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Firm awarded most NHS contracts under Tories bought by private investment firm

Treatment of your illness as earning opportunity continues

Richard Branson has sold his Virgin Care empire to large private equity firm Twenty20 Capital. Virgin, which has been rebranded to HCRG Care Group, has been awarded more than £2 billion since the Tories took over in 2010, more than any other private health firm.

A Twenty20 spokesperson said of the deal:

As an investor in healthcare services for more than 20 years, Twenty20 Capital is excited to support the company’s plans building on its strong market position, whilst growing its services to provide outstanding service to customers.

This acquisition is Twenty20 Capital’s seventh transaction this year and its fourth acquisition in the health and social services sector adding c. £260m of revenues to its growing portfolio of businesses.

‘£260m of revenues’ for the firm, of course, means millions taken out in profits that would otherwise have been available to spend on more healthcare if the NHS was providing the services itself on a non-profit basis.

The Tories, meanwhile, continue to press ahead with their legislation to remove oversight and transparency from NHS contract awards to private companies, despite recent scandals over millions awarded to friends, associates and lovers of Tory ministers.

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  1. Nice find Skwawkie👏👏👏

    Wonder why he has sold it? Trouble with his train set?

    £2 billion. We’ll be paying for decades…

  2. Sorry to bust into your piece – which I
    completely agree with ..

    Just got this from Richard Ratcliffe – an update to his campaign
    to free his wife – plus many others who are held hostage in Iran:

    This is the response from the Primmer Minister – zilch ..he and
    his Govt are by far the worst we have ever had ..

    “We reached out to the Prime Minister asking him to speak to Nazanin on her birthday. He was not available. His office did not explain why. Your 3.7 million signatures that we delivered to him during the hunger strike, did not get a personal response this week either, only an acknowledgement from a junior minister. The PM is keeping his distance again, not a good sign.”

  3. There has to be a reckoning one day with these gangsters. A bit of jail time sounds appropriate?

  4. Apparently according to the FT the Chancellor was too busy to attend a trade event in the USA recently because he was meeting US private healthcare companies – very Fishy Rishi?
    Then Truss uses Govt photo budget to be pictured in a tank a la Thatcher, putting on her warmongering macho boots (wonder what she’d be like in the real thing?) – Truss In Boots!
    And then we have Prehistoric Patel hmm such is the mediocrity of the Tory Party (like Right Wing Labour) led by Mr J – The Lord of The Lies?

    1. It seems a majority of the Cabinet share Frost’s views about a deregulated economy with low taxes etc. Certainly Sunak, Truss and Patel are all rabid right wingers as are a third of Tory MP’s. They haven’t realised just how unpopular these nutters are. It could mean the Tories lose power for a generation. That’s a cheery thought.

      1. The Tories can’t lose power- the only alternatives to the current bunch are Blairite Tories, Liberal Tories and Tartan Tories. Until there is an alternative, with alternative policies and a socialist vision it will be Tories wall to wall.
        I realise that you know this Paul but it can’t be stated too often.

      2. It must depend on how badly the Tories crash land? Johnson may cause a major dust up out of deliberate spite.

      3. Patel, Truss, Raab, Kwarteng and Skidmore co-authored ‘Britannia Unchained’ published in 2012. It was a Right wing Libertarian manifesto for a new economics based on a de-regulated system where all worker’s rights were to be abolished. They were all new intakes into Cameron’s government and have all come to prominence in Johnson’s disreputable and corrupt regime. The writing was on the wall!

      4. Nothing that regulation and taxation can’t sort out
        Throw in some competition and all of a sudden you are living in a civilised country rather than a dog eat dog casino economy

  5. Yes before this with the privatisation of NHS services £15b of NHS services are already in private hands after a process started by Right Wing Labour followed by the Tories salami approach drip, drip, drip.
    And guess who will win the contracts under the new NHS Bill?
    Need to kick the private sector out of the NHS and end all private health tax reliefs in the upper class welfare state.
    Read today 3 executives on a financial company are to share £30m of profits (Sunday Times Business pages) yet millions of the poorest on Universal Credit are to lose £1,000 a year and what does Right Wing Labour do – bugger all?

