School unions combine to demand ‘essential’ mitigations to protect children, staff and education

Six trade unions representing the majority of education staff – ASCL, GMB, NAHT, NASUWT, NEU and UNISON – have issued a joint statement prior to the return of schools and colleges for the spring term, demanding ‘essential’ mitigations to protect staff, pupils and their education against the rampant spread of Covid in schools, which have long been, beyond realistic doubt, one of the main sources of infection, yet have still not seen even obvious mitigations put in place. The statement reads:

There has been much speculation about the possibility of more disruption to education over the next academic term as a result of the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

As trade unions representing the vast majority of education staff, we wish to emphasise that teachers, leaders and support staff desperately want to be able to conduct face-to-face teaching for all children and young people on a consistent basis and without further interruption caused by the pandemic.

Education staff have moved heaven and earth to support pupils and students throughout the course of the crisis and they remain committed to providing the best possible support for all children and young people.

They are acutely conscious that this is essential particularly in supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people who have often been most badly affected by the pandemic both educationally and in terms of their wellbeing.

But last term education staff were more likely than other workers to test positive and therefore to have to self-isolate, inevitably leading to disruption of education.

Schools and colleges cannot on their own reduce the threat posed by the virus and they need from the Westminster government more than rhetoric about the importance of education.

We need the minimum amount of educational disruption this term in order to avoid a third successive year where GCSEs, A-levels and other exams have to be cancelled, and thereby removing the uncertainty and additional workload for students and teachers.

It is essential therefore that the government takes immediate and urgent steps to mitigate the risk of Covid transmission and that it provides more support to minimise disruption in schools and colleges by such steps as:

• Providing government-funded air cleaning units to every school and college classroom that needs these devices. While we welcome the provision of a small number of these units to special educational needs and alternative provision settings, the government’s decision to signpost all other schools and colleges to purchase this equipment from an ‘online marketplace’ is simply not good enough. We also question why the Westminster government takes such a different line on face coverings in secondary schools to Scotland and Wales when they use the same evidence.

• Committing to providing schools with more resources in the event that on-site Covid testing is again required. Secondary schools have once again been left in the lurch at the beginning of the spring term by being asked to set up and staff testing stations with little support from the government.

• Providing improved financial support to schools and colleges for the costs of supply staff to cover for Covid-related absence. The current government scheme contains so many complex conditions that it is inaccessible in many circumstances.

• Making it clear that all schools or colleges due for an Ofsted inspection this term can request that the inspection is deferred, and that their request will be automatically granted. This will enable teachers and leaders to focus on the immediate and urgent task in hand – that of supporting their pupils and students – and remove the unnecessary pressure and distraction of unhelpful inspections at this time.

As a new year begins, we urge the government to work more collaboratively and constructively with education workforce representatives to keep schools and colleges open. By working side by side, we can remove unnecessary burdens and find solutions with government in the interests of all children and young people.

Skwawkbox view:

Nobody who cares about children and teaching can credibly argue with this call by school staff – and with teachers already preparing for strike action the Tories will show their contempt for both teachers and children if they fail to provide what is being demanded. If they do, then the unions must act and refuse to cooperate, for the nation’s sake as well as their own – and every single parent or worker should be behind them.

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    1. On the contrary Keir and Labour have been saying YES to better ventilation and air filtration in classrooms for months.

      1. SH, who r u calling “Keir”? Is it a freind of your? SteveH davidH, u must mean SIR KEITH Starmer who REPEATEDLY said he supports, and voted for EVERY deadly & corrupt Johnson Tory Covid-19 move, … even CONTRARY to Blue Tory back benchers & their supporters.

      2. windchimes – So in your naive opinion which measures should he have voted against.

      3. SH, who? SIR KEITH starmer? If u r speaking of SIR Keith, his essence is = a firm supporter of what ever Tory Johnson does & cares for including making War Criminal Blair an Establishment gartered “Knight”. Could bot make it up, but your Mandy’s puppet Sir Keith Starmer & Establishment plugs have.

      4. windchime – ………..and In your naive opinion which of the Covid-19 measures introduced by the Tory government should Keir Starmer have whipped Labour to oppose.

      5. SH it’s your confusion. SIR KEITH starmer said repeatedly – he stands with Johnson’s government, which War monger Blair endorsed at the 2019 General Election. The creature should have been expelled there and then. It should also have been impeached at Alex Salmond’s motion. Result? The vile murderous money grabbing Blair is used by the Queen to distract from her pet son Andrew’s entanglement with Ghislane Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein. The horrors of inaction haunts the world… not you of course SH, it is your food. You & your lot love it SH. It is clear u & your lot just love heartlessness, injustice & keeping the system as is.

      6. windchimes -Returning to your original response to me at 1:31pm
        In your naive opinion which of the Covid-19 measures introduced by the Tory government should Keir Starmer have whipped Labour to oppose?

      7. SH if u r referring to Keith’s devoted support 4 Johnson’s Tory government’s deadly priority of enriching their collective plundering one percent gang, eg DELOITTE, SERCO, RANDOX, Matt Hancock’s mate and the other selfish chums, then address Mandelson’s establishment tool starmer by its RIGHT name – SIR KEITH Shameless Starmer.

        Your “Mandy”. Your SIR Keith. I heard Sir Keith say many times he was supporting Tory Johnson. Even at the last vote, Tory backbenchers rebelled, Johnson survived because of your SIR Keith’s devoted desperation to be trusted by the corrupt Establishment. Keith also said he supports the War Criminal Blair being “honoured”. Murder over a million? Cause unimaginable grief and suffering? SUPER ok with your Sir Keith.

        Say you are “for the many”? Your SIR Keith will plot and coup within 12 months, then again despite INCREASED mandates from at least 600,000 decent people. SteveH, davidH SH, that is all anyone except you, need know about Keith & Co: Reward & “Honour” chum of despots, unrepentant war criminal and cause of international stability Blair.

        But, expose Establishment crimes like Julian Assange? -> “Don’t you get cold feet” … extradite him to execution or torture in the USA. Do you want a government “for the many and not the few”? Join with committed liars and foreign entities to sabotage the choice of the many then withdraw the Whip. That is the essence of SIR Keith Starmer – one of the most dangerous eager tools of the Establishment SH. As evil as the Blair creature but craving to out evil the essence of evil. Why, because SIR Keith hopes that he too will continue to be wined and dined and “honoured” by the world’s perverted one percent. Interestingly Blair said pursuing the Stephen Lawrence institutionally racist & corrupt police would be “OTT”. … Yes over tbe top, Blair thinks it. That’s the type Sir Keith “honours”. ET TU SteveH, davidH, SH ???

      8. windchime – Thanks for the rant, it appears you’ll do anything to avoid answering a simple question.
        Could you now tell us.In your naive opinion which of the Covid-19 measures introduced by the Tory government should Keir Starmer have whipped Labour to oppose?

      9. Steve H….Better ventilation?…have you a hole in your head?…all this Labour party propaganda and the UN are close to showing the establishment illtreatment of near starving working-class children by your Tory government and your leader the knight of the realm…Stop using squawkbox for your right wing stunts.

      10. Sir Keir can hardly claim to be on the side of the angels on this one, Stevieh. Sure, he has has vaguely mentioned that ‘ventilation’ of schools and public buildings should be priority for about 3 months I think (I’m sure you can tell us if it’s longer SteveH), but – true to form he misses out the crucial bit(s). Thee things:

        1 – Ultraviolet technology is the only scientifically-validated method of eliminating airborne pathogens (whether viral, bacteriological or fungal). It can be low-maintenance, low cost and sustainableIt is extensively used in the food industry, biochemical research labs and already has an excellent ROI (causing me to wonder why the covidians and their ‘TheScience™️©’ don’t cite this and deploy ? Probably for the same reason they don’t want you to notice the medical Infection rates (not ‘cases’ these are not epidemiologically relevant) or the Infection/Fatality numbers.

        I won’t bother listing 2 and 3 out of curtesy to our host (but they might have something to do with sound epidemiology showing that asympomatic infection cannot ever result in disease-causing (proper) infection, and the good-old I + IFR nimbers that ave always applied to coSC2 and covid (and are not reduced by ‘vaccination’).

        As you were! Boost, boost, boost.

      11. qwertboi – Don’t they also use HEPA filtration in biochemical research labs?

