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Video: world’s foremost living left thinker calls Starmer ‘Keith’ – and the rest is damning

Starmer is turning Labour back to a party ‘reliably obedient to power’, says man who once dismantled Marr in a sentence

Scientist, linguistics expert and philosopher Noam Chomsky is regarded by many as the world’s greatest living left thinker, and with good reason.

And in an interview with the New Statesman, Chomsky referred to the notional leader of the Labour party as ‘Keith’, the dismissive nickname used by thousands of left-wingers disgusted at Starmer’s dishonesty and his war on party members and democracy.

Humour aside, Chomsky’s assessment was damning – no doubt to the chagrin of the so-called-centrist-friendly New Statesman. Chomsky said that Starmer is turning the party back into the obedient poodle of the rich and powerful – again with ample reason:

Chomsky’s verdict on Starmer is all the more relevant because the Jewish academic is on record dismissing the Establishment’s antisemitism smears – to which Starmer has welded himself irretrievably – as a ‘disgraceful game’ and a ‘largely fabricated tale’ created for the sole purpose of destroying Labour as a threat to the Establishment.

In 1996, Chomsky famously dismantled the BBC’s Andrew Marr. When Marr took umbrage at what he thought was the suggestion that he had compromised his views to get his job with the BBC, Chomsky both corrected and crushed him in one sentence:

I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying, but I’m saying that if you believed something different you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.

His conclusions about Keir Starmer are no less accurate and no less damning. Bravo Mr Chomsky.

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    1. I agree with Chomsky re Sir Keith Starmer. Chomsky’s gem applies to Keith too.

      “I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying, but I’m saying that if you believed something different you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.”

      Now THAT is genius ! Masterful !! Priceless !!!

    2. Has Noam been denounced as an “antisemite” yet. If not I’m sure it won’t take them long to do so- he is a left wing Jew with a (fine) mind of his own so he’s fair game as far as as the Zionist dictators in the Labour party are concerned.

      1. Neat twist on freedom. Remember, camps for the none vaxxed? I don’t understand some anarchists. There again my education deems that I shouldn’t be able to anyway. I blame my parents and background, leaving thinking to others. That’s the safest plan.

    3. forgot to say: Notorious TAX HAVENS used by infinitely greedy selfish scroungers British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands have been in 2020 by RISHI SUNAK. Not just
      his wife Murty.
      Sunak became a minister in 2018📌
      Did he inform the Treasury and Cabinet Office?📌

      I heard Murty’s statement that she paid all UK taxes. That is a misleading statement as she, in the same statement, admitted CHOOSING to pay the £30,000 fee to be regarded as a Non Domiciled for Tax Purposes. Ergo she did NOT pay UK taxes. She paid the fee to DODGE taxes.

      Eg. Regarding only her £11.5 million dividends for £700 million stake in her daddy’s firm INFOSYS last year, Murty dodged £4.5 million in taxes.

      Consider also that INFOSYS received at least £50 MILLION from the public purse either in contracts or grants.

      MOREOVER – I’ve checked my original claim. I was correct. Murty did have a gym
      firm in this country. She receive considerable furlough funds which her husband launched with great fanfare.

      Murty’s gym went bust DESPITE the business acumen Tory types are meant to have. Murty’s BUST gym is owing creditors aporox £6.2 MILLION.

      That is despite her daddy’s firm being worth at least £3.5 BILLION and she with all her assets, i estimate, must have total assets of at least £1 billion.

      What other properties do they own besides California, Yorkshire and at least two in London???

      It is also being repeated that she pays taxes to India. We should only believe that when we see hard facts.

      Interestingly the USA authorities “advised” Sunak to relinquish his Green Card when he was AWAY there while we were enduring some crisis here October 2021. Can’t remember which crisis😂

      I’m POSITIVE that USA authorities would consider it incompatible / inappropriate to respect Permanent Resident requirements while being the UK Chancellor. Not rocket science. CONFLICTS of interests. (deliberate plurals).

