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Exclusive: left on Unison Labour Link accuse staff of blocking votes on union’s positions at Labour conference

Rules ‘conjured from nowhere’ to block 11-8 left majority’s wishes on conference – and even to change committee

The left on Unison’s ‘Labour Link’ committee has dramatically accused the union’s right-wing machine of blocking democratic results on how the union’s delegates will vote at Labour’s annual conference, which begins in Brighton this weekend.

Left members of the committee have released the statement below describing the events, but Skwawkbox has obtained additional details:

One insider told Skwawkbox:

The left won all of the votes 11-8, but a staff member then said the votes couldn’t count because there had to be a two-thirds or three-quarters majority – but when challenged to show the rule that said that, nothing was forthcoming. It was just conjured out of nowhere. A vote to change the Labour Link chair was also blocked with the same excuse.

Unison has changed democratically to the left, but to say there are shenanigans going on by the right to stop us exercising democracy would be an understatement. It makes it all the more important that Unison members vote for all the left slate in the Labour Link regional elections underway now.

The union’s right-wing management has also recently been accused of suspending its newly-elected president, Paul Holmes, to hinder the left’s new majority on Unison’s national executive – and of not only failing to support Holmes in his case against Kirklees Council after it also suspended him, but of actively hampering his defence and preventing branches supporting him.

Unison has been contacted for comment.

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    1. Thank GOODNESS Unite broke free of OLD BACK ROOM “Buggin’s turn” mindset / attitude / culture that EXCLUDES “the many”. They r status quo guardians BIG TIME!!! U’ve been taken 4 fools with “nowhere else to go”.
      Set in their farcical DECEITFUL ways, they thought nothing of IGNORING “the many”.

      Sharon Graham ignored habitual ignorers, like McCluskey, Landsman, McDonnell etc. Instead she mixed with “the many”, RESPECTED our views and DEFEATED ALL the known names with their omnipotent🤣 ingredients 4 victory😂 BLIND to facts under their noses over & over again, taken in by OBVIOUS infiltrators who cant stand giving even one tiny word of congratulations to those who PROVE their 24hr campaign to keep hopelessness going A BIG LIE😂
      Listen! learn!! OUT with CHOOSERS to learn nothing!!!
      IN with straightforward BASIC ACTIONS. ZERO deceit! Zero UNNECESSARY deviousness!! ZERO decades of stitch-ups by parasites despite whats laughably called “craftiness”!!! “Craftiness” by proven deceivers who TOTALLY led Jeremy to squander everything we gained.

      Straightforward DITCHing those mesmerised by mould ridden MYTHS held by those who correctly despise the MSM yet regurgitate their vomit eg The Working class don’t want commonness (ridiculously portrayed as “Far Left”) … and other such lazy rubbish.
      We need THROUGHOUT “the Left”,
      PURE & SIMPLE straightforward CONFIDENT march FORWARD. Appeasers, defeatist, helplessness doom-mongers and adult indulgent creche habitués and devotees of complicated rigmarole of “deviousness” and honey wasters need NOT apply. These last five years have proven beyond doubt, you mean well but you lack what’s necessary to LEARN new ways. N E W ✨✨✨
      Re reading and flocking to tosh with which u already agree is neither “learning” nor “political education”. That’s able people being toe curling DIM WITTEDNESS.

      1. Ohhh so rousing Sign posts then he says Stay so how is that not defestest staying with the same scum that screw us over, lie and deceive at every oportunista to stop socialism! FFS the only way forwards is a separate socialist only Labour movement grassrooted and never again any right wing they can be centerest or what ever BS label they love to lie with. Stay and we are trapped with these vermin and there shitty power games. In a socialist only movement we control the party NOT the sodding PLP the members lean the lesions of the past the right wing can NEVER be trusted or worked with we don’t want them or need them they need us to be nice little slaves and keep on working for them.

        Nothing will change until we say in one voice NO MORE we are off. Roll up the big tent it’s broken leave them their big top and show the people what they need and want HOPE, HELP and a better future with socialism Labour movement . Or stay and waste your remaining years in the same stupid fights for scraps of power lies and deceptions in the media all from the same right wing sources we have a choice it’s time to make it!

