Akehurst’s comment before N Shropshire exposes right’s spin about LibDems’ win

The idea that the result is somehow a win for Starmer after Labour’s worst-ever performance there is nonsense and the right knows it

Labour First’s Luke Akehurst

Since Labour’s disastrous performance in Thursday’s North Shropshire by-election – the party’s worst-ever result in that seat, falling from a strong second in 2019 while the LibDems surged by more than thirty points to take it from the Tories – Keir Starmer’s supporters have been desperately trying to spin it as some kind of victory for Starmer’s politics and lack of opposition, as if Labour stepped aside to allow the ‘yellow Tories’ a clear run and the win vindicates them.

But what the right really thought about North Shropshire can be seen in a tweet by Luke Akehurst, of the party’s hard right ‘Labour First’ faction. ten days before the result – and the Labour right saw no chance for the LibDems to win. None at all – but they thought that Labour could:

As the election drew nearer and Keir Starmer’s unpopularity was obvious, the spin shifted to a claim that the seat was ‘impossible’ – but the party’s desperation to get more campaigners to North Shropshire and of course the eventual result showed this to be just as big a nonsense.

As Skwawkbox observed on the day of the result, the foolishness of Starmer’s tactics were exposed (though it was already obvious) by the outcome: there’s no room in the political ecosystem for the third, watered-down Tory party into which Starmer has turned Labour. If people want Tory, they’ll go for the full-fat version. If they want ‘Tory but we can claim we’re nicer’, they have the LibDems.

People want a real Labour party to vote for. One that has a vision for real change and is unafraid and unashamed to make the arguments. Under Keir Starmer, the nation is deprived of that possibility and that is a crime against the many millions in this country suffering under the disease of Tory government.

No spin can hide that reality.

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  1. Well said Skwawkbox. Unfortunately, a relatively small sub group (i.e. us) recognising the LabourRight’s manipulative tap-dancing here (and, more worryingly, the synchronised MSM’s role in this), is not enough! Millions of people will blindly assume that a vote for Labour is progressive and pro-democracy (Mandelson’s ‘no-where else to go’ hypothesis).

    Even under Starmer, Labour will be seen as the antithesis of crony-capitalism and tory corruption, which, maybe, it isn’t!

    1. qwertboi – “Labour will be seen as the antithesis of crony-capitalism and tory corruption, which, maybe, it isn’t!”.

      No “maybe”.

      “It isn’t!”

      1. Starmer haunted “Labour” is worse than Johnson’s Tories openly endorsed in 2019 by Blair & co incl Starmer. To date, Starmer has supported every Johnson decision. He remains in lock step with Johnson so as not to make his masters & mistresses nervous.

        The electorate once again, dumped Starmer.
        2019 Labour 2nd place in deep Tory land. Now down 12.5%. to THIRD PLACE!!! Way to go Sir Keith DPP Dip Stick.

      2. windchime – The electorate (particularly the less well off, disadvantaged and vulnerable) dumped Corbyn in 2019.

      3. It’s not just about Starmer, it is the entire Thatcher/Blair’ Neoliberal TORY Neo-New-“Labour” Party, the people who Connived, Sabotaged, Undermined, Backstabbed, Couped, etc, etc, etc The PEOPLE out of an end to 43 Years of Neoliberal TORY Hell.
        Those are the Parasite TORIES who stuck a Rusty 9 Inch Nail in our Eye!
        I hope that The People who are by now profoundly desperate will see and remember that Act, when we had a CHOICE between Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative TORY Party vs The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, and return the favour, because thanks to this Rusty 9 inch Nail Stuck in our, The PEOPLE’S Eye WE HAVE NO CHOICE!
        We have Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative TORIES vs Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour TORIES.
        We have to do 2 things if we were to have any sort of Representation for The PEOPLE in The House of Commons:
        1. Get that Rusty Nail from our eye.
        2. VOTE Every Neo-New-Labour Party TORY OUT, KEEP ALL Candidates OUT and VOTE Every Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MP, Candidate and Exile IN-No Matter what Party they’re in at this time.
        So long as we save EVERY Democratic Socialist in a seat we will have Representation FOR The PEOPLE in The HoC, they all know how desperate the situation currently is and will work together as one or one movement after all, their struggle is not with each other, but with the Parasite TORY Bastards who stuck a Rusty Nail in our eye!

      4. correct!!! ALL of them!!!
        A L L‼️‼️‼️ They must fall. Only vote for & support genuine Socialist MPs, BUT use every means to ensure every parasite within Labour loses their seat.
        North Shropshire did not vote Limp Dims because they love them. They were using the limited hand they have to express disgust and punish. They delivered a blow to Johnson’s Tories & Mandelson’s Starmer’s Coyled parasite!!! ENJOY the fact that one of Coyle’s anal plugs was rejected by the good people of North Shropshire!!! Even North Shropshire has good people🎊🎊🎊 … deepest Tory land for over 200 years. Wonders never cease.
        They know as we all should, Sir Keith Starmer, his controllers incl the “clever”, tool of “winners”, “strategist” Peter Mandelson, and Thatcher’s deposit Blair r repellent pests craving to snatch and grab and gorge in the troughs WORSE than Johnson’s lot. Result? From over 12,000 votes in 2019 to scraping the barrel in third place behind Limp Dims who were nowhere in 2019. How’s that for omnipotence ❔❔❔

      5. Wah hah hah, we’ll be standing accused, tried and sentenced again by that little TORY Rat!
        We should make a live Wiki Of the Strongest Opposition to the Parasite TORY MP/Candidates and who the Tactical Vote Candidate is. Also who and where the Democratic Socialists are, some people may not know their candidate is a Democratic Socialist/Neo-New-Labour TORY even some sneaky borderline MPs may fool some, but we need to be ruthless if we want a clean house!

      6. SteveH

        That’s not the whole story…

        Corbyn was trying to hold the Labour party together with band aids and safety pins in 2019 – all while suffering character assassination by the press and wider media. Added to the woes were HQ saboteurs trying to lose the seats of leftist MPs.

        You actually had three parties within Labour : Brexiters; hardcore remainiacs(mainly representing London seats) and soft Brexit compromise people, like Nandy et al.

        Having a party fighting itself while the leader suffers character assassination from within and without, hardly screams ‘vote for us’. Corbyn did remarkably well with over 10m votes all things considered.

