Virgin Media O2 workers set to strike after rejecting ‘appalling’ and ‘insulting’ pay offer

Company’s profit last year was more than £10 billion

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) may soon face mass disruption after workers voted overwhelmingly to refuse to accept an ‘appalling’ pay offer. Delegates at the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) annual conference in Bournemouth have today endorsed the decision of VMO2 members, who have rejected a package two pay increases of 3% from April this year and 2% from April 2023 by a towering 95.7% in a consultative ballot.

In the context of inflation (Retail Price Index/RPI) so far this year of 9%, the ‘increase’ would in fact represent a serious real-terms pay cut for VMO2 workers, despite VMO2’s high profitability – the company reported a total transaction-adjusted revenue of £10.38 billion for the 2021 financial year. The conference vote means that the union is ready to take “all means necessary” to achieve a fair deal for its VMO2 members, including potential industrial action.

CWU National Officer Tracey Fussey said:

The cost-of-living crisis has hit VMO2 members like it has hit other workers. And this union will not sit idly by as our members are handed an appalling pay deal that sees their living standards go backwards.

This is a company with a very large public investment strategy, that makes billions in revenue yearly – management can afford to treat its workers with the respect they deserve, they are just choosing not to.

This situation is unprecedented, but VM02 workers will not stand by and be insulted.

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  1. Sir Keith Starmer will not do anything to help exploited workers. Note his almost absence re Covid-19 fraud, P&O Ferries ONGOING disgraceful treatmeant of loyal staff, “Fire & Rehire”, SERCO G4S Deloitte RANDOX and other parasites and vultures… their tool Sir Keith Starmer gas failed to take any SUSTAINED action against the exploitation, greed and dodgy dealings of the 1%. Starmer and gang only want to get their turn to kick and batter “the many”.

    1. The Johnson branch of parasites are sucking the country dry. BUT, the branch operated by Mandelson, the WMD Blair creature, Austin Lammy Ashworth Hodge Straw et. al. fronted by Sir Keith Rodney Starmer, will suck the country even drier than Johnson’s lot.

      The Sir Keith parasites with OPEN viperous ferocity, support Biden’s PREDICTED return to back to back bombings and bloodshed as we’ve seen as soon as Biden was confirmed as a president.

      The likes of Lammy & Sir Keith can’t wait to poodle for the USA military industrial complex as WMD Blair did and CONTINUES to do. None of that lot give a fig about the cost of living crisis nor ANYTHING paining “the many”.
      It is up to us to escape the trap.
      Vote Independents, Greens, even Limp Dims … ANYTHING to escape the trap of habit. The Sir Keith fronted lot are a CURSE we must do everything to stop at these local elections.

  2. Food up.
    Gas up.
    Lecky up.
    Water up.
    Council tax up.
    Inflation up.
    Petrol up.
    Wages up.
    Tunnel tolls up.
    Wages down.
    Scumbag, global, don’t give a shit capitalism.

      1. What’s the problem. some people’s wages have risen eg, CEOs etc The class war is over isn’t it Tony & Why isn’t the sock-market crashing Max? Whoopee we’re all going to die!

    1. p.s. quick note: those who wish could check my posts early at Covid-19 re the INSTRUCTION to DISCHARGE patients WITHOUT testing to care homes‼️‼️‼️

      Sir Keith Starmer FAILED repeatedly THROUGHOUT to give ANY opposition to this heartless CRIMINALITY … DEADLY criminality.

      *WHY* did Sir Keith Starmer FAIL to provide the slightest trace of scrutiny and opposition?

      ANSWER: Sir Keith Starmer and gang only want their turn at the trough.


