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Video: Starmer’s essay calls for govt ‘transparency’ but he hid anti-Corbyn donors for months

While campaigning on promises of unity and continuing Corbyn’s policies, Starmer accepted £455,000 from anti-Corbyn donors

It’s all in the eyes: Keir Starmer when asked again who was funding him

Keir Starmer’s interminable 11,500-word ‘essay’ has already been shredded as recycling former Tory PM David Cameron’s phraseology, using fascist and Vichy-collaborator language and resurrecting Tory ‘striver vs skiver’ rhetoric and committing Labour to continued NHS privatisation – a waste of pixels and web space that should be astonishing but isn’t.

And Starmer rounds off his droning by calling for the government to ‘restore transparency’ – which is shameless when Starmer spent the entire Labour leadership campaign avoiding transparency about who was funding it:

Eventually – long after the result was in and it was too late for Labour members to change their votes – after a campaign of promising to promote party unity and maintain Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, Starmer was revealed to have accepted £455,000, the bulk of his spending, from anti-Corbyn donors.

Like all his campaign promises, dumped unceremoniously once they’d served their purpose of conning members to vote for him, Starmer’s call for transparency is a sack of hypocritical manure – and his ‘vision’ for the UK is a set of nicked or recycled, and long-discredited, baloney full of razor blades for disabled and vulnerable people.

Snake-oil salesman is too kind a term – and if Starmer couldn’t be trusted during his leadership pitch, why on earth would anyone fall for him when he asks to run the country?

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    1. I thought I’d check out skwawkbox articles from February 2020* – ie during the leadership election – and came across the following article (posted on the 26th):

      ‘Video: Starmer dodges question, says donor info published next Monday. It’s not good enough – why not now?’

      After failing to give a direct answer to a question about his donors on Sky News on Monday, Keir Starmer again avoided answering a question about who is funding his campaign for the Labour Party leadership today.

      Asked by ITV’s Robert Peston – after Peston had asked viewers to suggest questions and was swamped by the same one – who his donors are, Starmer shifted responsibility onto parliamentary authorities to publish details, which he says ‘should’ be by next Monday:

      And – just for the record – here’s the first couple of comments posted by a certain SteveH (the first one a reply to Christopher Fox, and the second in reply to John Thatcher):

      For goodness sake, Starmer hasn’t dodged the question, he has quite clearly stated that details of his donors will be published on Monday. I’m baffled why you think that KS should dance to RLB’s tune.

      And the second:

      Actually I’ve every reason to be happy, the person I currently support for the leadership has a decisive lead in the polls.

      Says it all really!!!

      *For your information: Type >skwawkbox< and a month and a year into a search engine and it will bring up all the articles posted that month in that year, starting with the last article first. It does so using duckduckgo anyway.

  1. I’m, only, stunned, there are still people who believe a word this man utters, or writes, come to that.

    It’s there for all to see. All they need do is go back over the last thirty months and review everything he’s said and done, and see his duplicity.

    1. I am reminded of Mary McCarthy’s comment on Lillian Hellman: “every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.”

  2. He won the leadership of the Labour Party on false pretences. If I, or anyone else lied to obtain employment, that person would be unceremoniously sacked, as the two-faced liar they are. Such a person can never be trusted. This is why Starmer should go NOW. His election to the leadership is based on lies of this nature. Therefore he should be summarily dismissed and a new election held. If the Labour Party rules do not allow this eventuality then they are not fit for purpose and it is not fit to be the governing party after the next GE.

    Starmer is making the Labour Party stink like a rotting fish. He must go NOW.

    1. Starmer will not leave until his mission is complete. He’s been fantastic for the Trilateral commission.

      As mentioned here before by another poster, expect to see Dan Jarvis take the reins before the next GE.

  3. Everything will come down to the success or otherwise of the marketing campaign comprising of buzzwords and slogans. I pray that people see through it. I imagine the campaign will concentrate on how long the Tories have been in power and claim we’re long overdue a fresh new team etc and painting Starmer as honest and dependable, hinting that Johnson is neither and making Corbyn out to be a horrible aberration that can never happen again.

