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Breaking: Corbyn wins ‘please retweet’ victory against Tory councillor Nickersen

Tory caves under pressure with yet another ‘please retweet’ apology and substantial damages to charities in Liverpool and Islington

Jeremy Corbyn and his legal team have won yet another ‘please retweet’ victory over defamatory Conservatives. East Riding Tory councillor Paul Nickersen tweeted a photoshopped image of Corbyn laying a wreath for the Liverpool suicide bomber, but has now published a full public apology including a request for all readers to share the tweet for maximum coverage. Nickersen will also make a ‘substantial’ payment to charity in lieu of damages. The tweet and statement read:

In 2018, Tory MP Ben Bradley published what was aid to be the most popular Conservative party tweet in history after claiming Corbyn had spied for a foreign power. Corbyn was represented by Howe and Co, as was MP Jon Trickett in his case against right-wing hack Jon Rentoul, who had claimed Trickett was encouraging people to attack police officers when Trickett promoted the ‘Kill the Bill’ protests against the Tories draconian anti-protest bill.

Both victories included similar ‘please retweet’ provisions.

Responding to the victory, Corbyn said that Nickersen’s payment will be shared between a Liverpool charity and one in North Islington:

This substantial settlement will be used to support charities that are close to my heart: including one in Liverpool and one in my constituency.

So I welcome his decision to apologise for his defamatory post, to agree not to repeat the tweet which he has deleted and to pay substantial damages and legal costs.

Councillor Paul Nickerson’s photoshopped Twitter post about me failed to understand the seriousness of the threat and did a disservice to all those affected by the attack and their loved ones.

Congratulations to Jeremy and to Howe and Co.

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      1. Are you willing, then, to admit that the AS Smear was nothing but despicable lies, and that Corbyn should be rehabilitated by Labour with an offer of unconditional and immediate readmission to the PLP? Are you also willing to admit that Starmer’s war against not only all Corbyn supporters but all socialists- there is no such thing as a self-identifying socialist who still defends Starmer’s purges and his relentless false accusations of AS- needs to come to an immediate end?

      2. kenburch – The disciplinary procedures against Jeremy were resolved many months ago by the NEC when his party membership was reinstated.
        The decision to withdraw the whip from JC was a political one, not a disciplinary one.

      3. Looks like he’s just gonna do a ‘pretend he didn’t see your post’ Ken, and for the obvious reason!

        SteveH is a full-time paid shill/propagandist, and he monitors the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day, and sees every single comment that’s posted on here. Mind you, they’ve been giving him a bit of time off during the past few months so as to try and shake off the ‘full time paid shill’ thing. But it’s WAYYY too late to attempt to do that!

        How long is it now Steve….. five years!!

      4. Allan – Of course I’d seen it, I just couldn’t be bothered to respond until now.

      5. Steve H centrist Dad….I think that youve been moderated by white flag man.Do you realise that now Corbyns been emboldened by the win and hes got a growing fighting fund Your version of the gospel according to the Knight might just be threatened by a confidence boosting win on the pages of the Media ..This can only help to bring together the shy socialists mps .who might just be for finally turning.and realising that their life as a backbencher is effectively going to be terminated.Just a few motivated Mps can do a lot of damage before dumping the Labour party to sit as independent Labour .Hope is eternal especially when the country is facing a meltdown in trust.

    1. Thanks for this goldbach .I read the whole article and completely agree with Mr Cohen’s views.
      I hope if Mr Cohen sues the Labour party for vilifying him he wins substantial damages from them just like Jeremy did in his action against Nickersen.

  1. No No. No,,, Corbyn – for complete fuck’s sake. When are you gonna make them get the message?

    You should’ve bankrupted that fucker, leaving him ineligible to stand for office, while making him pay for a full-page apology in ALL the right wing rags so that the non-interweb toerags get to see it, and THEN send any damages to the respective charities.

    They’d do it to you without batting an eyelid.