      … unless of course if one was spying on an ally… which of course both the Americans and we do!!! We spied on Merkel and the UN Sec General and many more. So i suspect the Americans judged Sunak to be substandard… cak handed … shiny but dim… overrated. They saw through the over shiny FISHY RISHI.

      In my opinion Sunak is unfit for public office, but so is Sir Keith Starmer and very many Tories who don’t and won’t give a flying fig for ANY of “the many”.

      Greed is their creed. Nothing more. They ALL KNOW what they are doing. Murty did not claim furlough by accident.
      The tragedy is, well meaning people fail to realise that obvious fact.
      Too basic. No fancy terms, theories, definitions and reading groups needed to see the bleeding obvious.

      The bleeding obvious has no appeal / traction with the intellectual “Left”. They refuse to see the embarrassment of being outwitted over and over and ruled by those they like to think are “stupid”. How stupid is that❔❔❔

      1. whenever the police, (mainly the Metropolitan Police) find that someone restrained by the is killed, they ALWAYS refer themselves to their OWN chums to “investigate” … in effect, exonerate them.

        Fishy Rischi of Fishies Murthy & Rischi, has just pulled the sane trick by referring himself to LORD Geidt🤣🤣🤣

        In any case, Fishy Rischi has broke USA law by making use of THEIR Green Card benefits while being an MP and Chancellor of “a foreign state” = you, me, us!!!

        We should be EQUAL under the law so Fishy Rischi should be prosecuted by USA Federal authorities‼️‼️‼️

        Come on Biden!!! Show you are good for something. Investigate Sunak NOW‼️‼️‼️

    4. The Labour Tories (Blair and co.) took over the Labour Party in short order. Socialists should look to the Lib Dems. To win back the Labour Party will take many years, if ever. Starting a new Labour Party will split the opposition vote further. Joining the Lib Dems gives an established base for a new socialist party. If only those who have left Labour in the last few years joined the Lib Dems they would have a major influence. Most Lib Dem policies are closer to Socialist Labour than Tory policies. Add in those current left wing members of Labour and the Lib Dems become a force to be reconned with. What’s in a name? Policies are what attract voters and policies can and do change. Even better would be is a few left wing MPs switched to Lib Dems.

      1. Do an “SDP” and ensure that the Blairites cannot win power. A left-wing version of Labour, especially if headed by Corbyn would easily prevent a Labour victory. Faced with that it would be up to Starmer to decide if he wanted to continue his current course.

      2. Reply to Mr Andrew Jenkinson
        I wouldn’t join or support the Lib Dems -not in a million years.

  1. In the same interview Noam Chomsky who is regarded by many as the world’s greatest living left thinker, and with good reason also said
    “Brexit was a very serious error, it means that Britain will be compelled to drift even further into subordination to the US,”
    “I think it’s a disaster. “

    1. If your quote is accurate, then i disagree with Chomsky re Brexit. We’re all infallible, even Chomsky.

      P.s. Sir Keith Starmer & gang’s effective “knifing Jeremy in the front” was NOT a-S but Remainiacry. A-S worked as planned on the pathologically and ILLOGICALLY confrontation averse.

      But Sir Keith’s REMAIN knife was the killer strike for which Jeremy bared his chest and neck… and long held beliefs. He presented his own head in a silver platter to your lot SH. Even then, not realising what was OBVIOUSLY to come. Jeremy was led to believe, by McCluskey Twatson McDonnell & Co + the WFM operation, that if “we did everything they asked”, he could “bring everyone together”. He never reflected on the question; “Bring EVERYONE together”, to do what⁉️⁉️⁉️

      Cultist are yet to ask, what else would have been sacrificed on the Broad Church altar, which was never broad as none in the general public like me, even knew of Jeremy. Now i know he had ALWAYS been marginalised. He CRAVED acceptance by Sir Keith’s gang. 600,000 members and the Heartlands had no REAL worth.

      I heard he was struck rigid when the whip was withdrawn despite months of silence… absence EVEN while Sir Keith Weathercock Starmer provided ZERO opposition to open Tory banditry.

