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Breaking: Johnson lied when he claimed he almost died of Covid, investigative prosecutor finds

Johnson u-turns on his claims after hospital’s attempt to hide behind patient confidentiality collapses thanks to work by Marcus J Ball

Boris Johnson making his false claim in 2020

Tory PM Boris Johnson lied when he claimed in 2020 that he came so close to dying from Covid that hospital doctors ‘prepared to announce his death’, an independent prosecutor’s investigation has found – as Skwawkbox and others suggested at the time – and the evidence that proves the case was subject to Freedom of Information Act requests specifically because Johnson went public through the press with his lie, in effect waiving patient confidentiality.

Marcus J Ball, who prosecuted Johnson in 2019 for misconduct in public office, spent months hunting down the details and pursuing both the hospital and the Information Commissioner as well as Number 10 and has published his findings in a long Twitter thread. Key findings include intensive care doctors confirming that the symptoms Johnson and his aides claimed come nowhere near the level at which a doctor might prepare for informing anyone that they had died or were near death – and Johnson’s own subsequent admission, after being confronted by Ball’s findings, that his infection was ‘really mild’.

And they show how the hospital’s most senior management confirmed, partly intentionally and partly inadvertently, that no such preparations had been made. Below are a few relevant sections of the 22-tweet thread:

Ball suggests that the lie was published to deflect public anger and scrutiny over Johnson’s ‘incompetence’ in his response to the coronavirus pandemic. But in fact, Skwawkbox believes that the evidence has shown since – and strongly suggested at the time – that Johnson’s actions were frankly murderous and his decisions were taken knowing that they would result in a huge death toll and that better alternatives were available. And Johnson’s ‘let the bodies pile high’ comments and his refusal to apologise for causing those deaths show how little he cared for the lives he threw away.

Not only that, but official policy continued for many months that was fuelling the pandemic and the death toll, in particular but by no means limited to the fact that the government’s policy remained for many months to force confirmed-infected patients into care homes, slaughtering thousands of old or infirm residents in order to be able to boast about having hospital beds free, while claiming to have put a ‘protective ring’ around them.

And now the evidence confirms – and Johnson and his aides have declined to refute – that the cowardly ‘Bozo’ faked his own ‘near-death experience’ in order to protect himself from the consequences of his actions and inaction and the justified outrage of a million or more people who had needlessly lost loved ones and friends. And through most of the pandemic, the ‘leader’ of the so-called ‘opposition’ refused to call for Johnson to go and in fact colluded and even pushed him further in taking actions that would cost lives.

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    1. Lying about the severity of his illness will not sit well with all those Tory OAPs that actually lost loved ones for real.
      But really, Is anyone surprised

  1. Bojo telling lies! Who would have thought that? Just millions of us that’s all.

  2. About as believable as Temporary Embarrassment being a man of honesty and integrity
    Bent as a nine Bob note, both of them

  3. To those in the Red Wall seats who voted for the fucker
    I hope your ancestors jump out of their graves and kick your heads in

  4. The Information Commissioner is captured and in it up to its neck, similar to the UK judiciary which has been content to hand Assange over to a set of ruthless psychopaths, i.e. Priti Patel and then the US government. The ICO will have gone to enormous lengths to shield Johnson from public scrutiny. They’re diabolical scum.

  5. The Tories are currently voting on whether or not to keep their compulsive liar in office. It is highly unlikely that there are 180 of them with sufficient decency and integrity to vote him out so my guess is we are stuck with him for the foreseeable future.
    Regarding the loss of life due to Covid particularly in care homes it is indisputable that care home residents who do not have the means to pay their own fees cost the government an extra £ 20,000 per year approx ( care home fees less state pension and/or any disability allowances they may have previously received.) 50 less residents means a saving of around £1 million in a year and we know that there were thousands of care home residents who died needlessly.
    Given that government policy caused tens of thousands of preventable deaths I am quite sure that financial considerations (and probably Eugenics too) were a major factor in the decision making process.

  6. Remember the New Zealand nurse who looked after him in ICU and suddenly vanished back home when her country had closed its borders, he is a fraud, has always been a fraud and always will be a fraud.

  7. Mini Trump
    Needs to survive to limp into next election
    Temporary Embarrassment has nothing to offer the electorate except I’m not Mini Trump, unfortunately he is worse
    Under FPTP JC would inspire enough voters to turn out as Red, Blue and Tartan Tories stay at home

  8. I’ve been saying this forever. I even roared on a friend’s house a while back when I heard Nadsack Doris lie through it’s teeth and whinge the same on some programme or other.

    ‘He was NEVER close to death. He wasn’t even nearly put on a ventilator for fucks sake’.

    Needless to say I got a strange look, but it pissed me off that there have been tens of not hundreds of thousands had it FAR worse than lardlad… IF he ever had the bug on the first bleedin’ place.

    His Easter miracle should’ve put the masses wise to the narcissistic, blasphemous fat fuck…almost dead on good Friday – back to chequers for ANOTHER holiday on Easter Sunday. 😙🎶

    1. Johnson murdered two of my brothers and they both died from phnumonia after being bunged up with infected patiants from nearby hospitals.The blame for this falls on the many that allowed and encouraged mass murder of the elderly and vulnerable people with the enablers in government and a compliant opposition.They were both vunerable and suffered a miserable death and funeral..but never forget that they have not finished yet with the scam and even more can be killed whilst they all party away cheap working class lives that have become inconveniently old and vulnerable people.They are happy to send billions of weapons to Ukraine ,but spend on the elderly and vulnerable…no way..!

      1. @Joseph

        Sorry for the loss of your brothers.

        You can buy Javelins for $30k on the dark web already. It’s cost us up to half a billion pounds.

        Am waiting for a civilian airline to be downed via a Stinger.

        As for the bag of custard, fucker always has lied and always will. Part of me is glad he has survived this. He’s sent rocket launchers to Ukraine and the Russians have said they will retaliate if they are used in Russia.

        I wonder if Boris has considered a visit from Mr. Kinzhal at all?

    2. It didn’t need an Investigative Prosecutor to tell us the bleeding obvious. I was saying here at the time he probably never even had Covid. Career liars should never get the benefit of the doubt. His whole response to the virus was do what every other government is doing. Be seen to be taking affirmative action. Pure self-preservation. He didn’t buy into it for a minute, neither did anyone else on the inside with access to the reality of the situation – hence the parties. Working at No 10 they thought they were bulletproof, the idiots.

      To sum up: No. Shit. Sherlock.

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