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Labour sources: Cooper ‘turned down Starmer’s Shadow Home Sec offer’

Former Labour leadership hopeful declines to be part of Starmer’s front bench – Labour sources claim she fears his toxicity will damage her own prospects

Labour sources say that former leadership candidate Yvette Cooper turned Keir Starmer down when he tried to offer her the job as Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary to replace Nick Thomas-Symonds – who has reportedly been demoted to Shadow Trade Secretary. Cooper served in the role under Ed Miliband.

Party insiders Skwawkbox spoke to believe the refusal is linked to Cooper’s ongoing hopes of taking the leadership, for which she feels such a close association with Starmer – considered by many to be the worst Labour leader and least effective opposition in Labour’s history – would be too toxic.

Starmer is now being reported as offering the job to former Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, although given Starmer’s recent eagerness to look tougher on immigration and Thornberry’s own history of derision toward ‘white van man’, this might be unlikely.

Update: after a long delay, Yvette Cooper has reportedly now accepted the role. What Starmer may have said or offered to change her mind, if anything, is currently unknown.

Skwawkbox view:

Starmer’s snails-pace reshuffle was supposed to be an attempt to remake his own image and persuade voters he is decisive enough, but this latest ‘relaunch’, like those that went before it, is already turning into a farce.

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    1. Now that Yvette Cooper has taken up her new post as Shadow Home Sec who should be the new Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

      The position must be filled by a Labour MP.
      Here are the current runners and riders
      Diana Johnson
      Luke Pollard
      Rupa Huq
      Hilary Benn
      Naz Shah
      Diane Abbott
      Kate Green
      Nia Griffith

  1. Be careful what you wish for
    Those desperate to get rid of Starmer should take note of Yvette Cooper’s ambitions and the fact that she was way out in front as a potential replacement in a recent poll of members,

      1. Not at all, I am passing comment on the short sighted f’ wits who are so desperate to get rid of Starmer when they don’t have a credible alternative.

      2. It’s you that’s a fuckwit. Starmer’s destroyed Labour for at least a decade, possibly forever.

      3. By the way, do you live on Barbados? If so I bet you’re crying in your rum punch tonight. Great news they’ve severed their colonial ties.

      4. You don’t understand our predicament, do you stevieh? We’re not part of a dynamic, open, democratic political party any more., so why would we want it to survive? What goes around comes around. The Labour party has to suffer a major and very embarrassing GE defeat. It’s like bursting a boil on your foot when the new shoes make you kvetch. It’s gotta be done!

        Me, I’m enjoying the sight of rightwing pompous, brain-dead non-entities getting the results their political stupidity made inevitable.

      5. qwertboi – “The Labour party has to suffer a major and very embarrassing GE defeat. “

        We’ve already been there and done that in Dec19 when we lost 60 seats

      6. Exactly qwertboi. What we have is a party following the narrow ideology of Luke Akehurst who believes that the party must move to the right in order to be electable. At present Johnson’s Tories are to the left of Labour because they had to position themselves to counter Jeremy Corbyn. Anyone who agrees with Akehurst’s dogma is committing political suicide but they need to do it in order to cleanse the party of corruption, nepotism and crony capitalism.

      7. Lundiel afraid that Our SH davidh is in the aptly named windys and he must be forgiven for his foul language when he starts to pannick.

      8. First the tapeworms then the fleas and lastly the bones. Only kids fear skeletons.

    1. I doubt shes an Israeli “funded plant” but you can bet she will come cheap like most mps in the house of horrors.SH has some sort of twisted logic that there are different levels of corruption and his leader is only into Israel for cultural and religious reasons…Connelly was dragged out of his hospital bed and executed for treason whilst tied to a chair.for fighting for independence from the British Empire…..What should be the punishment for the knight who likes to drag more of my brothers into a fight once again for a united Ireland..This man starmer is more than a dangerous traitor to the Labour party and must be stopped ..and hes certainly laid out his plans to support the DUP and the conservative and unionist party.

      1. Joseph – A democratic vote will eventually decide whether the island of Ireland is reunited and it will be the people of Ireland who decide the outcome. UK politicians can express their views but they don’t have a vote.

  2. Question is who in their right mind woukd voluntarily work, pretend to work or take up this role in such a toxic environment?

