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Exclusive: left MPs denied funding for additional security

Failure to fund additional security measures overwhelmingly hitting left-wingers

A BBC report this afternoon has revealed that a number of MPs have not received funding for additional security measures that has been made available to other MPs in the aftermath of the murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess.

But Skwawkbox can additionally reveal that the MPs, who do not want to be identified, who have been denied funds are overwhelmingly left-wingers. And the bias is not accidental, according to Labour insiders. One told Skwawkbox:

When you look at who’s affected, it doesn’t look random. There’s a real fear that any prospective criminal would be emboldened, so it’s important not to name names.

Measures recommended by police but either not funded or even funded but then withdrawn include reinforcements to constituency offices and additional travel budget for MPs threatened on public transport.

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  1. That’s just a short step away from saying ‘here’s some guys, give it a try, why not?’. It’s a big step towards a Fascist State. There are some thoroughly nasty people running the country.

  2. So they can move quickly when it concerns their own safety.I get the point but I think the left need to be studying other problems like how the people on the so called benefits survive the winter.How do the elderly survive on seven hundred pounds state pension per month?.I am sick and tired of these mps left or right living off fantastic salarys unbelievable expenses that should be paid out of wages and taking the working-class for a ride under the banner of the Labour party….1mp gets killed in the last few years and its running around like headless chickens screaming spend,spend on me,me,me.How many get killed on building sites?…They dont give a toss about ordinary people and thats a fact,they havnt even the balls to jump before they are pushed from the so called socialist group..I have had a bellyfull of con artists…stuff em and the Labour party.Dont fund the parasites infesting the Labour party.

    1. “Move quickly”?! Since when did drawing attention to the fact that they – left-wing MPs – have been denied funding for additional security measures, amount to being selfish and self-centered, as you imply! And if you ‘get the point’, then why are you berating them and making disingenuous comparisons. I mean why not go the WHOLE hog and cite the billion people world-wide who live in dire poverty on less than a dollar a day, and the tens of millions who live in shanty towns etc, etc, etc.

      And since when did drawing attention to the fact that they – left-wing MPs – have been denied funding for additional security measures amount to ‘running around like headless chickens screaming spend, spend on me, me, me”? As for people working on building sites, when was the last time one of them were murdered?!

      MPs are an obvious target for extremists, and TWO of them have been murdered in the past five years. But if you feel the way you do about socialist MPs – ie that ‘they don’t give a toss about ordinary people’ (which is complete and utter garbage) – then why did you join the LP, and why do you spend every day posting comments on skwawkbox all day long – ie a left-wing blog?!

      1. And I dare say that if they – left-wing MPs – had chosen to work in the private sector – ie establish their own business or whatever – they could be earning a lot more money than they do as MPs.

        Funny, isn’t it, that an earlier article Steve Walker posted today was about the nature of wealth in Britain, and the increasing gap between the wealthiest and the poorest, something that socialist MPs like Jeremy would do something to address. And THAT of course is one of the main reasons why the PTB and their black propaganda machine smeared him none-stop during the time he was leader, along with the left in general, just like YOU do, along with a few OTHER im-posters on this site!

        And if you feel the way you do about socialist MPs and have such a low opinion of them, how come – in the days after he announced he would be standing down – you were clamouring for Jeremy to stay on as leader and INSISTING that he ‘MUST STAY’?! Hmm…..

      2. PS And WHO put the report together….. Oh, right, Jon Trickett, a left-wing MP!!

        Funny, isn’t it, how in a post on that thread – and in response to Plain Citizen – you said the following:

        Well Mr plain citizen..I think you must be having a bad day if you think Triketts solutions are loony left….. you condemn Trickett for doing the job hes elected for and looking forward to extending taxation amongst tax exiles,various companys and creative accounting criminals who have taken the country for a ride.


        Anyway (save posting it in a separate post), I just did a search, and although many alternative blogs and websites have covered Jon’s report, apart from the Independent it looks like the whole of the MSM – ie the billionaire corporate media and the semi-corporate run-and-controlled-by Tories BBC – have done a ‘black out’ number on the report. As one would expect of course!

      3. White flag “clamouring that Jeremy must stay” Yes thats correct one of the few statments that are correct.And I bet theres a few hundreds of thousands wished he had stayed and fought,including himself…

      4. Allan Howard “How many do you know murdered on building sites “Next time I am in the East end I will nip into the firm and see if we are pouring concrete ,Pats a grand fella ! am sure we can fit you in somewhere…!I can just see you now holding up a column on the M25.

      5. Oh God, give it a rest Allan. You’ve come over all new Labour.
        “I dare say that if they – left-wing MPs – had chosen to work in the private sector – ie establish their own business or whatever – they could be earning a lot more money than they do as MPs.”
        Yes, they’re all special people who deserve much more than £70 k upwards.
        Left wing MPs, by and large don’t need bullet proof glass etc, think Jeremy Corbyn, went to work on his bicycle and meets people in their own environment every day, without a squad of policemen.
        Also Jeremy found the right solution to keeping MPs safe, don’t destroy their countries and second/third generation immigrants won’t turn into terrorists.

      6. lundiel, as I’m sure you are aware, Jeremy has said in the past that he’s received death threats. And you will of course recall that he was attacked in March 2019 when he was visiting the Muslim Welfare Center in north London. John Murphy walked up behind Jeremy (who was sitting down) and bashed him hard on the top of his head, but just happened to have an egg in his hand so that it would be reported by the MSM as merely an ‘egg attack’, which the whole of the MSM did. It could just as easily been someone with a knife of course!

