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If it turns out to be true Starmer’s new Tory-turned-Lab MP attended lockdown party it will be hilarious

Image circulating alleging Christian Wakeford attended parties during ban on gatherings puts Starmer in a quandary

Manchester Young Conservatives tweeted an image they claimed showed Christian Wakeford attending an illegal party during lockdown straight from another banned Tory gathering:

The MYC tweet was rapidly deleted – the claim incriminates the Tories as well – and the allegation may be disproven. But Keir Starmer is already under fire in parts of the media over video footage of himself drinking beer at a Durham gathering during lockdown when he’s calling for the resignation of the appalling Boris Johnson over Johnson’s lockdown party-going.

The deleted tweet was linked in a Reddit discussion

Could Starmer afford to simply ignore or dismiss the claim without a proper investigation – which might entail withdrawing the whip from his newest MP until it was concluded?

If it turns out to be true, then given Starmer’s record so far, his rush to trumpet Wakeford’s defection in Boris Johnson’s face and his current claims of fairness and transparency while waging an anti-democratic war on the Labour left, it would be hilarious.

Both Keir Starmer and Christian Wakeford have been contacted for comment on the allegation any consequent investigation.

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  1. Do our ruling junta know somthing about the virus you dont ?or is it that along with the Labour party partytime politics is just a symptom of a very leathel virus thats on a par with the blackdeath and guzzling alcohol in a relaxed manner especially from the neck of a imported silver topped Bottle as proven to erradicate Covid Delta and O’ macron virus…. “We Must Be Told”
    Wakeford was obviously showing drinkypoose training for defection to the Labour party and to avoid being in isolation on entering the promised land Labour party.

    1. Even if it’s not, it should be MADE to be true…Like Corbyn supposedly putting flowers on the terrorist’s grave, or all those empty seats on the train. 😗🎶

    1. As for Christian Wakeford, I’m sure he’ll feel very much at home in Starmer’s Stasi Party!

  2. Thankyou Allan Howard for the medialens article which in many respects draws the picture of the hopeless BBC and the establishment broadcaster who clearly broadcasts lies and propaganda on behalf of the establishment and in no way represnts the people of Britain..Nonetheless the comment that elderly people have no need “now to fear the knock at the door from a Bailiff from the BBC because the licence fee will be abolished”.is nonsense.A Conservative or Labour government will ensure that lots more elderly and vulnerable will not survive to hear a knock at the door from anyone.The fear of not running with the narrative of the media is not a conspiracy theory but reality as we all know in looking at the demolition of the socialists revival and the leader Jeremy Corbynn who was a threat to the state establishment if you believe as they do that the peasants are of no consequence or importance more worker drones to be cast aside or considered expendable in times of war.Theyve poisoned our drinking water,destroyed the idea of a house our home made financial slavery a goal,perverted our children and grandchildren and destroyed our families and lives…….Whats the sentence for High treason your majesty?

    1. The kids aren’t perverted, they are victims and remain as such for the rest of their poor, nightmare filled lives. They are treated as perverts by those paid to protect them.

  3. Rachel Reeves in her interview in this mornings FT explains why it’s a good thing Labour members are leaving the party. “They should never have joined Labour,they don’t share our values “,but apparently this bloke who consistently voted with the Tories and used some deeply unpleasant language does.

    1. reeves more or less said the same thing about wankford this morning on GMB. Said he joined because he ‘shares labour values’.

      1. She’s just been on the Today programme claiming the Labour Party under Mr Corbyn had been found to be institutionally anti Semitic by the EHRC which is,of course,simply incorrect. Presumably if asked what values wankford has in common with the current Labour leadership the answer would be “ well he’s not a Socialist for one thing”.

      2. She forgot to say NEW Labour values, shared by a rapidly-dwindling strata of bourgeois neo-liberals living in their own smug little echo chamber!