      Much in life is determined by judgement and courage of convictions. One can be correct, but worse than useless if what is correct is sacrificed to gain the approval of those who made it plain that they “wake up everyday thinking of new ways to undermine Corbyn”. Worse than useless too, as evidenced by the present state, is gross ignorance or the URGENCY to IMPLEMENT one’s beliefs when one has a precious opportunity.

      “Bring EVERYONE together” is such a trite … immature yet detached aim as to be beyond pitiable. After all not even Moses, Elijah, Solomon and others AND Jesus combined, achieved that.

      BASIC. Straightforward. Needing no “terms”, nor book reading nor definitions of Zionism nor the Bolsheviks. We the “Left” crave nonstop academic debates and whining about SELF INFLICTED defeat after defeat at the hands of those we call “incompetent”, “dont know what they r doing”, “stupid”, “uneducated”.
      FACT – Sir Keith Starmer and other Tories
      know EXACTLY what they r doing.

      They r doing EXACTLY as they have always done. BANDITRY, snouts in troughs. They make no secret if it. As Rachel Reeves. So, SH, your lot are guaranteed easy trouncing of mine. Think of it. Even now a KEY issue right here right now ie Sunak / Murty which goes to the heart of the status quo, has precious little visibility to my lot. … No traction. No “terms to reclaim” nor definitions to open the talking shop. … too basic …

      That’s the detached mindset / attitude that led Piddock to give away her hard won place on the NEC, then whine last week that “no matter how PATIENTLY we explain” the cost of living crisis, to them they dont care. There in our problem is plain. Piddock is smart. The bandits need the hardships they cause to be EXPLAINED to them and PATIENTLY. They r so “stupid” Piddock thinks, they dont realise they r causing hardship.

      U read the same here on
      that Keith does not realise x y and z, does not know what he’s doing etc. Despite his gang stating regularly and openly and ANGRILY that “the Left should get their own party”. People resign and leave as if they feel Sir Keith will sit and cry.

      But u and your lot SH know that your main aim is to make Labour OPPOSITE to its purpose. Instead of being for “The Many”, your parasitic lot wish to cement control of the assets of Labour, to serve “The Few”

      1. windchime – “If your quote is accurate”

        As far as I am aware I have never given an inaccurate direct quote on these pages. Can you point to any examples?

      2. The Neo-Labour Party TORIES are driven by fear, the culture of fear they unleash on the Party and the Electorate, through their Spinmeistering and Conniving is far worse than that of their Contemporaries the Conservative Party TORIES!

      3. “We’re all infallible, even Chomsky”.

        Yes, I feel he certainly was about the Covid-unvaccinated. In what I’ll put down to him having a senior moment, he recently called for their shunning by society – something so un-Chomsky-like, I sometimes wonder whether it was one of those Deep Fake videos. Jonathan Cook did a post about Chomsky’s pronouncement, then took it down without explanation a couple of days later. Most mysterious…

      4. APOLOGIES – Above should have read:
        We’re all FALLIBLE, even Chomsky. /
        We’re none of us is infallible, even Chomsky. /
        None of us is infallible. (Because NONE = not ONE) of us IS infallible. /
        Chomsky proves beyond doubt that he’s not infallible, hence his Brexit confusion.

        I am very fallible. How many times must i tell myself; reread before pressing send!?!?!?