        As for your B/S about Jeremy Corbyn knowing how to keep MPs safe etc by not attacking other peoples countries, did THAT have the slightest relevance to Jo Cox being murdered?! No, of course it didn’t, and you are just spouting B/S yet AGAIN!

    2. White flag man….Allan colman….forty to fifty deaths a year and thats just on building sites…the number of injuries in the thousands.Two mps both right wing in five years dead…nobody injured yet.Facts Allan ladd so get on your horse and trott off….I have had enough of so called Opposition parties and the parasites infesting them.You need to seek help whilst the NHS is free at the point of delivery…Malcolm colman.aka Allan Howard DCM(dont come monday)…

    3. But if you think and believe that left-wing MPs like Jeremy (and Jon Trickett) “don’t give a toss about ordinary people”, why on earth would you want for Jeremy to stay on as leader and – as you were in the days after he announced he would be standing down – repeatedly insisting that he ‘MUST STAY’?!

      Doesn’t add up or make sense of course!

      PS Jokeefe knew damn well that once Jeremy had announced that he was standing down (once a new leader was elected), there was no way on this planet that he could have then changed his mind and announced that he had now decided to stay on as leader. The PLP and the MSM would have gone berserk of course, but after the biggest defeat since 1935, it was never-ever going to happen. And Joe the Joker and Bullshitter Supremo KNOWS it! And the only reason Joe and his sidekick kept posting that Jeremy ‘MUST STAY’ in the days and weeks after he announced he was standing down, is because they KNEW that he was never-ever going to reverse his decision, but THEY could THEN castigate him for letting us all down when he DIDN’T – ie the readers of skwawkbox, that is, the majority of whom are left-wingers*

      *The reason I don’t say that the readers of this blog are ALL left-wingers, is because I have no doubt whatsoever that a significant minority are right-wingers who visit the site to have a good laugh at what the right-wing shills on here posing as left-wingers are saying and doing so as to deceive and dupe and gaslight the left-wing readership. Their agenda is to discredit Jeremy and left-wing MPs, and they do so on a daily basis, and between them they have posted literally thousands of such comments during the course of the past three years or so, endlessly repeating the same smears.

      1. Goldbach. You are certainly correct and thanks for reminding me and everyone else of just how measley the State pension of the lowest in Europe.and not enough to live on like the so called welfare as well.And that reason alone is enough for me to have little trust in the parliament whatever partys in power.Sorry about the mistake but I was having to deal with a maniac on the loose overnight and have only just managed to get him to get to bed.

  3. Additional travel budget “just spotted that one…Christmas comes early for the mps…That should be another good wheeze…and all passed through without a single…whataboutery the working-class from our brave mps?..absolutely parasites of the first order.I bet their pension and welfare are gold plated.

  4. Jon Trickett’s report is seventy pages in length, but well worth taking the time to read (when you have the time), and when you’ve done so please share it as far and wide as possible. It is, in effect, the SCGs manifesto. There was a link to it at the end of the article, but here’s another one:

    PS It’s not as daunting as it sounds because there are quite a lot of graphs which take up quite a bit of space.

  5. Well done Allan..youve just about sealed the fate of the Socialist group in parliament by describing it as a manifesto..They wont be needing it now after the knight and Evans read that.Thats one of the problems of publishing in advance as I am sure you well understand Allan with your famous book being held back for?Get to bed Allan youve done enough damage for one night

  6. Well keef needs a bigger share of the security detail funding… How else is blockhead gonna get in the rub-a-dub if he’s got no goon(s) to prevent the landlord from physically booting his sorry arse out of their boozer?

    (Isn’t it keef wants changes to trespass laws under that protest/spycops palaver?)

    1. The democratic socialist party I recently joined as a international member provides its own security and as the oldest party in Ireland its always been aware of threats and intimidation and assassination mainly coming from the parliament that are now screaming for protection against fanatics within their own country.Could it be that exporting arms and terror has its own just rewards.?

      1. I wish that were true, Joseph, but 99.99% of the time the “rewards” are reaped by the innocent and the guilty get away with it.

  7. If this report is correct, and if security funding is being disproportionately allocated according to the political views of MPs, then it is clearly wrong. Whether extra security measures are appropriate is a different debate, as is the dangers which a variety of workers are placed in because of the working conditions they have to endure.
    I wonder of Skwawkbox could submit a FOI request to find out what extra funding has been allocated for the protection of MPs, how any such allocation is intended to be allocated, and how much to which constituencies.

  8. Goldbach IF they are so worried 😟issue them with a Glock 19plenty of ammo and a weeks course in self defence.They might then get a understanding of armed conflict and not be so cavalier about bombing other countries into the stoneage….Unlimited spending on their security without any discussions sounds more like a junta everyday and I have experienced a few of them and recognise the spiral out of control.

    1. Yes, Joseph, a huge percentage of MPs appear to be perfectly happy to bomb poorer countries without any consideration for the death and destruction that is caused and the subsequent chaos caused in those countries. These people are also perfectly happy for UK companies to supply armaments to vicious dictatorships to enable further attacks to be perpetrated and to repress their own populations.
      My concern, regarding this report, is with one question. A small number of MPs are against such practices. These are the ones likely to attract the ire of the far right. If the report is accurate, are these the ones who are not receiving “extra protection”?
      FOI would help us with the answer to this question.

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