      12. and yet the vast majority of the scientific community thinks you are talking bollocks.

      13. SteveH “use HEPA filtration in biochemical research labs?”

        Against some bacteria yes, but the HEPA fiters can become a source if contamination so because UV is cheaper and more stable, considerably more effective and cheaper, most labs tend to use Ultraviolet C (UVC) light devices. for air ventilation, viral disenfectionand where particle size is an issue (SC2 is 8 – 12 nm)

      14. qwertboi – In which case the recommended units shouldn’t have any problem trapping them and if you take a look at the video that I linked to you will see that users are warned about the filter being ‘full’.

      15. Saying and Doing are two very different things what has Blue Keef done to make this happen? Any Hard Drive on the Government, Any Activism, Any Rallies, etc, etc, etc? No, because Blue Keef and Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES Say a lot[end]

      16. nellyskelly – The RedWall voters obviously disagree with you.

      17. The “Red Wall” Voters, can tell that he is doing rather than just saying? Perhaps you could share some of this doing of his, the doing that will Benefit The PEOPLE NOT The X-Lateral Commission.
        I reckon the few “Red Wall” voters are actually Blair Murdoch’s ‘People of The SUN’ Zombified, Sheeple! The very People who along with you and your TORY Neo-Labour Parasite Party cost The PEOPLE of Britain the END of 43 Years of TORY HELL and gifted us a TORY HELL vs TORY HELL future probably costing “The Red Wall” The Dearest! So to be Honest I don’t particularly give a Fuck what the “Red Wall” think of Blue Keef!

      18. nellyskelly – Oh dear, your desperation is showing through.

    2. Apologies, off topic – PLEASE sign urgent petition. Almost all readers are disgusted by the gross insult flung at us by The Queen. She’s putting two fingers up to all of us. Very possibly to distract from her pet Andrew’s close support for Jeffrey Epstein and Miss Maxwell, his cross continental sex trafficker of underage girls to satisfy the entitled perverted ONE PERCENT.

      The Establishment’s disrespect for us the general public, is even more horrifically low than ever. Of course Maxwell’s dad plundered hundreds of million from the Mirror’s pension fund, so like heartless father like heartless daughter.

      The Queen’s latest blatant heartlessness is more devastating to the relatives of over one MILLION dead Iraqis and the thousands of UK, USA & Commonwealth troops and others who believed the lies of the bloodcurdling creature Tony Blair. The grief, PLUS the predicted increased instability in Iraq, Afghanistan and increased terror attacks here, should have been more than enough to guide any decent person against enabling a creature like Blair.

      Is it distraction from Andrew?… OR from the other insulting attempt to spin Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles as Charles’ “Queen”? Charles’ decades long obsessive campaign to inflict his mistress Parker-Bowles on the public, is proof that like Maxwell, he has the attitude of his mother; i.e. the public are nothing.

      Whatever the motive, please join now almost 200,000 calling for the stripping murderous warmonger Blair creature of this PERSONAL gift from the Queen. Also, let this magisterial insult to the public be the final nail in the coffin of an OBSCENE absurdity The Royal Parasite Family. To reward War Criminal self-serving, money grabbing chum of despots Blair, exposes more than we need see of their scorn and disregard of everyone else. Please sign:


      1. Signpost, thanks for this, this is the comment I wrote when I signed as I campaign for Assange’s release from jail and want o keep his name out there and draw the comparison –
        Assange told us that the Afghan war was never meant to end and was for the benefit of the arms industry that controls our govts. Assange in jail, Blair knited!

        I noticed there are some other petitions on Blairs knighthood too doing a search, such is the outrage.

      2. Thanks Carlene! Yes poor Assange continue to suffer at the claws & fangs of all in league with Mandelson, Starmer, war criminal Blair and all the perverted one percent Establishment. Very distressing.

      3. I wonder if that was why his suspension from the Labour party was lifted.

      4. Her instincts as as a mother and as a a high profile class symbol obviously over-ride her democratic/constitutional responsibilities as the UK’s Head of State windchimes?

        ps – It’s so good to see you here again. Welcome back as a poster (Isuspect you’re here everyday) and I’m glad to sense that your moral compass is still strongly magnetised!! Happy New Year, Sir.

      5. Trevor Phillips knighted for services to equality and human rights?
        Come on. Next you’ll be telling us that Eric pickles was knighted for services to ballet.

      6. P.S. Phillips’ suspension should not have been lifted because of the gong. Discipline procedures should not be influenced by external matters. The suspension was most likely lifted because he isn’t a socialist.

      7. Next you’ll be telling us that Eric pickles was knighted for services to ballet.

        Surely it was for services to buffet??

      8. That’s a bit cheeky steveieh. I’m not ‘confused’ about the virus particle size at all. I’m fairly sure that you know many things on which my knowledge is piss-poor and non-existant – but this isn’t one of them (for my sins).

      9. @signpost

        They don’t care. Check out the motto of the order. It’s literal translation is “If you don’t like it, you can go f*** yourself”

        They are above the law, by law.

        Quite surprising how many royals have made the oath to Liz too…

      10. Horrible. If this knighthood goes ahead, whatever next? Paedophiles and enablers wearing remind? Where will it end, flogging passports? Thank heavens for our legal system.

    3. steveH – HEPA and mechanical ‘filtration’ cannot catch/work on anything as small as a virus – SC2 is about 12nm. and so the virus either goes through a HEPA filter or, where fungal and mold pathogenic agglomeration occurs causing pathogenic build-up on the equipment.

      Believe me, this is abasic lab hygeine issue – not a pro-covid/anti-covid point.

      but my point remains, why is the covidians’ ‘TheScience™️’ once again ignorant of (or at least disregarding) basic scientific ‘laws’ and principles when it suits their ultimate non-healthcare purpose?

      1. qwertboi – “HEPA and mechanical ‘filtration’ cannot catch/work on anything as small as a virus – SC2 is about 12nm. and so the virus either goes through a HEPA filter “
        Are you claiming the findings of the Cambridge Uni tests at Addenbrooke’s Hospital are somehow invalid and that you know better
        “When a team of doctors, scientists and engineers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the University of Cambridge placed an air filtration machine in COVID-19 wards, they found that it removed almost all traces of airborne SARS-CoV-2.

      2. “Are you claiming the findings of the Cambridge Uni tests at Addenbrooke’s Hospital are somehow invalid”

        Or false, yes. It’s basic science. The only coronaviruses that have been synthesised or ‘isolated’ are pretty much standard sized for a respiratory virus, I don’t want to bore you, but perhaps you can google the claimed-sizes of SC2. As I said, I’m a nano-chemist (working mostly on how silver nanoparticles can be used to re-introduce acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter and CNS compund) to people who become inadequate in it. (dementia sufferers), so size of particles is critical to me and something I need to be right about..

        Despite crazy claims on-line that SC-2 is larger than 200nm, no scientist can prove this. The best guess is that it is between 8 and 12 nm – many thousands of times too small to be filterable by even N95-class HEPA filters. The covid naarativr claims that are all bigger than 200nm. Unlikely,

        Surprisingly, it is this small point (and a few others) which is allowing many accomplished scientists, clinicians and doctors to see how bad and dangerous the Covid Narrative actually is. As my grannie used to say ‘the devil’s in the detail’ and more acientists, clinicians and doctors are seeing this every day.

        Even the Editor of the BMJ has said as much to the US Senate

      3. qwertboi – Perhaps you are confusing the size of a single virus with the size of airborne particles. Think about it for a moment If what you are inferring were true it would be pointless for ICU staff to wear N95 masks

      4. No, stevieh, both he virus and the vaccine have to contain the same particle and be exactly the same size as each other whether the particle is a vaccine or a pathogen. (Luckily, our innate immune system is always first to categorise covid as danger or bening and react accordingly.)

      5. qwertbpi – Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you are saying because your apparent position that airborne particles only consist of a single SARS CV-2 virus looks illogical to me and if that isn’t your position what i?
        As I pointed out above, if you are correct then why would anyone bother to wear an N95 mask?
        I suppose people will just have to make their own minds up who to believe you (with your expertise in alternative medicine) or the research carried out by

      6. stevieh; “As I pointed out above, if you are correct then why would anyone bother to wear an N95 mask?”

        For the simple reason stevieh, that even airborne viruses/pathogens use touch as the most effecive means of infectiom.

