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Right-wing former Labour MP takes job with Tories

Tom Harris now ‘lead non-exec director’ in Westminster Scotland Office

Former Labour MP Tom Harris has taken a job working for the Tory government, in its Scotland Office. Harris is from the party’s right and was a hardened opponent of Jeremy Corbyn. He lost his seat in 2015 as part of the collapse of Scottish Labour driven by right-wing arrogance and its closeness to the Tories over the Scottish independence referendum.

This is not Harris’s first move toward the Tories. He took over from Dan Hodges as a Telegraph columnist after Hodges left for the Daily Mail.

Those who struggle to see much difference between the Labour right and the Tories will be unsurprised. Other Corbyn opponents such as Ian Austin, John Mann and John Woodcock have taken jobs working on behalf of the Tories as well as receiving peerages.

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  1. I don’t expect to see obscenities in articles on Skwawkbox so I was very disappointed to see the words “Dan Hodges” in this article.

    1. A key to stopping vacuous career politicians like Harris is electoral reform, ditching our outrageous FPTP system. A major step in that direction is my union Unite’s adoption of PR at our Policy Conference which ended Friday 22.10.21.

    2. That was some list. Is the coward Mann a peer? How do the right rise seamlessly to such exalted positions. Did they never let slip their true beliefs in their progress from member to the Lords? Unbelievable, for all our graduates and wise union leaders, lawyers etc, the left was outwitted. To those who believe that the situation can be saved by remaining, do they believe that their very membership is safe? It’s not.

  2. Tom Harries was an advisor to Gerard Coyne, he advocated a vote for Boris Johnson in GE 2019 to much fanfare in the media.

  3. Harris was one of those RW Labour MPs of whom you wondered how on earth he ended up in the party?

    Much of the PLP seems to be comprised of Tom Harris types. So much so there almost has to be a very sinister game afoot to deny citizens democratic choice. Corbyn’s treatment reinforced that view. And Starmer’s unconscionable betrayal of those who elected him, is yet another example. The fools are everyone on the left; for believing the Tory aristocracy and permanent elite would play by the democratic rules.

  4. lundiel, Just seen your response to my post a few days ago in which you say/claim the following:

    I doubt that any here haven’t come across green warriors wanting a centralised and strongly ‘eco’-policed state and I’ve heard greens calling for an end to immigration on ecological grounds. Poverty and homelessness are money wasting distractions from tackling the environmental crisis for some.

    Well I’ve been involved with FOE and Greenpeace and the environmental movement for many, many years, and I have NEVER EVER come across a single person wanting ‘a centralised and eco-policed state’, and needless to say you are spouting complete and utter B/S. And I have never ever come across anyone in the environmental movement calling for an end to immigration on ecological grounds, and THAT is just MORE complete and utter B/S. As is your claim about ‘some’ regarding poverty and homelessness as money wasting distractions. And needless to say you concocted it all so as to discredit the green/environmental movement in true black propagandist Goebbels fashion with Big Lies.

    Funny though, isn’t it, how in your initial post you said that ‘there are lots of green eugenicists and green fascists’. It’s complete and utter B/S of course, but given that you claim there are ‘lots’, can you name a few individuals, or any ‘green’ groups and organisations that hold such views? And can you link to an example or two of these ‘green warriors’ saying they want a centralised and strongly eco-policed state etc. Or anyone else on here for that matter.

    Here’s a link to lundiel’s initial B/S comment:

    PS If you don’t see this post I’ll keep posting it in other threads until you do, and respond with proof of your claims.


    And grandad, could you name some of these Green Party policies you claimed are ‘bonkers’ in the same thread? Cheers

      1. In case anyone is unaware of it, Craig is the first person to be imprisoned on the charge of jigsaw identification in the UK, and in the WHOLE world in fact.

  5. What was he doing in Labour? Better to ask why wouldn’t he be there. We tend to project onto Labour our own values: democracy, equality, openness, peace. But look at Labour’s record: it is sordid. The leaders of Labour have used the support of good people to do bad things. It is two-faced by nature, so that its elite can prosper at the expense of the common folk. The exceptions are few. Bevan’s NHS is the most outstanding. But look at how the right treats Bevan. He ought to be celebrated but they are embarrassed to mention his name. We should leave Labour to the right and the right to Labour. Our values need a movement which is founded on them. Labour is a party of capitalism and that means a party of radical inequality. Given the choice between fascism and democracy, Labour’s right would choose the former. They are doing exactly that. Labour members are gagged. The party is a closed arena. Say the Palestinians are human and you will be expelled. It’s time to stop hoping Labour will find its soul. It’s time for a grassroots movement to its left. Austin, Mann, Woodcock, these people would be comfortable in the company of Farage and Rees-Mogg. They are cheats. Why were they in Labour? To keep up the pretence it is a party of the common folk while ensuring it looks after the rich. Why is Hodge in Labour? To keep up the pretence that Israel is a lovely democracy, to provide a screen for its racism and oppression. The good people in Labour will rally to a new movement when they can see it is serious. At the moment, Labour has a grip on all those who fondly believe it has a radical edge because we project our values. They are making fools of us. Time to dicth them.

    1. ‘Given the choice between fascism and democracy, Labour’s right would choose the former.’

      I don’t mean to contradict you Frank, but I don’t think choosing enters in to it. Starmer and Blair et al ARE fascists, as are the PTB, and if anyone on the left didn’t know it already, the fascists have just spent the past six years drumming the fact home, and they ain’t finished yet! We live in a Pathocracy, and always have done, but because they have to maintain the illusion of democracy (in more recent times historically) by having elections, sometimes it slips through, despite their black – and white (‘Maggie’ and ‘The Welsh Windbag’ for example) – propaganda machine, but they sort it out sooner or later. Yes, I know Ken wasn’t voted in exactly, but the fascists soon sorted that out and abolished the GLC, along with the six Metropolitan County Councils, which were all being run by left-wing administrations at the time. And they smeared him every-which-way of course from the moment he became leader, and labeled him Red Ken and used fear tactics and demonised him etc, etc.

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