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Starmer thanks left councillor for being Labour – weeks after expelling him

Labour’s administrative chaos continues to add insult to injury

Liverpool’s Sam Gorst is one of a raft of left councillors expelled by the Labour party for showing solidarity with Palestinians – and then hounded out of any influence in council policymaking. But the party just won’t leave him alone.

After Gorst was expelled, he was bombarded with daily emails from Labour asking for his help, even though he was no longer a member and it has no right under data protection laws to contact him. And now, to add insult to injury Keir Starmer has messaged him – to thank him for being a Labour councillor:

The party’s administrative chaos and abuse of data protection laws is an ongoing scandal that only serves to highlight its abuse of those who have worked hard and selflessly for their communities and for the movement.

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    1. I wonder if the Labour leader knows the song “Three wheels on my Wagon” and hopes to keep rolling along.?.IF I was Sam I would keep that letter and use it as a personal tribute on election material if he decides to run again when he’s up for re election next time as independent Labour maybe.

  1. Thanks Skwawkbox for making explicit yet another reason to leave the party (before you are pushed): Supporting Palestine and Palestinian Rights.

    FWIW I am certain that Evans and his team are NOT trying to get Support of Palestine and Palestinian Rights listed in the party Rulebook as unacceptable. Obviously, they’d never get NEC backing. Any attempt by them would highlight their anti-labour nature. I’d like them to try tho’ because the Labour Party under their leadership is a very contradictory and fragile body and is in urgent need of a radical rethink and even, should it be necessary, a split.

    1. Qwertboi
      Starmer and Evans would have to get any proposed changes to the party rules passed by a two thirds majority at Conference. They’d never get this through Conference – not in a million years

  2. Every word in the letter to Sam Gorst applies to him and every other hardworking dedicated Labour Councillor but in Starmers Labour none of that counts.
    Sam and others like him have been hounded out of the party, deeply hurt and had their reputations damaged because they refuses to condone the actions of what the United Nations ( and our Conference) has called an Apartheid State, Israel.
    In the Labour party anyone can criticise the Queen who is head of the church and state, the Archbishop of Canterbury spiritual head of the CoE, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, any member of his cabinet or indeed any elected public representative etc but say one word about the human rights abuses of Palestinians perpetrated by the Israeli government , show any solidarity or say one word in support of Palestinians, like one tweet in their defence , make the slightest criticism of the Jewish establishment in Britain for condoning the actions of Israel and the cry goes up “ANTISEMITE!” and expulsion from the party follows.If you say that this a witch hunt the party will say you are wrong and just to prove it they will expel you.
    The reason why Sam got this letter is probably because they expel so many on these grounds that they have lost track of who is in and who is out.
    The whole set up ( in both senses of the term) is shameful has brought the party into disrepute. This is reflected in election results and Labours abysmal rating in the polls ( despite the best efforts of the MSM). Labour under Starmer is finished.

    1. Smartboy
      Come the time for the government to legislate on the banning of BDS and all things in support of Palestine. The Starmer mob will be furious only because they wanted to bring in that law themselves.

      1. ‘May you live in interesting times’. How can gov’t ban BDS? What does it mean? Will I be fined or sent to prison for not buying Jaffa oranges or telling my wife to buy outspan instead. (Yes my wife does all the shopping & I just cook it). What if I continue to wear my BDS badge or go on a march in support?
        I am in my 70s & wonder if prison would really be an option for the Tories?

      2. You might be right Backof Beyond but I am inclined to think that Starmer and the rest of the Zionist lobby wouldn’t care who brought in such undemocratic legislation as long as it was brought in.
        Starmers loyalty is not to the party or to the members who elected him. He is a proud and self proclaimed “Friend” of Israel, an apartheid state. He is first and foremost a Zionist so would welcome any legislation which would help Israel continue its human rights violations of Palestinians irrespective of its source.

  3. This chimes exactly with my experience with Labours Data Management procedures
    I was getting emails for months after leaving Momementum about attending a Data Management course they were offering, hows that for irony? 😉

    1. hehe, yes. Irony with a punch maybe? The ICO says the Labour party is “probably” in breach of their obligations to keep our data safe. A regular here, Nemtona, alerts me to the probability that Labour is underking “member profiling” and – just like I’d never want anyone so anti-liberal and pro-authoritarian as Sir K to become PM – I certainly don’t want to be the subject of “profiling” by him/his people or any party that votes for “show-me-your-papers” authoritarianism.

  4. Disorganised like this as a party, you’d wonder how they’d fare to rum the country… if the Tories manage to put in place a slightly professional looking “one nation Tory” that can sound believable, Labour will get trounced.

  5. Current Labour Friends Of Israel:
    SITTING MPs Labour (unless otherwise stated)
    Mike Amesbury
    Nick Brown
    Chris Bryant
    Liam Byrne
    Feryal Clark
    Yvette Cooper
    Jon Cruddas
    Wayne David
    Jess Phillips
    Bridget Phillipson
    Lucy Powell
    Virendra Sharma
    Barry Sheerman
    Jeff Smith
    Karin Smyth
    Wes Streeting
    Graham Stringer
    Gareth Thomas
    Emily Thornberry
    Karl Turner
    Derek Twigg
    Rosie Winterton
    SITTING LORDS – Labour (unless otherwise stated)
    Donald Anderson, Baron Anderson of Swansea
    Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top
    Jeremy Beecham, Baron Beecham
    Lord Blunkett
    Lord Boateng
    Lord Clarke of Hampstead
    Lord Collins of Highbury
    Baroness Crawley
    Lord Desai
    Lord Donoughue
    Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
    Baroness Gale
    Lord Grantchester
    Lord Hain
    Lord Harrison
    Lord Haskel
    Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town
    Lord Hughes of Woodside
    Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
    Baroness Kennedy of Cradley
    Lord Kennedy of Southwark
    Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead
    Lord Levy
    Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke
    Lord Livermore
    John Maxton
    Paul Murphy, Baron Murphy of Torfaen
    Lord Rooker
    Lord Stone of Blackheath
    Lord Tomlinson
    Lord Touhig
    Lord Watts
    Lord Winston
    Lord Wood of Anfield
    Lord Young of Norwood Green
    David Abrahams, former Treasurer
    Lord Archer of Sandwell
    Sir Stuart Bell
    Luciana Berger, former Director of LFI
    Tony Blair, former Prime Minister
    Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister
    Stephen Byers, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry……. There’s more than this, it needs updating! The whole front bench are in the pay of Trevor Chinn Israeli activist! Ther sole purpose is to get UK politics supporting them.

  6. That is probably why they and some others still believe they have 500K members, when in fact they would probably struggle to accumulate 100K! Oooh! I can’t wait for the UK Labour Party Spring Clean at the next GE. What we really need to decide is who will make the best Care taker Government? Greens or LDs, before I was prepared to vote conservative to get the Neo-New-Labour Party TORY Counsellor out, I have never made any illusion that of the two TORIES I detest the one who robbed us from a UK Labour Party in 2019 so much more, and if it comes to TORY vs TORY, I will boot the one who stuck a rusty nail in my eye! However I am pleased to see many Polls are showing The Greens/LDs in the Lead or a Close Second. We just need to decide who it will be to get our trust for 5 years because fuck knows I would rather have the Greens or even LDs in Nr10 than Blue Keef or BoJoke, possibly Psycho Polly Patel by then.

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