      They were and are prepared to use the most egregious LIES to get their claws into power‼️‼️

      Dr Proudfoot is only one of those winning VICTORIES against the a/s liars‼️‼️‼️

      Today’s victory re the wicked govt directive to discharge of patients UNTESTED, is another demonstration if what CAN be done and WON🌟🌟🌟

  3. Any of these MPs given their (ahem)*profusely accepted* payrises to charity, yet?


    ‘Mon keef, get those mitts in yer pocket for the strike fund…😙🎶🎶🎶🎶

      1. Toffee, MPs think they are the creme de la creme and most believe they deserve big pay rises. They don’t. They are mostly a collection of self interested wasters
        Just consider foul mouthed multi millionaire Margaret Hodge and equally foul mouthed ( not as rich, but getting there)Jess Phillips who thinks its OK to say she would stab Jeremy Corbyn, Wes Streeting a bully who screamed in the face of Diane Abbott, Stella Creasey who posted a vile racist cartoon , out of ignorance she claimed, and of course the on the Tory side one was recently jailed for plying a young lad with drink and then raping him, another is said to have watched porn on his phone in the chamber of the House of Commons As for the party leaders -Johnson and Starmer- both are bare faced liars.
        They all think they are entitled to salaries which are 3 times the national average, generous expenses on top of their wages- we pay for their gas and electricity , furniture ,TVs, white goods , bedding etc. We used to pay for their food but I think that has stopped – maybe it hasn’t
        Does anybody really think that people like that are are going to lift a finger to help striking workers or indeed ordinary working class people – no chance.

      2. Oh, smarty…You great big cynic, you!?

        The vast majority of MPs actually take a pay cut to fulfil their vocation, dontcha know??

        They could all (ahem) *earn loads more by doing other things**

        ** equally as badly.. The 1% of those that aren’t private school failures are blag merchants 😕

  4. The trouble with the Class War is:
    We talk a lot about it, while the Toe Rags are out in front fighting it.
    Will Starm-Trooper be any better ?
    A prize for the best answer to this riddle.

  5. Solidarity with the insulted staff at VMO2. Respect to CWS for diligently leading its members here.

    The MurdochSunday Times asked three or four sundays ago whether 2022 could be “a Summer of Discontent”? Record inflation,the highest number of industrial disputes (300) in five years, a comparatively tight labour market, and a record amount of on-going pre-dispute consultations, caused the Murdoch journalists to concede that “there is a feeling that the balance of power weighted in favour of management for decades is beginning to shift.”

    Let’s hope!

    1. The Sunday Times article (written by City editor Jill Treanor and a reporter Laith Al-Khalaf) obviously meant “a summer of Discontent” for the Few, not the Many who are being subjected to an ever-deepening “cost-of-living crisis”!

      Doesn’t late capitalism loves its crises? When anything happens that doesn’t benefit the billionaires, it’s a proper ‘crisis’ not just word-smithery.

      Apologies for above where I typed ‘CWS’ instead of ‘CWU’. Respect to CWU and Solidarity with the staff at VMO2!

    2. ………..& Starmer could win an election because the electorate are told by the Murdoch Media + BBC that he’s the least obnoxious candidate.

      1. Yes. I suspect Starmer and his multi-millionaire backers are banking on this. They’ll be encouraged by the Macron result and also the claimed up-take of an untested, possibly dangerous experimental Emergency-Authorised mRNA drug technology unjustifiably being passed off as ‘safe’ and a ‘vaccine’.

        It matters not a hoot to them that Macron’s approval rating is lower than the votes he received only (43% approve of Macron, but he received 58% of valid votes) or that participation in the election was the lowest ever by over 9%.

        For them it is “winning” that counts, whether that be under FPTP or the the easily-corruptible institutions of France’s Fifth Republic.

  6. Speaking of Police it looks like the police are looking to extend partygate to the labour party after pictures of the knight swigging from a beer bottle and games going on outside what could be labour party business as claimed by the party parties labour party.OH dear it looks like the cops must have recieved the photos that were published of the labour party…party “I couldn’t understand why they had not been prosecuted for breaking the rules of covid distancing and mask wearing although it must be difficult glugging a few swift pints and a puff through a mask comrades?re…daily mail muckraker.!fingers crossed!

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