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W Mids Labour right gets its backside handed to it with Graham’s win

‘Usual suspects’ backed Coyne – and Turner. Both lost

Despite the attempts of the Labour right and Keir Starmer’s office to pretend that it was a good result for them, yeterday’s win for Sharon Graham in the Unite general secretary contest was a further humiliating defeat for the right, in particular the ‘usual suspects’ in the West Midlands.

Jack Dromey, other half to Harriet Harman and a Coyne backer in 2017, had backed Steve Turner – a fatal mistake for Turner’s campaign to allow it, let alone to try to court the right-wing vote – even featuring prominently in Turner’s online campaign launch event.

Turner’s campaign launch – Jack Dromey bottom centre

And while Dromey swung to Turner, a string of Labour-right figures backed Gerard Coyne, undeterred by Coyne’s conduct and humiliation during the 2017 contest. Former deputy leader Tom Watson called for votes for the right-winger early in the campaign:

Shortly after the reviled Rupert Murdoch’s press empire came out in support of Coyne, right-wing MP Jess Phillips – an attendee at Murdoch’s party’s – followed suit:

Clearly – and happily – the answer was, ‘No’

And John Spellar, founder of the hard right pressure group Labour First, got in on the act too:

The Starmer-friendly press have been eagerly regurgitating the claims of unnamed Labour sources that Sharon Graham’s victory is a victory for Keir Starmer – but the reality is that the right swung squarely behind Coyne, and behind Turner as a ‘plan b’ and did everything they could to ensure a victory for one or the other of them.

Graham’s victory therefore represents the Labour right – and especially in the West Midlands – getting its collective arse handed to it by the grassroots of the union movement. Coyne came last – and Turner almost certainly would have come last by a distance without the votes of those Howard Beckett supporters who could bring themselves to do so.

Don’t let the Labour right/centrist media axis rewrite history and fool you – the right is not as strong as it wants you to think and it folds in the face of collective resistance.

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    1. Skwawkbox gave us the results earlier. The most Left candidate won, and Coyne finished a humiliating THIRD.

      1. kenburch – Don’t you mean that he gave us the provisional estimates based on first 10% of the count. It is looking likely that the results will be published this afternoon (Wed) instead of Thursday.

      2. Yet another Mandelson Evans Blair “smart” “clever” “brilliant strategist” ” winners’ ” choice GERRARD COYNE came LAST🔵

        MARGARET HODGE toured the media attacking Howard Beckett because she knew he had the policy substance that could have DEFEATED her Coyne exactly as Jeremy defeated ALL the usual suspects, first at the leadership, then by INCREASED margins against SIR Keith Starmer’s TWO blue TORY ideology coups🔵

        Turner who failed to use the AMPLE opportunities to communicate to the WIDEST PUBLIC, still managed to dismiss Coyne. Yet ABSENT Turner erased Mandelson Evans’ choiced Coyne into dregs of LAST bottom silt,…

        … by SIX THOUSAND, four HUNDRED and NINTY NINE votes. That’s Right “Winners” for you. EvansHosgeBlairSIR STARMER’s choice COYNE was dumped by an ABSENT turner by 6499 votes to crawl about in LAST PLACE. If that does not dump myths of Right Wing inevitability and omnipotent externalities, then what will❓❓❓

        DUMPED like UMMUNA, dumped like Jo Swinson, dumped like Ellmann, dumped like Smeeth, dumped like Berger who thought she could deceive the good people of Hendon and Finchley in particular and everyone elsewhere in general. DITCHED! REJECTED!! failed Failed FAILED to fool. FAILED to convince. NOT believed🔵

        Anyway, also defeating Coyle’s choice Coyne, was Sharon Graham. Sharon endorsed by The SOCIALIST WORKER party.

        SOCIALIST & WORKER. Repeat; Socialist and Worker.

        Proof yet again that the MYTHS that we must choose the likes of Ummuna, Burnham, Miliband Charity INDUSTRY parasite sucking up $$$ MILLION in New York; all perks included. i heard him say HE’s WORTH IT. Pull another one parasite🔵

        SHARON GRAHAM dismissed MandelsonBlairEvansHodge
        AshworthNandyCoyleStrawHBenn et al choice Coyne. Sharon dumped Coyne away by ELEVEN THOUSAND, three hundred and sixty two votes. 11,362.