        This is why several doctorsforCOVIDethics are contesting the claim that handwashing has actuually become the most frequent type of cleaning and washing – AND CLAIM THAT obviously brain washing is (thanks to SAGE, their behavioural PSYCHOLOGISTS, THE MSM’S RELENTLESS AND NEVER-ENDING MISINFORMATION.

      7. qwertboi – As I’ve said above, I’m happy for others to make their own minds up whether your proselytising a load of bollocks, or not.

      8. me too, stevieh. Taking any vaccine or drug should always be an “informed decision” THE covid Narative is grossly misinformaing UK citizens in horendous ways.

  1. For a disease with a 99.97% survival rate? How many children have died from Covid? The Oxford Calculator puts it at one in a million, so much lower than the flu.

    My demand is that these deluded fools stop worrying about their salaries, stop using kids to shield themselves and put up a genuine battle against the threatened loss of our freedoms.

    Because as sure as night follows day, soon … our kids will be impacted a lot more than they will. Selfish fools.

    1. I was just about to post and ask the same question, or more specifically, how many have died or been hospitalised by the Omicron variant. Anyway, came across the following yesterday, in which it quotes Dr Michael Yeadon – an Allergy & Respiratory Therapeutic Area expert with 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry, including as Chief Science Officer for Pfizer – as saying the following:

      “If you wanted to depopulate a significant portion of the world, and to do it in a way that wouldn’t require destruction of the environment with nuclear weapons, or poisoning everyone with anthrax or something, and you wanted plausible deniability, whilst you had a multi-year infectious disease crisis; I don’t think you could come up with a better plan than what seems to be in front of me. I can’t say that’s what they’re going to do, but I cannot think of a benign explanation for why they are doing it.”

      Michael Yeadon (April 2021)

      He does have a point, and I certainly wouldn’t put it past the Cosmic Mafia (as an old friend of mine used to call them) and their minions. It also includes some other interesting quotes by him.

      1. And if I recall correctly, there have been one or two people on here saying that there are more people who have been vaccinated dying from Covid than unvaccinated. Well yes, but only because there are significantly more people who have been vaccinated, and according to the research I’ve read, in percentage terms the number of unvaccinated dying is much higher:

        The same vaccine surveillance report the blog post cites provides the statistics in this context. During the three-week period, it says, England had 54.9 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people among those who were vaccinated and 125.4 deaths per 100,000 among those who were unvaccinated.

      2. Absolutely spot on Allan Howard and many of us have thought the same but dismissed it thinking they wouldn’t commit genocide would they?.Worrying times in the western world and the lengths Big pharma will go to but whos the puppetmaster?.IS it safe to even comment anymore unless you live in the middle of nowhere.?…PS Steve H Hall support for more ventilation is just a piss take with many kids in Britain near starving because of people like him in power….Tory enablers.and part time teacher let go?

      3. I know you are a very attentive reader Allan and you might include me as one of the skeptiks who nearly said that the vaccine is harming more people than the virus. I hope I never have. As a member of DOCTORS4COVIdotorg, I am ethically bound to NEVER say that in public?

        The last two years of covid nonesense has resulted in many people suffering from much-increased mental health difficulties and associated health problems that ONS Data quantifies very alarmingly. .

        AlthoughDoctors4CovidEthics dot org actually collates and analyses some this data, they deliberately avoid making causal connection, instead just claiming tight correlation This is the organisations attempt to “Do No Harm” to highly anxious and illinformed people. Emergency Authorised mRNA vaccines would cause many anxious or depressed people. severe difficuklies and should not be reisked.

        Instead, we back-of from making the charge and simply try to show the VAERS (vaccine adverse events Reporting system) data and nhs the “Yellow Card” data tightly correlates with adverse reactions in some (not all) people.

      4. qwertboi – Which clearly illustrates what a waste of space both you and they are.

    2. And that 99.97% survival rate with a “Vaccine” in Development and the Public are now The Free of Charge Drug Trial Specimens! Has anyone else noticed that over the past 20 years or so Products would suddenly change in colour/flavour/texture/packaging, most noticeably in our little four legged family/friends, their favourite food and suddenly they go off it. With the sensitivity of sales and market research these days they can put it right before losing 1%, “but damn we need to drive the cost down, we are only on 99.99999% Profit”
      We have become The Criminal Elites’ Drug Trial Guinea Pigs/Product Quality Researchers and we are paying them for the service. Of Course this is just an Observation, haven’t seen anything to substantiate this, but I think we are going to have to read our drug packaging very, very carefully and closely!

      1. mellyskelly – “Of Course this is just an “Observation” [opinion]
        , haven’t seen anything to substantiate this,

      2. nellyskelly – but you’ve said yourself that you haven’t observed anything to substantiate your opinion

      3. My Observation: Observations and Suspicions that I made/have.
        Anything to substantiate this: Papers, Studies, Research.

      4. nellyskelly – Make your mind up, you’ve either seen some credible evidence that supports your assertions or you haven’t. Which is it.?

      5. “haven’t seen anything to substantiate this,”

        You probably never will if you restrict yourself to the synchronised MSM and don’t learn how to bypass google algorithms on the web.

      6. I’m DeGoogled, DeMSM, DeMSSM, apart from just for fun once in a while, I am sure there will be something if I was to search, but really just asking if anyone else here noticed anything of the sorts, especially people with pets and pet food.

      7. That is possibly why the Zombified “Tin Hat” Sheeple Brigade, will always call others what they are, oh boy oh boy that floor is going to fucking hurt, when they eventually wake up with a bang!

    3. Let’s see checking notes you vax deniers tell us constantly this and similar endless messages the same misguided beliefs but on well.. Let us take it apart as usual then let’s see yup you usually complain the figures for deaths are wrong!

      But then happy to claim oh it’s only this many died and there not important as you then quickly onto your next comment hoping people forget the huge number of deaths… Especially if we use your totally made up figure of …For a disease with a 99.97% survival rate? Why don’t you look up the numbers if you are so insistent it’s not an issue!

      Next, we usually have the BS about the vaccine tracking you( Like your so important and that credit card in your wallet. Doesent do this already!), Being made sterile or whatever about vaccines I just find it funny how it’s the same vax deniers who are the same one cluttering up hospitals expecting the NHS to save them!

      Oh and put there lives in danger doing so, but you don’t worry about that do you! But only near death when it’s too late to save them suddenly see why a vacine is needed and start death bed appeals for others to get vaccinated!!! Well so much for them beliefs then huh! BTW Sensable people were already vaccinated it’s only you deniers that are not, but it’s killing you off so no real loss.

      Let’s see we usually get the whole BS about it alters my DNA a lie it does not, but as most deniers didn’t even understand chemistry at school the difference betewn RNA & DNA is understandable.

      I bet we also get insert whatever ridiculous medical treatment cures Covid but they’re keeping it from you happends at some point too… Sorry but vitamins or horse dewormer or whatever they claim cures the same totally non-deadly virus there are your words NOT mine I hasten to add! Shame they can’t ever prove it or their proof is somebody down the pub / online told me the level of credibility is what we get next from you!

      But I suppose when you are that deep in the tin foil hate wearing syndrome you will never admit you are wrong better we had better hope this latest round of the totally non-deadly pandemic doesn’t infect you I suppose then…

      1. Disabled Grandad, your disabulities are not restricted to the physical. I sincerely hope you catch up with reality before fate catches up with you and those who may be depending upon you. Best regards, Paul x

      2. I posted this yesterday, it vanished, I am sure it’s because I used more than one link, @SkwawkboxSteve can you sort that out? it is a bit tight 1 link per post.

