Video: ‘People have been hearing stuff’. Johnson blames media for Tories’ N Shropshire loss

BBC helps minimise exposure of Johnson’s narcissism, but full video reveals

Boris Johnson has blamed the public for being focused on the wrong ‘stuff’, and the media for reporting it, for the Tories’ loss in last night’s North Shropshire by-election.

The BBC edited the clip down to minimise Johnson’s exposure:

But a fuller clip shows Sky News journalist Sam Coates asking Johnson directly what he had done and how he was responsible for the defeat – and Johnson’s waffling blame-casting in response:

Good work by Sam Coates. Appalling by Johnson and the BBC.

The Tories lost North Shropshire with a collapse in their vote of almost fifty percent. While the LibDems surged to win, Keir Starmer’s Labour lost more than half its 2019 vote share to trail in a poor third. The result was the worst Labour performance in the party’s history in the seat. Labour’s own spin on the result is that the seat was too safe to be winnable. The LibDems, woeful though they are, apparently didn’t get that memo.

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  1. The BBC coverage of Johnson’s response to the North Shropshire by- election was not only appalling but typical. It was the dishonest and biased “journalism” of the BBC that helped land the country in the mess its in today – a Woodentop as Prime Minister and a bought and paid for leader of the “opposition”.

  2. Tempted just to say ‘Of course it was the(synchronised) media Boris. They always decide who wins an election. Seriously, would 56.2% of Labour members and supporters have voted for Starmer, had the MSM not decided that that’s what they (and the billionaire oligarchy) wanted and made it happen, (If they can do it with Labour members, then the general public will be easy/peasy).

    They make Labour under Corbyn “an existential threat to Jews” and a set of vaccines which are not yet tested or known to be ‘safe’, a life-saving ‘vaccine’ against a disease which has a better-than 99.5% survival rate.

    They can sell sand to Arabs.

    1. Don’t believe what you see in the media.
      Globally the survival rate is around 98.04%.
      In the UK it is around 88.5% I believe. Hopefully this will increase to your 99.5% eventually, but we are not there yet.

      1. Alan, The figures which I use are not obtained from any media source, but from the World Health Organization. The statisticians who collate these numbers I cite work with Doctors for COVID Ethics (as do I) and point out that the I (infection) and IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) are certainly compromised by
        – how an infection ‘case’ is identified, which varies widely in different places and which usually relies on either CPR or Lateral Flow testing, neither of which can identify actual ‘cases’ the way a doctor uses the word (infection or resultant illness), and;
        – Accuracy of covid citation as CoD (Cause of Death).

        BUT – as a medically qualified biochemist who sees the ‘covid narrative’ built around bad epidiomilgy and dangerous containment strategies and which thereby misinforms the very people who need to protect themselves against this virus, I understand the difference betweneen dying of and with something and how CoD needs to be identified, I am happy to use the WHO’s IFR and CoD data (as is) and defend the data.

        At the moment, the IFR in UK is cited as 0.23 That would mean that the survival rate for covid is 99.77.

        The point is, the covidians’ claim of a national /global medical emergency is not supported by the numbers or the Excess Death numbers reported globally for 2020. Also, I work with people who have learning difficulties, dementia and a range of physical symptoms resulting from low acetylcholine levels and genetic disorders – and even in that (sub) group (they are amongst the most ‘vulnerable, death from covid is no-where near 11.5 in 100 (your number for general population).

  3. Have to disagree with the idea that the BBC are shielding Johnson. The BBC have been gunning for Johnson for awhile now. Laura Kuenssberg has been trying to subtly shape political events, rather than report them – much as she did in exaggerating Labour’s problems during Corbyn’s tenure.

    They even gave Dominic Cummings his own special programme in which he lambasted his former boss at No.10 – unthinkable when Corbyn was leading the main opposition. Remember, Johnson got away with dodging that Andrew Neil grilling in 2019’s GE campaign, without so much as a squeak from the MSM. BBC2’s Newsnight has been especially critical of Johnson of late. Taken together, it’s as though the media have received an elbow in the ribs and it’s now open season. Powerful people clearly want Johnson out for some reason.

    The lockdown stuff from 12 months ago they’ve dug out. Ask why now? Journalists were present – are they pretending they all had collective amnesia for 12 months?

    1. ‘Have to disagree with the idea that the BBC are shielding Johnson. ‘

      the sharp end of toryism would love to see the end of the bbc and put more broadcasting into the hands of profit makers not a faux ‘voice of… god knows what’

    2. Have to disagree with the idea that the BBC are shielding Johnson.

      Kuenssberg says hello, as does that overly supercilious one with the glasses, and the one usually on breakfast news that always looks like he’s about to burst into tears -, especially when there’s more tales of corruption or scandal involving the fat scruffy toff.

    3. Indeed. If anything, they’re shielding Starmer, by drawing a veil over Labour’s electoral slide down the toilet!

  4. quertboi unless the members were blind and deaf and couldn’t count then even a halfwit might have worked out that a greasy lawyer from Surrey that attended one of the snootiest private schools in Surrey with a knight of the realm title and four years a mp might not be quite suitable for even the Labour party….No excuses with that idiocy and it is not as if we didnt know about the fascists wing of the Labour party uncle Tom made sure of that.PS the general public have just proven that they dont play follow my leader “I get that the media try to set the narrative and the agenda but on balance the membership are to blame for this leader and the inevitable meltdown of the Labour party.To continually vote for yes” The wrong type of class “as dug a deep hole for the Labour party with the bottom feeders lawyers in the ascendancy.

