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French schools strike tomorrow over Covid – ignored by UK media

Nationwide strike with unprecedented support from school staff unmentioned by BBC and other UK media as Zahawi calls for more vulnerable teachers to be drafted into front line here

France’s school staff – school workers, including teachers, aides, principals and inspectors at both primary and secondary levels – will mount a nationwide strike in protest at the French government’s Johnson-like refusal to provide anti-Covid mitigations in classrooms. The Macron administration instead announced on Monday – after the strike was announced – that it is relaxing school rules even further, despite soaring Omicron infections and the persisting Delta strain, baffling experts who, as in the UK, have been recommending urgent and far greater measures to limit the spread of the virus.

While the new strain has resulted in a lower percentage of cases requiring hospital treatments among adults, hospitalisation rates among children are higher – in the first nine days of 2022 the UK saw more children treated in hospital for the virus than in the whole of the first Covid wave, according to public health expert Prof Christina Pagel, with under-fives worst hit – yet both the French and UK governments are ignoring scientists and appear to be doing everything to promote infections among younger, unvaccinated people.

Which may explain why the Establishment-friendly UK media have chosen to completely and determinedly ignore the French school strike.

When the BBC ignores an inconvenient item on its 24-hour news station, it usually gives the issue a small on its news website so that it can point to that to deflect claims it is helping in a cover-up. But on this issue, a search of the site reveals not a single relevant news response – even though articles on school strikes from years ago appear:

Even the BBC News website – the BBC’s usual ruse for claiming it has covered an issue while its news channel is silent – returns no search results

And it’s not just the BBC. A Google search for news on a 2022 French school strike returns not a single UK news outlet covering the topic, even though news sites in other countries have coverage along with the major international news agencies and of course the French media:

The first section of Google results out of pages of results on the French strike. None of them are from UK news outlets.

Meanwhile, the UK media – notably ITV’s GMB – are pillorying and ridiculing members of Safe Education for All, the parents’ group campaigning for proper classroom mitigations and the government is pressing ahead with prosecution of parents who keep their children home to keep them safe.

And Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi is calling for all retired teachers to register to begin teaching again after news broke that one in twelve teachers is currently suffering Covid – even though the statistics expose the mass spread of Covid in schools and the virus is most dangerous to older people, which would obviously include retirees.

Skwawkbox view:

The entire Establishment in this country is lying to the people, by commission and by omission – and colluding in a mass betrayal of both school staff and our children and of course our NHS workers. Teaching unions in this country are working toward industrial action. A strike is urgently needed – not just in schools – and should have the support of every person of goodwill. Be more like the French.

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