    1. She’s accepted the job – The new Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Department: is Yvette Cooper

      1. I wonder what she wrangled out of Sir Keir? Hope it was worth it for her – because it, sure as yuck, won’t be for me, my people or Labour.

  3. Kicking Ed Miliband in the nuts is a shame. He had an eloquence and intellect that Labour sorely needs. In fact he was – despite history – a good candidate for the Leadership – Oh! I see why! It was the same with Dodds, a woman who made sense although not a potential Leader – off you go! Starmer can’t last much longer – can he?

    1. Paul
      I haven’t listened to many reports of the reshuffle. Don’t know who’s in and who’s out in Starmers cabinet. Has he really sacked Miliband? If so, is this vengeance by him on Ed because he’s contradicted Starmer on policy.

      1. BackfoBeyond – Ed has been given a modified role focusing on climate and energy – he will no longer lead on business for Labour.

      2. I would think it is to put him on the branch line give him a difficult brief and forget about another possible Contender for his suddenly precious throne. The whole reshuffle has that feel; Thornberry to AG is the riskiest it gets – but then he knows better than most how constrained an AG can be. It’s another Branch Line. Anybody slightly clever is OUT sums it up.

  4. She’s only got a 1,500 seat majority so she’s obviously thinking if I run against Starmer that might increase her majority? She’s not daft, she knows Starmer is fake. Still fun and games as the party implodes.

  5. She wouldn’t serve Corbyn’s Labour and now she realises that Starmer’s Labour needs her but would pull her down into insignificance as it implodes itself into electoral oblivion.

    I don’t trust Yvette Cooper but have to admit she’s right on this.

    1. Biding her time for the next leadership contest? Doesn’t want cross-contamination from, either, Corbyn or Starmer.

      The next big thing – Cooperism.

      1. It’s official the new Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Department: is Yvette Cooper

      2. Rejoice Rejoice The shadow of a secretary for at home department.Cooperwoman takes the anthing on offer…Others have been dumped on or modified except Screeching whos been moved away from Children and recycled and reused.Windy Steve H davidh has cashed the last check from fawlty towers Hq for services beyond cap in hand …Meanwhile the knight of the realm has taken shelter in Oxted after a demented red headed fishwife attacks said failed lawyer outside the Israeli embassy screeching AS my arse.and up yours Rodders.!..More later from Steve windy H Hall centrist Dad and other aliases ..?

      3. Will it involve tricks ;rabbits, cups and sawing people in half?

  6. There really is no opposition.

    The fact Cooper is giving Starmer’s shad cab a wide berth means she knows how this is likely going to go electorally. Other members of Starmer’s team are just as bad.

    Lisa Nandy sounds and tweets more like she’s reading directly from US State Dept. issued talking points on Russia, China and Iran.

    No criticism or caution from her over AUKUS, or the UK FCO and Liz Truss making the same mistakes vis à vis Israel today, as Thatcher’s govt did with Apartheid-era South Africa back in the 1980s. Not in our name FCO! How the hell can the UK & Israel bang on about Iran’s potential for a weapons programme when we ourselves are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons? There is a word for that: hypocrisy. Not that Nandy would dare use it.

    1. I assume Starmer is taking another leaf from Johnson’s book, appoint dollards to make you look half right.

      1. Although not really on the left herself, maybe Cooper is too honest and principled enough not to go along with the sham of doing fake Tory-lite style opposition?

        You have to believe the British elite are almost infallible to do what ‘bait & switch’ conman Starmer is deliberately doing to the Labour party and democracy.

  7. “Starmer’s toxity”
    I couldn’t have put it better.
    Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Bath !!!
    What a joke !

    1. What he needs is a Regimental Bath! (Anyone see Resurrected, starring David Thewlis, on Talking Pictures TV on Sunday? It involves stiff brooms and bleach!)

      1. Tim from, I never experienced one and refused to take part in the sordid, perverted ritual. It was a brutal affair and apart from the ingredients that you mentioned , bodily excretion were plentiful. My punishment was to have to run the tunnel. Gawd bless her.

  8. Something’s definitely wrong when even the horseshit is trying to avoid the smell of the cowshit…

  9. Nick Thomas-who? Wasn’t he the shadow employment minister under Jeremy Corbyn who resigned to in the Chicken Coup to support Owen Smith?

    Good riddance.