    1. Yeah, of course there were more factors than the MSM re. Starmer’s election as leader, but nevertheless more than 50% (1 in 2 people who voted) took unsound reassurance from the MSM about it. They were told by the synchronised MSM that when young and foolish he was a trotskyist or something and that his 10 pledges meant the best/worst of Corbyn would persist – and left wing niaivity and wishful thinking did the rest.

      Hundreds of thousands of us had to leave the party as a result of ‘unity candidate’ Starmer’s ‘new management’ and Graeme Currie, the Labour candidate who’d come second in the last three North Shropshire elections, was denied his chaance to take the seat for Labour.

      Now, as they say, we know better. Much better. “Show me your papers”.

      (I never voted for him of course and neither did you or most people here, but 56.2 percent of all votes cast went to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer).

      1. Tbf.
        Labour members couldn’t have known the stunt Labour’s right and Starmer would pull on them. This ‘bait & switch’ Starmer pulled requires someone with zero scruples, just to be able to sleep at night. To effortlessly lie like that suggests a very dangerous personality.

        The fact the media have said absolutely nothing about him betraying all his ten pledges, and it’s left to the likes of Owen Jones and Aaron Bastani to highlight, all while Starmer questions Johnson’s moral fitness to be PM, suggests we live in a very dark, twisted country.

      2. You may be less harsh on the members who voted for the knight quertboi and I must have some affection for what the Labour party and what it was supposed to mean for the people.ITs very hard to walk away and I felt that I had little choice other than to hit back and cancel..any payments and donations to the Labour party…I suppose that most people dont have the aversion to titles and privalage that I was brought up to hate,but I still find it difficult to understand anyone in the Labour party that would cast a vote for privalage and titles.Surely you dont have to be a socialist to realise that Royalty titles and privalage are basically the root of all thats wrong in society.The members were given a dogs dinner of a choice for leader by the PLP and it infuriated me.that all the candidates were in on the AS scam and believed it…I remember RH comments regarding a boycott and mcniv and I just went for the least offensive and didn’t even listen to the knight,but thats a trick I picked up in politics and radio interviews were it was ignore the question and get the message out there.The knights message was obvious because of his background and title ,the only part I missed was that he was also a agent of the Apartheid regime in Israel and a right wing fascist……Yes only “

  5. BBC report quotes Tory MP re Johnson and “3 strikes and your out, he’s had two.”
    Hmm why not one strike or two and he is out and why give useless Johnson another chance?
    I think John Pilger nailed the BBC “the most subtle propagandists.”
    A disastrous result for the Tories and risible vote for Labour (9.7% – half of what they got under Corbyn) and demonstrates the complete failure of Starmer and Rayner (who popped up there).
    The Yellow Opportunist Neo-Liberals will claim a sea change (but it will soon evaporate) over the Blue Neo-Liberals and very faint Pinkish Neo-Liberals.
    Left Wing Democratic Socialists need to give diverse working people something to vote for.

    1. Bazza-

      ‘One more strike and he’s out’, says veteran Tory MP, Roger Gale.

      Really don’t see it unless he chooses to resign? Who knows, maybe he wants to quit as PM? But I don’t see Tory MPs moving to replace him because all they’re concerned with is the main opposition, and Labour are no threat under Starmer. Had Labour won N.Shropshire that would be far more problematic.

      This whole sudden calamity engulfing the Tories seems media generated tbh. 12 month old events emerging.

      We’re so manipulated by the London media, they can turn it on and off like a light switch. It was the same with Labour’s incredibly potent, much hyped, then vanishing, antisemitism problem. The London media create an artificial reality, making major stories out of nothing to get what ever they they are tasked with delivering.

      1. Who knows, maybe he wants to quit as PM?

        Yeah, like his tart’d allow that 😕

      2. Toffee
        I read somewhere that Theresa May has made a huge amount of money since stepping down as PM. Johnson is apparently envious of that and is looking forward to leaving Downing St so that he, as a former PM, can also make millions as a lobbyist/ consultant/ director etc.

      3. Yeah, and they make just as much while in office as we’ve already seen. Carrie Antoinette is in love with the position not the prize porker himself

        The parasitic fat bastard calls £250k a year chickenfeed

        Just how much is he after?? And who in their right mind would pay him?

      4. Follow the money, agree Baby Trump will collect his £30 million commission payments for services rendered, they all do

  6. The brass neck of unelected Johnson HoL appointee Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links, aka Ruth Davidson, reportedly warning Johnson he’s “in the last chance saloon”.. you couldn’t make it up. Only in the UK. And this from the supposed ‘progressive champion’, the guardian.

    Any Scot entering the HoL is now completely illogical given the fact the HoL has no revising role over Holyrood legislation. Ask any English MP why Scots can revise and legislate for the English, via the HoL and watch them flounder in searching of a vaguely plausible justification. Our whole system is demonstrably broken.

    1. English regional paliament(s) would help that, then the HoC wouldn’t feel like an English parliament where the important govt-stuff happens. But if we can’t even set up an alternative to FPTP how can we be expected to set up English regions with assemblies or regiononal parliaments?

  7. Polling indicates that Labour is ahead in 125 Target Seats

    Labour is significantly ahead of the Conservatives in 125 constituencies in England and Wales that Keir Starmer’s party needs to win at the next general election, according to a new poll published by the Fabian Society.
    The opposition party led the Tories by nine percentage points in the target seats, the research found, with Labour on 43% and the Conservatives on 34%. At the last election, support for the Tories in the seats stood at 49% and 37% for Labour.

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