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Starmer and co chicken out in face of legal threat from hounded left-wing Jewish pensioner

Party drops investigation against Diana Neslen

Diana Neslen

Labour has backed down in the face of legal pressure and dropped an investigation Diana Neslen, a left-wing member of Jewish Voice for Labour in her eighties that the party has hounded over a period of several years for condemning Israeli apartheid and supporting Palestinian rights.

Ms Neslen, who regularly attends synagogue and keeps a kosher home, spoke to Skwawkbox in December and appeared on Socialist Telly last month to talk about her situation and her legal action. She had threatened to sue the party if it persisted in discriminating against her protected belief that Zionism is racist and wrong. The party ignored letters from her lawyers but eventually capitulated as details of the case came out in Skwawkbox, on Socialist Telly and elsewhere.

She is one of a large number of left-wing Jews targeted by Labour as part of a sustained campaign that has seen Jewish supporters of Palestinian rights over thirty times more likely to be suspended or expelled and leaders of Jewish Voice for Labour more than two hundred times more likely.

Despite the climbdown, the party has still not apologised to Ms Neslen for the conduct of its leadership and administration – and even tried to ban her from talking about the case.

Amnesty International last week published a report on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, concluding that the state is guilty of operating an apartheid system and breaching the human rights of the Palestinian people.

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  1. Well done Diana Neslen for standing up to the bullying from right-wing Labour.
    The lesson is there for all to see.
    When you have right on your side and you stand up to bullies, then you will inspire others to do the same.
    Solidarity Greetings to Diana …. from a Solidarity Member of JVL.

    1. EXACTLY correct johnsco1. Diana has done the decent, grown up thing. She defended herself with integrity. Yesterday, I posted re Diana’s victory agains the politically motivated Sir Starmer gang. The victory deserves celebrating again and again and others must take note

      1. Mr Starmer (Keith Rodney) – DPP -> SIR Keith Rodney, please come clean about your part allowing Jimmy Saville to escape justice.

        1- What orders did you give to those under YOUR direction?
        2- Did you hinder investigations directly and / or indirectly?
        3- Did you communicate with other powerful people regarding letting Jimmy Saville escape justice?

        Jℹ️Ⓜ️Ⓜ️y S🅰️vℹ️lle: SIR Keith Starmer, you can put the record straight. Tell the voters and the general public, your part in the sordid Establishment connections re Jimmy Saville going free.

        Until you explain your involvement, no Johnson needs apologise to you. Johnson is indeed a chaotic pathological liar, lying for no particular gain. It seems he lies just for peculiar kicks. He can’t help himself. You on the other hand, also can’t help yourself, but you are not chaotic.

        If you have nothing to hide, SIR Starmer (Keith Rodney), then what do you have to fear … SIR

      2. ps Streeting has confirmed his and Starmer’s wish to continue deepening PRIVATISATION of profit in the NHS

  2. The hounding of this devout elderly Jewish woman is disgusting. That she should be subject to vilification and discrimination by Starmers Labour brings it just about as low as it is possible to go.
    We have heard a lot of talk about anti semitism in the party. The way this woman has been treated is a prime example of it and unfortunately she is only one of many Jews who have been expelled or deprived of elected office in Starmers Labour.
    Solidarity with Diana and all our Jewish brothers and sisters

    1. Smart boy. I agree completely. Brilliant contributors to the class struggle. Indomitable and fearless. Max, Frankenstein, the Children’s champion are terrified of this small, articulate, wise group of largely mature socialists. This focus/pressure group that used to be a huge movement party are afraid of some softly spoken lefties. It’s getting cold in Southside. Chills and sweats, corruption covid symptoms.

  3. Well not only did the Guardian print the original
    story – but also the fact that they dropped the original
    investigation. Included in this is a statement by Diana
    which tells of the purge of Jews from the Labour Party.

    The fact that this is (I think?) the first time this
    has appeared in the MSM – is an utter disgrace
    of course but – who knows – it might be a crack in
    the wretched right wing defences..

  4. It’s just a sign that they feel that they have broken the left threat- they got rid of Corbyn and they are ready to start welcoming anyone ready to pay back in. After all there is no democracy- the PLP is completely in charge and controls all new candidate selections. It is a classic case of a self perpetuating oligarchy.
    In the past century how many times have socialists and anti-imperialists even come close to sharing power in the party? A few months of the fag end of Michael Foot’s political career maybe. Then Jeremy Corbyn. For the most part the party has been run by men who might as well have been on the CIA payroll, like Kinnock, Gaitskell, Blair et al. And Starmer is no exception just a bit dumber and a bit nastier.

    1. The Unions, 650,000 members and 14 million supporters of JC have not gone away, the demographics would indicate those numbers have increased whilst cheap and nasties lose voters
      Its upto him how we get our party back and finish the job

  5. Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted
    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end and Red Tories are close to bankruptcy, so much so they can not afford anymore legal challenges
    Now what am i bid for a once proud party

  6. Keir forfeited any right to claim to be fighting antisemitism, the moment he decided to target Jewish antizionists for collective punishment and collective expulsion.

    46 antizionists Jews have been subjected to utterly barbaric treatment from the party they’ve supported their entire life. Two of them died before their appeals- which would have been unjustly rejected, since justice no longer exists within Labour- could be heard, died in emotional agony after having been accused of something no one can ever be guilty of- bigotry against their own identity.

    The Labour Party needs to admit that the AS Smear and the AS Frenzy should never have been started and that essentially none of the people forced out of the party deserved what was done to them. It needs to do the decent, humane, progressive thing on this issue for once- reverse the suspensions of expulsions of those who were accused of antisemitism solely for being antizionists- a point of view that has nothing in common whatsoever with actual antisemitism- needs to replace the IHRA “guidelines and examples” with the far more just and reasonable Jerusalem Declaration of Antisemitism definition of AS “Antisemitism is discrimination, prejudice, hostility or violence against Jews as Jews (or Jewish institutions as Jewish).”, needs to admit that antizionism is NOT antisemitism and needs to apologise to and reinstate everyone it has persecuted…including Chris Williamson & Jeremy Corbyn.

    The decision to stop hounding Diana Neslen is a marker- it is the proof that none of the AS Frenzy should ever have been done, and it is proof that that entire sordid, indefensible episode must be brought to an end.

    Keir & the Keirmacht did nothing but damage here- if they have any decency at all, any humanity at all, they will choose this moment to cease doing damage, and begin the process of healing the wounds they had no reason to inflict.

  7. IF youre looking for “any decency and humanity” in the Labour party then you have a long wait ✋.no socialist need apply and thats not going to change with the members and the make up of the PLP.
    Remember the benefits social security system….just thirteen in favour of supporting a system that should reflect “decency and humanity”

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