      3. windchimes – Thanks for making the effort but your post doesn’t seem to add much apart from confusion (what are you on?). I have already posted the results in a much more understandable format below

      4. He’s up to his usual tricks. Wants the final results so he can say the contest lacked legitimacy because of the low turnout and have a long argument with someone over nothing.

      5. We must note these wins. Celebrate them. Analyse them. Considering Coyne turned up to communicate to the widest public, as i posted immediately after, Coyne failed to impress. Many, including me thought his claim of not having spoken to Keith as unbelievable as Berger’s claims which ALSO failed to deceive the good electorate.

        Sharon at that my first hearing of her, demonstrated what is urgently needed by ALL our leaders. She turned up and remained ‘PRESENT’. No “off the cuffs”. No detached breathy delivery as if all is lost b4 one even begins i.e. inbreed defeatism and compulsive victim mentality. No snail pace delivery and broad-brush scattergun light spray on every virtuous issue under the sun.
        Oh, and no slow slow slow passing of wind as if through what passes for David Cameron’s mouth… while UNNECESSARILY gassing on about eg the complexities of mutton tariffs.

      6. Here are the actual results

        Graham was elected on 25 August, with her term as general secretary starting on 26 August.[40][69]
        Sharon Graham – 46,696 – 37.7%
        Steve Turner – 41,833 – 33.8%
        Gerard Coyne – 35,334 – 28.5%
        Turnout – 123,866 – 8.85%

      7. Sharon was focused, and conveyed CONFIDENCE in her convictions. She immediately sounded like someone who used her own observations and independent thought rather than fixated on dancing to the tunes of others. Not once did she spout lame tiresome excuses or group NON-think.

      8. windchime – Could you please remind me where I criticised Sharon, I don’t recall ever doing so?

    2. Steve, Turner CONCEDED already. It’s over for Coyne, too. And given that you spent half the Unite campaign slagging Turner, why would not accept that Graham won?

      1. kenburch – Where did I say that and I challenge you to produce any evidence that I was continually slagging off Steve Turner.
        Repeatedly telling big fat porkies doesn’t do much for your credibility. Ir makes it difficult yo believe anything you say.

      2. In the thread on the story of Beckett withdrawing from the contest and endorsing Turner, you started attacking Turner, even though you’d claimed to be supporting him prior to that. I told no porkies and you’ve never been justified in questioning anybody’s honesty in any of these threads.

      3. kenburch – Why do you keep demeaning yourself by making stuff up.

    3. Sorry mr Stevie H Hall you followed the leader and swopped your comments to suit the circumstances to damage anyone but the scab coyle. I can understand that the Caribbean bolt hole means a different time zone,but telling porkies and swopping aliases does nothing for your credibility.Moneys too tight to mention at fawlty towers Hq,but just wait till Graham gets stuck in you will end up dodging the milkman with your crumbling infrastructure and Scab leader..At least we the working-class movement after today can focus on eradicating the filth that comes from you parasites party.and set up a party that represents real Opposition and real working-class people.

      1. Joseph – Did I really, do you have a link that proves this? Which Graham would that be?

      2. Joseph – If you ever get round to setting up your ‘socialist party’ instead of just endlessly talking about it then I’ll watch on with interest.