        DG, you are so very wrong! No Vaccine Deniers or Anti Vaxxers, very much Pro Vaccine, I for one am Anti-Vaccine-in-Development sold as a Vaccine, making People like you DG, believe that they are Vaccinated and safe, when you are even more susceptible to ending up another death, by below GOVERNMENT FIGURES, no doubt blurted by the BBC, etc as another ‘nasty’ Anti-Vaxxer!
        I am Anti-Guinea Pigs like you DG not getting regularly tested for Covid Immunity. Is that not the entire function of a Vaccine, to achieve close to 100% immunity, without killing anyone to get there, never mind, use the Public as Subjects? How will Big Pharma know if you are Immune? Or are they using Deaths their acceptable Immunity Data? Were they not supposed to save lives? That can only be done by regularly testing test subjects for Immunity!
        I know no Man in “The Pub”, I have No Credit Cards, I most certainly would not put anyone else at risk, let alone medical staff, I would never keep it to myself and it would be their decision to treat me or not, before meeting face to face.
        Tell Us Do you follow a rigorous PPE and hygiene out and about and when you return home, clothes off and straight in the washer, in the shower, before you so much as touch anyone’s hand? And do you practice the same for your car, seats and anything else you touch and incorporate extra hygiene routines throughout the house wherever and whatever anyone may have touched?
        When I used to Chef I took over a Kitchen where everyone had to wear Gloves, for years, I was horrified, I dumped ALL the Gloves and sent everyone on Food Hygiene again. Just like this Vaccine-in-Development it gave people a false sense of security and they would touch raw meat then Salad etc just as one horrendous example, All the Chefs were grateful as they were aware of ingredients once again, in touch with the food they were producing and fully aware of what their hands touched.
        “I bet we also get insert whatever ridiculous medical treatment cures Covid but they’re keeping it from you happens at some point too… Sorry but vitamins or horse de-wormer or whatever they claim cures the same totally non-deadly virus there are your words NOT mine I hasten to add!”
        I never made any such claims, maybe they are your word after all, There is Currently no Cure OR Vaccine for SARS-Cov-19 on the Market, NEITHER IS THEREFORE THE COMMON COLD AND FLU, however Big Pharma and Science have studied it for many years and were fully aware of the crossovers and mutations. Isn’t it strange that they have known all that about SARS and never thought of developing a Vaccine that would prevent mutations at least? Then again I wonder How Many $ BILLIONS the Cold and Flu Industry is Worth, so don’t expect an Actual Vaccine, for that one, anytime soon! I guess we can go on to Psilocybin and Cannabis vs Anti Depressants, Anti Psychotics, Anti Anxiety, Anti Convulsive, etc Drugs. Something that is, ehem, ‘illegal’, natural and works or pumping people full of the Mad Hatter’s Concoctions at top Top, TOP dollar? People like Phillip May makes a Pretty Penny from it and exporting it, so why didn’t his missus legalise it when she had the opportunity, so we could also benefit from it, well it’s as simple as ‘Competition’! If Psycho Tropics are Legalised Phil Darling will see thousands of competitors and not be the king of his jungle, with a tin bucket on top his head!
        Would these Official Government Papers be sufficient proof, DG, that 80% Covid Deaths were “VACCINATED” and 20% of Covid Deaths were UN “VACCINATED”!? – were as follows:

      3. ……2/2
        The totals number of alleged Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status between November 1st and November 28th 2021, as confirmed by table 5 of the UKHSA

        Not-vaccinated population = 695 deaths
        Partly vaccinated population = 96 deaths
        Fully vaccinated population = 2750 deaths
        This means the vaccinated population accounted for 80% of Covid-19 deaths between November 1st and November 28th 2021, whilst the not-vaccinated accounted for just 20%.
        “But I suppose when you are that deep in the tin foil wearing hate syndrome you will never admit you are wrong better we had better hope this latest round of the totally non-deadly pandemic doesn’t infect you I suppose then…”
        Looks like the Tinfoil is on your head, petal!
        This is just another division toy of the Elites/Establishment/X-Lateral Commission.
        We DO INDEED need to get a majority vaccinated, but for that we need a Vaccine not a Anti-Vaccine-in-Development glorified as a Vaccine with absolutely no follow up data of Immunity, within the Public.
        Recently German Scientists warned of Immunodeficiency by end 2022 because of this thing whatever it is! However this is all we have and I will never ridicule someone who had the Anti-Vaccine-in-Development, it’s their life and this is mine. Stop being so SHEEPLE, by attacking people who exercise their right to choose, you do exactly what you accuse others of only in reverse subject! If we look at the death rates People who had the Vaccine-in-Development are still very much vulnerable to contracting, spreading and dying from SARS! Hopefully Government will release non-bureaucratic and interactive training for everything SARS, how it spreads, how to combat it properly and put in block letters the warning from WHO regarding the Vaccine-in-Development “YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE!”, even if the Government pins down 100% of the Public and inject them with this Vaccine-in-Development the deaths will keep coming in and probably at no/very little difference in the death rate than it is now, Good Luck, Hope You and Yours remain Safe in these dreadful times!

    4. More good news for Labour in the latest polls.

      And how is that good news for people like me? Why should I be even remotely stirred or encouraged by that?

      ps: How’s the RW Brexit thing going?

      Ask keef. He voted for it, remember?

      1. WTAF is this post ^^^ doing all the way up here?

        I posted this as the very last comment at the bottom of the thread … Weird 🤔

      2. Toffee – 🥱. Why would I include you, you haven’t contributed bugger all to the party for over 20 years including during the Corbyn years.

      3. “Why would I include you,” Was that Blue Keef’s reply to Toffee’s question or is that just your usual over inflated ego? I am more and more astonished by the thought that the individual writing SteveH messages, claims to have once educated children, frightening!

      4. Because, gobshite, I happen to be resident in the UK.

        You completely gormless prick, genuinely believing my voice doesn’t matter because I refuse to pay another bunch of toerags with a different handle.

        My voice – like several million others who were disgruntled with the antics of the greasily bequiffed shithouse and his entitled & (soon to be for aiding the toerags by persistently smearing Corbyn) ennobled – proved otherwise., didn’t it?

        PS. How’s the rw brexit – that your keef voted for – going??

      5. Toffee – You are going to have to play with yourself for a few hours, I’m going yo bed. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.

    5. The whole covedian thing and the left wings response has astonished me. No matter what rubbish is thrown up the left trample over one another to exaggerate further the numbers, the breaking of hospital capacities, the benefits of masks, the threat to our kids, thousands of dying teachers. Don’t be an anti-vaxxer ( whatever those are )conspiracy, anti-science- when you’re the opposite. This debacle will only end when the last dollar has been squeezed from the hands of the workers. What are we going to do when they roll out the big guns for climate warming, cooling, staying the same. We’ll suck it up and become more stupid, less free, poorer and grateful for any crumbs from their table. Would they openly flout their own guidelines if they felt that such behaviour may result in their own, painful deaths. No, deaths are for others, old , profitless once you’ve given them your homes and the family silver. First, they came for your locals and clubs, smoking, then they took your politics, now you acquiesce or suffer the consequences. Shit, we are close to war but stay silent. Question anything and the roar of disapproval is terrifying. I’m old but I ain’t going down quietly. My dad would expect nothing less.

      1. I hear ya Wobbly. You sound like me. Old, but not going down without a fight. All guns blazing, and expecting to see some of the old Tory Labour bastards who destroyed our hopes pop off before we do.

      2. Greetings Wobbly,
        Is this the Trump wing of the Forensic One’s right wing Party? Spouting that the Left wing are giving too much credibility to Covid, exaggerating its impact etc etc. Soon wearing a mask will be a sign of communism.

    Petition Funding for ventilation in all school/college/uni classrooms
    As a parent, it has become of increasing concern that the Government has not yet committed to funding increased ventilation in classrooms, in the form of approved HEPA air filter systems/air purifiers.This petition is to ask the Government to immediately fund these in schools/colleges/unis.
    It is now a widely accepted fact that Covid-19 is airborne, which means the risk to children in indoor, poorly ventilated classrooms is immense.
    If children are infected they have a lower risk of Covid BUT still a risk nonetheless. Teachers also face risk to health and indeed life through teaching face to face and it should be noted that some who have been double vaccinated are still catching Covid and becoming ill.

    1. All air purification systems carry risks and maintainance like air con is essential to avoid infectious bacteria .Conservative government dont do maintenance and your petition is a stunt and a dangerous one.Mr Steve H Hall centrist Dad and other aliases…?are you being paid for the newfound love of
      Mechanical ventilation systems?

      1. Dyson!? Oh how very, very Thatcher/Reagan’s Neoliberal TORY! Now do you think that an already crippled Education Department would do good to import over priced, false promised, Neoliberal Brand Named Tat, or were you only thinking of your Tory Private Schools? Out of all the Cost Effective Fresh Air In and Room Air out systems out them many even green, you pick Dyson, Dyson who was supposed to Save Britain at the Beginning of the Pandemic with Life Saving Ventilators, I believe we’re still waiting for delivery! Oh Boy!