  10. Andy29/11/2021 AT 6:15 PM
    Although not really on the left herself, maybe Cooper is too honest and principled enough not to go along with the sham of doing fake Tory-lite style opposition?

    Although not on the left AT ALL, there’s NO doubt that mizz balls is dishonest and unprincipled enough to stab anyone else in the back to fulfil her own leadership ambitions and become the next Tory lite *ahem* opposition leader.

    Fixed 👍

    Ffs it’s feckin annoying enough her total oddball weirdo husband of hers is never off the TV as it is…imagine if he becomes the consort (or whatever they’re called) ??

    1. The Toffee –


      Does she still have leadership ambitions?

      If so, she can see the big electoral tests coming next May(2022) Locals and all London. If Starmer’s Labour perform as badly some think they might, no amount of Southside spin will shield Starmer from a leadership challenge.

      It’d be nice to think it was principled, but it’s probably pure calculation on her part. No one directly associated with Starmer will be in with a chance.

      Agree on her husband, George Osborne’s mate. Bilderberg schmoozer, Ed Balls. Another fake leftist.

      1. SteveH

        Absolutely,… with the membership and if ordinary Labour voters had their say.

        The fact the unrepresentative RW PLP have to pull all sorts of shenanigans to keep them off the ballot is hardly something to be proud of, if you consider yourself a democrat? Do you?

        The PLP centrists are like King Canute trying to hold back a left-wing tide.

      2. Andy – I doubt it, for starters it is doubtful any of them would make it onto the ballot paper and I keep being told on these pages that ‘the left’ have deserted the Labour party in droves.
        I doubt there is enough of ‘the left’ who are still members.

      3. SteveH

        “I keep being told on these pages that ‘the left’ have deserted the Labour party in droves.”

        Both things can be true.

        You see lots of leftist people have quit the party, no doubt. But *ALL* the members are further left than the PLP. That’s why they were losing votes at conference. The center of gravity among those who stubbornly remain is still well to the left of the Blairite Tory-lite PLP.

        How many people do you know who yearn for a Tory-lite party?

      4. Andy – Which votes did Starmer lose at conference. I thought that Keir had got through all the rule changes he needed.

      5. Why do you put the term “the left” in quotes? There’s no way anybody who actually honestly identifies as left wing or socialist in any way at all could possibly support Keir’s abandonment of socialism and his placement of Labour to the RIGHT of the Tories. Labour stopped being Labour the moment Keir reduced the minimum wage proposal to a meaningless, insulting ten quid.

      6. kenburch – single quote marks can be used in many different ways, look it up and work it out for yourself.

    2. I always think of the pantomine season when I look at Cooper especially with the pudding basin hairdo.ITs just a question of how long before they are made redundant….and that includes the cat that sat on the mat and the majority of the Labour mps who are in for a dose of reality with unemployment being a very real reality with it being the last Christmas but one for the motley crew of the goodship Labour.Theyve had their chances and when the country desperately needs a government the Labour party deserted all of us especially the vunerable .

      1. Wobbly – I presume this is a supposed to be some sort of joke because not watching the BBC really isn’t an excuse for that level of ignorance

  11. Apparently Cooper has NOT turned down the Home Secretary job ..

    Curioser and Curioser .. so why did the rumour get round?

    I can only think she placed a condition on her acceptance – that she
    had some say in other Shadow posts

    1. Or maybe she’s enjoying the power and influence she has as Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

      1. Power and influence??

        You’re actually serious F complete FS.

        Mizz balls was worse than bleedin’ useless when shadowing tess may as home sec; as chairwoman of the home affairs committee (up against an even more fascistic patel) she’s every bit as nugatory and carries as much power and influence as a fart in a hurricane ffs.

      2. Selfies with Patel is not power and influence, here in windy UK.

  12. Cooper has as much of a chance of leadership as my Tilly on her worst scratchy day would have! The Omnilateral Commission have decided, the next Prime Minister of Britain is Blue Keef!
    You can vote whatever you want, it’s done, whatever the pollsters say, whatever whomever say, it’s done!
    For what it’s worth I’d suggest voting for the strongest opponent to ALL Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES, including Cooper, eliminate their seats.
    Vote in the few Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MPs and Candidates, then together with the small new parties we might have something half decent to take for the following GE!
    However I fear it’s futile, our vote counts for NOTHING, a waste of time and energy. I will still give it a go, but the result will probably be as suspected.
    TORYDOM to rule another 43 years of HELL and see most of us out! I wonder if The PEOPLE will wake up after 86/100/200 years of Conservative TORY or Neo-New-Labour TORY HELL!? Probably not, probably still cap in hand at a Master’s back door for scraps and orders!

