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Starmer’s shadow health sec Streeting slammed for election-day threat to constituent

Satire account exposes right-winger’s ‘DM’ threat to spend party members’ money pursuing them

Labour right-winger Wes Streeting – Keir Starmer’s privatisation-friendly front-bench health spokesperson – has been lambasted on social media for threatening a constituent on local election day.

Spoof Twitter account ‘Women4Wes’ – run by an Ilford resident to poke a little fun at their MP – had criticised media hack Suzanne Moore for her anti-trans stance and that was apparently the last straw for Mr Streeting, who ‘direct-messaged’ the account threatening legal action if ‘all references to me and my work’ were not deleted by 8pm this evening.

However, Streeting appeared to be threatening to use Labour members’ money rather than his own to pursue his agenda, as he said he intended to use ‘party lawyers’ to go after the account’s owner, as a ‘Women for Wes’ tweet revealed:

Not just going after, but ‘working around the clock to find out who you are and make you pay’ – all apparently out of Labour members’ subs and donations.

The revelation of the threat provoked anger and derision on the part of a large number of respondents and sharers, of whose comments a tiny selection are shown below:

This is not Wes Streeting’s first instance of threatening behaviour. In 2018, he launched a shouting verbal attack in the face of then-Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott in a Commons corridor that left the black woman MP ‘shell-shocked’ and was described by witnesses as ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’.

It is not Streeting’s first instance of legal threats, either. After Skwawkbox revealed his behaviour, he threatened legal action against the ‘lies… from [a] fake news site with no sources’. When this site stood its ground, published further witness statements and told him to bring it on, no legal action ever materialised – instead Streeting made a complaint to press regulator IMPRESS. Despite Streeting being online at the time enquiries were sent to him, IMPRESS decided that four hours had not been enough time for him to respond – but did not find any inaccuracies in the article.

When others challenged Streeting in the wake of the Skwawkbox exclusive, he warned some that they would be hunted down, in an echo of his message to the ‘Women4Wes’ account:

The threats do not appear to have been followed through.

Despite Streeting’s record of shouting in the face of a black woman, Keir Starmer – who has his own issues with the Black Lives Matter movement – put Streeting on his front bench and then promoted him to Shadow Health.

The owner of the ‘Women for Wes’ account told Skwawkbox that they have no intention of acceding to Streeting’s threat and confirmed that they are indeed a constituent, adding that Streeting has now blocked them on Twitter.

Wes Streeting was contacted for comment – by text message, so that he cannot complain he was unaware of the publication of this article – about his threat and the spoof account’s response. He had not responded by the time of writing.

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    1. He’s not Ben, but he is a real tough guy – a total legend in parliament. The MPs of every party know big tough Wes will bravely stand toe to toe with any middle aged woman and scream in her face (just like he did with Diane Abbott) What a man eh – completely fearless. Lol!
      Seriously though, the man is a nasty bully and a prat who thinks its Ok to verbally abuse and physically intimidate an older female MP who has serious health issues. That tells you all you need to know about him. in my opinion So no surprise then that he wants to have someone else who has annoyed him pursued and made to ” pay”.
      If he wants to engage in this type of petty vindictive behaviour ( what’s new) he should pay for it himself out of his own considerable wealth and not dare to think he can use staffers or lawyers paid out of party funds to do his dirty work for him. Also I find his comments disgusting as, in my opinion, they demonstrate his complete sense of entitlement and his willingness to abuse the power of his office.
      Its no wonder Starmer appointed him to the Shadow Cabinet – I’m sure he fits in nicely there with all the other entitled bullies, prats and abusers of power that surround the party leadership.

    2. No rumour…he’s thick as bleedin’ mince**

      ** Awaits homophobia accusation for saying mince

  1. Quite revealing that he thinks the party’s lawyers should pursue what is essentially a petty, private matter.

    It illustrates how this right-wing PLP hold a view the party exists to serve them and their interests, and not members or voters. No wonder the legal bill is soaring, if this kind of petty, vindictive behaviour is the norm. How much has been spent investigating left-wing members to hound them out of the party? Some of whom were members since before Streeting was born.

    When are the unions going to convene a special meeting, then collectively move to do the union equivalent of the men in grey suits? The unions could end this miserable, unsupportable crew’s cruel reign of terror.