        Look at the smooth ride Starmer has had in comparison.

      7. … and he still loses votes everywhere!!! All the opposition is from within the Blue Tories. Lord Frost handed in his resignation to Johnson a WEEK ago‼️‼️‼️ Johnson had begged him to stay till January.
        Shows how dim dipstick SIR KEITH starmer is.
        The electorate knows Starmer is more unfit than the dreadful deadly Johnson. Labour in 2019 held 2nd place in North Shropshire. Now, Right Wing Starmer looses THOUSANDS of votes … 12.5% down after over 12 months of Starmer nastiness… true SH type choice🟧🟧🟧

      8. Johnson never had more than a handful of friends in the Tory Party. His support was always from the grassroots … like Jeremy. I would be amazed, if Lord Frost resignation from cabinet does not signal curtains for Johnson. Frost was one of his tiny spot of party chums.
        It is a joy to see that even against a PM & party in such an extreme state of rot, SIR Keith Starmer is rejected by a 60% leave voting North Shropshire. The good people preferred overturn the ref Limp Dims.
        The results of the brilliant strategic advice of Lord Mandelson and his creature Blair. “Clever”, “winners”, “smart”, “not too far left”, “from the center” … “media support”, “Trilaterals”, “Zionist” on and on and on with all the powers… especially Mandelson… result⁉️ DUMPED again by the electorate‼️ Flushed away‼️
        Congratulations Steve H David H, SH😂😂😂 Are u celebrating remotely from your Caribbean bolt hole??? After all you’ e worked very VERY hard supporting your SIR Keith 😂😂😂

      9. Steve H Hall centrist Dad SH and god knows what else you swindle the posters with from “afar” tax dodging bolt hole in the Caribbean..Youve got some nerve criticising Bevin from Canada which is a modern forward looking country that could give the US a lesson or two.They need to dump the changing of the guard in Ottawa along with the Royals and bobs your uncle a 1st class country with massive resources and land.mass just waiting to be expanded in a overcrowded planet..

      10. Joseph – I have dual nationality and we have always chosen to pay our taxes on our local incomes and assets as residents both here and in the UK. We are now permanently resident here and we pay roughly the same overall level of tax here as we did when our tax affairs were split between 2 jurisdictions. What rates of tax do you pay in Cambodia.

      11. Steve H Hall centrist Dad and other aliases or swindles….I have read it again and cant see how you misinterpreted the acusation regarding aliases and swindling the posters with different aliases.Most on here realise that you have a compunction to be deceitful and it goes with your politics but I don’t remember acussing you personally of being a Tax dodger just the known robbers roost that you escaped the Caribbean bolt hole…..Cambodia is certainly not the place of choice for tax purposes or tax dodging and I am retired don’t you know after spending my last few years of my life working volunteer to supply clean water and sanitation to the locals without payment or expenses.I know that its a difficult concept for you but most of my wealth in assets and property has been given to relatives and friends whos needs were more than either of us in our later days especially as we live modestly neither encumbered like yourself with bad habits.I think that we might have stumbled across a guilty conscience by mentioning swindling?

      12. Joseph – Well I’m glad we’ve managed to establish that your above post was nothing but innuendo.

    2. Your problem is that the electorate decided 2 years ago that you have nothing to say that is worth listening to.

      1. SteveH
        The electorate decided 2 years ago that Temporary Embarrassment was not to be trusted

        They see right through him,draped in his EU flag

      2. Doug – Really? You really should catch up.
        The membership elected Keir leader of the party less than 2 years ago.

      3. SteveH
        Every poll states clearly the members think he is as bent as a nine bob note
        You are off your rocker if you think he will even be on the ballot next time
        Dead man walking

      4. You have no understanding of politics- which is about power not jobs for cronies.
        What happened in 2019 was clear enough that I could see it, and I live in Canada.
        As Corbyn was saying and the Labour Manifesto underlined it was time for a real change. In particular the era of neo-liberalism- austerity, inequality, privatisation, de-industrialisation, imperialist adventure and callousness towards the poor- had to be brought to an end.
        The obvious way to begin this was to leave the EU. Remaining within it would make Labour’s programme impossible: the EU had become the most neo-liberal economy in the world.
        The electorate was thus placed in an impossible position by the Starmer faction, arguing that remaining in the EU was advisable and opposing the Tories’ pledge to honour the referendum vote. Corbyn’s opposition was honest but too complex to explain, especially in the face of capitalist media misrepresentations, seconded by Blairite strikebreaking.
        But the great achievement of the Corbyn leadership was to put before the electorate the socialist policies, including rebuilding the NHS, and establishing a national care service, which the pandemic has shown to have been precisely what was needed.
        Had Corbyn remained in place, it would have become clearer every passing day during the past two years that Labour offered a clear alternative to the Tory demagogue. There is no doubt that the party that lost in 2019 was bound to win if it had kept its nerve, continued to build and dealt with the Fifth Column in the party establishment. In fact the loss of the election was a good thing- the PLP would have sabotaged any victory, driven the party to the right and reinforced the feeling among voters that ‘they are all the same.’
        To put it very simply the Labour Party as it existed before Starmer and his traitors tore it to pieces, putting forward the established, trusted, locally chosen candidate in Shropshire and backed by the energy and unselfish sacrifice of half a million socialists, would have won this bye-election easily.
        The right wing understand this. For them the result in North Shropshire was far better than the victory of a socialist would have been.

      5. bevin – You can delude yourself all you want from afar but Labour lost so decisively in 2019 because Corbyn pissed all over his own self proclaimed USP and the electorate lost any trust and faith they once may have had in him and his acolytes. The fact that he lost over 15% of the membership in the months prior to the 19GE was not co-incidental.

      6. The electorate did NOT say that it would never support socialism. It simply wouldn’t vote for a party whose leader who had been relentlessly slandered with false accusations regarding AS. They weren’t saying they wanted Labour to be LESS radical, or to go back to supporting military intervention in Arab/Muslim countries or Callaghan-style austerity on domestic issues, as Starmer is now doing.

      7. kenburch – Is he really, perhaps you should actually familiarise yourself with Labour’s current policies before passing judgement and then let us know which of Labour’s current policies support the silly partisan claims that you’ve made above.