    2. Two bandwagons Remoan and Brexiteers, both created by the Spinmeisters Bliar, Campbell, Mandelson! First, we had the idiot Remoan Bandwagon who were clanging their empty tin cans and screeching so loud that nobody could hear The UK Labour Party, they did all this despite having in their hands since Conference2017 and February 2018 written into Labour’s Leave Plan, exactly what they were screeching for!
      This Maelstrom of Insanity, created by the Spinmeisters Bliar, Campbell, Mandelson and the Parasite Party. The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, already included the ! All that combined with the MSM’s misrepresentation and misinformation and not being able to hear what The UK Labour Party had to say about Brexit, caused an uproar and fear among Brexiteers, so they created and jumped on their own Bandwagon! Now even less people could hear what Labour had to say! What did Labour have to say? See the 2019 Manifesto!
      So yes, A TORY Brexit is a disaster and that was what those who could hear Labour were trying to get through to those on their bandwagons, who were mocking and laughing, none of them are laughing now though ARE THEY BlueSteveH!?
      A Labour Brexit if and most certainly when they won the Confirmatory vote would have been a wholly different kettle of fish, Firstly a UK Labour Government would have had many more UK Labour Party MPs and Far Less Neo-Labour Party TORY MPs and seen an entirely different frontbench and a Completely different Brexit team!
      Unfortunately the Neo-Labour Party TORIES, the Spinmeisters Bliar, Campbell, Mandelson and the Trilateral Commission of the USA, Israel and UK ensured that we didn’t and evidently never will legitimately have a Socialist or Left Government!
      Now we just have to wait for the Culture of Fear Neo-Labour Party TORIES to be gifted the next GE by their Trilateral Commission so that we can say Told You So and perhaps even muster a laugh!

  2. Brexit was a rally against the New world order…..its a shame it didnt work….
    Hang on to your seats folk including Steve H youre in for the roughest ride in the West has ever seen.The Barbarians will descend upon you…. grab your cash and hunker down.

    1. It’s a crying shame that ‘the left’ were suckered into supporting what was always a RW policy.

      1. Please name the Socialist Heads of State in EU & any in the European Central Bank or the IMF. EU ‘Rich Man’s Club’.

      2. “How is leaving The Neoliberal, Right Wing, Warmonger, EU Right Wing!?

        The same way that fighting a war against Hitler with the USSR wasn’t communist. In other words, It isn’t (exclusively) RW.. We’re being played by people who use meaningless arguements like that. (FWIW – I was a remainer and would be again, but am duty-bound as a democratic socialist to accept the referendum result).

      3. qwertboi – Is that the self same referendum that the Justices of the Supreme Court ruled had no standing in law. the same referendum that the High Court received a record numbers of petitions to have the result set aside because of malpractice. Your augment is nonsense.

    2. If only people could hear what The UK Labour Party were telling them! We’d have left the Neoliberal Elitist EU with a brilliant deal that covered all important aspects and Socialism would have spread through Europe like a wildfire! Who knows, we may have seen our first truly Socialist Government in the next few years. We certainly would have had an NHS, Housing for all, Work, Training, Social Health, Best Schools, Nationalised Everything, we could have been something now we are nothing and with the prospect of two TORY parties, we will remain nothing, soon not even the City will survive!

    1. Yes, Starmer will have already sent Klaus Schwab, Rockefeller, et al a signed copy of the New Statesman article.

      56% of Labour members and supporters voted for this man in the first round? Dumbfounded!

      1. Zombified MSM Sheeple who are yet to be woken up, but those who are awakened are amassing! Another 5 years of either Conservative Thatcherite TORY Party or Neo-Labour Thatcherite TORY Party and the majority will be wide awake and paying attention, probably sooner with the latter!

  3. So “the world’s greatest living left thinker” is an anarchist. What does that tell us about the state of the left?

    1. Chomsky is not, by a long shot, the world’s only great living left thinker, there are many leftist Blogs, Lists, Bookshops knock yourself out! Now who would the right/far right’s greatest living thinker be? No One, they can’t think, they missed evolutions last train, for killing each other, How about Bannon, Trump, Johnson, Biden, Bliar, Bush, BlueKeef, $elensky, Netanyahu, Trudeau, Macron, Putin? Nope, there certainly ain’t none! As for Anarchism, I would much rather live in an Anarchist Society than a Fascist one! Perhaps you need to read some facts instead of MSM conditioning about what Anarchism is and how Anarchist society would function. Each to their own, I guess!

    2. No! All free thinkers are anarchists by definition as the function of education in a healthy democracy is to produce independent creative students; every individual should think for themselves. Anarchy is decentralisation.