  2. There’s no other word for him: The man is a Schlump! (“a pathetic human being.”)

  3. To be clear he or anyone else in an unincorporated association is not entitled to use Party members money to pursue private defamation actions. Such monies can only be used to support legal action when there is a common interest amongst the members. Clearly a private claim for a tortious claim of defamation does not meet this criteria and is not permitted. Any expenditure of members money on such legal action would be a misapplication of funds and recoverable from the claimant as a personal liability. There are several common law precedents on this.

  4. Wes would like to add more privatisation to the NHS, Wes isn’t a nice person. Wes will never improve anyones life through politics, Wes is a waste of space

  5. Screeching looking like he’s filling his nappy (again) in that photo…

    Anyway, at time of writing, smarmerism has only gained 57 council seats out of the thousands up for grabs. Can’t even get to the 80 they’d need to negate the toerag majority on Westminster – where there’s only 650 seats…

    And that’s despite the rags being a total disgrace and generally despised.

    Nope, people are gradually learning smarmerism is conservatism in all but name.

  6. Labour is now officially” The Westminster labour party “but anything north of Watford have got the “measure of the neo liberal tory tribute party.under the knight of the realm.Meanwhile the other knight looks like hes celebrating a lib dems con trick again.And mr non knight of the realm plain old mr Johnson needs to seek medical advice before giving away more cash and weapons
    away and needs to go into isolation before the catastrophic mess devours him The conservative and unionist party have left Britain on its knees and going into economic freefall..,..Britain needs a time for real change and non of the above are capable of delivering it.

  7. Labour’s election performance is pretty-much as good as it could be. With only 74 of the 146 councils declared, Labour’s expected gains are poor. For Heaven’s sake, the Conservatives have lost 124 council seats and most of these have gone to the LibDems (+57). Labour acquired only 38, with the Greens so far augmenting their 39 seats by a wonderful 23. Residents Associations (whatever they are) have acquired 6 and so far the Independents count is unchanged.

    Interesting….. my local results have been covided and might sort-of be in next Tuesday, maybe – and hopefully BEFORE a liter of Diesel gets to £2.00. (T time today?)

    1. Immediately after I posted, the LibDems increased their take by one. It was probably a council seat that if Sir Keir Duplicity hyad not been leader of Labour, Labour would have taken!

      So, here we are: Twelve years after Clegg sold his soul to the Austerian Conservatives, Sir Keir is losing seats to the LidDems! Even with covid- and Ukraine-level misinformation from the MSM, many people see Sir Keir Duplicity as the Tory he is and make his Labour party irrelevant to their lives.

  8. So the leading UK Political Scientist says about yesterday’s Local Election results….

    “John Curtice on the BBC:

    “Labour hasn’t done quite as well as Jeremy Corbyn did.”

    Well, well, how are they going to spin that today?

  9. There used to be a time when MPs were Civil Servants! The time that those people on their Ivory Pedestals gets knocked off, is now! People need to take The PEOPLE’S Rights back from those Übermenschen! There is one way to make them work FOR us again, rather than FOR the Elites! If everyone sends them a direct email, with constant follow-ups, about every problem or complaint we have, instead of complaining on forums/MSSM. If no action, forward/cc the GS, LP, Leader until you feel it resolved and have apologies from all! Failing that, put it to the Speaker and PM Publicly and by email, but make the fuckers work! If they sit in the Commons/Lords, they chose to SERVE THE PEOPLE, AS CIVIL SERVANTS! Whatever Party your MP is with! I had some, surprisingly, good resolves and communication from our ‘obligatory’ TORY MPs! I doubt we’d get the same from any Labour MP, perhaps 10/15 of them, at a push, they will just ignore our ‘demands’, who are we “the Undeserving Poor” to make ‘demands’ to them!?
    Sadly, as predicted, The Elites ‘blue-eyed boy’ BlueKeef, seems to do better than his performance!
    It fascinates me just how conditioned The PEOPLE are in the UK! They see this tw@t Sacrifice the last possible chance of a UK Labour Party, Sacrifice of Jeremy Corbyn, Sacrifice of Equality, Sacrifice of Freedom of Speech, Sacrifice of Black, Muslim, Ethnic Minority and “Fringe Jews”, Sacrifice of Socialism, etc, but they still go to vote for the bastards!
    This, as much else, is the Corporal Punishment of The PEOPLE! Forced by sheer brutality! A simple example is a Canadian expelled and a Spaniard arrested, the reason?? They are ‘popular’ critics of Nazi Zelenskyy! When true Journalists, who dig up the dirt get arrested, it can only mean ONE THING, First they came for…………!!!