      8. There’s a fucking HUMONGOUS difference between the ELECTORATE and the MEMBERSHIP.

        Fucking IDIOT.

      9. Toffee – I know, but wasn’t it you who used to constantly remind me that the opinion of Labour members didn’t really matter it was the views of the electorate that mattered.

      10. What the absolute fuck is your malfunction gobshite?

        You genuinely delude yourself 538,000 is LESS THAN 495,000 ( ane even those figures are SIXTEEN MONTHS out of date)

        You think 17.4m is LESS than 16.1m

        You reckoned your precious 70% of the MEMBERSHIP was enough to win you a general election.

        But it just wasn’t, was it, numbnuts?

        And it wasnt corbyn screeching loudest about a second referendum….that’s another reason why your shower of shite tore into him. You wanted him to alienate the labour floating vote even further by promoting your precious second ref bollocks…

        Oh and it was YOU told everyone MY voice counted for nothing….Until it counted for everything in 2019.

        And WHY did it count? Because you and keef thought you knew better. You thought you could dictate to me and millions like me… Keef still does.

        And you claim to have your finger on the pulse? Of what? A fucking zombie you’ve bored back into its grave?

        Go away dickhead.

      11. Toffee – The figures are there what you make of them is entirely up to you. The fact that the official figures don’t agree with your narrative is your problem, not mine. You really should calm down you’ll blow a gasket.

    3. From years of campaigning and winning in Starmers Surrey its extremely difficult to move the voters in these type of true blue constituencies to vote Labour because of years of thinking that they are above voting for the working-class party the Labour party.Unfortunately that was a fact of life in Surrey and few other places in England.Lib dems is the party of choice even green if they are feeling fed up or extremely radical.. but they only lend them votes until the conservative party are fully feasted on the public purse.Starmer new nothing about campaigns or even politics and assumes that his type will never vote Labour so he pulls the plug a week before the vote not realising that like us in his own backyard people will and did vote Labour if we made double the effort and most importantly they stay with Labour unlike the flip flops party.The leader of the Labour party broke ranks and deliberately sabotaged the N..Shropshire electorate and advising voting for another party via the Bolton lawyer mp on the radio should be illegal under electoral fraud.laws.There are some very good reasons why the knight must never hold the keys to downing street but the most important is that hes a very dangerous man and a threat to World peace and a united Ireland.

  2. ITs no good spinning anymore,the fact is that a general election is on the cards sooner than later.Akehurst and all the PLP who should realise by now that theyve been sold a “pup as the saying goes.They cant expect charity from the members much longer you can only kick a dog a few times before it turns and bites back.Looks to me they will get a first class seat to veiw very soon when they get the chance to participate in the unemployment lottery.Starmer has a job that makes money on the side….the likes of most of the PLP will struggle in the real world they created for the unemployed.especially if they find a” proper “job as Skinner would say.

    1. I would love nothing more than to see the bastard TORIES WHO SABOTAGED The PEOPLE out of GE2019 Voted OUT En Masse! I will ask someone to record their media loser messages and watch it on repeat…….oh probably for the rest of my life! They stole our Government, I would love to see The PEOPLE to steal their Seats, as a return favour of course!
      2019 we had CHOICE:
      TORY vs Democratic Socialism!
      2024/earlier we have NO CHOICE:

      1. …..and the electorate made their choice clear, Johnson got an 80 seat majority.

      2. Get with the times! You’re stuck in the past, spouting the same repetitive shit over and over, Blue Keef and his Starmestruppen Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES are as good as gone and forgotten, history!

      3. nellyskelly – But your problem is that nobody outside the small minority who read these pages is listening to your inane rants and how many of the small number who read these pages will actually take any notice of you is a moot point. Do you have a problem with facing up to the reality of Corbyn’s most enduring legacy.

      4. I guess that must be a ditto then!
        For someone so deep up Starmer and his TORY Elite’s Arse you sure have an unhealthy obsession with Corbyn!

      5. It wasn’t Corbyn’s fault, SteveH- and he could neither have prevented the election- it was called on a motion needing only a simple majority, with the SNP and the LibDems supporting it- and it has been repeatedly proved that Corbyn could neither have stopped Brexit in the HoC NOR personally won the referendum for Remain.

        And it’s not about returning Corbyn to the leadership now- it’s just about ending Starmer’s absurdly nasty war against the Left wing- nobody who actually personally identifies as left-wing supports Starmer’s abandonment of socialism or his embrace of austerity and war- and it’s about preventing Labour from becoming a dead party of the dead centre.

        Stop insulting people and stop lying about people.

      6. kenburch – “Starmer’s abandonment of socialism or his embrace of austerity and war”

        Lots of silly claims but no evidence to back them up. Could you please outline which of Labour’s current policies supports your assertions.
        Whether or not it was Corbyn’s fault that he simply wasn’t up to the job is a moot point, we all have our limitations.

    2. More bluntly, your correct points mean that former party members who recognise that Starmer is helping the oligarchy instead of leading a fight ‘for the Many, not the Few’ need to campaign against Starmer’s Labour rather fighting our historic opponents, the openly pro-status quo, i.e. the tories. Either way, our ability to ameliorate capitalism is cancelled. (Win/Win for Starmer and the neoliberal new normal oligarchs).

      What a horrible position that puts us in. I bet Starmer and the World Economic Forum he serves love it when their plan comes together.

      This is their plan so they can say we are anti-semitic, loony lefties, dangerous, anti-democracy idealists who have no pace in the modern world.

      1. Indeed. Seems to be so. North Shropshire voters were obviously thinking harder about their vote at the by-election than polled people do generally with a “If there was a General Election tomorrow, which party would yoou vote for” question.

        Point is, tho’ stevieh, they definitely didn’t vote for Ben Wood and Sir Keir’s WEF-Labour.

      2. SteveH
        What very few of the shouty Unions, 500,000 members and 13 million supporters of JC and the LABOUR party understand is why the PLP and their funders want to stay inside the tent, other than to burn it to the ground

      3. Doug – What you can’t answer is how many of those 13million voted Labour in spite of Corbyn rather than because of Corbyn.