      2. Get wee stevie… Promoting the products of perhaps THE archetypical Tory brexiteer.

        I say most definitely tory because Dyson is on record as someone who wants workers to be stripped of any and all rights, and who has taken his manufacturing base abroad in order to do so.

        But wee stevie thinks we should put a shitload of business his way.

        You just can’t get this sort of two-faced fuckwittery anywhere else butfrom a tory.

        So, be sure to pull him the next time he starts harpin’ on about a so-called labour lead and how good it supposedly is for the country…😙🎶

      3. Toffee – Don’t be ridiculous, come back when you’ve made up an argument that at least sounds credible.

      4. Sussed dickhead. Unlucky.

        We know what you are….We know what you arrrrre, arrrrrre , arrre 😙🎶👍

      5. Steve H Hall centrist Dad so youre flogging for the tax dodger Dyson,what happened to the teacher job?…..I dont suppose you know anything about mechanics but all air purification systems must be handled with care and serviced by professional people.I don’t suppose you have ever heard about legionella disease and how bacteria can multiply and even feed into the hot water systems and also drinking water.You are a cavalier ignorent person and I doubt Dyson is into the production ofair conditioning and purification systems that would be used in a commercial environment like schools,factorys and hospitals..Being a non professional and skilled artisan doesnt mean you can spout dangerous ignorance all your life and I shudder at the thought of a ignoramus like you should get anywhere near a classroom with kids…..

      6. “Steve H Hall centrist Dad so you’re flogging for the tax dodger Dyson” He would Joseph, he is after all PURE TORY.
        The children just need Fresh Air, Fresh Air from outside in and stale air from inside the classroom out, it does not need to be hepa filtered, scented, vitamin D boosted, etc, etc, just fresh air in stale air out. The flow for good ventilation is so low that you don’t even need to adjust the Temperature of incoming air. Don’t see many children going out wearing HEPA Filters and Anti Histamine infused linings, etc, etc, the Air Quality should be ‘pure’ enough or no one would be aloud outdoors!
        Anyway Blue Keef probably has Lies and Spin to cover all that, so we’ll all be saved, NOT!

  3. Teachers Unions tyreaten strike action unless classrooms are secured against infiltration by bees, the risk of being stung by a bee and having an adverse and life threatening reaction is deemed unacceptable

    1. Doug……. Theres more chance of being stung by Steve H Hall centrist Dad whilst he tries to flog off domestic airfilters for schools…than to be stung by a bee.The most dangerous part of the virus is those that promote it for the removal of basic human rights and freedoms..The worm is beginning to turn when Johnson starts to panic about the establishment damage to a nice little earner for him and his chums..GB Ltd are in serious trouble along with the rest of the West having milked the virus to kill the host The United kingdom of great Britain.

      1. joseph, If – contrary to all the science and epidemiology – I believed that airbone SC2 was highly virulent and dangerous for children, I WOULD wash my hands hourly and use Ultraviolet C light devices to disinfect air and surfaces. I’d stay clear of mechanistic filtration like HEPA. Amazon already carries proven products at very low cost (for what they are).

        But as things are, I don’t worry about children’s health and the SC2 virus. I would happily now kiss a covid sufferer on the lips and not worry about contracting a killer virus, why? because as viruses transmute to become more infectious, they become less pathogenic.

  4. There is so much that needs to be protested for in Education, all those points are good and important but not just for Covid, Clean Fresh Air Aides Learning and Reduces Anxiety. The Number One issue for me is that Teachers are Like Fundamentalist Religious Parents who Indoctrinate their Children, who then grow up to Indoctrinate their Children, who then grow up to Indoctrinate their Children, on and on! They all know the Curriculum is nothing but Creating Bricks in the Wall and Elites written Twisted, Lies, Half Truths and Bogus Fluffed Up Reality! Yet day in day out they go in and teach the same Toxic Tripe to many students who get left behind for lack of interest and subject!
    There really are only the Steiner Schools and Student led Education who can ever get close to getting it right. Children are Fragile things and it just takes one Bully Twat of a Teacher to call them Stupid, Slow, Lazy, etc, etc, etc and they will believe that of themselves, depression sets in and by then, even if they tried, they would not take any of it in.
    How many of us had to learn something Maths/Science/Biology in adult life at first in a panic for the Memory of The Bullying Twat Teachers who kept us back, only to find hey, this is easy and not only that, I love it!
    They Should Protest for teaching Facts, Less regimented Learning, Student Lead Learning, etc No More Bricks In The Wall! A Mind and Body Centred Learning, Everything about The Human Mind, How to think, the human thinking biases, The Body how absolutely everything works from puberty to creating art, just in mind and body you can cover all other current subjects, Science, Biology, Maths, History, Art, Geography, Language, All the Brick in The Wall stuff, Economics, Bookkeeping, etc, etc can be taught to those who want it. After all are The Students not supposed to be Number ONE in an Education environment!?

    1. Very true nellykskelly. Two of the guys who are members of D4CE,org and SocialistHealthAssociation have been promoting air quality in classroms for years. They point out that it reduces student ‘down-time’ and helps them stay focussed on their learning. Obviously, the ROI in more pronouned where students are disadvantaged by relative poverty. If anything good comes out of the coronavirus epidemic, I hope it includes recognition that air quality in schools is important.

      1. I wonder if we had a UK Labour Government today if an Air Purity Law for all Public Spaces would have been passed by now, I don’t doubt it.
        I wonder if Jeremy refused to step down on “suspicion” of Fowl Play and only after a Members Vote to Decide, which no doubt would have led to him still The Leader of The UK Labour Party.
        After all the Thatcherite Parasite TORY Neo-Labour Party ‘Fowl Play’ has been removed one by one and replaced by UK Labour Party MPs, and This PM getting all his hell, day in day out about, Air Quality AND SO MUCH MORE THAT Blue Keef should have done/achieved by now if he was to convince anyone whatsoever, not connected to mainline drip MSM/MSSM that he is worthy of a vote IN and not OUT!
        Saying that, The Man ran the Office that Loopholed The entire Illegal law part of Julian Assanges Arrest, why would ANYONE OF SOUND MIND VOTE FOR THAT, not to mention Spy Cops, Jimmy Saville, etc, etc!
        PS I think Corbyn would have been a whole different kettle of fish this time round, quite a bit tougher and a LOT LESS trusting!
        And perhaps even a bit black and blue when he was/n’t, Laura waiting for him at home, rolling the Rolling Pin Palm to Fingers on the Kitchen Table! Agh Well it is still a bitter Pill, now we just have a long narrow road over many Mountains and through many Valleys. It would be nice if my Space Dust could float by in the Future to Witness The PEOPLE’s Liberation and Bezos, Musk, Branson et al’s Fleets of Mars Carriers Shipping The Elites/Establishment/X-Lateral Commission Their Serfs and Their Serfs, Serfs off to Mars, with a stark warning go anywhere else, but NEVER come here AGAIN! EVER!

      2. Arnt all windows since the late 80s ventilated with a cover at the top of windows and a inbuilt strip across the window which gives ventilation without opening the window?…I thought it was a requirment for windows including double glazing.Maybe neither Labour or the conservatives saw not so modern windows with inbuilt ventilation and D\G as an investment in the health and education of our children.?

      3. Joseph – What you describe is only intended to avoid condensation.

      4. Steve H Hall centrist Dad…heap?…. Was referring to the commercial window system mr heap hall…not for stopping condensation which ignoramus also provides ventilation and thats why on domestic systems people keep them permanently closed down along with heating systems that come on timed rather than via roomstats which are a much better way to control Heating rather than intermittent on \off.But then again because of neoliberals like your lot many can afford proper Heating or ventilation systems because its a choice between eating and Heating.What a disgusting society youve engineered for your grandchildren..?Still wouldn’t recommend any of the Tory tax dodging Singapore based Dyson systems.

  5. And in case anyone didn’t see it, Craig Murray posted the following article just before Christmas:

    The Mind Numbing Hypocrisy of the Supreme Court

    So the Supreme Court has ruled that there must be a right to appeal against imprisonment, unless your name is Craig Murray, you are connected to Julian Assange, you are a war on terror whistleblower, a fundamental Scottish Independence supporter or otherwise regarded by the state as a dissident outside the normal realm of respectability.

