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Farage gets tricked again – wishes Gerry Adams happy birthday with IRA slogan

‘Chucky Arlaw’s’ – priceless

UKIP leader Nigel Farage became the laughing stock of Ireland last week when he was tricked into using an Irish Republican slogan in a paid happy birthday message.

Republican hero Bobby Sands: ‘Our revenge will be the laughter of our children’

Well, lightning does strike twice. Mr Farage has been done up like a kipper again, this time wishing a happy 71st birthday to a ‘Gerard Adams’, a former member of staff at the entirely fictional Brighton bar “Chucky Arlaw’s” – the IRA slogan ‘a day will come’ in Irish:

Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands famously said:

Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

So it seems. Wonder how long this can go on?! The Irish are very inventive people, after all.

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  1. The Brits have never understood the Irish,and people like farage are a classic example of ignorance.The vast majority of the people of Britain are fed up with the Ulster unionists and the economic black hole of Partitioned N Ireland.The vast majority of the people of Ireland want unity and a stable government for all the Irish people.. “Ourselves alone” will make this possible but the Coalition of neo liberal alliance across both Islands are determined to make it difficult for both the IRISH and the British who want a peaceful transition.Talks between the government and the Irish republic need to begin soon and must include all the Irish even those confused with their national identity.

  2. Goldbach…ITs not unbelievable if you factor in that most British are just not interested.Watch the Royals…nobility Knights and Lords and unrepresentative politicians tomorrow turn up for a idiot fest of the partition of Ireland and celebrate that obscenity….Thats why we the IRISH blame only one section of British society and thats the Crown and their lackys…God bless the real people of Ireland and Britain.

    1. Well said Joseph. A unified Ireland is only a matter of time. We shall dance when it comes.

    2. Joseph – My “unbelievable” was a comment on Farago’s obtuseness in being fooled again. Maybe he’ll quote George W’s “fool me once, fool me twice” comment.

  3. UKIP leader Farage…….a personal ‘Skwawkbox’ vendetta? There’s other fish to fry, especially in the Neo-Fascist Section of the Labour Party.

    1. Steve Richards…be kind….. trying to get commentators to show any interest in Ireland is extremely difficult so providing a village idiot to draw the readers in is quite frankly brilliant Ireland is extremely difficult to report on especially in a country that still ocuuppies a slice of it by military means.and has a tradition of colonialism.

  4. I believe the queen Elizabeth is not turning up for “Health reasons” for the idiotfest of the partition of Ireland…..Good decision your Highness to the very little people of Ireland and of course your massive tall subjects of the failed basket case and economic black hole of Partitioned N Ireland.

  5. Twice in a week…

    Wonder how much he sold himself out for this time? Less than £90 before…

    Thanks for the laugh skwawkie

  6. Snigger!

    Oh please carry on our Irish brothers and sisters this is hilarious! A whole new sport of Farage baiting!

    *No human was hurt in this sport just his fee fees….

  7. The man is a Daily Mail editorial on legs. What is most despicable is his pretence of the common touch, his assumed man of the people demeanour, the common currency of the fascistic populist. He is on the side of the financiers, the commodity traders, the slick, corrupt handful of billionaires and multi-millionaires who rule the world through their vile trade in the commodities we all need and which they employ as the means of their enrichment. He has nothing in common with the interest of the rest of us.

  8. Thankyou Squawkbox on the day that the “Partition of Ireland” was to be celebrated by the colonialist rulers in Ireland you reported the Statment of Bobby Sands and a picture of the greatest man and poet who starved to death for a United Ireland.that ever walked the streets of the six counties of Ulster.The statment he made in his incarceration showed a depth of understanding and knowledge that the British colonial empire could never achieve. “Our Revenge will come in the laughter of our Children.” I am sure theres a heaven and Bobby will be their alongside comrades that gave everything for a United Ireland and the republic. “Ourselves alone” will form the next government of a united the final chapter of freedom under the banner of a democratic socialist Sinn Fein.

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