      4. SteveH
        Yes we can and its called clear Red Water, that’s what JC brought to the table, the electorate were screaming out for a real choice
        New Labour lost 6 million votes and practically bankrupted us, WTF does Temporary Embarrassment have to offer but more of the same

      5. Doug – “Yes we can and its called clear Red Water, that’s what JC brought to the table, the electorate were screaming out for a real choice”

        FFS get in touch with reality, look at what actually happened at the 19GE. For the first time ever the majority of the voting C2DE electorate chose to vote Tory..

      6. And how many labour members are still labour members in spite of smarmer, not because of him, numbnuts?

      7. Steve H you put your finger on the pulse when you said “there hasnt been any sign of a libdem surge” .Your leader deliberately sabotaged the N Shropshire election ..the only question that needs answering is why did he allow a member of his shadowy cabinet and a friend advise people to vote tactically lib dem…and even castigated the chances of the local Labour party winning even local government seats.I think we must be told?

      8. stevieH “how many of those 13million voted Labour in spite of Corbyn rather than because of Corbyn”

        About as many of the 12,495 people who voted Labour for pro-Corbyn Graeme Currie in 2019 in the North Shropshire constituency and didn’t vote for Ben Wood and didn’t votes for Ben Wood (12,495 – 3,686 = 8,809) i e – More than voted for Starmer’ ‘show me your papers’ labourism .
        At the next GE you will see how irrelevant becomes inconsequential.

  3. Stepped aside as in having ten members of the shadow cabinet visit the constituency and Labour taking out a full page spread in the local paper ?

  4. People just want,…….NEED The UK Labour Party NOT This Thatcher/Blair TORY Neoliberal Neo-New-“Labour” Party! We have two entirely polar opposite Political Parties one TORY Neoliberal Capitalist and one Democratic Socialist. For the vast majority after fucking up 2019 The PEOPLE want The UK Labour Party NOT Thatcher/Blair TORY Neoliberal Neo-New-“Labour” Party!
    There are many blinded by Blair/Murdoch’s Evil ‘The PEOPLE OF The SUN’, who just need to put the bastard thing in the bin, same with the Missus’ obligatory MAIL and Campbell/Mandelson’s PEOPLE of The SUN in Lambs Clothing aka The Guardian!
    What can we do Vote the Fuckers out, start again small with a wide open door for The Exiles and Smaller New Parties. We can do this, we lost the Luxury Overnight option, now we just have to walk the difficult road to get to the same place. There is no easy route there, we blew up that bridge in 2019, but at least we have a road there, but it will take some serious Solidarity and Uniting.

    1. nellyskelly – Which of Labour’s current policies can in your opinion be classified as “Thatcher/Blair TORY Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour”.
      Please address specific policies that you can provide a link to, policies that actually exist, Don’t waste my time or yours with yet another non specific rant. Let’s see some detail.
      If you don’t know what our current policies are I can help you out with a comprehensive list.

      1. Policies is something you recently had a hissy fit over, I believe you defended in the lines of Policies are not anything to do with what the Manifesto will be, and can be changed. Perhaps come back with something a bit more substantial than hollow TORY Spin Policies. Actions and History matters and lets face it there is NOTHING BUT TORY Actions and History from Thatcher/Blair’s TORY Neoliberal Neo-New-“Labour” Party. Your TORY Party’s Policies are Pure Spin, Pure Desperation to win a Doomed Election and Your TORY Party have already changed Policies to better reflect their TORY Nature.
        To ask your “Which of Labour’s current policies” question for the nth time when they hold no substance and will not exist shortly after the GE is still Totally Futile, as fellow TORY BoJoke clearly demonstrated not even Final Manifestos in the hands of you TORIES mean a thing! Blue Keef and his 10 Commitments, is not very committed to proving me otherwise, he broke every one within 6 months. Yet you want to ask about policies, I have no interest in Your Party, why would I even so much as internet search their Bogus Policies!?
        If they want gullible Left Leaner and Desperate Red Waller votes, do you think your TORY Policies, NOW, would cut the mustard, it’s all sweet talk spin and bullshit until they are in office, thank goodness that’s not going to happen!
        “Don’t waste my time” says the manMouse Himself

      2. nellyskelly – Or to put it succinctly you are afraid to address current Labour policies because you might have to admit that you are proselytising rubbish

        “Policies is something you recently had a hissy fit over”
        Only because you and others keep repeating unjustified claims that Labour’s policies are now RW

        “Blue Keef and his 10 Commitments, is not very committed to proving me otherwise, he broke every one within 6 months”
        Really? I’ve yet to see any credible evidence of that. Perhaps you could address each of the pledges in turn and explain precisely how he has broken each one. (red crosses on a scanned copy of the pledges don’t count as evidence of anything).

        “I have no interest in Your Party,
        On the contrary the evidence on these pages indicates that you are obsessive about the Labour Party

        “why would I even so much as internet search their Bogus Policies!?”
        Why indeed when you can avoid facing up to the reality that Labour has lots of good policies that will benefit the many, You don’t need to do a search I’ve already offered to supply you with a comprehensive list.
        There are none more blinkered than those who refuse to look. Obviously some like yourself prefer not to face up to reality by hiding under their comfort blanket of blissful self confessed ignorance.

      3. 1. Nope, No interest in THATCHER/BLAIR’S NEOLIBERAL TORY NEO-NEW-LABOUR PARTY, at all.

        2. Keep repeating unjustified waffle is your department. They Act like TORIES, They Talk like TORIES, They ARE TORIES!

        3. Nothing to do with Red Crosses, how you can still argue when every one has been highlighted across indie media some right here! Oh and no I am not going to do your internet searching for you.

        4.1. You have NOTHING to do with The Labour Party, The UK Labour Party that is. You belong to THATCHER/BLAIR’S NEOLIBERAL TORY NEO-NEW-LABOUR PARTY, THE PARASITE TORY INFESTATION, Two Polar Opposing Political Parties!
        4.2. I’d say my obsession probably lies more in the Clearing OUT of The PARASITE TORIES who INFEST The Labour Party, other than that I am quite comfortable laying my hat in any Democratic Socialist Party Home, whoever that will be in the next 10 years or so, after all the Damage you and your THATCHER/BLAIR’S NEOLIBERAL TORY NEO-NEW-LABOUR PARTY and The International 24/7 Witch Hunt of Democratic Socialists, did to The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, it will take a few years to clear our, clean out and put the rubbish out!