    Remember that the fine words above are from the same Supreme Court that refused me a right of appeal. What a bunch of stinking hypocrites.

  6. Let’s be clear about the reasons the education unions are expressing concern.
    The new variant is highly transmissible [The severity of the infection, if contracted, is irrelevant]
    There is a requirement that people who test positive should isolate.
    Schools are places where significant transmission occurs.
    Therefore, unless mitigation measures are taken, there will be significant disruption in schools.
    There are only two broad options – follow the recommendations of the education unions or rescind the requirement to isolate when testing positive. Anything else is irrelevant.

    1. goldbach – i) from a public health pov, pathogencicity of a virus is the primary marker that matters,

      ii) from a medical or ‘clinical’ pov Infection and Fatality are the only (other) markers/measures that help us scope and manage a disease/epidemic.

      You seem to be confusing what a PCR test can identify (a ‘case’ is not it’s not an illness or prospective illness.

      “Asymptomatic transmission of respiratory viruses is not epidemiologically relevant for anything.” Please either validate or reject that single hypothesis, then your comments will at least be consistent

      I enjoy reading your posts but on covid recently they’re putting me in mind of Vicky Pollard and her constant ‘yes, but no, but yes, but no, but no,, but yes’ .

      1. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I wasn’t commenting on matters of virology/public health etc.
        My comment simply referred to three government positions that appear to be unattainable at the same time as each other..
        1. They want to keep schools open but want to put in minimal measures to inhibit transmission.
        2. They require people who test positive to isolate (I think it is currently for 1 week.)
        3. They want to have no disruption to children’s education.
        If they have 1 and 2 they won’t be able to have 3.
        If they want 3 then they must dispense with 2 or put in more measures to inhibit transmission.
        Given the transmissibility of the variant, I suspect that they may as well dispense with 2 since we’ll all have contracted it within a few weeks in any case.
        Thanks for the thumbs up on some of my comments. Sorry that I don’t know who Vicky Pollard is. All the best.

      2. I appreciate the clarification goldbach. Yes, the three options are not equally valid within the Covid Narrative. To make them so, they’d have to changethe Narrative’s position of masks, social distancing and vaccination every day.

        Please don’t think that I find it easy to reject so many parts 0f the Covid Narrative, goldbach, but if doctors didn’t , then “Do No Harm” would be impossible to achieve and . Medicine, Science, Finance, Propaganda, and law are used to oppress and deny us healthcare.

    2. I know that it spreads via Mucus Globules into Eyes, Nose, Mouth, I know there were scares that it may be airborne, but not heard of proof of this, of course globules can be propelled and sprayed but would that class as Airborne, but we have to be constantly aware of where it possibly have landed and it’s lifespan on each surfaces and even if that is not the only way of transmission it is probably the highest means of transmission, The children should really get face shields, it would keep their own globules to themselves and others’ globules off their faces. then just spray those mucky little hands all day every day, there are some really cool sporty shields, Iron Man Like, still fresh air is not a bad idea in the classroom.

    3. Spot on Goldbach – when this was preciously mooted the Daily Mail and
      other anti-Trade Union MSM accused the Education Unions of putting
      pressure on Teachers. According to the right wing press Teachers
      should pull themselves together like CHAPS and get on with it ..
      like the sainted Health profession.

      … omitting to say that the Health Profession was treated like sh$$t by
      the govt regarding shortage of PPE and decent salaries ,,

      Meanwhile school heads were tearing their hair out trying to
      cover classes with no teacher because they were poorly at
      home or quarantining. The children had little or no stability
      in their Education ..

      The idiots in charge did not realise that a sick teacher cannot
      teach either physically in front of a class or at home via Zoom.

  7. thanks qwertboi. i’m not here everyday. surprised i’m here now. queen’s PERSONAL gift to the war criminal, was yet another blow… it shocked me into posting. The Establishment contempt 4 us the 99% is well known. To shove their contempt so blatantly in our faces stunned even me.

    Seems like open warfare against the people, US!!! Queen lady CHOSE to insult us on the first day of a new year. It’s her PERSONAL gift and as sordid as it is, she can be sordid at anytime of the year in her garter palaver. She does not have to consult politicians for this particular bauble, therefore hers is an egregious wicked, Wicked, WICKED most cruel of insults after a terrible two years for millions. She must know full well how we feel about the Blair creature.

    It may be her desperate attempt to spin the public focus away from her pet son Andrew … in his words “an HONOURABLE freind” of Jeffrey Epstein, and no doubt Ghislane Maxwell. I posted over a year ago that Epstein and Maxwell were entertained at EVERY SINGLE publicly funded council property his mother enjoys, Buckingham Palace Council House to Balmoral. Windsor, Sandringham …everywhere… and the ones spun as privately owned.

    Air-miles Andy even held a shooting party to celebrate Maxwell’s birthday at Balmoral. Queen woman AND his wife MUST have known of her sons friendships with the perverted one percent abusers and international child sex traffickers. Epstein lent Sarah Ferguson at least £15,000 to help pay off debts, which she returned after it was publicised. It’s is impossible that she, her children and the Queen and all her other many children, friends , relatives & Establishment failed to know to what Andrew Epstein Maxwell & co were.

    Plus the further decorating of Major Parker-Bowles’ wife Camilla to please Mr Charles Mountbatten, seems like a multi-pronged win win distraction plot from Andrew’s legal difficulties. Let’s hope it all fails. That’s my wish for 2022. If they get away with this Blair creature gartering scam, the world won’t need a hand cart, it would be in Hell already.

    1. Reference to “Major Parker Bowles wife” is an unhelpful and spiteful barb which disrespects all divorcees.

      1. Apologies to u Peter Brown and divorcees. 1️⃣ – Mr Charles Mountbatten will become head of the Church of England which at the time of their COLLECTIVE infidelities, forbade divorcees “remarrying” in the Church. Indeed, Mr Mountbatten and Mrs Parker-Bowles had a Civil orchestration … in the Town Hall if memory serves.

        2️⃣ What many may consider a helpful “barb” at the Establishment, U choose to take some odd personal “spiteful” ness. Happily other readers would interpret the “barb” at a one percent who have “ONE RULE FOR THEM, another for “the little people” … in their eyes, us. Maybe not you.
        3️⃣ Moreover Johnson exemplifies that “One rule…” in many ways daily eg with his condemnation and insults to single mothers, despite him creating more than his fair share of single mothers and counting.

        4️⃣ Charles’s son William, also made negative noises about an over populated world recently, even as it was reported he was about to pump out a fourth burden on the taxpayer… i.e. “One rule for them…” AGAIN.
        5️⃣ So Peter Brown neither I nor many readers of Skwawkbox know whomsoever u r. However we all know … even u, of the Queen woman and her several parasitic deposits. Why you should take words re those spirit corroding parasites personally is anyone’s guess.

        6️⃣ Those guesses may remain as so much else concerning the parasites, because for example, the wills of several of them are sealed in a safe or on a table… at a London solicitors. The wills of the rest of us are published, those of the parasites incl the Queen Mother, Sister and Husband hidden from the public… their bulging purse. The husband’s is sealed for over sixty or 90 years. Some of us may be very dead by then. Where did he get his wealth despite the PR of him being “penniless” when he got married? To whom has he left his wealth? These questions matter. If they “have nothing to hide…” and have hundreds of millions worth of security and protection, then why all their secrets ENFORCED BY INJUNCTIONS & SUPER INJUNCTIONS?

        7️⃣ Such secrets keep the status who going. Too many unanswered questions right here right now go to the heart of why they keep “getting away with it”. THAT’s your answer Owen Jones. Bandwidth, time complicated academic theorisation are wasted unless such basic props of the Establishment are not scrutinised and challenged until they collapse. While the poor are condemned, insulted and accused of living beyond their means and having low morals, the likes of Mr AND Mrs Parker-Bowles, Mr Charles Mountbatten AND his sister have allegedly been indulging in much … Meanwhile Air-miles Andy and his wife Ferguson have been living beyond their means like the garterer of the war creature Blair who claims vast wealth from the blood sweat grief and tears of the slaves and them being traded, worked to death or flogged and called lazy.

        THEREFORE, Peter Brown, when there is such unending scandalous inequity under the law AND material inequity despite sharp need, every legal means should be used to express revulsion at the corruptions at the heart of the system. Being above that / falsely virtuous -> ZERO CHANGE. That’s why the Blair creature for eg was left free to roam un-impeached to commit more deadly evils. How does that help change? The enemies of justice are now stronger than ever.