    1. It’s a gloomy thought, 43 years to come but I think you are right. As an Oldie the consolation is that it will it be very much shorter! But for the young, especially the Under 30’s – ? Well I don’t know how they cope with it!! I quiz them and for sure they know what a shit hole we’re in but Solutions? You can’t blame them for not having them when we can’t think of viable Solutions ourselves after decades! Naturally they are thinking about what sort of life they will be getting. Maybe they’ll come up with something, something dramatic, radical – and beautiful! They were reasonably well educated at the start of the Century and recognise the problems. You never know….living with Wars, tickling up conflicts to deliberately Cause Wars, Corruption through out the State – you get fed up with it but that’s England – to be specific. Injustice on a scale few understand. An Aristocratic State, not seriously disturbed for 1000 years, still run by an elite cadre – and a remarkable ability to steal on a big scale — it mounts up as real poverty stalks it’s head again. Fuck That! Some are saying.

      1. Can you imagine being Irish, Scottish or Welsh knowing automatically before aditional Aristocratic Corruption, your vote means NOTHING! Your Government will always be what England Votes and that will Always be Conservative or Labour!
        Next GE they also know that whichever Party is elected ‘for them’, it WILL be TORY!
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES or Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES.
        Advice to the young, Practice Gratitude and Empathy all day everyday, no need to be weak and feeble, stay strong, be heard, but be greatful and feel the fear, pain, sorrow and joy of others.

    2. Nellyskelly, I think that you have hit the bull. Max could surf on the peculiar, Tenant of no 10, incompetence and peoples desire ‘give someone else a go’. It’s a distinct possibility. He’ll still need a loyal party to footslog. Aye, there’s the rub.

  13. Perhaps Yvette is aware of Starmer’s untrustworthiness and doesn’t want to be stabbed in the back by him. I also get the impression she’s doing ok as Chair of the Home Affairs Committee. Which she would have to relinquish if she was to become a shad cab member.

    Another thing. Why did Starmer decide to launch a reshuffle when Angela was at a meeting/Q&A with the Institute for Government speaking about corruption in government. Removing virtually any media coverage of the purpose of her attendance. He’s either incompetent, inexperienced, stupid.or all three.

    Then again, if I didn’t know any better I’d think this was done deliberately to let everyone know Angela is not part of the inner circle in LOTO. He may also believe his treatment of her could lead her to resigning as Deputy Leader.

    1. “Angela is not part of the inner circle” Back of beyond that should boost her ambition of being the leader of the Labour party and possibly the first genuine working-class women to be PM….Shame about the AS scam…selling out her pal RLBailey…and her genuine working-class background.but whos bothered Not me I aint bovered “cos they’re all innit together one it..
      Sorry about the I must have picked that up in the “working class” stronghold of oxted in leafy Surrey the home of the knights Labour party.

      1. Joseph – Are you embarrassed about your middle-class roots, is it this that makes you obsess about class so much.
        You can’t help where you were brought up, get over it.

  14. He is really in a tight race to beat a Tory: he will soon overtake Theresa May in the number of times he will restart / reset / relaunch his leadership…

  15. Breaking News – not confirmed yet

    Here are the changes
    Lisa Nandy (FCO to communities)
    Nick Thomas-Symonds (home to trade)
    Cat Smith (quit altogether)
    David Lammy (justice to FCO)
    Jonathan Ashworth (health to DWP)
    Ed Miliband (BEIS to energy and climate change)
    Jonathan Reynolds (DWP to BEIS)
    Emily Thornberry (trade to shadow attorney general)
    Kate Green (no longer education)
    Wes Streeting (child poverty to health)
    Jo Stevens (DCMS to Wales)
    Luke Pollard (no longer Defra)
    Steve Reed (communities to justice)
    Lucy Powell (housing to DCMS)
    Jim McMahon (transport to Defra)
    Louise Haigh (Northern Ireland to transport)
    Nia Griffith (no longer Wales)
    Lord Falconer (no longer shadow AG)

    1. Fook me! That’s some talent right there, I don’t think!! 🙄

      And to think how we pissed ourselves laughing when rees-smog said he wouldn’t be running for PM because he said there was: ‘A wealth of talent within the conservative party’.