    1. Redveg23/09/2021 AT 3:08 PM
      He won the leadership of the Labour Party on false pretences.

      One wonders whether there could be grounds for a charge of ‘Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception’ **

      **S16 Theft Act 1967

  4. Hah! Wes Streeting? Is that the best they can come up with?

    Why not Neil Coyle, or Jess Phillips – or find a safe seat for Luciana Berger. She’d be a shoe-in.

    What a Ma Hodge? Give her a leg-up, before she retires.

      1. That’s the name I’ve seen, as being the front runner if, or when, yer man resigns.

        The others are, just, my own musings.

      2. Streeting has apparently raised over £100000 in recent weeks and hired a company to build/run a leadership campaign.
        At least you can rely on careerists to plot and plan against each other.

      3. Screeching??

        Christ on a stick! Who’d wanna vote for Frank Sidebottom head after seeing just how shite Easter Island head’s been?

        And some divvies have managed to come across with £100k for screeching?

        Kinell…Where’s mine?

    1. Should this turn out to be in any way accurate the possibility that Parliament’s oldest practicing student is merely a stalking horse for someone else should not be discounted.

      In which event the relevant question would become who? Couldn’t be anyone from outside Parliament. Which rules out the the ‘Blessed Tony’ unless some existing MP falls on their sword by quitting to ‘spend more time with their family’ or due of ‘ill health’ to create an opening via a by- election?

      Perhaps they could dig up Ramsey McDonald? Even now he’d have more life and be more animated than the Labour Party’s answer to Arthur Mullard.

      The smart money would be on the most blatant careerist.

    2. She won’t ever retire. You can only enforce her retirement with a wooden stake!

      1. Ma Hodge, that is. (Reply to George Peel further up the thread @3.17pm)

  5. We now have a competition between Bozo and Starmer as to who is the greatest liar and cheat. It’s probably brass neck and brass neck.

    1. The jury is out on that one. but they are as bad as each other, actually come to think of it Keith is worse as he is an enabler just like Vichy was in respect of his collaboration with the nazis.

      1. Sabine yes, I take your point. Thinking about it though, Starmer and Bozo are in collaboration with the same enemy.

  6. Hard to comprehend just how much someone must hate left-wing politics, to have pulled this ‘bait-and-switch’ exercise against ordinary decent LP members. Fair to say there is zero chance Starmer woul’ve won on the basis of ending OMOV for leadership elections, and expelling Corbyn and aggressively purging his supporters and the broader left.

    No doubt someone has presented the crippling of Labour’s left, and with it ending the party as a viable vehicle for progressive change, as being, in ‘the national interest.’ Getting these devious impostors to try make that a reality. It’s deeply sinister. Even centrists who believe in democracy should be appalled.

    The left will find a way through this establishment firewall eventually though, this isn’t over. The passion that unexpectedly took Corbyn close in 2017, will reassert itself in some new form if OMOV is lost. They can’t suppress a desire for democratic change forever. And they can’t make a dull, authoritarian centrist Labour outfit popular.

  7. No doubt someone has presented the crippling of Labour’s left, and with it ending the party as a viable vehicle for progressive change, as being, in ‘the national interest.’

    My money’s on Mandelson as the chief architect.

    1. Someone like Richard Dearlove, ex head of MI6, Corbyn hater (said on TV he was a security risk), facilitator of the dodgy dossier, member of the Henry Jackson Society and all round gammon.

      1. Mandelson, Dearlove, Murdoch and a few others with over-lapping interests…

  8. I watched “Politics Live” this lunchtime – where the significant contribution
    was from Lord Barwell – who I think of as “cheeky Chappie” who I quite like.

    CC iterated the fact that it was yer man who kiboshed Brexit – who did not
    collaborate with Ms May as he was supposed to. It was put about that the
    Labour Party did their absolute best to get a sensible Brexit – but this was
    not true. There was so much going on at the time with ERG and different
    factions that we*** thought it was pretty much the end of the road and
    probably time to resort to a second vote. The previous Autumn the LP
    had voted for a second vote ONLY as a last resort ..