    1. ITs the perfect storm of all of this capitalist filth coming together together at this time under the worst Government in living memory and the worst Opposition party in living memory.ITs not nice to be part of the “Market”but unless the elections are rigged then just like the knight being voted in by the majority.then the same applys with the people of the UK…I realise that the people are bombarded with propoganda and a daily diet of glittarata and striving to climb the ladder but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the vast majority of people will have a rude awakening that no matter how our resident establishment troll classifys people we are all working-class and will soon find out what that to in a system that no money means “no life”
      We have passed the anniversary of Friday the 13th but it will always be the day that the world changed forever in my lifespan and many others.We were looking for a socialist PM and found a messia figure whom the mob crucified we are about to pay for that in spades ..The answer was in the Labour manifesto and they laughed and mocked it .No one especially the PLP will be laughing much longer.or the working-class of the United kingdom.God help us all please?….. “for what we are about to recieve” ?

    2. Depending on how you read the accounts, much, much more than £15bn Bazza. You’re maybe unintentionally underestimating the total amount of NHS budget which the private sector receives. Even a minor part of the NHS expenditure, Covid-19 contracts with the private sector, gave them £41.3bn up to September this year (might be £55bn by year end).

      Think about it – more than 40% of annual NHS expenditure is made to the private sector on covid alone. The likes of VirginCare rebadged as HCRG Care Group systemically claim between 50 and 80% of NHS expenditure as their ‘turnover’.

      FYI – The NHS Support Federation is an excellent source of meticulousy gathered information on the NHS. They are “independent group of researchers and journalists that campaign to protect and improve the NHS, keeping it true to its founding principles.” I heartily commend it.

  6. This sale was first announced early December and immediately the large parts of NHS primary care services under the control of Virgin Care (which, by the way, is still running the new ‘operation’) found themselves fearing that an aggressive venture capital operator (that is essentially what Twenty20 Capital is) would ‘manage costs’ to reduce service levels, decrease staff pay and benefits by ‘doing a ‘TonyBlair’ (changing employment contracts to incorporate unachievable ‘performance’ based elements) and even ‘harness’ influence on NHS Foundation Trusts, the parts of the NHS that is supposed to be above ‘healthcare for profit’, the way pharmaceutical companies ‘harness’ SAGE and their ‘Covid Narrative’. (Have you had your booster yet?).

    This move towards transnational businesses is not happening in isolation. Fluorodating water (to make you more docile and newborns less intelligent), mandating un-tested ‘vaccines’ which neither reduce infecion or severity of illness (and result in more covid/vaccine deaths) and now this, HCRG entity becoming a large aggressive player in a weak, underfunded NHS, none of it bodes well for a continued NHS that includes effective healthcare ‘free at the point of use’.

    Please visit NHS Support Federation NHS for sale pages to see what the sale of a significant part of the NHS might mean under HCRG’s transnational control.

    1. I was just reading sky news and like the independent the death of carlos marin one of the singers in the group iidivo dies of covid aged fifty three,it goes on to say that the cause of death is unknown?Independent says hes thirty five and fifty and died of Covid forgetting that it must be omicron now.Now I know the standard of reporting is abysmal but I am wondering why a not so successful group of good singers makes the front page of the toilet paper and why even the attempt to spread fear and panic is so pathetic and amateur.

      1. no, omicron wasn’t logged with the WHO until 16 Nov – so it’s probably too soon for anyone to have died of omicron… but – seriously – without an autopsy, CoD as covid is in most cases probably a guess

      2. moore correctly, I should have said “it’s too soon for us to know… how many (if any) die of omicron as opposed to regular covid

        Point is, only an autopsy could determine this, and the CoronaVirus Act prohibits autopsies of possible covid deaths.

        A scam in the making?

  7. I hope that all of these disasters remind ALL Those PEOPLE who were swayed from voting UK Labour Party by Thatcher/Blair’s TORY Neo-New-Labour Parasite Party and their 24/7 Onslaught of Lies, Smear, Sabotage, Undermining, Backstabbing, against The UK Labour Party Leader, MPs, CLPs, Members, etc, like a Rusted 9 Inch Nail Spiked into their Eyeball, come the next GE!
    Don’t make the same mistake this time out of desperation rather than ignorance!
    Thatcher/Blair’s TORY Neo-New-Labour Parasite Party ARE NOT UK Labour Party!
    TORY Neoliberalism is the Polar Opposite to Democratic Socialism! If you want Change and the end of this 43 years of TORY HELL, VOTE THEM OUT! We NEED The TORIES OUT so that we can free up seats for MPs who WILL Speak UP FOR The PEOPLE and NOT FOR Themselves and The Elites!

  8. Jeremy Corbyn warned us about the sell off of NHS- he was vilified for it , called a Marxist ( as well as an antisemite, a spy, a threat to national security and all the other disgusting names he was labelled with).
    Well once again he has been proved right and I hope those who were responsible for his character assassination and those who stupidly swallowed the smears and lies circulated about him on the BBC and by the MSM are proud of themselves.

