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Labour’s conference banner shows red turning blue

Hardly subtle, but accurate

The Brighton venure for the Labour party’s conference, which opens tomorrow, is sporting the event’s new banner – and it sends a shamelessly unsubtle message:

Red becoming blue – not just any blue, but a blue really, really close to Conservative party blue – screaming to the Establishment:

We wear red rosettes, but we’re really Tories. You don’t need to worry we’ll change anything.

An absolute disgrace. If Starmer tries to sing the traditional ‘Red Flag’ at the end of the event, he’ll look exactly the kind of vapid fraud that he is.

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    1. By not even trying to hide it, they’re giving a big, contemptuous Fuck You to the Socialists in the party.

      It’s been a while since the Irish dropped in on a Brighton Conference, isn’t it…?

  1. Banner needs a small correction:

    “Welcome to the labour</strike "mini-me" tory reserves party conference "

    1. Fuck!

      Banner needs a small correction:

      “Welcome to the labour “mini-me” tory reserves party conference “

  2. When organic body parts that should be red turn blue its called ‘Cyanosis’ and happens because of an an insufficient level of oxygen in the blood. This clinical-type diagnosis casts much light on the deliberate pasokification of the Labour party that Starmer, Evans and Mendelson are deliberately inflicting.

    Seems that Starmer isn’t getting enough democratic socialist Labour members to flee the party quickly enough for the trilateral billionaires. Doctors Mendelson, Evans and Starmer are doing their best to increase the life-threatening levels of Hypoxia that the Labour party is suffering under Sir Keir. Severe symptoms of hypoxia will include:

    – The inability to communicate – (check!)
    – Confusion – (check!)
    – Possible coma or death – (progressing nicely)

    Stay and fight – a matter of life and death for the Labour party – and the Labour Movement?

    1. qwertboi, continuing with the medical simile, If the attacks on the democracy are successful and the threshold to nominate for leadership increase to 25%, while making more difficult to trigger a seating MP, I see the Labour Party slipping into a coma.
      The best solution would be them to extract the healthy organs within the body and prepare them for transplant.

    2. Sigh yup yup pops the stay and fight BS as usual…

      As you have repeatedly ignored my question of how your magicicly going to remove all the right MP’s without massive dammage to the party then move on to remove again 95% of the party workers who will be doing every nasty trick to stop you especially when you have No zip NONE power over them your talking either fantasy or BS!

      So as I said before what one are you shill or idiot? This party doesn’t have 30 years to do what your suggesting it will be gone in less than 10 as there will be NO socialists as soon as the rest either realise it’s pointless like the rest of us have or get kicked out. So again giving them money, support and numbers to point at and lie about there members numbers is beyond stupid.

      That leaves us with split and left with all the useless so called socialist MP’s who all are problematic, scared or just worthless for what I can see on the x-leader has some fire left and he apeases to much. so nope don’t want or need them that leave us with starting a new left wing only Labour movement from the grassroots up, never allowing ant PLP or right wing influences ever in the party. That is the only way forwards this stay and fight BS is a trap to keep people wasting there time and energy all the time while paying scum for the privilege of taking the Mickie no thanks!

  3. Subtle isn’t it, pushing red to the corner fringe.

    Blue, then a band of purple, then roughly a third red. Reflectng the unrepresentative majority right Blairite PLP’s composition. Only perhaps, if being picky, there’d be even less red were it strictly peoportionate.

    Some might think that’s reading way too much into it. But a group will have consciously made a decision with such symbolism very much in mind.

  4. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
    At least delegates will know what banner they stand under.
    If they decide to stand under it
    I wouldn’t, if I were one

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