      And then you see the above list…. 😒

      1. Best comment so far which shows up the rich vein of talant inside the inner circle of the wizard of oz and his misfits Labour party…Thanks Toffee spilt a cup of tea laughing at that fullsome truth

    2. Wes Streeting- who as a member of the Blight Wing can be assumed never to have cared about fighting poverty in his life- is now the spokesman on child poverty?

      That means Starmer will have moved Labour to the right of Thatcher by the next GE.

      Only people who had socialism, democracy and hope could be applauding choices like this.

      1. kenburch – I’m not a fan of Streeting but he has spoken out on poverty on several occasions, but hey we’re getting used to you not checking your facts.

      2. he has spoken out on poverty on several occasions,

        Well now!! Weasly’s spoken out on poverty…Whoopie-fooking-do.

        Well guess who else has ‘spoken out on poverty’ wise guy?

        …ian dummkopf-schmitt.

      3. The Children’s champion should be involved in the choice for Children’s Poverty.

      4. Presumably Streeting has done more than simply spout hot air about poverty?

        Surely Steve Uriah Heep h, as official establishment troll, can come up with something more concrete and substantial then he’s ‘spoken out against poverty’?

        Such as, for example,call the occasions Streeting has voted against Parliamentary measures which increase poverty even when this defies the Labour whip.

  16. Here is the full confirmed list of changes

    Labour’s Shadow Cabinet is as follows:

    Deputy Leader, Shadow First Secretary of State, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work: Angela Rayner
    Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer: Rachel Reeves
    Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Industrial Strategy: Jonathan Reynolds
    Shadow Secretary of State of Climate Change and Net Zero: Ed Miliband
    Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, Communities & Local Government: Lisa Nandy
    Shadow Secretary of State for Defence: John Healey
    Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: Lucy Powell
    Shadow Secretary of State for Education: Bridget Phillipson
    Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Jim McMahon
    Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs: David Lammy
    Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care: Wes Streeting
    Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Department: Yvette Cooper
    Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade: Nick Thomas-Symonds
    Shadow Minister of State at the Cabinet Office: Jenny Chapman
    Shadow Secretary of State for Justice: Steve Reed
    Shadow Secretary of State for Transport: Louise Haigh
    Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Party Chair and Chair of Labour Policy Review: Anneliese Dodds
    Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: Jonathan Ashworth

    Shadow Attorney General: Emily Thornberry

    Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health: Rosena Allin-Khan*
    Shadow Cabinet Minister for International Development: Preet Gill **
    Shadow Chief Secretary to HM Treasury: Pat McFadden *

    Shadow Secretary of State for Wales: Jo Stevens
    Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland: Ian Murray
    Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Peter Kyle

    National Campaign Coordinator: Shabana Mahmood

    Shadow Leader of the House of Commons: Thangam Debbonaire
    Shadow Chief Whip: Alan Campbell
    Shadow Leader of the House of Lords: Angela Smith
    Opposition Chief Whip in the House: Roy Kennedy

    * Working to Wes Streeting in the Shadow Health Team
    ** Working to David Lammy in the Shadow FCDO Team
    * Working to Rachel Reeves in the Shadow Treasury Team

    1. The key move is David Lammy – given the Shadow Foreign Secretary brief.

      Maybe Starmer is going to try to sell a new ME war to Labour members? And he thinks Lammy is more capable for obvious reasons.

      If there is US/UK military action – likely against Iran – Starmer will no doubt whip his party to support. It’s oh-so-f*ckin predictable; since he’s on the right on everything else, you can bet he’s a hawk too.

      He made and has kept hawkish John Healey as shadow defence Secretary supporting this theory.

      1. I agree. War is an option in several places but Israel, US, UK France v Iran seems more and more likely. The West is itching to get to War – China, Russia, Iran. Profit needs a shot of War – maybe a Big One, money demands it!

      2. @Paul

        So unjustified though.

        Israel has been crying wolf about imminent Iranian nukes since the early 1980s. If Iran truly wanted nukes they’d have them by now.