    1. But they certainly are proud of themselves.
      What we should hope for is that, when they leave this world, they are consigned to spending eternity at an everlasting Daniel O’Donnell concert.

    2. But…but…but, what did Corbyn actually do??

      Keef has expressed his opposition to de piffle many times, y’know, on things like this, erm, sort of thing, and nobody calls him a Marxist…

      …Right, ermmmm, must go, off for a spot of lunch, what what??

  9. Yup. the synchronised MSM doesn’t tell you anything unless it suits their Purpose. The ‘case’ numbers being reported on the BBC started increasing the very second the fatality numbers started falling and ‘vaccination’ up-take reduced too. Strange, that,. (Where do these ‘case’ numbers come from, Randox and the myriad of small private Labs which provide the ‘case’ numbers that the the BBC reports don’t have the laboratory capacity to run as many tests that would be required to produce those ‘case’ numbers (very few of which equate to illness, i.e. a ‘case’ in the medical sense – unless the CT dial on the PCR CT test is deliberately set too high and we get 95% false positives.????

    Doctors for COVID Ethics hoped that we were seeing an ‘exit strategy’ for the covidians to disassemble all their lies and save some face – but, looks like we were wrong.

    Our NHS ‘yellow card reports and the US VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) are frightening reading. I wonder how Johnson, SAGE and miscellaneous charlatans like Sir Keir and co. are going to explain them.

    Sadly, they’ll just re-class vaccine deaths as covid deaths (and the pro-lockdowners will beg for another lockdown). This is going to go on for many, many years.

    1. @josephokeefe..The above was meant to be a reply to you – pah, time for bed for me, I think

      1. quertboi good idea,I always now follow the example of the locals and go to bed soon after the sun 🌞goes down and wake when it comes up meaning I post usually after breakfast and my chores are done ✔and before bed in the evening meaning that never the twain shall meet.interesting report in the morning star concerning the 3times candidate who says Labour stepped aside to allow the lib dems to win in a deal with the flip flops party.

    2. qwertboi
      There are built in triggers for mass panic aside from bought and paid for MSM and toilet papers
      Why are we still testing when we know its only the sniffles with Omicron which means it’s all over bar the shouting in this country by February
      The biggest damage will be done by making people stay home for 10 days
      I don’t know if that still applies to contacts or they can carry on after a test
      Roll Up Roll Up anyone want to buy some surplus vaccine, we have 170 million doses at least

      1. But we DONT know Omicron is only the sniffles – S Africa has a completely different demographic
        from us and it has not been going on for long enough in the UK to decide anything definite.

        By the time the info is clearer it will be too late to do anything so what is the harm in taking
        sensible precautions now? I don’t like wearing a mask because with glasses I find it difficult
        to see – but I do not think this unreasonable.

        Meanwhile – if we had provided enough vaccine for the third world to take advantage
        of it – this would not have happened. What we do know is that the more
        people who catch it the greater the probability of a variant. Gordon Brown has at least
        tried to point this out – alone of the Blairites

        It is all a question of RISK and people are mostly taking this into account.

      2. Too soon to know one way or the other Doug! Usually, and certainly every other respiratory virus (including coronaviruses, MERS and SARS), once they adapt to become more infectious, thay also become less dangerous, or “pathogenic”, to our health – but we can’t know if its true for omicron until end-March next year at the earliest.

      3. Sorry folks
        This is one of those love you to bits but your not credible responses
        Yes we do know because the evidence is clear and history tells us this is exactly how it ends
        There is precisely nothing to contradict the evidence from South Africa, they think we are nuts or utterly corrupt

  10. Going off piste again – It’s a big day, today. Presidential elections in Chile. A Left candidate v a Far Right candidate. Will Latin America continue to move left?

    1. @Goldbach

      The Amerikkkans back yard is slipping away from them. Sadly I can’t remember the other country, but Belize and another are the only two left supporting Taiwan over China.

      Venezuela has shown them a different way, and it’s working well alongside the promise of win win with the Chinese BRI.

      Orinoco tribune is a great source of information in South America. Will post more when I dig the sites out.

