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Video: Johnson says wage growth more important than life length or cancer outcomes

Psychopathic Tory PM says ‘never mind’ life or heath – wage growth ‘most important metric’

Tory PM Boris Johnson has said – in a televised interview – that wage growth is the ‘most important’ and people should ‘never mind’ cancer outcomes or life expectancy.

Out loud:

In a country where cancer outcomes are poor compared to other similar countries and around 166,000 people a year die of cancer even before the Tories allowed the pandemic to swamp the NHS and where life expectancy is falling for the first time in decades, particularly among poorer people, Johnson is certifiable.

As any working-class person knows, life and health are fundamental. Johnson is an entitled psychopath – something we already saw in his refusal to express regret for the tens of thousands of Covid deaths he has caused and his ‘let the bodies pile high’ comments last year.

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  1. Don’t forget Sirte would make a great tourist hotspot… Once they got rid of the corpses.

    Imagine if the fat repulsive gobshite was to get sparked clean out…

  2. They’ll be making cancer patients work for their sickness payments soon…

      1. Then those fuckers in westminster must be incarcerated. (In every sense of the word)

        Not a single bastard one of them’s done a day’s graft in their lives.

  3. Johnson recently increased the number of UK nuclear weapons plus the cost to £495b (supported by Right Wing Labour).
    And here’s a thought, just keep ten (some people are frightened so perhaps waste £20b) but let’s use the £475b saved to ring fence £80b for cancer care and treatment and the rest for human need, but Right Wing Labour hasn’t the bottle to challenge the Tories on this!
    We have had 40 years of Tory & Right Wing Labour Neo-Liberal cheap labour but at least New Labour used the state to subsidise it (Brown’s Tax Credits for example subsidise supermarket cheap labour to the tune of £8b a year!).
    Need a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist to take on the Tory and Right Wing Labour Economic B’Stards!

  4. It was, and is, such a disappointment that the psychopathic boris “blowjob” johnson didn’t lose his life after contracting covid-19!

    1. IF you have been through the “mind buggering” public schools experience were the kids are tutured to be above the little people,then you can expect to produce a sick individual and that also includes the leader of the Labour party.No suprises its to be expected from a group of people who see us as expendable and of little them other than improving the quality of their lives..!

      1. Joseph – Jeremy Corbyn’s parents paid for him to go to public school.

  5. I find Johnson’s comment a disgrace. However, he isn’t wrong when he believes that most people went it comes to a General Election, the first consideration when deciding how to vote is their pockets.
    Many Labour Traditional voters deserted Labour, once Thatcher offer them the opportunity to buy their Council homes at a great discount and having the opportunity of making large profits as a result.
    Where they thinking when voting Tory on the misery that they will bestow on younger generations lock out of accessing public housing? I don’t think so.
    This is why the Conservative Party win more General Elections than Labour. In 2017 Corbyn for the first time since Attle’s government offer the British working class a vision that they understood. What Labour under Blair did was to take to Peter to give to Paul.
    Wages stagnated because the supply of workers grow faster that jobs available. Hence, employers could cut wages. Ultimately, it is why many people voted for Brexit.
    The scarcity of a sufficient work force is raising wages up, so the Brexetiers despite the anti-trade Union legislation passed, the privatisation of the NHS, the thing they are going to see is: “Boris got Brexit down and my wages go better”

  6. SteveH
    What is the difference between Temporary Embarrassment and Baby Trump
    I’m fucked if i know

  7. Work until you are ready to retire & then die.
    That way the Boris class can extract the maximum surplus value from you.
    Eat the banana, throw away the peel.

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