      3. Particularly Nr 4, 2 and 3, they hate the Poor, Disabled and in Need! I home The Poor, Disabled and in Need pay them the same respect and Vote the TORY FILTH OUT! We have a tough time ahead, but it will be FAR TOUGHER if people get Sentimental about The Name/WORD Labour which is now The Neo-Labour PARTY TORY SCUM’S Corporate Identity/Logo/Brand! Feel emotional to the WORD, burn ALL our fingers!!!!!
        First They Came………..

      4. Reeves seems to share Margaret Hodge’s view; that the huge influx of members under Corbyn 2015-2019 were 1970s militant tendency. This was often repeated by Labour’s right to journalists and TV reporters.

        This despite the fact the bulk of those joining were under 30 years of age!

        Many were joining a political party for the first time, only to be labelled variously: dogs, a rabble , thugs, Trots, SWP entryists, militant tendency, by a PLP that wanted the Labour party kept solely as the preserve of wealthy, upper middle class Blairites.

        Even the claim members were SWP exiles is demonstrably false, the SWP was a party of a few thousand members … Under Corbyn Labour had around 580,000 members!

      5. Can’t argue with him there Toffee. Extremist of the centre.

      6. Stasi Starmer Labour values include Zionism; hypocrisy; deceit; dishonesty; a lack of integrity & contempt for truth & justice, Wakefield should feel at home, especially after his rant in parliament about Prof. David Miller.

    2. Just who the bloody **** does she think she is, and how dare she. I ‘should never have joined’? Really? I joined in the late 60’s before she was even bloody born. I am proud not to share her and the current Labour Party values. Drakeford should feel right at home.

      1. I am on a roll here. She also claims in the FT article that the reason the party are cutting staff wages is down to “ the parlous state of our finances inheritedn from the previous leadership “. Dear me evenJohnson is more honest than this charlatan.

      2. I was unforgiving to red wall voters who turned Tory given the choice between Corbyn and Johnson at GE 2019 but if there were a GE tomorrow, given the choices available…well.. I wouldn’t be voting Labour, put it that way!
        Starmer, Reeves & co are about the most corrupt degenerates I’ve seen in British politics…

      3. I packed up and forgot all about what once was The UK Labour Party, since it has been Fully Invaded and Occupied when Blair gnawed his way in through the sewers of Westminster dragging Thatcher’s flavour of Neoliberalism in behind him.
        For now VOTE the Bastards OUT of Their Seats, we should forget “The Party” and focus on Voices FOR The PEOPLE in The HoC.

      4. Julia, A little birdie told me former Bank of England employee and political lightweight Ms R only originally got selected in Leeds West by 4 votes and she spent the legal maximum amount of £10k on promoting herself whilst her opponent spent nil?
        Remember whist JC got 12.8m and 10.2m GE votes despite Right Wing Labour sabotage on both occasions, Miliband and Ms R in 2010 got an abysmal 9.3m (without any Left Wing sabotage) so Ms R is perhaps a Lightweight Loser?

      5. Reeves is hideously arrogant, like others in the current leadership.

        None have any compassion for those other than for their fellow travellers on Labour’s right. These people will never allow a eal ‘broad church’ party to emerge and seek compromise with the left over policy. They’re all about dominating others, and could easily sit as Tories.

        They’re not even ‘centrists’ really, centrism suggests they seek the middle ground, compromising between the party’s left-right. Whereas the reality is this bunch sit firmly on the authoritarian right using any measure of the political spectrum.

        Why Corbyn repeatedly tried to compromise and integrate these ‘bad faith’ people into his shadow cabinet, idk. It was a mistake not viewing them as purely hostile to the Corbnyn project and saying so out loud.