      2. SPOT the DIFFERENCE: 💎 🧻
        THROUGHOUT the obscenely misnamed CAA + BOD + LFI + SIR starmer’s coup collaborators including one MP in particular of many who surfed on the PROFOUND enthusiasm 4 our POLICIES, we all heard REPEATED empty demands to meet with Jeremy re their PECULIAR claims.

        I know 4 a FACT that Jeremy offered to meet with claimants. I also know 4 a FACT that such meetings were unsurprisingly DECLINED by (possibly others) but ONE complainant in particular. The excuse offered considering the THEATRICS of how afraid that individual claimed 2 be, left their own “FREIND” at a loss for words.


        Re: Duffield: Duffield and OTHER women have REPEATEDLY begged to meet SIR starmer re anxiety of attending Conference.

        SIR has to date been too BUSY to meet them to address their concerns.

        P.S. goldbach, re: your earlier request of what was actually said, i’m multitasking as ever, so may not have replied earlier. I can confirm Duffield “ACTUALLY SAID”:

        💥“pretty unpleasant” THREATS online” “in contact with the POLICE”. “WORRY was MAINLY about being TARGETED at the party conference”

        💥“It’s hard to know how serious to take THREATHS by people who post them ONLINE. BUT they’re pretty AWFUL, and I did not want to subject myself and other people to that kind of ABUSE,”

        💥“I’m not imagining they’re necessarily going to physically harm me, but the kind of levels of VITRIOL is pretty HORRIBLE, and I didn’t feel like I wanted to GO THROUGH THAT, to be honest.”

        🤔To me goldbach, Duffields’s words above = EVERYTHING about “not feeling safe.”
        Hope the above extracts address your query.

      3. dg, i told u b4 over & over NOT YOU!!! Skip past my posts. U claim 2 have been a member 4 decades. U FAILED 2 form a new party despite all u’ve seen + your experience, YET u demand others form a new party 4 you??? Quite odd. As odd as Malcolm Coleman aka Smartbut, and his AHs spirting feathers to INSIST “nothing can be done”. etc
        U all have a very impressive operation and have only succeeded so far, because BBC and other TV have successful DIMMED the brains and shortened attention spans to spot even obvious patterns and illogicalities.
        DONT read my post, go and at last do what you so far FAILED to do…and please take the frauds Smartbut Malcolm Coleman and all White Flag Shaggers with u

    2. Classic Right wing modus operendii. They did it to us in our CLP when we overwhelmingly won the vote to change from the delegate system to AMM. Regional Office declared it unconstitutional. We organized for a rerun and this time made sure it was recorded. Rogues and Charlatans!

    3. Reply to Toffee
      I agree with you and would like to see the TUC should sanction Unison but I don’t think they have the power. In my opinion this is an issue for Unison alone to deal with- not the Labour party or the TUC.
      Appointed fulltime officials are paid employees of a union. The Union’s NEC ( by whatever name) implements Conference policy and is responsible for the union’s finances, staff, decision making etc between Conferences. The supreme body in any union is the membership at Annual Conference.
      After a lifetime of lay Trade Union activity ( some at NEC level) I am astonished that a senior elected committee of any union would allow itself to be dictated to by its paid employees. This is a case of the tail wagging the dog. Also does nobody on the committee have a copy of the Rule Book to hand at meetings? This is basic good practice.
      The Link Committee needs to check the rules – I would be amazed if a two thirds majority was needed for a motion, this is only usually the case for a constitutional amendment- and if as I suspect a simple majority is all that is required the Chair of the Committee should uphold the democratic decision of the committee, reconvene the meeting so that the motions can be voted on and notify tell the full time official accordingly. To do anything less is a total dereliction of duty and an invitation for the employees to walk all over the members and the rules. On the other had if a two thirds majority is needed then the employee is right to draw this to the attention of the committee who have no option but to comply with the rules.
      I have never had any faith in Unison as a Union and this fiasco just confirms my opinion.

