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Corbyn marks anniversary of wrongful suspension – with kind letter to disabled woman

Today marks the anniversary of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension as a Labour MP by Keir Starmer – in clear contravention of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) ban on ‘political interference’ in disciplinary matters, after Labour’s national executive restored his membership that had been wrongly suspended over Corbyn’s comments about the EHRC’s report that even the report acknowledged he had every right to make.

But as his supporters prepared to raise new protests for the restoration of the whip, Corbyn himself has marked the day with a surprise letter to a supporter whose health has dipped – a kind and thoughtful letter Danielle Wride has described on social media as ‘easily the best thing I’ve ever had come through my letterbox’.

Corbyn’s letter displays all the humanity and ability to connect that his opponents lack and fear:

The hundreds responses to Danielle’s tweet show how deeply the human touch strikes home:

Ms Wride’s own selflessness has also been on show. After being diagnosed with colorectal cancer in Augustat the age of just thirty-two, she published her diagnosis along with typical symptoms to look out for in the hope others affected might receive an early diagnosis:

In a tooth and nail fight for survival against enemies who have every intention of destroying the entire left movement and not just its figurehead, it’s easy to lose sight of the real goals and of the fundamental qualitative difference between the left and those who hate it.

Corbyn’s letter and Ms Wride’s own example serve as a timely reminder.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn is an example to us all -a good decent man who never hesitates to extend the hand of friendship to all,
    His genuine care and affection for all of those who are sick or in need is there for all to see in the beautiful letter he wrote to Mrs Wride. She herself is a very brave and caring person who wants to share her cancer diagnosis with others in order to heighten awareness of the disease.
    I hope Mrs Wride has a return to health and send her and her family my best wishes.

  2. Well in, Jeremy. Still the star turn that you always were, and always will be!

    And very best wishes to Danielle. I hope they can fix you xx

  3. Today is the one-year anniversary of JC’s suspension/expulsion/ withdrawal of The Whip – call it what you like – from The Labour Party.

    There are people calling for his reinstatement, and trying to organise a ‘twitter storm’ for this evening.


    I’d willingly join in – but – JC made a speech in Parliament, yesterday, in support of the Palestinian Cause, which has given me pause for thought.

    It didn’t sound, to me, like a man that was cowed, and preparing to deliver a Mea Culpa, to get accepted back into Southside Labour.

    In any case, I suspect, as many people do, he could be accepted back into the party, one day, and be expelled again, the very next day, on some pretext or other. Hardly worth the candle, is it?

    Judge for yourselves :

    1. Starmer willing to restore the whip to an advocate of peace and justice? Come on. No chance.

  4. Jeremy Corbyn’s great humanity is there for all to see.
    He shames the likes of Starmer.
    Corbyn’s suspension should hang like the albatross round Starmer’s neck – – – He can’t bear the threat of the Good Example.

  5. Kindness and power are sworn enemies, which is why Corbyn was thrown to the dogs. There is no place for kindness in power politics and power rules the world. To be more precise, violence rules the world. Corbyn is a threat to the world political system whose leaders confuse power and virtue. In fact, his orientation is at odds with the very essence of our economy whose essential message is use your elbows, beat the person next to you, look after number one, say god bless my wife, my son John and his wife, us four, no more. Corbyn has the courage to step out of the customary political posture and be human. We all know he’s right, but the rich and powerful have little use for humanity.

    As for his intervention on Palestine: rational and reasoned as usual, in contrast to the tantrums of people like Hodge who call everyone who thinks Palestinians are human f……. racists. What a tragedy that she is lauded by Starmer and Corbyn has the whip taken away. Labour is despicable.

  6. Jeremy would have been an honest broker in the Middle East and around world whilst the US Etc Right and Liberals like Biden put their imperial interests (oil, arms sales, capitalist investment) first. Sadly from their perspective this is why JC had to go.
    The Right and Labour Right & Centrists talk up certain foreign countries as enemies to feed the military industrial complex.
    JC struck a chord and hundreds of thousands flocked to his call, and they are still out there.
    Perhaps if the Labour Right go for all the Left Labour MPs (The Canary reports they have a hit list) this could be the green light for a new left wing democratic socialist party.
    The hundreds of thousands of JC supporters are still out there, the Bakers Union has left Labour, the FBU may, there is a New Democratic Socialist Party ‘Breakthrough’ with a few councillors and I understand some are hoping to stand as municipal socialists in Liverpool, so the conditions are there.
    Nice letter JC and hope things can get better for Danielle.

  7. JC would have been an honest broker in the Middle East and World and unlike pro-capitalist politicians he would not have put imperial interests first (oil, arms sales, and capitalist investment) so from their perspective he had to go.
    The potential for a new left wing democratic socialist is there – are hundreds of thousands of JC supporters, the Bakers Union has left Labour, the FBU may, there is a new small democratic socialist party ‘Breakthrough’ with a few councillors, and some I understand are going to stand in Liverpool as municipal socialists.
    Lovely letter JC and hope things may get better for Danielle.

  8. iF starmer was a real Opposition leader and wished to show one drop of leadership and decency….or even the long term future of the Labour party he would restore the whip and welcome Jeremy Corbyn back as a Labour MP.Unfortunately for Jeremy and the Labour party the loyalty of Mr knight and his henchman is to his funders and the state of Israel.Unless the right wing wake up and realise that the Labour party and their comfortable jobs are at risk then the future of the Labour party and the whole PLP is in severe doubt…

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