    1. To see the sideshow of Ukrainian Nazi Execution victims, some days old, some hours old, all gagged and bound and with Russian Friendly Armbands, or to snort a table laden with Charlie? What I want to know is why would Russia bomb one little street in the town, they occupy, bind all the people, place them at the spot they are going to bomb, and all those people dumped from the back of a White Van like trash at the tip, without Autopsy or Forensic Examination with so many Morgues, Funeral Homes and Universities in the vicinity why did this not happen, and where the hell are all their loved ones, that many people in a big city like Kiev must have many living relatives.
      I wonder when a Western Politician/Journo will look at the scenes and ask the right questions so that those dear dead people can be exhumed, Autopsy, Forensics and Possibly ID’d and then laid to rest in a respectful and dignified manner, the City of Kiev’s Burial grounds are in Bucha FFS! It is disgraceful that the Western Politicians and MSM are playing along with this staged Nazi Massacre, NOBODY, from the EU to the USA have requested Forensics or Autopsy, because they ALL know that all those “Russian” victims died from an execution bullet wound in the back of the head, by the Ukrainian Nazis!

      1. nellskelly – Nazis? Both the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine are Jewish you numpty.

      2. I see $elensky claims that the worst thing he heard people say about Bucha was an EU Leader asking for evidence that it was not staged by the Ukrainian Nazis. Whether that is true or made up for the MSM, it was pretty stupid to say it to a Journalist. That will most certainly kickstart the suspicion and suspicious observations of the Bucha Sideshow of Death and Destruction as brought to you be the Ukrainian Nazis!
        It is quite Ironic, but Ukraine newspapers reported that it was none other than fellow Nazi Victor Orbán, things are bad, very, very bad when Victor Orbán is suspicious of your honesty of a staged Massacre!

      3. nellyskelly – Does the article really say all that you claim, or did you make some of it up. Both the President and the PM are both Jewish you numpty.

      4. Yes, they are, aren’t they, a queer old world we live in, isn’t it!?
        When will you wake up, Steve? When the Nazis kick in your neighbour’s door, or when they come crashing through yours?
        Let’s hope Russia ends this confrontation soon, and take out the Nazis, as they did in WW2, before we see WW3 and Nazis marching the streets of every nation on earth!
        Dead bodies with white bands, arms bound behind their back, placed next to shelling holes, but no shrapnel wounds, and right next to the hole not flung a good distance away from it! “Russian” shelling from Bucha to Bucha, programmed to hit only those Russian Friendly/Neutral people with white armbands, all in the same street where they were based in a small dwelling, that they littered with rubbish and shat in the beds they slept in, bodies in opened wide body bags, on show like window dressing of the dead for MSM photo ops, tongues cut out, physically battered and tortured, the “Russians” must have used their interrogation smart rockets!
        And you are not alarmed or suspicious of the MSM and Western Governments!?

        PS. You have hissy fits when people insinuate that you are a liar, yet that same accusation/insinuation drips off your tongue like verbal diarrhoea!
        Perhaps you should try to read the article instead of flinging about your usual mundane twatishness!

      5. You cannot be a Jew and a Nazi
        You cannot be a Christian and vote for the party responsible for starving children
        You cannot be one cheek of the same arse

      6. You’re right, all arses have two cheeks and no one people are the same, flesh and blood, there are no differences, some are good people and some are bad people, You may not personally be XY or Z, but that does not apply to all other people.
        I don’t like categorising people by created tags, white/black, old/young, man/woman, this/that etc, etc. I see people, all people, as Human, Equally. I will give you as much ie respect as you give me, as a fellow human.
        If you look at the articles of the Nazi Procession and The Nazi Road name in Kiev, that all happened/Happens with $elensky as President and the procession still happens now!
        I am not saying $elensky is a Nazi per se, but I am saying he is fully aware of the massive Nazi presence in Ukraine, they are a big part of the Military. They are in Parliament.
        I am not saying Israel is a Nazi Nation, but I am saying that Israel Fund and Weaponise Nazis in Ukraine and Hungary. What ‘that’ makes them, is for you to decide, I know how I feel about guilt by association at that open level with that much evidence. Two cheeks to one arse, no one person is the same as the next. Facts are ugly, but those ugly truths we must face, every one of us, or we will fall victim! I am not trying to offend Jews, many of these facts are not mentioned in MSM or were mentioned a few years ago and forgotten, but I would face the Nazis on 3 counts, so I will do everything I can to stop them.