      1. Smartboy
        Thanks for that, you are our Sanity Clause today
        It follows then that if the employee is acting outside their powers then surely they are toast

      2. Yes Doug but it should never come to it that -elected members of a senior Union committee should either know the rules or be able to look them up on the spot.
        Regarding the employee being toast that might be difficult. They could claim they acted in good faith and made a mistake because they did not know/ understand the rules in the exactly the same way as the elected committee did not know/understand the rules so it would be virtually impossible to discipline them.
        In my opinion the fault here lies with the committee whose ignorance of the rules allowed this to happen. If people can’t be bothered to access and read the rule book they should not stand for election to important committees.

      3. Smart boy good points. But if the official was making it up they should be disciplined and given an official warning & 3 strikes and you are out.
        An excellent point about having a copy of the rules, under Corbyn I was in a horrible majority Right Wing Labour branch and made sure I studied and made a note of the rules, and it is good to be armed with the information.
        The Right in unions and Labour are politically vile and do everything to try to stop socialism.and thus stab the oppressed in the back.
        Politicise union members and the masses and make these Stalinists redundant!
        Need a new left wing democratic socialist party or list for the next GE.

      4. Reply to Bazza
        I totally agree with you. Like yourself I have been on right dominated committees with hostile fulltime officials in attendance. Therefore I learned the rule book inside out. I also carried a copy with me to all meetings. You can’t win them all but to let fulltime officials walk all over you like this is inexcusable

      5. Smartboy
        The employee can only rely on the good faith argument if they were to go away and establish the facts, to leave it as it is and allow the wrong decision to stand would go against them in an employment tribunal
        They would effectively incriminate themselves as bad faith actors
        Would they be acting alone or is this part of the RW culture detailed in the internal report

      6. I know Doug – I would doubt very much any good faith was involved and am sure anything done was deliberate and with an anti left agenda. I was just putting forward what could be considered a reasonable defence even if it is untruthful. I still think the staff member could get off the hook( if they were ever on it) using that defence

  1. ITs lookin whilst sharon is the leader and settling in shes been sabotaged.We don’t want to see a Labour fiasco were we had the leadership but no control.Learn from Labour and have a total clearout of the enemy within.And since when did we start being preached to by a right wing stooge on union procedures or rules.?

      1. Thanks baz 2001 thats trying to read without my glasses,but I am pleased its not unite union and not too suprised with unison and the right wing although it looks like its all to fight for.

    1. Joseph not Unite. Backroom brigade r sticking to their”craftiness” as some call it in UNISON. “Craftiness” which & backroom deals which lock u & i and ALL of “the many” OUT.
      I read someone calling it “legitimate”.
      Some r hooked on subterfuge. They have no respect 4 basic dealings. They mean well but have grown to accept things as given eg “nothing will change” a ridiculous statement inconsistent with ALL human history right up to this very day. Only a handful (comparatively) of infiltrators have “WORKED Night & Day” as we can see even here on, have BLOCKED any fresh thinking. The culture has NEVER been refreshed. What’s embarrassing too is the the fact White Flag Shaggers Malcolm Colemans aka Smartbots and AHs have pulled the wool so easy over the eyes of smart people. So smart, yet how many noticed the car crash of WFM’s account of leaving an elderly man on a toilet floor at the mercy of BULLIES “to finish drinks with a friend”. So smart they not clocked the fact the WFMs & Smartbot can’t even bring themselves to congratulate the successes of Barnard, Jo Bird, Marc Wadsworth, and of course Sharon Graham. To straightforward for “smart” “educated” people. They prefer complicated convoluted “devious” “craftiness” which has brought repeated easy stitch ups by our opposites.

      Things change when we MAKE them change

      1. Well I am seriously considering going Island hopping whilst I can.I don’t think I can hang around for the conference thats rigged and so I am off to settle my blood pressure and get my head on straight first at my favourite Koh tonsay and probably deserted as the tourist dont come any more and certainly not in the rainy season.Not so bad still a warm sea but no phone and hit and miss with the internet and electricity generator only.for two hours.Hope things go badly for the knight and hope the delagates stick together find the best venues for freebies and good food and dont be intimidated which is increasingly becoming likly.Solidarity comrades.

      2. Dear Joseph, PLEASE “settle” your “blood pressure and get” your “head on straight.” HEALTH COMES FIRST.
        Yes, SIR starmer’s deceitful devious gang r extremely *#%*#. DELIBERATE plan to make us leave party assets including infrastructure, name recognition, administrative reach etc and ATTRACTIVE ish packaging increasingly soiled by them, FOR them. Quite OBVIOUS.