    3. My request to ALL The PEOPLE most Specially us “Undeserving Poor” DO NOT partake in ANY Polls, DO NOT fill out ANY Questionnaires From any Local Party Mostly not from either Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM or Conservative Party TORY SCUM. Play your cards close to your chest and on Election Week ‘sharpen’ and polish up your GE Sharpies, and we go and slice their Neoliberal Arses right out of Their Seats
      First Priority: Vote OUT and Prevent ANY Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM MPs/Candidates from a Seat!
      Second Priority: Vote OUT and Prevent ANY Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM and Conservative Party TORY SCUM MPs/Candidates From a Seat!
      Whatever you Vote Plan and make sure we do not let the bastard TORIES who stuck two rusty nails in our eye take a seat!
      Golden Rule for ALL The PEOPLE wherever there are a Democratic Socialist MP/Candidate/Exile VOTE THEM IN. Forget about Party or Winning at this point, Lets just get as Many Voices FOR The PEOPLE into Parliament and as Many Voices Against The People and For The Elites/Establishment OUT! Without that Sabotage of the Nasty TORIES and from the ashes up, we could have something quite special, something even Hardie could not achieve, we proved time and time again 2015 to 2020 we do not need anyone other than The PEOPLE, we are Poor but self sufficient with Crowd-Sourcing/Funding we don’t need to go cap in hand and we CERTAINLY do not need to let any Elites/Establishment have any sort of Privy to our inner workings, Infiltrators will stick out like a sore thumb and be booted immediately!
      Let’s show the likes of Reeves and Co = ~189 Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM the HoC BACKDOOR, AS THE PEOPLE! Let’s show her That The “Undeserving Poor” has the POWER and we do not need to be Middle Class and Up to be HUMAN!

  4. It turns out, Christian Wakeford was on the same binge trip to Gibraltar, as Charlotte Nichols, where they both ended up with the same dose of the ‘collywobbles’ which saw them debilitated and ‘out of action’, for most of the trip.

    Some, of the group, had to take advantage of an early repat, to the UK.

    It raises the question, in my mind – is Christian Wakeford ‘thirsty’?

    1. Wakeford had a bad rep on pendle council in Lancashire before beoming a mp for Bury south which includes a large Jewish area prestwich.Hes a known beer guzzler and part of the Jewish mafia in Manchester..He likes to fiddle the expenses as he did on pendle council and Lancashire county council were he stayed on for the perks until they threw him out for non attendance.due to his parliamentary carreer in London.Burnley born hates moslems Irish and gypsys or anyone not as greedy as this insurance salesmen.My brother in law spent half a hour explaining the life and times of his former pendle neighbour..This guy will make his mark in the Labour party but will not get the votes he needs to secure the seat of bury south for Labour….move over left wing Labour for the new Labour man.

      1. Drakeford being “eternally thirsty” kinda makes sense. Reprobates always seem to ‘self-medicate’ with something essentially harmful (think of Sir Keir ‘hic’ Rodney Starmer). BUT – mainly for clarification – Jews tend not to drink alcohol a lot. Even Jewish seperatists (zionists) and apartheid practitioners tend to abuse themselves with substances other than alcohol – usually copius amounts of self-delusion and double standards (which makes the racist among them feel right at home in a Labour party run by the LabourRight).

      2. quertboi its a good job you didnt go out up west with my brother in law Bernie Solomon. legal man at A and M records now deceased..He used to turn up at my house in his chauffeured limo and stagger in and ask for uppers and downers and empty the bar at my house.We always said that other than good French wine asprin was the best we could do..Same with the Uncle except he prefered brandy..I think like all jews have diverse tastes and politics and traditional ways have dissapeared much like the Irish people who are a changed people since the last pope johm paul the polish priest 79.

    2. Is there actually a dividing line between The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM and The Conservative Party TORY SCUM? They appear to have become one Party That was the overall aim of Thatcher/Reagan’s Flavour of Neoliberalism Two Parties The SAME in The USA and The UK!
      My Question would have to be Just how Much Damage did Jewdas “Left Wing Zionist” Nichols & Co do to Jeremy Corbyn 2015 to 2020! That Jewdas Wasps Nest is big, VERY big, Owen Jones, Michael Walker, Labour List, Momentum, Novara, etc, etc, etc, etc All The Fake Left are to be found in there! They all screwed us over one way or another We could do with a Wiki just to remind People all to often do we see these People’s names pop up as some kind of Left Wing media, they’re not! Evil little bastards!