        5.1. Your “reality” is built on a puff of Smoke, no substance Pure Spin!
        5.2. “hiding under their comfort blanket of blissful self confessed ignorance.”
        Do you read Britain First’ Policies!?
        Well I don’t read TORY POLICIES! WTF do I have to be scared of about your puffs of smoke policies. Your TORY PARTY is going down, you, being a TORY just hates not having full control to do sweet fuck all about it! ; )

      4. You seem to love “Pointless Rants”,you say that almost every other comment, did you ever consider it may just be you?

  5. I have read that a debrief of members following the by- election in North Shropshire went on to say that “Lots of Labour Voters voted for the Libdem this time, which is absolutely fine. The Libdems helped us out in Batley & Spen by tactically voting.”
    No acceptance of the strong hint that voters are not enthused by the pink tories me thinks.

    1. They think they can Sabotage, Spin, Coup! We’ll show them coup de théâtre! We’ll eject them from their seats, like Human Cannon Balls and into the Themes!

      1. nellyskelly – Your problem is that the electorate has decided that you and your small shouty minority don’t have anything to say that is worth listening to.

      2. Wah hah hah hah, “They did didn’t they”
        We’ll see at the next GE what The PEOPLE want! Possibly something without internal sabotage, spin meisters, racism, backstabbing coup on coup on coup or Thatcher’s TORIES! ONLY ONE WAY! The long Way! The PEOPLE Fucked Up or Got Robbed by the International Anti Socialist Mob that were hunting Corbyn 24/7, the ones you like to associate with the ones that are getting Ejected by The Electorate!
        You’ll have to join the Conservatives because there will be 0 TORIES left in Labour, Blair/Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES will be in the Thames floating or sinking.

      3. nellyskelly – Oh dear, unfortunately the only intelligible thing I’ve managed to extract from that is that you’ve acknowledged that the electorate rejected Corbyn. Was there another message hidden in there somewhere.

      4. When you have insecurities of your own and school bully attempt to mock others, at least get things right! You and I don’t agree, and I didn’t. ; )

      5. “you and your small shouty minority don’t have anything to say that is worth listening to.”
        someone may like to try introspection.

      6. The Introspection is at it’s most hypocritical when they complain about us ‘small shouty minority’ fighting to stop this Government and Supporting Act Government/So Called Opposition to stop selling Bombs to the likes of Saudi and Israel to kill more Children and Innocent Civilians! How can anyone justify going off on one about someone’s rage over children blown to piece/killed like a hunting trophy, when they are in full support of supplying the bombs and killing machines!? Humanity is Diseased! I don’t care about them I care about Humanity and Humanity is in grave danger. I shall speak as I ‘feel’.

      7. nellyskelly – Nobody is stopping you from being passionate but until Labour is in power nobody is listening either at home or abroad and you unfortunately seem determined to do all you can to stop that happening. I do wonder sometimes if the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are in reality petrified by the prospect of being in power and having to make real decisions as opposed to safely ranting from the sidelines all wrapped up in their comfort blankets of ideological purity.

      8. Nobody will stop me being Passionate about Democratic Socialism.
        “but until Labour is in power”, how dare you equate Labour to that piece of shit Blair/Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY PARASITE Neo-New-Labour that you worship!? Determined to remove ALL PARASITE TORIES from The UK Labour Party and then we’ll see where the home of Democratic Socialism will be and you and yours can toddle across the aisle to where you belong. Your clichés were monotonous since the start, now you’re just lacking any originality, oh…, of course you’re TORY!

      9. nellyskelly – Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve succeeded.

      10. We already have, just this week! Let’s hope it’s another early GE, Democratic Socialists are ready, Housekeeping Trollies Stocked Up, Checked and at the Ready!

      11. Steve, who are you referring to with that “small shouty minority” thing? Corbyn was the overwhelming choice of fully-paid Labour members- there was no “takeover” and nobody is actually “a Trot” anymore. The Labour base wanted a change from centrism, and the ’10 and ’15 results prove they were right to want it.

        I’ll ask you again: is it NOT time for Starmer to stop treating the Left as the enemy, stop stripping the party of all radical policies- everything he proposed at conference could have been supported by Harold Macmillan, for god’s sakes- and stop treating the Corbyn era as an aberration that had no right to happen?

      12. You and others who profess to be the true guardians of ‘the left’.

      13. “You and others who profess to be the true guardians of ‘the left’.”
        You have me curious, who are “The Left”, you refer to?
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES?
        Tony Blair?


        The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party and Supporters?

      14. It is when they use the old ‘I voted for Corbyn’ and you say, ‘Oh, Right?…, but only TORY is pouring out of you, so how did you campaign since 2015? Did you Campaign for a UK Labour Party Government or did you along with the Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES vomit Anti-Socialist, Anti-Corbyn, Anti-“Left” shite?
        Then follows a tremendous silence.

      15. nellyskelly – Prove it!
        You are more than welcome to search through the comments that I made during Corbyn’s tenure.

      16. Ugh, SteveH you really are! Your world is imaginary! Is this the only place you Comment!? Is SteveH the only Name you use?
        Do you think I want to waste my time and energy on hacking you to find all your activism, when you already say it all right here, just about every day. You like The Other TORIES, Me and everyone else are our ACTIONS!
        We do not need to dig to know Blue Keef is Deep Right TORY just by his appointments, what he and Mr Blobby do every day to Black, Muslim, Other Minorities including Black and “Fringe” Jews, and Democratic Socialists! They are their Actions not their puffs of smoke and spin, keep the Fluff, we’ve already seen you!

      17. skellynelly – Yet more pathetic excuses to cover for your lies.

      18. nellyskelly – Is it really. I’ll have to take your word for it.

    2. So, Lots of Labour voters voted for the LibDems, we can expect a new wave of expulsions then?

      1. Some Laobur members are so confident, that they have outed themselves on twitter. It will be interesting in the coming weeks and months to see how many complain they have been expelled.

      2. Nemtona – Political nounce has never been a strong point for the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’. Before this years conference there were many contributors to these pages who were desperate to impress everyone by showing off about how they were going to bring Starmer down and cripple the Labour party.
        Have you read the rule changes that were passed at conference?