        To defeat them, wether still a member or not, be the fittest and ‘well its’ we can be!!!
        I’m positive u’ll b able 2 scan their devious shenanigans on and Red Pepper.

        ENJOY your Island hopping. I’ve not been to that part of the world… flew over to Australia😃, but my dearest friends & relatives LOVE it… in fact can’t stop raving about diverse uplifting + restorative delights!!! One best friend said they’d write a book + start learning a new profession during a year in Vietnam. Exactly as said (as always), ditched extremely lucrative high powered job, -> Vietnam + achieved MORE than planned. Won’t name of course, lest sinister infiltrators tooling SUCCESSFULLY 4 toxic parasites do nastiness. (U know who 🤣🤣🤣)

        P.S. needs repeating: ALL is plundering more + more power + filthy riches. Thus a sinister outfit operating from stolen Palestinian lands, caused last weeks’s URGENT iOS security update being rushed out‼️ They’ve been bugging everyone everywhere rich & poor, Zionist & Non Zionist alike.
        A KEY weakness of too many of us, is; bizarre fixation on externalities. They r indeed powerful but NOT omnipotent. Their power grows DIRECTLY due to those who do have good brains, draining their bandwidths being mesmerised by subterfuge, academic theory and definitions. At school we had Additional maths and APPLIED maths, Physics and APPLIED physics etc. Over last several months, it has become clear, we “Left” r repelled by any APPLIED bit of every subject.
        When the vultures in & out of Labour announce more public purse ribbing scheme, our lot savour the opportunity to show off their theoretical knowledge to each other, rather than counter the Right Wing tosh by rebutting in the GENERAL public. And EMBARRASSINGLY believe the parasites r making a “mistake” an “error” etc, when it is over obvious they r doing as they planned. AND have ALWAYS done. WHY? I suspect an intellectual constipation… bunged up to eyes and ears!!! We r made a laughing stock!!!

        Grace Blakey and another marvellous lady… name slips, will come to me as we’ve met, they … AH!!! Hillary Wainwright, they almost NEVER speak to an EASILY available WIDEST audience. They have basic data info & knowledge at their finger tips. Sadly they too pump out lazy whining about the media. When Blakey turns up, an EXTREMELY rare event, on appropriate programs, i’ve ALWAYS heard her get an EXCELLENT hearing. Ditto Hillary Wainwright, Jeremy, Butler, McCluskey and as Sharon Graham got. Ditto… must mince my words… the absolutely DREADFUL Thornberry Gardner & McDonnell.

        The only person who is often bullied, is Dianne Abbott. Yet despite being attacked more than ANYONE else, STILL Dianne turns up. How??? After FORTY YEARS plus of attacks she STILL turns up and NEVER whines like some pathetic delicate victim… HOW⁉️⁉️⁉️ Yet grown men r meant 2 b treated like helpless precious porcelain Buddhas!!! HOW so embarrassingly ridiculous?!?!?!
        I disagree with her “party is unified” worn out mantra, BUT Dianne turns up‼️‼️‼️
        Sharon turned up!!! MUST TURN UP MORE SHARON!!! Stay out of the oxygen starved bunkers. People think they r thinking. NO!!! they r as good as suffering sleep paralysis

    1. On any other planet this kind of Gross Misconduct would have them sacked on the spot
      How do these fuckers get away with it

      1. Simple we let them! We never fight back, we stay silent and let them talk and tell others what we think. Of course it’s lies and deceptions but that’s all the right wing does is lie and deceive. They need us far more than we need them and it’s more than time to call time.

        The Labour party is dead it’s a zombie party taken over by the right wing cancer there is no cure no way of turning back time. Stop leaving in the past and having the same useless fights for what scraps!!!!

        Take the damn socialism make it a grass routed ground up Labour socialism only movement and inspire people again. Thousands will flock back give them hope again and leave the scum to die with the zombie party that relies on a name not anything else.

        Take that away, take back control no more PLP in charge, simplie follow natural justice and good rules. allow debate and discussion but NEVER decent again and above all no right wing EVER again. well that and waste the remaining time with these same fights, lies and evil briefings. Lets make a better choice!