    1. Toffee, needless to say, Jeremy is not a vindictive person. And it looks as though the whole of the MSM have reported the outcome, and so the vast majority of people will know about it. And WHY do you call people who don’t have access to the internet ‘toerags’, just about ALL of whom are either amongst the poorest in society and/or the elderly?

      The amount of the damages HASN’T been disclosed, but it’s being reported as ‘substantial damages’ (AND legal costs!), so I think we can be certain that whoever you were referring to DID get the message

    1. Yep, go for their money!

      That’s the way to do it. There’s nothing hurts them more.

  2. On a day when the NHS will most likely be FUBAR because of toerag avarice (thereby leaving people without the proper care or insurance sooner or later in life), calling this any sort of ‘victory’ is beyond a piss take.

    That nickerson one (As well as bradley before him) should’ve been bankrupted and forced to join the legions of disenfranchised and downtrodden that he’s been complicit in creating; he really ought not to have been allowed to create more despondency and suffering.

    As it stands, he’ll probably escape the misery that both he and his cohort of c***ts will have bestowed on the likes of me. He’ll never be forced to jump through friggin’ hoops for UC as he really ought to have been made to.

    He’ll keep most of the proceeds of his house; never knowing the pitfalls and perils of rented accommodation, or even homelessness.

    But he’s been given a lifeline to continue inflicting that sort of misfortune and callousness on others. And yes – I KNOW he’s ‘only’ a poxy councillor… So what? That’s NO mitigation.

    1. Hadn’t quite finished…

      Nor will he ever know the abject hardship of needing a foodbank.

      Although he’s been given enough leeway to ensure many others will have to undergo the distress of having to use in order to survive.

      And he’ll no doubt tell people they should ‘celebrate the generosity of others’ when they do so… No doubt the horrible fucker will expect people to tug their forelock in deference to him personally, if the damages have gone to one.

      They’ve ruined far too may lives – it’s about time they were ruined themselves. Once again, Corbyn’s missed a trick as far as I’m concerned.

      1. IF the Labour party had more people like you Toffee who actually have a understanding of that its us and them and know who the enemy is then without a shadow of a doubt the party would not be facing meltdown.I respect genuine anger at what these cretins in the Labour party and tory party are doing to ordinary decent people.on the whim of the invisible funders of misery.People are dying because of Parliament and they can hardly make the effort to show up.
        ….I am sure theres plenty out there that could do their job and be grateful for it.and do it without all of this lunatic expenses fiddling and fronting with LTD companys……ITs a jungle out there!…and the monkeys have it?

      2. Toffee, it would be nice to know what the damages were. A lot to us is chump change to the vile ones. It’s quite possible that the bastard dodged a bullet but got a slap.

  3. Shows that waiving the white flag against the fascist Labour party isnt a great idea and fighting against this regime is the only solution for someone like Jeremy Corbyn and other mps especially the socialist ones who need encouragment..for a mini socialists revival.Bad news for the majority of the PLP who behaved like a mob all through the four years of the socialist revival..and Corbyns leadership.

    1. Who’s waving the white flag against Starmer and Co Joseph? Could you give a few examples. As for Jeremy and socialist MPs needing encouragement….. encouragement to do WHAT precisely? And in what sense is this outcome bad for the majority of the PLP? Why would it be? What difference will it make to what Starmer and Co have been doing – and ARE doing – to the left? None at all of course.

    2. Ps…..I know it sounds like I have forgotten its a Tory councillor,but in all honesty I can’t tell the difference between Labour and the old enemy the conservative and unionist party and I am sure that their are many more like me who have been damaged serving inside the Labour party.especially if youve been a councillor or mp that didnt morph into parasites infesting all the establishment parties….You see in my head it just doesn’t compute anymore Conservative….enemy….lib dems…enemy….greens enemy……Labour enemy And all of these imposters are a threat to the working-class across the world ..and most especially the leader of the Labour party if he becomes PM….And in Ireland the knights comments on Ulster have not gone unnoticed.

