosen to register our business offshore but we didn’t. We pay the same level of tax as everyone else who lives and works here, which is roughly the same as we would pay living in the UK. How about you?

      1. Steve H I didn’t realise there was a business for Bok nia but I guess after loosing the teachers job you needed to concentrate on goats or other animal’s such as keep you busy.What about the money you’re paid from the labour party.?or is it performance related pay .If thats the case they should be charging you for being the exact opposite of a recruitment sergeant..

      2. Joseph – I’m sorry but I don’t understand your post, what on earth is “Bok nia” supposed to mean?

  10. Steve H… Afrikaans basically a made up language from old Dutch with the odd Malay word and german…..Hows the sheep sunshine 🌞

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