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Labour parliamentary staff swing left after two years of attrition by Starmer-Evans axis

Left slate scores big win in Unite parliamentary branch annual election

Labour parliamentary staff have given an overwhelming mandate to left-wingers at the Unite parliamentary branch annual general meeting today – no doubt a reaction to two years of attritional war on staff (and all-out war on party democracy) by Keir Starmer and his general secretary David Evans, as well as Starmer’s disparagement of their union, which has reduced its funding to the party over the leadership’s failure to support Coventry bin workers abused by a supposedly Labour-run council.

The new, majority-left branch ‘exec’ includes:

Vice Chair – Isaac Wright
Secretary – LeeAnne Clarkson (a staffer for left MP Grahame Morris)
Treasurer – Russell Cartwright
Membership Officer – Sam Browes
Campaigns officer – Janet Chapman
Social Media Officer– Tammy Hymas
Training Officer – Francesca Nottola
North East Regional Rep – Liam Lavery (son of left MP Ian Lavery)
London Region Rep – Sarah Clark

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  1. All too bloody LATE! I don’t know anyone who would ever trust this vile party of betrayal again in this life!.

  2. Its a pity all the staffers didn’t support the elected left wing party leader between 2015 and 2019.If they hadn’t worked against him they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in now and neither would the party.

    1. They, as many others, like the Blue Ticker Comedian/TV Types, ALL did it to themselves, now we have to see them piss their eyes out into rivers of tears. Absolutely no sympathy with anyone who campaigned/coupéd/sabotaged from any of the many Anti/Get-Corbyn bandwagons, especially the Blue Tickers, Remaon/Brexiteer or Backstabbing, Sabotaging Neo-Labour Party TORY Bandwagons! Let them come down here with the rest of us peasants/paupers, it’ll be great fun! How short-sighted humans are!

  3. I see that Labour has made what seems like an open-ended commitment to increase Britain’s military budget—already one of the highest in the world.

    The excuse for this is stated to be the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

    However, maps shown daily in the Guardian indicate that Russia is in only in control of around 15% of that country.

    This gives us two possibilities:

    Putin has limited objectives or
    Putin has not been very successful in achieving his objectives.

    Either way, no increase in Britain’s military budget is needed at all.

    1. Russians are very good at chess Tony.

      Also be careful what map you look at, it could have been drawn by NATO.

    2. What happens if Putin completes his objectives and agrees to Peacekeepers coming in to guarantee Ukraine’s security
      India and China would work

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