      1. Other are Kawsachu news, Brazilwire, Telesur English (not the best, but still useful).

    2. Biden stuck his fingers in too many pies, war with Russia, war with China, war with Iran, continued terrorism in the Middle East, Cuba, Africa, etc, now look what’s happened, he took his eye off South America and it Magically turned Red. No Agents Sabotaging, Interfering.
      It makes me wonder how much The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party actually won GE2019 by. I bet it was close to a FULL House for England.
      We need to secure that suspect loophole between 22:00 to 22:30ish, it only takes seconds to switch a cloned ballot box, they can’t do that if we stick the 3 leading opposing MPs in the car with the volunteer returning officer for a ride to the counting centre!

  11. I think it’s only fair and seasonal to wish our mps a merry Xmas,but as per usual they are ahead of the game and awarded themselves a extra day of time off.So that is the sixteenth of december(voortrekker day)to the fith of January god love 💘em they must be exausted….And theres me thinking Apparthied was defeated.

      1. How long before they dump the Yankee Dollar and switch to Bitcoin, China then steps in and helps them build the Inca Trail
        USA should meltdown in March when government support for tenants and mortgage holders ends

    1. Don’t forget that, if you have 2 jobs, you should be entitled to 2 sets of holidays.

    2. Doug the pounds at 1’31 a drop of nearly nine cents over the last eight weeks.The doller should have been in freefall but its the pound thats dropped off the edge..I normly change sterling to US dollers as the doller is our second currency next to the Reil in Cambodia..At the moment stock market and money markets are very nervous and the idea of any other government other than Conservative panicks them.Luckily I moved into the Vietnamese Dong and put it away for a rainy day…..we are in the dry season now and its pouring down especially in Britain….Keep walking the dog 🐕and hope that its only a temporary embarrassment.

      off to bed bye bye 👋

  12. The knights gives the conservative and unionist party unqualified support for more draconian measures on the public.Surely enoughs,enough with this appalling pandemic of fascism breaking out and appearing to be highly infectious with many in the Top team of the Labour party coming down with the fascist virus.Across the la manch the O’macron virus is being challenged in the streets.and its spreading across Europe…
    Corbyn is back once again and his brothers helping with the street protests.and has been helping the Met with fire prevention.The Met have decided that hes broken the law and he’s not a member of the Drowning street party and must face the law of the land that is completely impartial especially if it is party time.Lets hope our Christmas will be has good and as long as our betters in the House of Horrors and the top echelons of Her majestys police force….God save the queen comrades!

    1. As always, a breath of free air (perspective) from you joseph. But on Jeremy C, no-one knows his opinions on the tools the covidians are using to build their lies and cover their power-grab .

      For clarification, by ‘tools’ I mean the science and epidemiology they are misusung to scare and panic people. But whatever JC’s opinions are, he did exactly the right thing last week when he voted against mandatory vaccination of NHS staff (72,000 of whom choose not to be vaccinated) and venues passports. As the Daily Mirror reported “Jeremy Corbyn has voted against the vaccine passport and compulsory jabs for NHS staff, after saying the measures would be ‘counterproductive’ and ‘create division’.”

      1. Even on Covid, Jeremy Corbyn is showing himself to be “on the right side of history” – unlike Sir Keir who whipped his MPs to vote for the covidians’ “show-me-your-papers” authoritarianism.

        I miss Jeremy Corbyn more every day!

      2. Yep a sad, sad loss for Not So Great Britain! However can you imagine the Shitstorm UK Labour Party and Members would have had to face if he did become PM!? JFC it would have made 2015 to 2020 look like an ant heap next to Kilimanjaro!
        Would have been worth it hearing The Fuckers call Corbyn PM!

  13. Jeremy Corbyn had eight brave Labour mps walk through the lobbys with him to make a stand on freedom and exploitation of the virus by the fascists..A large number of Labour mps ran away because of the whip and didn’t do the job they are overpayed for.We had a chance(a slim one)but a chance to bring down the government on a vote of no confidence although no one would expect Turkeys to vote for xmass and now its too too late theyre on hols and Johnson has again the luck of the devil that Christmas saves his neck especially “Santas little helpers” the Labour party.ITs becoming increasingly clear that the support for Jeremy was virtually non existent outside of the hundreds of thousands of socialists members in the Labour party….just look at the vote?..The Labour mps are the enemy.and Corbyn was betrayed by his mps and so were we and to think we helped and funded to put those treacherous dogs in parliament.I much prefer Jeremy’s brothers approach to payback time although I respect the pacifist message of Jeremy Corbyn a true Socialist cast amongst swine…..Let the anger smoulder and watch the flames errupt on a Labour party destroyed by a party within a party.Christmas might have saved Bozzo but the knights and his henchman evans are in serios trouble.

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