    2. May’s VAST FORESTS of magic money trees used for the DUP, is now being used to provide £100,000,000.00 worth of MORE killing machines‼️

      TRUE OPPOSITION would insist Johnson uses £one hundred million to relieve the hardships here. Gas & Electricity bills, Disability and Child care, Housing, Free University Education as it was before … the list is long, yet Sir KEITH STARMER will NEVER point out the egregious CHOICE to fund more wars rather than food for school children‼️‼️

      Keith will be WORSE than Johnson by a long long margin‼️‼️‼️

      Let it not be said no warnings were given. nellyskelly has sustained warning about Keith. i’m trying also.

      Keith will be as bad as the Weapons of Mass Destruction Blair.

      p.s. For at least eight of the last years we’ve been funding unrest in Ukraine. Training and arms. The USA has been pumping in even more MILLIONS than us. Once again we with the EU, USA, Canada and Australia, DELIBERATELY ferment unrest to feed the military industrial complex. The Ukrainians are the pawns. Many may have forgotten Biden’s slip of the tongue at the start of the OPEN heavy coverage of killings.

      A minor incursion will be allowed. QUESTION – What is ” A MINOR INCURSION” in an area many times the size of the UK and with a forty something million population⁉️⁉️⁉️

      The road to this latest Biden Establishment Hell is paved with bad Bad BAD intentions. Once he was confirmed President, i posted on, prepare for a return to back to back OVERT invasions and wars. It started with prompt WIDE BOMBING of the Palestinians. Now this. Question is why experienced well read / educated “Left” people did not see it⁉️ In over three hundred years, the only ones without FULL & OPEN invasions and wars by the UK & USA were the four preceding Biden.

      (p.s. i suspect WMD Blair has been bound to keep its trap shut on this war. The Establishment knows that any involvement by the Blair creature will immediately cast the belligerent UK USA EU operations in a worse light.)

      1. windchime – Have you worked out how much each household would get? 🤔

      2. I have a feeling Ukraine will let a lot of cats out of the bag very soon, then all the peddlers of Nazi Elites Propaganda will be directly under limelight scrutiny for knowingly and cunningly misleading The People, about Russia and Ukraine.
        We have a lot less to worry about disorganised, undisciplined Nazis of Ukraine the Mecca of Nazism, now stashed to the brim with weapons, than we do from the Nazi Elite who fund them, those are the frightening entities in the whole Nazi mess we need to really worry about, but slowly, slowly they will be found out! Lies never last very long.

      3. First opportunity to post this. We all have our differences. I come on to skwawky to read witty, acerbic but normally polite posts. People are calling one another numpties. Numpty is northern slang for a child sex offender. Stop it. If you are hunting for kiddy fiddlers you are in the wrong place. Stop it. It is as bad as yanks and now some Brits, Jonathon Woss, using the N and MF words. The history of these words is appalling, vile beyond belief. I don’t care if black people, a few, use these terms. I am mixed race and don’t believe in banning very much. I suggest people should stop, it demeans the user and further estrangers valuable members of the working class. It might be considered ‘street’ by petty-bourgeois scriptwriters and entertainers but it’s wrong.

      4. wobbly – “Numpty is northern slang for a child sex offender.”

        That is the first time that I’ve ever heard that definition, are you sure you haven’t just made that one up.
        Do you have a link to a reference of ‘numpty’ being used in the way you describe

    3. on the sabbath? Another unobservant pretender. Boris can lock himself in a refrigerated storeroom if the Russians show up!

      Pretend Jews, pretend brexiters and total cowards, they’re both woking for the hard globocapitalist right!

      1. qwertboi, johnson is a pretend brexiter. that’s why it was so crushing 4 me to see jeremy of all people die on that Tory hill.

        anyway murrty & children at this v minute moving out of 11 (really 10) Downing St, to one of their many £multimillion homes. … the West London one. Fishy Rishi will remain when “working” long hours.