      3. I doubt they’ll be in “Labour” still weeks/months from now. This is where Social Media Anonymity is essential, well if you were interested in remaining in The Nasty Party you best stay anonymous, just don’t break laws, or you’ll have Blue Keef, His Mossad Agent and Mr Blobby dive the wires after you.

      4. … “there were many contributors to these pages who were desperate to impress everyone by showing off about how they were going to bring Starmer down and cripple the Labour party.”
        They had no need to. Starmer and his acolytes are making a splendid job of it.
        ………. oh, and it’s “nuanced”

      5. goldbach – What I actually meant to say was nous. Where you got nuance from is anybody’s guess.

      6. Oh Steve H. You are so cock sure of yourself aren’t you?

        ” Political nounce has never been a strong point for the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’. Let’s ignore the spelling mistake which you so patronisingly try to dismiss – “Where you got nuance from is anybody’s guess” . Well let’s move on.

        The Labour members who have outed themselves on twitter are your lot. The “centrists” also known as right wing proto fascists. The ones now trying to tell others that N. Shropshire was unwinnable and we should fall in behnd the idiot currently fronting what was once a polictical party. Now a complete joke.

      7. Indeed, Nemtona. It is like being savaged by a dead sheep.

      8. Ellie the mp for Bolton Yasmin Querishi was advising people to vote lib dems on the BBC…and shes an old flame and human rights lawyer like her very good friend and human rights lawyer Sir Rodders Starmer…They really are a shadowy cabinet?

  6. Fat, ginger, bespectacled – and no doubt THE prime candidate to have been bullied at school akehurst, showing han dodges’ levels of sagacity.

    Even the wee fella wasn’t as dozy as to go THAT far; and we all know what he’s like. Just WHAT is their major malfunction?

  7. The real Labour party died some time ago with Bliar destroying clause 4. We now have an Amerikkkan tribute band desperately trying to justify itself.

    More of this is needed. Starmer and his merry band need to experience a loss far greater than the one engineered for Corbyn. Better still would be bankruptcy (meaning we get the assets for pennies).

    The next GE is going to be very delicious.

  8. The next GE…there’s no sign that starmer can do better, only worse. so facing a general election and his only hope of a hail mary is a promise of a peoples choice of a new eu ‘arrangement’. snake selling snake oil.

    1. Starmer’s disreputable Brighton Conference was rigged, gerrymandered and all rules broken to impose their gangsters to power. The Labour Party rulebook ripped up in front of our eyes. We can expect the same shenanigans at a future general election, with MSM turning a blind eye. Starmer et al have sold their souls and have now to go all out to deliver for their backers.

  9. Akehurst said Labour were 2000 votes from winning the seat. Jeremy Corbyn was 2000 votes from being PM!

  10. A ‘senior Labour source quoted in today’s Guardian:

    “Over the past 18 months we’ve done enormous damage to Boris Johnson and the Tory brand more widely.”

    Has anybody noticed it?

    The removal of a pro-Corbyn candidate by the NEC suggests that they did think Labour might win.

      1. SteveH
        Baby Trump v Temporary Embarrassment
        GE 2023
        RESULT ?
        Give us New New Red Tories USP and major manifesto commitments
        Methinks I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for a res

      2. Doug – Oh dear another silly rant. It will be quite a while before we see Labour’s manifesto for the next election but in the meantime I’m quite happy with Labour’s current policy platform. Aren’t you?

      3. but in the meantime I’m quite happy with Labour’s current policy platform.

        Which is?

        Nevermind posting links – tell us directly. Name a policy from this ‘platform’??

      4. Toffee – The TUC and the vast majority (84%) of workers welcome Labour’s Employment Rights Policies, don’t you agree with them?

        “Labour’s new employment rights policies are popular and much-needed” says Tim Sharp the senior employment rights officer at the TUC.

      5. Once again, you’ve evaded a simple instruction and attempted to answer a question with a question

        I asked YOU to name a policy from this ‘platform’ so either do it, or shut your cave.

      6. Toffee – I’m sorry I hadn’t realised how ignorant you were about the Labour party’s policies.

        ▪ Fair pay agreements. “A Labour government will bring together representatives of workers and employers to negotiate pay and conditions in every sector. Collective bargaining in every sector will end the free market free-for-all that encourages undercutting, exploitation and a race to the bottom.”
        ▪ Give all workers rights from day one in their jobs: sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave and protection against unfair dismissal.
        ▪ Create one, single worker status, banning bogus self-employment.
        ▪ Ban zero-hour contracts and ensure all contracts come with minimum hours and reflect normal working life, requiring notice of shift changes and pay.
        ▪ End fire and rehire. “Labour will end the scandalous practice of fire and rehire once and for all.”
        ▪ Introduce a new right to flexible working as the default, protections for those with caring responsibilities and a right to switch off.
        ▪ Increase statutory sick pay and make it universal.
        ▪ Put mental health and safety on a legal par with physical health and safety, and make sure the laws are enforced by a new, empowered watchdog.
        ▪ Sign into law the new deal for working people within the first 100 days of coming to office.

      7. …Boris has…

        Exactly that Luke. Your beloved (useless) leader has managed to achieve less than Boris himself.

        Imagine being that crap that you cannot influence opinion, instead relying on the failure of the governing leader. You should go visit the daily mail, they’ll put you straight on how utterly dire Starmer.

        And as for warmongering (kudos nellykskelly), it is beyond obvious that Starmer will be worse than May. And she got between 10-30% via her husband every time she pressed the button. We won’t go into how bombing other countries created terrorism and refugees.

        Finally, you mention checking your comments during Corbyns reign. I prefer to judge by actions, and your actions are continuously disruptng and more importantly, unnecessary. I’m sure you’ll continue, but to everyone else you are Luke Akehurst.

        The enemy.

      8. @Luke

        If you’re tired, go to bed.

        And don’t try to make out that I’m you. There’s only one wanker here…

    1. Yes. The question is “Will the party as a whole recognise this?”
      Indications are that they are beginning to.
      Shame that the PLP doesn’t appear to have recognised the enormous damage that its own leader has done to the party.
      My guess is that Johnson will find he needs to spend more time with his (current) family and they’ll get Sunak in, whilst the LP continue to drive down the cul-de-sac they are in.