    Not sure when this was but in May 2019 after the disastrous local Elections
    it was obvious that a second vote was massively unpopular in Red Wall
    constituencies – as anyone who sat up watching the results. WE had
    Council leader after Council leaders nearly in tears begging the LP to
    change their minds about Brexit ..

    So yes it was Keir wot done it .. for he could have changed his mind
    and put a brake on Vote 2

    And so the world turned as they say .. and we ended up with chaos
    in a Parliamentary circus ring with the Chief Clown in charge ..

    .. and yey the Chief Clown won and we ended up in ordure with
    much smiting between ourselves and Ireland and France over
    our exiting the European Union ..

    *** I actually mean “I” for I was fooled too .. However I did

    1. HolbyFanMw-

      Well, the whole GNU arguments and wrangling over whether Corbyn or someone else should lead it, were bizarre, iirc Margaret Beckett’s name was in the frame.

      You had pro-EU Tory MPs like Dominic Grieve and Ken Clarke saying let’s get on with it, and the anti-Corbyn elements in the PLP and LD leader, Jo Swinson, saying Corbyn as a temporary PM, was the roadblock to forming it.

      The PLP and Lib Dem leadership were deeply unserious about improving or preventing Brexit. This is why I don’t understand the silly #FBPE crowd’s ongoing love affair with the centrists.

      1. Andy ..

        In fact I wasn’t talking about voting the Tory rump out via a Vote of No Confidence ..
        and ending up with a Minority Govt. composed of Labour MPs and a few sensible

        However IMHO you are correct in your assessment – for the arrogant Lib Dems
        would not accept Corbyn as leader of such a Minority Govt. They knew that he
        would prove to be a sensible PM and get through a sensible Brexit with increased
        chances of winning the General Election which followed. They thought it was only
        this which stood between them forming their OWN Govt.

        What I meant – and what Barwell*** was talking of – was a straight vote in Parliament
        which was never put – owing to Starmer. This vote would have succeeded for it
        had enough support – and we would have been well on the way to a much better
        Brexit than we have now with the dodgy NI protocol.

        *** This is all in a book by Barwell about his time in 10 DS and it was discussed here
        as I recollect.

      2. HolbyFanMw –

        Yep, the whole ‘the sky will fall if Corbyn becomes PM’ narrative they’d worked so hard to advance would’ve crumbled.

        Thus, Chuka’s gang, PLP elements and Lib Dems preferred to risk a hard Brexit. Which we’ve now got.

        It’s pathetic how Tory MPs were more willing to tolerate a temporary Corbyn administration tasked with just one purpose, than those who call themselves progressives.

        No doubt they’d reject this analysis, but it’s the truth.

    2. Your “Cheeky Chappy” lovable chap Lord Barwell was the person responsible for the Grenfell Fire and the deaths of seventy odd poor souls, many of whom were burned alive.

      He stonewalled the reports that said the Grenfell Cladding should have been replaced because it was a fire risk. That fucker should be in prison along with his boss Eric Pickles.

      1. Absolutely spot on, baz.

        Was just gonna post similar.

  9. I think that he is sufficiently transparent for a significant number of people to have got his number long ago.

  10. Just as well the Nolan principles of Public Office are not applied those in parliament

  11. Streeting would do well against BoJo & Co and would probably do well in any leadership race. He’s personable, has a basic understanding of economics and sounds good (please let Angela Rayner out at the back) has a background of triumphing over adversity and he’s not Jeremy and not Starmer. He’s not going to get votes from McDonnell and Abbott (surely the Laurel and Hardy of modern politics) and he will piss off the Hamas, Palestine and disguised anti semite CLP. What’s not to like?!

    1. How much they paying you Mr Citizen?….You are giving Kevin Bridges a run for his money as the funniest person in the UK.

      Keep it up….

      1. Baz2001, Kevin Bridges makes me laugh but I can’t say the same about plain citizen.

    2. Hahaha. If you’re a red wall social conservative, a lot. He’s a staunch remainer who believes in immigration, and always voted against stricter immigration rules.
      You don’t get to be PM because you had cancer or because you came out of the closet.