  10. Lowest turnout for donkeys
    Two cheeks politics
    Millions of supporters lost and party on verge of bankruptcy

  11. Under Starmer, we should (he, Blar and MNandelson would say) be 20 points ahead of the Tories – not 20 council seats behind the LibDems.

    Starmer and the LabouRight are putting the Labour party on the road to electoral oblivion. They might try to paint the London results as kind-of Macron mark 2, but this is a dark, dark day for Labour and a day on which the prospect of a new party even occurs to affiliated trade union bosses.

  12. Sir keir Starmer…..Surrey home counties…Pm of Westminster and Wandsworth and to the English channel…This is the reality of the nit from Surrey whos sorounded himself with a bunch of wide boys from Surrey \S .London..basically a provincial Home counties labour party..What a bloody shambles for a party that has its heart at one time for the working class.across the whole look at it…Westminster and Wandsworth the jewel in the crown for the labour party…IT was the Sun what won it guv?…….disgusted but not from Tunbridge wells.?

  13. “John Curtice on the BBC:

    “Labour hasn’t done quite as well as Jeremy Corbyn did.”

    Well, well, how are they going to spin that today?

    Along the lines of…

    “But this is ONLY local elections; we must wait and see until the general election comes…”

    So much for the:‘But keef has proved himself to be more popular than Corbyn”

    And the:

    ” Keef had held a lead over de piffle for the last two years or more.”

    They’ve now gained only 35 seats since I last posted. Shame that the smarmer imposed candidate retained the seat here, though. ,😕

  14. This sort of exceptionalist attitude, approach and behaviour seems to be endemic across the ruling Western elites and their Establishment cadre regardless of nominal Party Uniform [“The enemy is whoever is trying to kill you – whatever uniform [rosette] they are wearing” – Captain Yossarian, Catch-22]

    I came across this passage today – in a totally different context – from one
    Stephen Karganovic, President of the Srebrenica Historical Project:

    “Not only are penalties now to be paid for ideas imputed to you, but you must additionally engage in incessant public protestations of “innocence” accompanied by plausible assurances of thoroughgoing metanoia. You must strive to appease your tormentors with at least the public appearance of complete thought reform, in the uncertain hope of being reinstated and returned to their good graces.”*

    Point being that in a post-truth/post-modernist dominated Western zeitgeist this statement could be equally applicable to members of the Labour Party witch hunted by soulless apparatchik drones minding the shop; their equally infantile fellow travellers in the Woke/self ID Cult; or any one of a dozen or more multiple contexts which are presently dominating the discourses and narratives across the Idiocracy which defines itself as “The West.”

    * In this instance the passage is used in the context of the racist Cancel Culture bullying of artists and sports people of the ‘wrong’ ethnicity. The mardy arsed elites of the West, of which Streeting is a low level Useful Idiot member [along with even lower level cheerleaders like steveH], not being satisfied with eight years of using Nazi’s to ethnically cleanse members of the same ethnic group in SE Ukraine.

    Streeting’s threats, recorded and detailed here, exhibited towards a member of the voting public from his own Constituency presents a seamless continuation of the same entitled arrogance Streeting and his ilk [along with their knuckle dragging cheerleaders] consistently display to anyone in the LP daring to hold a different opinion to the one true fake faith, with its fake values, such people slavishly and unthinkingly follow.

    This presents as stark an example as you can get of the argument I submitted some time ago that anyone voting for these entitled popinjays are making a rod for their own backs.

    The point being that when members of the LP are treated in this way those like Streeting, Starmer, Evans etc right through the entire cadre of what passes for an organisation would have no qualms about treating the general populace in the same way should that populace make the mistake of giving these people any power over them.

    And, lo and behold, it is Streeting who comes along and proves the point for me.

    As a result yesterday’s choices in the local elections – as they will be in a General Election – were/are between voting for a moron or voting for a cretin. The West, as Pepe Escobar succinctly nails, is an intellectual no fly zone.

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