        Try saving your ire for those who cause MILLIONS to be bombed to smithereens and those who “honour” and defend them at the expense of all of us, except you.

        With gratitude for your prompt to emphasise these urgent points.

      2. Peter brown….you obviously are suffering from mouth rot.Gargle with salt and soak your head in a bucket because anyone defending child molesters and parasites infesting the UK establishment must be a sinister person who really needs to go away from this site that you are commenting on.Thats the polite version others may be more forthright in telling you to “hop it”

      3. I wasnt aware that Charles marrying a divorcee was so offensive or that refering to his wife by her previous partner’s name was a legitimate or necessary moral stand against heinous crimes committed by others.
        Guilt by association is faulty whoever it is applied to and human rights and decency should be applied to everyone if it is to have real value.
        I was certainly not condoning anything by my comments except maybe divorce! If you think your silly reply foreshadows a torrent of equally offensive abuse coming my way for daring to disagree with your choice of words I am sure I can cope. Are the slurs supposed to intimidate? How quaint.

    2. Signpost not windchimes Glad to see you back in action and no suprise I support your veiws about the Royals.The biggest challenge for the UK is to at least try to get into the twentieth century and dump the Royals who are the head of the establishment and rotton to the core.How they have survived all of the centuries in Britain is frightening and beyond lodgic.The cancer of the Inbred family needs to be dealt with if only to save the children and families.of the working-class.The day that anyone in this country is impressed and proud to have a title or a honour from the Royal molesters divorced married “living overt brush” or just rutting is long gone.Time to move into 2022not 1522which is were we are with this Royal \Religious stitch up farce.Watch Andrew wriggle and remember you are paying for the Prince of darkness.

      1. Hyperbole gone mad and very entertaining. It’s almost becoming an art form. It must be therapeutic to rant so wildly against the monarchy instead of relying upon logic and argument to support the valid case for Republicanism. I am suprised vampirism wasnt included pop oo oh,?nor the well known baby eating practices. Even the alien reptilian exposure theory was left for another day in this formidable example of crass warfare….

      2. Peter brown youve only been on five minutes before shouting the odds.Youre insult to signpost over devorce says a lot about your arrogance.Like I said you would be better to leave quietly and shut the door .

      3. Thanks Joseph
        I hadn’t realised I had to wait for a longer time before being allowed to sound off commenting on posts.
        How terribly arrogant of me.
        I thought I had a right to call out excessive hyperbole and respond to silly personal abusive clap trap but obviously not.
        I thought this site was part of Skawkbox and shared its principles and values which I have followed and supported for a long time.
        Thanks for your advice Uncle Jo

      4. Peter brown the fact that you ask for a explanation of a hatred of the negative comments from me and many others as to why we cannot tolerate an archaic establishment system that exploits the working-class especially says everything about your background and politics
        Royals should not exist in any so called democracy especially one with no written constitution to fight for the people,against privalage paid for unwillingly by the people.We should not suffer a privy council or the Royal prerogative that gives the power to a perverted Royal family to ignore or stop laws at their will.The power of high treason still exists along with discrimintary laws against catholics and many other archaic legal laws to prop up the head of this lunatic United kingdom.Hide your head in shame mr brown the Labour part h as many like you and thats the reason its in real terminal trouble to avoid bankruptcy and oblivion.Come into the the year 2022and get up off your knees peasant and stand up for a true democracy like a citizen and not a “Subject of Her majesty most high the Queen Elizabeth and her dominions across the former colonys the commonwealth of a fading empire on which the sun 🌞never sets….

  8. That explains the twitter #hashtags and the sock puppets/bots of the us for them astroturf group all kicked off. I’d love to know what they get out of it. Do they get sexually excited at the thought of kids getting ill and teachers dying; because they sure as feck don’t care about kids or teachers or parents or grandparents – just how much death and destruction to working people they can inflict before someone with some standing actually starts to call them out. What is their gain? Because astroturf groups like that don’t do it for love, and sure as feck don’t do it “for the kids”.

  9. The combined wisdom of Education professionals seems unlikely to be heeded by this careless, hapless Govt. Their ineptitude has created the chaos of there being no home Covid test packs available in any of our regions despite the millions spent to provide these vital supplies.
    Instead of a clear commitment to protect school communities there are rumblings afoot regarding drafting in retired teacher VOLUNTEERS. This cynicism seems to reflect an acceptance that there will be mass infections across the profession instead of adequate protection of staff. Volunteers also implies working for free….. always an attractive proposition to Tories and their pals whose wealth and power has increased during the pandemic. One rule for us and no rules for them.

  10. Sensible suggestions by teaching unions.
    Oh Mr M was funny in the Sunday Times today (2/1/22) as Labour is not winning on IDEAS but the Tories are losing by imploding.
    Mr M wants non-ideological Labour members ie not socialists and members NOT to have IDEAS?
    Perhaps Mr M sees himself and those at the top of Right Wing Labour as the Political Adults in the room and Labour members as the Political Children who should just be seen leafleting and canvassing etc but definitely not heard!
    But of course being non-ideological is one of the most political stances you can take, accepting the Right Wing Neo-Liberal capitalist status quo.
    Perhaps Mr M is not the sharpest tool in the political toolbox?
    We need a new genuine Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party in 22 to take on the 3 Neo-Liberal Capitalist Grovelling parties – Tories, Lib Dem & Right Wing Labour.
    And some of us are on the case.
    We just need 650 on a Left Wing Democratic Socialist List.
    Solidarity to Socialists.

  11. More good news for Labour in the latest polls.

    Tories ‘face losing more than 100 seats’ as Red Wall voters lose faith in Boris Johnson
    Support for Boris Johnson’s Government is falling among voters, new polling suggests.
    ▪ On national voting intention, the figure is 40 per cent for Labour and 35 per cent for the Tories.
    ▪ The newspaper said if the results were repeated in a General Election it could cost the Conservatives more than 100 seats.
    ▪ This would be enough to win Sir Keir a spot in Downing Street, the MoS said, but leave him lacking a clear majority.
    ▪ Voters in the seats gained by the Tories also preferred Sir Keir and shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves for their top team (40 per cent), to Mr Johnson and Rishi Sunak (33 per cent).

    1. Sir Temporary Embarrassment received a negative score of minus 6
      Just about sums him up in the face of the worst bunch of cheap and nasties this side of the River Tyne and the fucking other side

      1. You’re having a laugh, what was Corbyn’s net approval rating prior to the 19GE

      2. SteveH Hall Heap david Heap Hall etc SH, how many by-elections, council seats and reduced majorities have your SIR KEITH starmer caused❓❓❓ ANSWER – SEVERAL and counting ❕❕❕
        Jeremy kept Hartlepool and THOUSANDS of votes even in dyed in the wool Torydom eg North Shropshire, Chesham & Anersham✅✅✅ Who lost a deposit eg in Chesham & Amersham❓❓❓ ANSWER – your SIR Keith’s choice was dumped in once ALWAYS Labour Hartlepool❕❕❕
        Keith’s Neil Coyle dud in North Shropshire resulted in 2nd place under Jeremy despite sabotage, to dismal third behind Limp Dims!!! Imagine that!!! That’s YOUR Sir Keith Starmer. Max Headroom, Max Parasite, Max heartlessness, Max pledge breaker, Max dishonest, Max Repellent, Max Warmonger Blair creature enabler, Max Dame Cressida Dick enabler, Max Mandelson Tooler, NO integrity, NOT Labour.
        Of course u know that but thanks for inviting me to say it. Even u have your uses

      3. Jeremy Corbyn was also the victim of disloyal backroom backstabbers and the Labour right wing in general who are unable to accept Socialism and continue to attack the left. New members joined in their thousands to support Corbyn and the Labour Party’s finances improved substantially.
        However, as KS and Co. have complete disregard for the membership and the decisions of our democratic conference it would be too much to expect them to behave in any other way. Purging the left and disenfranchising any left wing member who may influence decision making is preferred. If Unions withdraw their support of KS Labour, despite his attempts to castrate their ability to promote Socialism, so be it. Unions and local parties alike are to be interfered with, manipulated or simply ignored in order to secure an opposition which does not oppose and a Labour Govt which stands for nothing in particular elected by default.