        Iran is the size of all western Europe with 83 million citizens – impossible to invade. So you’re left with bombing… Bombing civilian infrastructure: power plants , water treatment facilities etc., not only be disgraceful a war crime but would cause disease and suffering. And it’d result in a migration flood to Europe like we’ve never seen. A flood that wouldn’t affect Israel as their borders would remain firmly shut.

        Any British minister or shadow minister going along with another ME war needs to be put on trial for stupidity after Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.

      3. Lammy supported the Iraq war and opposed every call for an inquiry into its origins. To use a cliche, he is a safe pair of hands. Look out Iran.

      4. Starmer has never spoken to Zarah Sultana . NEVER spoken to Muslim woman MP in his own Party. Draw your own conclusions.

      5. I’d hope they wouldn’t be stupid enough to take on Iran. Russia & China would weigh in on Iran’s side and WWIII would swiftly follow…

      6. I’m not so sure they would especially if Israel attacks heavily, maybe nuking the Iranian labs and spin it as one Nesr-nuke needing another Real one. But look at the shambles they made of Iraq; Iran is much bigger with a large population who would resist Occupation with undivided loyalties. Europe would be the only safe haven for millions of refugees.

    2. Any time someone from the Blight Wing gets a shadow cabinet appointment, we can assume Labour will abandon all differences with the Tories on that portfolio-unless those differences are Labour being to the right.

      A Labour victory in the next GE- even if it was possible, which it isn’t because the Tories will ditch Boris and get an immediate massive lead in the polls and therefore be assured of victory the moment the ditching occurs- can now be assumed to be officially meaningless- nothing radical will happen, nothing different will be done at all-there’s no difference between small changes and no change- and no one will even call what Keir would be leading “a Labour government”.

      1. kenburch – Which of the dozens of policies that were announced and/or confirmed at this years conference are right wing.

      2. SteveH
        On this occasion you are spot on, it should be far right wing policies

      3. Doug – Is that an admission that you don’t know of any either.

      4. SteveH
        Your turn name 3 hard left policies he has adopted
        Methinks not

      5. Doug – I’m disappointed at your rather feeble cop-out.
        What I asked above was “Which of the dozens of policies that were announced and/or confirmed at this years conference are right wing.”

        How about seeing some specifics from you about specific policies.
        If you haven’t kept yourself up to date with all the policies that were announced then I am quite happy to help out by providing you with a full list of all the policies that were either announced and/or confirmed by our various shadow ministers in their speeches to this year’s party conference.

      6. It’s Starmer who hasn’t spelt it out. Pre-election he seemed to endorse Corbyn’s 2017 Manifesto – despite stabbing it in the back at the crucial moment! Since then he has retreated on some issues such as public ownership of basic services, failed to spell out what he thinks about any of the others or what his Manifesto will look like, so demanding people explain it to you is pretty rich!

      7. Paul – My question is very easy to understand and yet to date nobody seems to be able to answer it, can you?

        “Which of the dozens of policies that were announced and/or confirmed at this years conference are right wing.”

        Also it was clearly outlined in the excellent Corbyn era document that public ownership can takes many forms, perhaps you should acquaint yourself with it.

      8. Can you tell us How many Progressive policies Starmer has announced or even hinted at? None

      9. Paul – It is self evident that if that was the case then you would have no difficulty in answering my question. Perhaps it’s time you stopped digging.

      10. What is your difficulty in not being able to point to any Progressive Policies? The truth is Starmer is politically void of any opinion beyond consolidating his own position; it’s hardly a surprise as he isn’t a politician.

      11. Paul – As I said above it is time to stop digging. You and or others are claiming that Labour policies are now to the right of the Tories and I have simply asked “Which of the dozens of policies that were announced and/or confirmed at this years conference are right wing?”
        So far despite me offering to help out those that don’t know what Labour’s current policies are by supplying a full list of these policies not one of you has given me an answer. It isn’t my fault that your argument lacks substance.

      1. Wobbly
        Methinks Viz
        To join up with her brother in arms Baxter Basics, the bent Tory

      2. Thangham Singh played in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, so did I. I was captain of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Cricket Team for 3 years.

    3. Good lord, what a crew. Anybody not in the gun sights is in the shadow cabinet, long benches. I wonder how much extra bung these paupers get for “shadowing”.