  4. If only Jeremy had done this when Leader. It might have made the outcome in 2017 so different. All those who were against him and those in the party that plotted against him now have to eat their words. They’re just as responsible for this mess and the attack on the NHS as the Tories! Not a peep out of Starmer over the Social Care & NHS Bill, what a fraud he is!

    1. Done it to WHO Christopher (when he was leader)? Can you give a few specific examples. Thanks

      Anyway, I just did a search to see if the MSM are reporting this, and they ARE. But I thought I’d just quickly check the comments section of the Mail and, at the time of typing, there are four (I expect they’ll be dozens more in the coming hours), but whilst on the one hand the following comment (at the time of typing) ‘But he does support some groups considered to be proscribed organisations so not sure what’s wrong with what he posted’ has 923 up-votes and 473 down-votes, this one ‘Shameful … the councillor should be booted out of the party!’ has 591 up-votes and 856 down-votes.

      But I know for a fact that the Mail manipulates the votes so as to influence what its readers think and believe, and that most of the derogatory comments are posted by shills.

      1. Done it to WHO Christopher (when he was leader)? Can you give a few specific examples.

        Pederast enabler Madge Hodge for starters.

        Kuenssberg for another….But of course, both of them became the real victims, weren’t they?

        (Or, in Hodge’s case, was ALWAYS the victim)

      2. Can you be more specific Toffee (regarding Kuenssberg anyway), and ALSO bear in mind that Christopher was saying BEFORE the 2017 general election (and the episode I assume you’re alluding to with Hodge was afterwards, in July 2018).

      3. Allan, really? I’m not doing your research for you. It is obvious to anyone who actually took an interest that the MSM went out of their way to smear him. Especially over the laying of wreath which they tried to conflate in him supporting “terrorists” that should have made him Sue them.

    2. Well said Chris fox….the damage being done to the infrastructure that Labour built and are helping the Torys to do is effectively the final nail in the coffin of “society” as we knew it.Seventy brilliant years of cradle to grave Social security for our people the working-class,the backbone of Great Britain and now destroyed by a bunch of free loading carpetbaggers.whos philosophy is a warped vision of neo liberalism that will eventually destroy itself and us with it if we let them….Constructive criticism is good because if we learn from it as you and I have hopfuly done then maybe we might one day get another chance for a decent Society of which the Labour party under this dictator
      Seek to destroy for their paymasters….

  5. Methinks
    Money talks, JC has a healthy fighting fund, when is he going to put it on the line
    Robert Cohen does not
    Agree with Toffee, this victory is meaningless

    1. Doug, what do you mean exactly when you say Jeremy should put his fighting fund on the line? And why do you say that this victory is meaningless? Are you implying that Jeremy shouldn’t have taken action against the councillor, or what?

      1. I don’t think the ‘victory’ is meaningless, but you’re jiggered if you think I’m gonna bull it up to be something it isn’t.

        And it’s no great triumph because too many other instances from much bigger blowhards and blaggards than nickerson have gone by without retribution.

        Not only that but Corbyn hasn’t gone anywheres near far enough, for reasons I’ve already stated.

      2. Well I wasn’t addressing YOU in the first place Toffee, so why would I be ‘jiggered’, whatever THAT means! And I dealt with the points you made earlier in a Reply to them.

        As for ‘too many other instances’ etc, could you list some of them. If Jeremy had sued Hodge for defamation he would have lost (as with the other people who called him an anti-semite), as I have pointed out on here on more than a few occasions (just as Tony Greenstein did in his defamation case against the CAA), and what specifically could Jeremy have sued Kuenssberg for?

      3. White Flag Man, with all your silly questions, you appear to be the only person on this blog and maybe on this planet who doesn’t understand what ‘fighting back’ means or requires.