      1. goldbach
        You really think they the cheap and nasty members will vote for Sunak, not a chance when they have another dominatrix to vote for in their eternal race to the bottom of the barrel
        Pritti awful is their chosen one

    2. The Sun in Lambs Clothing, where the Spin Meisters sell their snake oil to the Wannabee Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES and Zombified Sheeple.

  11. I see his briefing must’ve finished, and it’s plain he’s been told to act like roy cropper on steroids….

  12. I voted Labour under Corbyn. If Starmer or one of his supporters is in charge at the next election I will vote Lib Dem – unless the Greens have a better chance. The best way to get Labour back to Socialism is to vote OUT the current crop of Tory plants and create a true 3-party system. Just as those in charge of Labour are not the ones in charge now, so those lib-dems who formed the unholy alliance with Cameron are not in charge now. Even if it lets a Tory win, it matters not if the Tories have a huge majority or a small if the opposition is in bed with them. Starmer’s Labour is as in bed with the Tories as the Lib Send were. The next Labour candidate would need to be from the left.

    1. We need to make sure who would be better Green or Lib Dem, but at this stage the strongest candidate will do. However we also need to make sure everyone knows where The Democratic Socialist Candidates, MPs and Exiles are, to vote them all in, and boot out the damned Conniving Undermining Sabotaging TORIES once and for all!

      1. I agree nelly – it’s time to use ‘tactical voting’ against RWLabour.

        For me (in |LeedsNW) it would mean voting Liberal – even though the Green Candida te seems to have excellent Red/Green politics (and would better deserve my vote, but not challenge the RWLabour incumbent enough)

  13. ‘Luke the Nuke his very last stand.
    The Neo-Liberal Boot Licker.
    Who threw his rattle from the pram.
    With a whimp, a bump, and a flicker.
    The greatest mind in the Western world.
    Yet to be discovered?
    Then he packed his bags, with his glad rags.
    And we wondered why he bothered?
    Now read some Left Wing books!’

  14. Good grief how Corbyn still lives on in the tiny pea like brains of the Starmer Appreciation Society. The Chief Turd Polisher must be foaming at the destruction of their hopes in North Shropshire.

    Made my day.

    1. bazz2001 – Of course Corbyn’s failure as a leader is significant and those failures need to be acknowledged and discussed. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes he and his team made. They led us from a position where the Tories had no overall majority to Boris having a practically unassailable 80 seat majority.Your reluctance to acknowledge Corbyn’s failures is the problem not me pointing them out.

      You are the one who is celebrating a LibDem win in preference to a Labour one. what does that tell us about you.

      1. They led us from a position where the Tories had no overall majority to Boris having a practically unassailable 80 seat majority.

        Who’s ‘they’, wee fella?

        Still distancing/absolving yerself from being the cause of that particular loss and now you’re even blaming those you and your lot alienated for another keef shitshow.

        You’re worse than a jilted schoolgirl, lad. So stop telling people they should vote labour when you were yourself part of the plot to remove Corbyn and bollocks up any hope of a socialist government. You’ve told everyone you’re not a socialist, and everyone else here is – or at least they have socialist tendencies.

        And for someone who is by his own admission, non-socialist, you spend an awgul lot of time spouting bollocks about someone who claims he IS. Just HOW the fuck does that one work, genius?

        YOUR keef and YOUR labour party – the one the nation currently suffers – is neither what it purports to be, nor does it attempt to put up a pretence of being so. That is why people refuse to vote for it. All very well you telling us we’re the ones propping up the ‘rags, but you’re STILL to name one instance of opposition from keef, or a single policy that isn’t intrinsically conservative.

        Name ONE difference, or ONE instance of genuine opposition? You perpetually refuse to because you don’t even know yourself.

        Not even the mainstream media will tell us of a left-wing policy keef has proposed…Because there simply isn’t one.

        Your whole argument is fooked, lad. Everyone’s tired of your shite, so take it somewhere else ffs

      2. You are the one who is celebrating a LibDem win in preference to a Labour one. what does that tell us about you.

        Tells us he’s slightly less tory than the tory enabling tory you extol, you fucking tory.

      3. Resident troll SteveDavidH is Luke Akehurst, and I claim my five quid.

        Convince me that I’m mistaken!

      4. NVLA – Thanks for the invite but I have no intention of wasting my time playing your silly games. Go back down your 🐇🕳️ and play with yourself.

      5. The Rabit Hole isn’t the place where “conspiracy theorists go and play with themselves stevieh, it’s where MSM-denied truth takes hold. Frightening, isn’t it?

      6. qwertboi – Are you saying that NVLA is a conspiracy theorist?

      7. Red Tory, Blue Tory, same arse different cheeks Mr Chief Turd Polisher. Actually I’m not celebrating anything, certainly not a LibDem anything.

        The sooner the Labour Party dies the better, then it will take the likes of you and your scumbag boss Starmer with it.

        As for Corbyn, He’s to be truly admired but he didn’t stand a chance with the Labour corruption he had to fight as well as the Establishment.

        The whole edifice needs burning, then we will start anew.

      8. bazz – Apart from the lack of support what’s holding you back from starting now or are you still at the perpetual talking shop stage.

      9. SteveH19/12/2021 AT 1:50 PM
        bazz – Apart from the lack of support what’s holding you back from starting now or are you still at the perpetual talking shop stage.

        FFS. You go on about lack of support (For the left) while complaining that both the electorate and the people here aren’t supporting something they’re never gonna support i.e the cuboid-headed, tory-enabling imbecile who’s alienated what support there might’ve been had been at least competent enough.

        Corbyn lost an election simply because of smarmer & co’s shithousery.

        Smarmer’s losing by elections because nobody, but NOBODY likes the gobshite, and nor can anybody tell the difference between him and conservatism. He’s incapable of even holding his vote share ffs.

        And with you continually banging his drum, you’ll be left with keef and a few others, so carry on with your talking shop bollocks; you’re deluding yourself while boring and irritating the shite out of everyone else.

        What’s the current membership numbers, soft lad? Has smarmer gained the same amount of members Corbyn had gained in his first 20 months?

        Nope. He’s actually managed to haemorrhage members, hasn’t he? That doesn’t make him more popular than Corbyn.

        Has he won a commons vote? Again, nope. (He’s backed the most corrupt Govt in history to the hilt repeatedly though).

        …Corbyn won 41 of them.