    3. Plain Citizen, don’t know whether you mean that lot, but to answer it : treeting played a role in gifting the Tories their current majority. And as for electoral appeal, this isn’t some beauty contest, the electorate are smarter than that. Without policies that excite and get, demographics like the youith vote out eg. Scrapping tuition fees and a free fibre UK broadband network, people won’t bother to turn out, they’ll shrug and ask what’s the point, there’s no difference.

      Do you accept that even the now discredited Tony Blair had radical set of policy proposals and constitutional reform going into 1997’s election? Incorporatinng the ECHR; Freedom of Information; Devolution for Scotland and Wales, HoL reform….yes a lot of it was legacy , but what have the likes of Starmer and Streeting got to offer, besides dodgy claims to managerial competence?

    4. ‘Hamas, Palestine and disguised anti semite CLP’: please expand/explain this; there’s a lot going on in this list.

      1. Paul Smith- There are plenty around the leadership and in Labour HQ, who share that weird, warped perspective.

      2. Yes. Our citizen started off posting blue Labour, working class stereotype nonsense, now he’s a new Labour supporting Zionist. Something doesn’t add up.

      3. The wee lad’s only trying to wind you up.

        Needs practice.

    5. …Streeting would do well against BoJo & Co and would probably do well in any leadership race…


    6. gee Streeting is a nasty piece of work along with several others who say they are Labour party supporter’s MPs or what ever. Hodge John Mann Austin Jess Phillips Luke Ashurst to mention a few. I would never join LP those people anyware near me.

  12. Seriously – someone to replace Starmer?
    Surely Dawn Butler would be yer wummin ..

    She has had quite a lot a experience and knows what’s what ..
    has made mistakes and learned from them.

    1. Holby FanMW – The PLP’s RW could seal any high profile left-wing candidate out, even under the current rules.

      Someone like Barry Gardiner might be the best compromise the left can get. Don’t know too much about him, but he did put up the best defence of members I saw during the media frenzy over alleged antisemitism. He actually used the low incidence rate of reports, to counter that nonsense and by doing so silenced the hostile audience on Question Time. I certainly don’t think he’d ever treat the left like Starmer has.

      1. lundiel – Not an MP. But other than that, I agree, were Burnham to become one, it’d likely be Burnham.

        And… he’s basically a Blairite, he was very poor in the leadership hustings in 2015’s contest, hence why a certain straight-talking leftwinger called Jeremy Corbyn came storming through.

        The PLP desire a return to the days of leadership coronations like Brown’s was, under the new rules.

      2. I suggested Gardner at one time but really think Butller would be better.

        I DO like him and I think he is honest ..
        however we need a woman now SURELY ..

        Anyone who called Johnson a liar in Parliament deserves recognition
        and she has had experience .. The RW women would chew their knuckles
        in frustration but would HAVE to agree she deserves support .. so she
        would get on the short list.

        Also the fact she is BAME should surely count for something?

        One thing which has crept up is that candidates require MONEY for
        their campaign – surely this is outrageous in a Socialist Party?

  13. The worse in all that to me is not the hypocrisy or the double standard, not even the lurch to the right, it’s the total disregard and non acknowledgement of the most pressing issues we are facing now. Shelves are emptying, there’s not enough HGV drivers, we are running out of gas, troubles in NI are reigniting, the NHS is on the verge of collapse and we can be sure to see a massive increase of auto immune conditions such as ME, MS, arthritis, parkinsonism and early onset dementia in younger age groups than usual. We are facing multiple and profound crises, but in the Starmer delusion bubble, it’s business as usual.

    If Starmer was there when Rome burnt and Nero played the fiddle, I bet he would be on the drums…

    1. Ben – 100% agree.

      Yes. The energy price crisis is screaming out for a Labour leader who can clearly explain how Tory privatisations have exacerbated all this. But corporatist friend, neoliberal Starmer is AWOL wring silly essays that signify sweet FA.

      It’d be meat and drink for any real socialist leader.

    2. Absolutely. 4% inflation predicted and Starmer wants a balanced budget. That means austerity. Hard times ahead and Starmer’s currently to the right of the Tories on the economy.

  14. “The sound of laughter and the fizz of ideas are more potent when shared with others. Houses are made homes and streets are made neighbourhoods by the people and the things we treasure.”
    Some psychoactive substance involved here?

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