        I am sick and tired of stay and fight from sock puppets and paid shills. WHY? Stop living in the past, we are here and now the future is important for the many never the current few…

  2. Blairite, and Mandelson dealings…backed up by Max Headroom himself. Corruption of the highest order. Democracy in the Labour Party? …No thanks.

    Now where is the Chief Turd Polisher himself? He needs to tear himself away from Max’s portrait.

  3. Off topic.

    I see that other useless Tory-in-a-red-tie HoC Speaker Hoyle has rejected an amendment, proposed by Tory back-benchers (including IDS of all people!), to reverse the £20 UC cut.

    While it wouldn’t have been binding should the government have been defeated, it would certainly have been embarrassing for Johnson.

    Once again we see whose side these charlatans are really on.

    1. PW i’m not surprised. No one should be. We’ve been taken 4 a ride. Me 4 a much shorter time as a member. It is not always through ill will. Only a few r like that, eg DuncanSmith, Blair, Widdecomb, Mandelson, Thatcher, Reeves, Coyle, Hodge, Khan etc.
      It is due to initially decent people getting into cliques / bunkers with the most integrity decaying habits & culture. The PRIORITY is the clique patting their own backs & being nice & polite to each other while scorning the many… with consummate DISGUSTING ease.
      Result??? Bunker dwellers / clique detached from reality, without realising it remain unrefreshed. Their WORST inclinations become even worse. Their best qualities r NEVER put to TANGIBLE EFFECTIVE use. A good recent example is, imagine surrounded by people who, despite a WIDE range of pressing matters raised on despite whatever other concerns someone at the SHARP end of the status quo, may have, they were moved 4 the first time i noticed, to express concern about a mocked up photo. THAT dented what they FELT was an attractive quality.

      Call me old fashioned, but MILLIONS not only in this country, were attracted to POLICIES. No wonder Jeremy himself failed to claim the obvious; HE MOVED the “CENTRE.” Johnson is now HAPILY moving to where Jeremy led. Meanwhile not even the theoreticians realise they need to claim and PUBLICISE that. Jeremy doesn’t, content apparently that despite the UNNECESSARY PROLONGED suffering of the many, it is satisfying enough to be adored 4 being right and granting an occasional decent from the fog up some mountain to inspect the shrines of those who already agree with him. A tragedy worthy of Euripides, Sophocles AND Aeschylus.
      BUT where there’s life, there’s hope to extract POSITIVES to IMPROVE.

  4. Simple answer – join another Union. There is enough of a choice. If they are messing you about, take your monthly sub. and donation elsewhere. It’s your money.

    Leave them scratching around, to buy a round of coffees, in their empty office.

    Enough of this being messed around by these over-entitled tw*ts. We’ve had it from the Party – little choice. Stay or leave.

    With the Union, there is a choice. Stay, or take your money and join another Union.

  5. Related…

    Aaron Bastani tweets:


    Whispers of Labour going back to electoral college in selecting next leader with it being 1/3rd PLP, 1/3rd trade unions & 1/3rd CLPs. Could be going to NEC Friday…

    Corbynite legacy may be little more than reversal of Miliband reforms. Unison & GMB may decide it.


    Surely the leadership can’t be this brazen? Pushing such a regressive anti-democratic move so early. Such a disenfranchising backwards step. The unions surely have to fight for the demonstrably more democratic OMOV.

    The fact Starmer lied and totally misrespresented what his leadership would be about with the ‘continuity Corbynism’ ten pledges is bad enough, there’s no way he’d have won had he mentioned a desire to do this ffs!

    1. I am still a member Andy and have stayed in the hope that my vote might count. If you are right and they revert to the electoral college method of selecting a leader I will resign immediately.

      1. Sienna Rodgers, the LabourList editor, has tweeted this:

        I’m also hearing that this is the big rule change under consideration for going to Labour NEC and then conference – plus also changing the trigger ballot system. The next TULO meeting will be interesting.


        Sounds ominous, it’s the sort of thing you’d expect from this lot too.

        As Bastani pointed out and Alex Nunns tweeted, quote :

        Every trade union and CLP delegate will have to decide whether they want to permanently disempower themselves.