      4. Could you be more specific Jack – ie what would this fighting back have amounted to?

        And what’s wrong with asking Doug what he means when he says that Jeremy should put his fighting fund on the line, or asking him why he thinks this victory was meaningless? It’s amazing the amount of times people post comments saying something derogatory about Jeremy and/or socialist MPs, but they NEVER elaborate!

        Anyway, the very fact that about a year ago you tried to smear me on here and told a Big Lie about me – ie that I have criticised you for using the term Zionist etc (when you knew of course that I never had, and that it was jpenny who’d done so), says EVERYTHING about YOU, and is of course something that only a fascist shill would do, in your case posing as a left-winger whilst you post numerous comments on here (and JVLs website) smearing Jeremy. Practically every time you post it’s to discredit a left-wing politician, as you did the very last time you posted (re Laura Pidcock).

        PS Oh, and by the way, I’m gonna be getting in touch with Chris Williamson in the next few days……!!!

      5. I am going to get “intouch in the next few days” …bloody hell White flag man Allan Howard hasn’t Chris Williamson the real fight back man had a enough grief from so called comrades without you “helping him innit” .Leave him alone hes doing very well with his resist the fascists thankyou Youve ended up you and your mate with egg on your Malcolm colman…dont you know it ? Tripple backwards somersaults a soeciality from the egg men….?

      6. Always pa-trolling, aren’t you Joe, like the good little shill you are! Yes Joe, I’m gonna expose the falsehood that you and your fascist buddies contrived and concocted about Chris being slighted by Jeremy at the Liverpool arms fair demo and, as such, expose you all for what you are!

        And talking of people on here trying to smear me and discredit me – as your chum JackT tried to do – you yourself of course went to great lengths to try and do so with your little ‘councillor’ number over a period of four or five months, and even though I never at any point said that you were lying about being a councillor, you still dissemble the Big Lie that I DID, and have done so on a number of occasions, as you did yet again just recently. But each and every time I’ve asked you to copy and paste and post what you claim I said, you never DO of course, and for the obvious reason that it doesn’t exist.

        You’re a fraud and a total bullshitter Joe….. but thanks for all the material! I appreciate it!

        PS And as if anyone would move to Cambodia with their family and then spend all day every day posting comments on a blog, as you have been for over two years now. So what was the name of the charity you were working for in Cambodia Joe?!

      7. Listen howard, take your Corbyn deification & infallibility and cram it. You’re more obsessed with Corbyn than the other kook is with smarmer. He’s not beyond scrutiny or criticism.

        I don’t much like Galloway but he’d have at least deterred a lot of the people from spouting a lot of the shite that Corbyn hasn’t.

      8. Allan, I appreciate your attempts to show inconsistencies and ommissions in the thought-processes and, sometimes, the very points made by some people here. FWIW, I find your questions (to posters) always valid and pertinent to a meaningful assessment of Jeremy, the Corbyn Project, his and its treatment by our enemies in the synchronised MSM, the CIA, anti-democratic “think tanks” like the trilateral commission and, the right of the Labour party. Deification of Corbyn is not your point, I know, but a full and honest treatment of the Corbyn Project. and your meticulous analysis is, so that the remnants of The Corbyn Project and the vicious efforts of the CIA/ MSM/ Labour Right, to destroy it. Thanks.

  6. White flag man I have got a religion and dont need another one although if setting up a little grotto to “Our Corbyn” in the backyard helps with the therapy then I might be able to donate candles and offerings and of course incense sticks from Cambodia….The little cave ones very popular especially with Joseph finding the room at the Inn..ITs very popular at this of the year and I am sure that your mate will help with the construction hes very creative like yourself…..regards and a ☺☺Christmas to you and all.

  7. Chris Williamson has a fighting fund which can be accessed by others, I would like JC’s fund to open up as well
    My main point is we need a showtrial, we need to carefully choose who we want in court and we need to bait the trap so it’s a slam dunk when we get there
    That would be my strategy, we have in our movement the best minds to get this particular job done
    Now who would you go for

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