  17. Far from it being a list of who’s who it’s a list of who the bloody hell’s that??

  18. Lightweight Labour re-arranges the Right Wing Labour deck chairs on the Titanic.
    Labour and particularly it’s Right don’t want to politicise the masses, they just want just enough votes because they want the power for themselves.
    Many of the Left want to politicise the masses to empower citizens then the stronger we all are but a greatly political aware mass of people would mean the Labour Right would be finished and some suggest Ms C is particularly robotic?
    Just reading Pugh and ‘Speak For England’ which is on the history of Labour and offers a fresh perspective on how Labour adapts to communities, accepts people as they are, and those who control hegemony (like the capitalists and their media) are happy as people are, Labour actually is a political party and you can politicise people but it’s not interested.
    The rich and powerful with their foxes heavily control narratives which the Left should counter but Right Wing Labour hasn’t the political will, the political courage or the political acumen.
    See how Right Wing Labour runs from the dominant Right Wing narrative on welfare.
    My socialist union regularly stands for and alongside the poor and counters such narratives!
    There are 2 welfare states, ours, the working class one which is deliberately meagre, is under attack and is associated with Shame and stigma by the media, and the upper class one which is luxurious and flourishes with the rich and powerful subsidised to the hilt with tax reliefs, tax incentives and tax subsidies and big business alone gets £97b a year which equals £3,500 per household.
    Left Wing Democratic Socialists need a new voice and party and there are hundreds of thousands of Corbyn supporters out there.
    Resist is registering as a political party and will consult its members on a new name, Breakthrough is a new small democratic socialist party with a few councillors, the Bakers Union have left Labour, the FBU may, and we just need someone to facilitate it, and after all Labour was set up by 129 reps from socialist parties, unions and some radical liberals.
    And if Starmer et all get rid of Left Labour MPs then that could be a few more if they are altruistic and have the courage.
    We need a Conference with reps from interested parties which could include BLM and expelled members of JVL etc and other diverse groups.
    A Left Wing Democratic Socialist Representative Committee?

    1. Not at all cynical! Lammy must already know the constraints; if the War is against Iran that it will be Yes!Yes! If it’s Ukraine it will enable him to hum and ha. But he’ll be trapped in that Israeli war.

  19. Noone’s answered my question –

    WAs there anything in the rumour that Cooper initially
    turned down the Home Office post? If so – what made her
    change her mind?

    – – However it will probably
    be chewed over tomorrow by the medya ..

    Lammy is an improvement though – hopefully ..

    1. HFM – Lammy is an improvement though – hopefully ..

      Seriously doubt that. Lisa Nandy proved to be dreadful but what are Lammy’s foreign policy views?

      This is a Starmer appointee when all said and done. There’ll be some ugly rationale behind it. He probably thinks with Lammy fronting support for any Tory war they’ll take less flak, from members and Labour voters – for obvious reasons to do with identity politics. I know that’s cynical, but these centrists are deeply cynical political operators.

  20. I suspect that 99.99% of the population couldn’t care less, and have never heard of these people.
    This is a Westminster insider story and real people care about pay, prices, housing, UC cuts, job security etc. etc. etc.

  21. The only thing of interest to me was the replacement of Louise Haigh only a week after contradicting the knight and saying that the Labour party “must remain neutral on N.Ireland” The poisoned chalice of N.Ireland goes to extreme right wing mp for Hove peter kyle.No matter though hopefully all of the Labour loosers including the “plant” will be gone in the next 18months.and the cat women can sit back in her Lancashire constituency and wonder why the Mps and members of the Labour party left it too late to save the Labour party…and were the next cushy number will come from.Unemployment has a severe effect on ones life and a economic meltdown in the UK will make it a bleak picture for job seekers.Peter kyle I wonder what he did to piss off our knight of the realm.?

  22. Your Labour sources got it all wrong as it looks to me that a deal has been done so that when Starmer leaves by whatever means the right wing will get behind Yvette. It is not an accident that Starmer kept his deputy in the dark and if he could do it she would be first out of the door

  23. And the working-class sell out will keep stum,Angela Rayner will be continuing to plot and the knives are out even amongst the Labour right wing to rid the Labour party of the plant Starmer….Lawyers sometimes take the fee on results and the team have been very successful in sinking the Labour party and all who sail in her.

  24. Send them back Cooper as home secretary…

    They really are trying to out Tory the Tories. Unless she actually plans to go through with her offer to house immigrants in her own home? Still waiting from the last “promise”

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