      2. If u all r members White Flag Men Smartbuts Malcolm Colemans AHs aka Allan Howard, then resign immediately!!! No constructive productive future needs u all. U caused Jeremy to appease non stop to the same creatures u NOW pretend 2 criticise.

        NO TRUE “Left” person would fail to congratulate Barnard, Jo Bird, Marc Wadsworth + more PLUS now Sharon Graham. U all cannot even bring your fraudulent yourselves 2 celebrate their victories, nor say a ONE good word about Chris Williamson. How so???

        But of course u won’t resign. Your job is to pump out more hopelessness & helplessness “no choice”, “nothing could have been done”, “nothing could be done” except appease or those attacking “would attack”. How utterly ridiculous. And despite the dreadful PREDICTABLE consequences, SOME “smart” people fail to see through your obvious role.
        U can only fool those who CHOOSE to be hoodwinked.

    2. Andy, EASILY predictable. PREDICTED years ago on they would do as REPEATEDLY & OPENLY said planned 2 do. They showed ZERO respect + regard 4 anyone other than serving vested interest of ONE PERCENT of the WORLD. NB not just the UK. The WORLD!!!
      Hence Mandelson is OK sunning his mass on RUSSIAN Oleg Deripaska’s YACHT, Epstein’s YACHT +/or plane… YACHTs of any “Filthy Rich” creature.

      No detached academic economic, political & social theories, so able people will remain BLIND & DEAF 2 KEY obvious FACTS. They WON’T connect, ANALYSE nor DETERMINE effective straightforward ACTIONS.
      … magnifying glasses r unnecessary 2 c ELEPHANT SIZED evidence under “smart” “educated” eyes. GIANT clues hold no allure 4 the “smart” & “well educated”.

  6. So when control is eventually taken back in Unison then whoever is responsible will be sacked ?

  7. Wonder what drives their devotion to PLP’s RW bad faith actors? Imagine being in a union thinking like that!?

    What they can’t win by fair means they win by foul, but it’s hard to believe the same malady is now infecting the unions.

    1. Andy it appears it has 4 DECADES. But smart people failed 2 see the obvious SEEABLE at most within THREE MONTHS

      1. “malady” “infecting the union”: that is👁👁👁

  8. Temporary Embarrassment is toast, manoeuvres have started on the RW
    Dan Jarvis will stand down from Yorkshire mayor next year
    Now how many do we need if TE resigns
    What say you our resident accountant

  9. I remember in the 80s being a lay member of a trade union scorning at the Royal College of Nursing (very right wing) and generally supporting Unison.As a retired trade unionist I was astonished in December 2020 the RCN calling and getting the vote for a strike over nurses pay and conditions. It took two days for Unison to go along with the idea.My my-how times have changed.

    1. James M
      Unison is and has been for many years totally useless. Furthermore any union which would employ the ex Labour Staffer Emilie ” smellie cow pube head” Oldknow who worked against a Labour victory in 2017 and who features prominently the leaked AS report is a disgrace and a stain on the Labour movement.

  10. Sorry Guys but if you keep turning the other cheek the Right Wing Corrupt Thugs and Bullies will just keep slapping you so stop your whining grow some and start slapping the Tory Bastards back, if you don’t do this you are handing them the Unions and the Labour Party on a Silver Salver, The only Way to fight and beat fire is to Snuff it OUT SO DO IT NOW

  11. I can’t understand half what you say you lengthy post writers – sorry!

    But picking over who fits and who does not in terms of left wing MPs
    puzzles me .

    Most are keeping schtum – but soon the crunch will come .. isa question of
    choosing the right moment for it. I mean of course getting rid of Starmer
    who is not a politician ..

    What I want to know is WHY was no-one from the LP on Politics LIve
    this lunch time? Seems crazy ..

  12. PS I see Dougs post and agree – many MPs are on manoeuvres ..
    so who do you think would maker a good leader?

    Trickett has done massive work but I think we need a woman as leader now –
    Dawn Butler would be the best choice IMHO. She has made mistakes but
    has learned from them and has experience

    1. HolbyfanMw
      Yes to Dawn Butler is one of a number of young women who would do us proud
      Comes across as tough enough for the job, but this time we don’t give the MSM and toilet papers a chance, treat them with utter contempt

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