        Keef’s saved de piffle as many times. So just WHO is the tory?

      10. Toffee – Really???
        Here is a list of the official number of fully paid up members at various dates.
        July 2017 – 538,606
        November 2017 – 525,779
        June 2018 – 506,320
        November 2019 – 430,359
        January 2020 – 552,835
        August 2020 – 495,961

        It is relatively easy to win in the commons when your opponent doesn’t have an overall majority.
        What did those victories actually achieve
        Did Corbyn ever win against Boris.
        Unfortunately Corbyn gifted Boris an 80 seat majority which has made his successors job a lot harder.
        What did Corbyn actually achieve in the nearly 5yrs that he was in office.

      11. Am I saying NVLA is a ‘conspiracy theorist’? No. You did, I believe.

        I hope he wears it with pride – like the 3 nobel laureates who’ve been called the same by TPTB (four if we include the late Karry Mullis, the ‘inventor’ of the non-medical test for covid that produces 80+/100 false positive results).

      12. qwertboi – Oh dear yet more quackery from our residend quack. I see Piers Corbyn is in trouble again

      13. Thanks for proving my point for me dickhead.

        What’s that – I haven’t?

        Yeah, ok… Since WHEN has 538,000 been LESS than the number you provided for AUGUST 2020 (I’ll remind you it’s now DECEMBER 2021 you fucking oaf)

        IT NEVER HAS BEEN. Just like 52 has NEVER been LESS than 48 and the countless other examples of your imbecilotiescwhen it comes to basic counting and arithmetic.

        Now for your dismal attempt at dismissing Corbyn’s record of government defeats compared to the times keefscpropped the rags up….

        How many victories has keef had over Boris hmm?

        Or don’t the agreements with de piffle count because keef isn’t leader of the opposition like Corbyn was – because that’s the way your logic works you complete fucking nincompoop.

        Corbyn 41 – keef 0. Un-fucking -lucky knobhead.

        And for the cunteenth time…. It was YOUR shithousery (via keef, twatson and the rest of the plotters) over the second referendum lost the 2019 election.

        Or,do you deny there was any contrivances against Corbyn?

        Oh…that’s right…we must wait and see what the (withheld deliberately) Forde report says when it’s published, mustn’t we?

        Fuck off and die screaming, idiot. You are nothing but a shining case in point for the eugenicist cranks;; only YOU could make that godawful gobshite toby young seem agreeable for fucks sake.

        Now hurry up and fucking croak.

      14. Oh and another point regarding keef propping up Boris and your “it’s too hard chasing a. Eighty seat majority” (that YOU handed them)

        How many toerags tebled the other night? 99 weren’t it?

        I suppose 99 is LESS than 80 as well, is it?

        And keef backed the fat scruffy (a-foolong-gain) free of charge, too – even though he had fatbollocks over a barrel.

        Shows how much of a fook about the workers smarmer gives, doesn’t it, knobhead?

        Remind us all….WHO voted for toerag brexit? Was it Corbyn? 🤔

        I’d demand you turn it in with your deliberate gobshitery but you won’t.So if it means only death will prevent you from annoying people then hurry up and cark it.

        You are of no use to uk society; antagonising & pontificating, then evading and obfuscating as only you do, from the Caribbean.

      15. Toffee – Your above post illustrates how short sighted and politicly naive you are.

  15. There are 21 posts on this thread from one boringly regular correspondent all made in a matter of a couple of hours. If that isn’t evidence of an intention to disrupt any sensible discussion nothing else is..I noted a similar number on another thread only a few days ago.

    I will say however that a simple scroll down the page in order to assess the volume always saves me the trouble of bothering to read any of his contributions. Their content is gibberish but the intention is absolutely clear.

    1. I take issue with you, Albert.
      Though we see multiple postings of comments (to which you refer), the actual comments are broadly the same three or four repeated over and over again with an occasional attempt at rephrasing. Don’t bothet taking the time to count them. They don’t count.

      1. May as well be one post , seeing the wee man’s on a loop.

        “I’ve answered that question…
        Prove I said that…
        It’s not my fault…
        Silly little rant/game…
        There’s no proof…
        Wait and see…
        Thanks for proving my point (WTF?)
        When did the left/Corbyn do…
        15% of the membership…
        Eighty seat majority…

        …Rinse and repeat ad infinitum, ad neauseam.

        If I’ve missed any out, anyone (except the wee div) please feel free to remind me.

  16. Google’s algorithm(s) are making it impossible to find confirmatory results about Jeremy Corbyn’s Award from Palestinian Forum (Thanks for telling us SW).

    and FWIW I use DuckDuckGo, not g**gle, but alas, like most ‘alternative’ search engines, they use google algorithms, just without the extra-unmanaged tracking that google facilitates.

    I had to use YANDEX to find this…

    1. @qwertboi

      Use lazyweb. It’ll find whatever you want, guaranteed.

      Specific search terms gets the most out of it

      1. Wow Wow WOW! I searched “” and got a completely set of ‘top page’ results than on google (which had antisemitism sories perppered in ‘anti-vaxx’ stuff.

        Mightily impressive. Claims to be developed/provided by two people. Worth keeping an eye on this.. thanks nvla.

      2. Anytime. Glad it helps.

        As for Google. Seeded via CIA etc. Do no evil (whatever happened to that statement?)

        Reality is though is that they are all untrustworthy. Even Proton mail has revealed itself to be in cahoots with the deep state.

    2. Google is pure Big Pharma, Zionist and Capitalist Protection Zone, absolute waste of time, use DuckDuck with various search engines Yandex, Lazyweb (thanks NVLA), but just boot Google.

  17. Never voting labour again19/12/2021 AT 4:30 PM

    It’s all to play for

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion…

    1. I am mate. But it’s not my words. It’s more chaff from Luke

  18. Some interesting new polling results have been published.

    Polling indicates that Labour is ahead in 125 Target Seats

    Labour is significantly ahead of the Conservatives in 125 constituencies in England and Wales that Keir Starmer’s party needs to win at the next general election, according to a new poll published by the Fabian Society.
    The opposition party led the Tories by nine percentage points in the target seats, the research found, with Labour on 43% and the Conservatives on 34%. At the last election, support for the Tories in the seats stood at 49% and 37% for Labour.

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