      4. Peter – “New members joined in their thousands to support Corbyn and the Labour Party’s finances improved substantially.”
        ……. and then became disheartened with Jeremy and left. As this article from July19 highlights

        “Labour’s membership has dipped below half a million after tens of thousands quit the party, PoliticsHome can reveal.
        Official figures put the total at just under 485,000 down from a peak of 564,000 at the end of 2017.
        That includes around 35,000 supporters whose subscriptions are in arrears, meaning the party now has around 450,000 fully paid-up members.
        The 14% drop in membership comes against a backdrop of dissatisfaction by many in the party at Jeremy Corbyn�s approach to Brexit and anti-semitism.
        A senior Labour MP said the party’s budget was based on an assumption that the number of paying members would not fall below 500,000. It’s the biggest annual fall in our history, admittedly from a huge base, and it will only get worse. [and it did]
        Glen O’Hara, Professor of Contemporary History at Oxford Brookes University, said: “The decline in official membership is very big, 14% or so in just 18 months.

        The figures below are the exact numbers of fully paid up members
        July 2017 � 538,606
        November 2017 � 525,779
        June 2018 � 506,320
        November 2019 � 430,359

        You may notice that the figures dropped considerably between July19 – 485k and Nov19 430k

        As for your bleating about CLPs, if the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ were in the majority then they would be in charge, they had over 4yrs to get their act together and they failed to make any meaningful or lasting impact. They couldn’t even gather enough support to vote out Hodge on the OMOV ballot after the RW had been kind enough to trigger her for you.

        I am quite happy with the current Labour Party policies that were announced and/or confirmed at this year’s party conference. I don’t regard any of them as RW Tory policies, do you? (I can give you a comprehensive list of them if you don’t know what they are)

      5. SteveH
        TE has a big EU flag on his back and NOTHING to offer
        Dead man walking

      6. Doug – Is that really the best you could manage to come up with.
        ps: How’s the RW Brexit thing going?

  12. Methinks
    If the strapline had read ‘ school unions combine to demand essential mitigations to protect staff’ then at least it would have been honest
    Omicron is good news

    1. I didn’t read the report that way. My take was that the unions were highlighting the disruption to education if large numbers of teachers were required to self-isolate because of testing positive for omicron.
      As regards “Omicron is good news.” It’s better than that. It’s next to ideal. Being infected with omicron, according to a recent paper from SA, results in the production of antibodies that can target delta, whereas being infected with delta failed to produce antibodies that can target omicron. So omicron will likely get rid of delta.
      I think we can start looking forward to the cricket season with some anticipation (unless we intend to go watch England).

  13. ps: How’s the RW Brexit thing going?

    Still no answer off keef, then, wee man??

    Try your mate, dyson….

      1. Oh, DOchange the bleedin’ record for Christ’s sake; nobody wants to play wee stevie bingo again.


      2. Toffee – Stop being childish and I’ll stop telling you to grow up. The solution is in your own hands.

  14. Doug02/01/2022 AT 8:24 PM
    TE has a big EU flag on his back and NOTHING to offer
    Dead man walking
    Does he, dougal?

    Last time I looked he was surrounding himself with union flags and had voted for a toerag brexit

    Although I’m sure wee stevie will tell us all different…

  15. Back to my original question to stevie shithouse….

    In what way is labour supposedly leading in the polls “good news” for people like me?

    How would a smarmerite government be any less detrimental to my specific plight than this current(or any) toerag government

    They’ve already told us that:’ labour isn’t the party of the welfare state’.

    Fair enough, but I rely on it to look after my dad (who also relies on it). We didn’t get to choose: we both paid our dues when working, so where’s our safety net when we’re not – because we can’t?

    How is that any less of a ‘fuck you’ than this toerag government’s approach to just about everything?

    If they don’t want to know about people like me and how much we contribute (which is a fucking colossal amount in savings to the NHS that smarmerite labour – the party of business, don’t forget – would spunk on tax breaks to Amazon, just like this lot now are doing) then in WHAT WAY should I be any less enthused as I am by the rags?

    Whenever you’re ready….

    1. Toffee – I suggest you read through Labour’s current policies if you want to know how a Labour government would help your situation. Goodnight.

      1. Read through labours current policies…

        Well I never! ANOTHER default, ‘wee stevie bingo’ answer. What a shithouse.

        If you had an answer you’d have provided it, just to assuage that wannabe smartarse ego of yours,if nothing else.

        No bastard knows what policies smarmer has come up with because he himself hasn’t got any. From the only too forgiving msm, to comedians, to your average Joe on the street, NOBODY has a fucking clue what he’s about.

        He’s already told the planet on several occasions he won’t be telling them about any policy until there’s an election.

        Wonder why? Can’t be in case the toerags steal his ideas (God forbid!! )… And certainly cannot be the case while keef’s done fuck-all BUT back the rats in parliamentary votes.

        Last time you said there was good news for labour was when your shithouse second referendum was steamrollered though.

        THAT was the only policy keef ever came out with; and my voice didn’t matter then, neither, as I vividly recall.

        So, remind us how that RW brexit’s going, wee fella? You know? The one keef voted for?


      2. Tell us what actions have been taken to make those policies happen and reality, to date they are hollow words with 0 substance and 0 trust! Even Boris Johnson had some Good Policies in 2019 Manifesto because a) he nicked them from Corbyn’s Manifesto b) Tory MSM advertised them at every opportunity, a luxury that was not afforded to Corbyn once since 2015. Also as we all knew in his Manifesto they weren’t worth the ink that printed them. Blue Keef like Boris Johnson is a Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY PARASITE, they will promise the earth for a vote then shit right on your head!

      3. Very well said nellykskelly
        Your posts cut through the cr__ and make clear, precise and accurate analysis.

      4. Flagshagging
        To be introduced into school sports, you don’t need a field to play, which is just as well

      5. ‘Labour Fan’ SteveH, you’re good at asking questions, so here’s one for you:
        Are you a socialist?
        All you seem to be offering at the next General Election is a choice between Right Wing Neo-Liberal capitalist colours of wallpaper – Blue, Pink (your favourite) and Yellow!
        99% of people on here and readers will be fighting for left wing democratic socialist ideas.

    2. “How is that any less of a ‘fuck you’ than this toerag government’s approach to just about everything?”
      Your NON-CHOICE is between two Toerags one stuck 2 rusty nails in your eye, GE17&19 and fucked you and your children over, well and good, for the next 43 years, you know he will fuck you over harder than any other toerag from the past 43 years of toerag hell!
      Q: Which toerag do you eject from their seat This toerag or That toerag over there with a pocket full of Rusty Nails?

  16. “Labour’s betrayal of NHS staff during the pandemic is a political choice and a foolish one”

    Excelent article by SW on Phil Bevin’s analysis of StarmerLabour’s inaction on the covid19 issue and Wes Streeting’s total disconnect with the Labour Movement.

    It convinces me that Starmer is succeeding in de-naturing Labour. The Labour party is now an establishment party.

    Obviously, the starmer party is not standing by Labour’s 2019 manifesto promises.

    “In these challenging times we have never had more need of each other and the HOPE, HONESTY and PRINCIPLES demonstrated in Corbynism. The COSMOS invites supporters who are open minded and forward thinking to join us so that we can work towards creating a society that genuinely cares for us all.”

    Please, consider joining Cosmos to sustain hope, honesty and socialist values.

    1. Thanks for the link Quertboi. Joining like minded Socialists for real and relevant material and discussion will educate and inform us so that together we could make a difference.

    1. Apparently there are now some doubts about the above report,

      Prof Martin Michaelis, Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Kent, told The Mirror that it is not yet clear whether the samples are real, or the rest of a sequencing error or contamination.
      He said: “As far as I can tell, researchers from Cyprus have sequenced samples of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and received genomic sequences that combine features of the Omicron and Delta variants.
      “It is not yet clear whether this is real or a sequencing error or the consequence of contamination.
      “If different viruses from different SARS-CoV-2 variants are analysed on the same machines, you can get sequences that look as if they are from a new virus but are in reality just a mixture of different viruses.
      “Hence, we have to wait for what further investigations will show. In any case, “Deltacron” is not an official name.”
      But he warned that if two viruses infect the same cell, there is potential for strains to combine – meaning a hybrid variant is formed.

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