      1. Novara treat every show as job interviews for the BEEB, The Guardian anywhere really.

      2. I took a dislike at them for several reasons 2015 to 2020 related, The cherry on top for me was infamous “I am literally a Communist” moment, and the Pathetic Glam ‘Fashion Shoots’ that oozes more Money, Materialism, Capitalist Commercialism than the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan! Those were merely the Cherry on Top, the Novara Divorce came when Bastani called Corbyn an Antisemite 2015 on the BBC re that Graffiti Mural, gutless self serving little creep just like Jones and Walker!

  5. Just watching -the paper review followed by Reeves on GMB – with
    gritted teeth. My partner has pointed out the obvious problem that “obeying the Whip” is
    a necessary and seemingly sufficient condition for representing political parties
    in Westminster. Apparently Reeves got much for of a roasting from BBC Breakfast.

    If it comes to that – how about Starmer going back on everything he promised
    before he was elected to the Labour Party?

    WE had the same old same old parroting of the three word “respect ..” of NewNew Labour
    or whatever they called themselves. Words just fail me ..

  6. Referring back to my post of 9.46am referring to
    MPs obeying the Whip –
    Ive just remembered the following from G and S
    “Iolanthe” – and the song from Private Willis:

    “When in that House M.P.’s divide,
    If they’ve a brain and cerebellum, too,
    They’ve got to leave that brain outside,
    And vote just as their leaders tell ’em to.
    But then the prospect of a lot
    Of dull M. P.’s in close proximity,
    All thinking for themselves, is what
    No man can face with equanimity…”

    1. Yes but you have to understand That Corbyn wants Equality, Peace and Justice and he wants The Rich to Pay their FULL 25% Tax without deductions and Charity Laundromat Donations! Let’s Face it He is Bad News That Corbyn, extremely Dangerous!
      We all are to be fair anyone with a Leftist, Socialist, Humanitarian View has somehow become enemy of the state Number ONE!, The Ace of Spades!

  7. Momentum warns that Christian Wakeford voted with the government ‘almost 400 times in just two years’ and that he ‘should be nowhere near the Labour Party’

    credit MS

    1. Interesting that they (Manchester Young Conservatives) deleted the tweet, was it pointed out to them that this could backfire as there might well be a photo/video of nearly every Tory MP breaking lockdown rules that has been hidden from public view for a year or so, but retained incase of future need for a weapon?
      Reports of lockdown parties involving Johnson took nearly a year to surface, obviously the result of political infighting in halls of power rather than concern for public health (even the cops must have known about them) .
      This says more about the state of the Tory party and it’s weakness and it’s faultering in it’s task to deal the draconian blows necessary to preserve the decaying system, the unsustainable insistance of ‘trickle down’ economics con that infact involves the continuous hoovering of wealth created by working people to the top 1% or so. This is called growth, while the queues at the food banks grow and fuel poverty skyrockets.
      I think we are witnessing capitalism’s end game and ‘we aint seen nothing yet’ as far as extraordinary events, draconian measures etc go, and yet we are still debating the need (or not) for a new party based upon the basic needs of the working class, policy tied to decisions voted for at it’s conference. People are crying out for socialist policies as proven in the 2017 election. If there was a general election this year, who is there to vote for? So many saying they could not vote fot Srarmer’s Labour.

      1. I guess it was deleted so quickly because someone spotted reference to a “Tory black tie” event in Manchester that was clearly held during lock-down.

      2. Agree with your last paragraph. It is an endgame, but we’re in extra time. Winner may not be the foregone conclusion many imagine, particularly if we get a Nuremberg 2.0!

        Who to vote for? Galloway, if his Workers Party field a candidate in your constituency…

      3. Lovely, thoughful and thought-provoking post Carlene Edmonds.

  8. Heard a funny story which is partly true.
    A bloke went to the pub with a woman friend and she dropped one, but it was an SBD -silent but deadly.
    She’s a good working class lass and has promised to go outside the no 10 gates tomorrow with a large can of beans.
    So look out for tomorrow Breaking News!

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