      2. … and the apartheid occupiers raided Palestinians today and murdered at least one person. maimed several others today Saturday. 📌😨📌😨📌😨

      3. gosh! the more one investigates, the more we discover the unsavoury double standards and ruthless self-serving nature of sunak & murty.

        they prattle on about patriotism and loving this country yet happy to pay taxes on all global in come to the usa but not to the uk.

        murty claims her children are british and she is so proud to be indian and india will be her final resting place. but the truth is, the children have dual nationality with britain and the usa, not india!!!

        tax havens british virgin islands and cayman islands hold trusts for … yes fishy rishi !!!

        i would be amazed if they pay taxes to india, where whole families totally naked, live on the streets outside showrooms for rolls royces, bentley’s and extreme luxuries‼️

        murty’s gym ows creditors £6.2 million, while she brings tax dodged foreign £4+ millions to loan to her other company… a fashion company. that is against non dom rules.

        methinks the usa, indian and uk authorities must all launch full investigations‼️

        and it does not stop, sajid javid choose to be a non dom too for six years and money lodged in tax havens‼️
        sunak replaced … yes javid as chancellor.

        no one could make this tory double standard up, except of course sir keith weathercock starmer, reeves, cooper, wmd blair, mandelson, margaret thatcher & co

      4. I would be a lot less worried if the Russians come than the then Ukrainian Azov Military! If they come I’m getting in that dingy heading for Cuba!

      5. Steven, you are a fucking worm and a weasel. I loathe you and your hidden beliefs. Your knowledge of the Nazis is shallow. You write as if there were no members of the Nazi party who worked with Jewish people. Don’t use your thumbs to get your hands dirty, speak to humans. Start with Soros. You belong in the same cell as the rest of them, how the fuck can you support those murderers and rapists and call yourself a worker is beyond me. Did you not have relatives who fought and killed Nazis. Go back to giving Ferrari blow jobs. Prick. There’s your fucking evidence. From SCARBOROUGH, NORTH YORKSHIRE. Stick all of your polls where only your mates go.

  4. I don’t thinkmost Ukrainians are fascists, and I don’t think that Ukraine is a fascist state. In fact I have a lot of sympathy with people who are going about their own business and suddenly find that they have to defend themselves because they have been invaded.

    Even so, it is impossible to ignore that in the main picture that the Guardian uses with its story about the Kramatorsk station attack, all the big windows in the front of the station building, behind the row of wrecked cars, seem to be intact. There seem to be reflections of the sky in the windows, which would mean that when the picture was taken they were not broken. Now I see the BBC is reporting that “the smashed windows are being boarded up by workmen”. Fog of war, eh? Strange blast pattern, for sure.

    1. Dave Bradney,

      As you say it very much looks like another set up situation. Read this it’s a very good article.

      It’s Iraq all over again. Meanwhile in Pakistan the US have just got rid of Imran Khan (temporarily anyway). Simply because he refused to let them put a military base on Pakistan soil and bought oil and gas from Putin.

      1. I don’t know how you discovered that article but thanks for telling us about it.

        It is very interesting.

      2. Yes another setup, but very amateurish. I’m sure the Russians do it better.
        Thanks for the link, there’s so much interesting material out there when you scratch around a bit.

    2. I don’t think most Germans were Fascists, I don’t think most Brits are TORIES, that is the worrying thing, how do these minorities keep winning. The answer lies in the Elites’ Propaganda Pages and an increasingly limited internet. They turned millions of people, even those on the ‘left’, people who were part of the x, y, z vs Corbyn fight, on Twitter, into frothing Russian Haters it was one hell of an overnight ghastly thing, so I promptly and finally closed my Twitter Account. The trouble is that there are no more regulators/watchdogs that are not entirely in the pockets of the Elites and their sock puppet Governments! It makes open debate impossible. The Believers are firm in their belief of the Governments and MSM and the Doubters firmly believe in their reasons to Doubt and search for the Truth and Meaning.

    3. Steven, batter? Are you still drunk? Things look different when you’re sober or honest.

      1. wobbly – Oops. “Are you feeling batter better now?”
        Happy now? 😘

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