    4. I am against Union big wigs who fund our Labour Party, saying they don’t do politics. BUT, i would welcome her withdrawing in FULL and IMMEDIATELY ALL funding from the party while Starmer’s Parasites control it. No threats. No limp words. No asking for pledges and promises which WILL be broken. ACTION. Action is what we need. And persuade other Unions to do same UNTIL control is taken back by those for whom it was founded

  1. I am sorry Squawbox,and I know you were devastated by Becket standing aside but dont try to pin right wing Labour on Steve Turner whos history is militant and a rock solid union man backed by the Communist party of Britain hardly a right wing organisation.We take Steve Turner and his loss on the Chin and get behind Graham who will grasp the opportunity to send a message to the Labour party that they are stuffed if they continue on the same path.I am disappointed that Turner lost but I don’t turn around with a scattergun approach attacking comrades especially Steve Turner and Graham who should be congratulated for keeping it clean.We that is the left wing still have control of one of the largest unions in europe and its existence means a future for the working-class movement,unlike the non future of a disintegrating Labour party and a PLP thats infected beyond redemption.Nows the time for Howard Beckett to rise and grasp the opportunity in a Labour movement crying out for action and a serious political force against the Labour establishment party….Hundreds of thousands of subs going to waste without a home for the disenfranchised former members and activists of the Labour party.,Thats the agenda for the unions and the whole working-class movement…People ready and waiting for the inevitable rebirth of the Labour movement not the Labour party.

    1. Joseph, as someone that openly supported Turner like you, I have not problems with Graham been elected Unite’s General Secretary, The way she handled Coyne during the LBC’s interview was fantastic, she completely owned Coyne arse and he come last.
      I see Beckett as an ally and it would be great if he was to use his considerable influence within Unite to support independent socialist candidates with a view of having a political viable alternative to the existing Labour Party from the left.
      I agree too, that for the Skwawkbox to pain Turner as a right winger is obscene and it doesn’t do the left any favours. Beckett was never going to win Unite GS’s position no matter how much the Skwawkbox wishes to re-write history. Beckett did the decent thing by standing down and by doing so he allowed a left wing candidate to become the next Unite’s GS. Had Beckett, stand alongside Graham and Turner, I believe Coyne would have won, instead he has come third.

      1. I agree Maria this is real life and a real election,we aceppt the result and build on it .Graham called the best shots and I have a feeling that she will be like a breath of fresh air.The caption above of Steve Turner with all the parasites behind him shocked and saddened me.He doesn’t deserve that and its a photo shot too far.considering that he must be shattered,and I hope he never sees it..We are all pushing in the same direction and have a common enemy within,the last thing we need is to degrade the election by posting a ridiculous photo shot like that.And Beckett take a bow you have shown real Opposition and real leadership.,I hope Graham recognises this we shall await developments?

  2. When will Unite the Union be lifting its arse and removing its financial backing from the Tory, Labour Party sling and the stinking crop of careerist, right wing MPs? The time is waaaay overdue. Let’s choke it off now so that principled workers can safely re-UNITE, rejoin forces and start again under a real workers’ flag.

  3. The good news is Coyne was hoping a low turnout and split left vote would play into his hands and he could sneak victory from the split left vote. That didn’t happen and the left won.

    1. lundiel – Really?
      I was under the impression that Coyne was hoping for a large turnout.

      1. You’re wofully uninformed then. Coyne got 28% of the vote this time, down from 41% in 2017. A split left vote and low attendance would have helped him.

      2. lundiel – Thanks, I already know the full results (you can see that I’ve helpfully posted them above). The turnout for the last election in 2017 was 12.2% down from 15.2% in 2013 the turnout has now dropped to <9%. How much further does it have to drop before the ‘mandate’ loses all credibility.
        You don’t seem to have a clue what you are talking about

      3. Read my comment pin-head: “Coyne got 28% of the vote this time, down from 41% (of the vote) in 2017.” You stupid little man.

      4. lundiel – “A split left vote and low attendance would have helped him [Coyne].” is what you said.

        There was a split vote on the left and the turnout was lower. You are talking nonsense.

      5. Like I said retard “That didn’t happen and the left won.”
        What the fuck is wrong with you? You seem to have a compulsion to argue with people about anything at all. I suggest you see a doctor.

  4. Is SteveH trying to wind you all up? Do bears …………………………..

  5. As a Unite activist:
    1. Great news that Unite still has a left General Secretary. As a member of United Left, I supported Turner, but I’m cool with the result.
    2. Great news that the Watsons, the Spellars, the Phillips’s and other right-wing wreckers have had it shoved up their arse …. All the sweeter.
    3. The United Left now needs to get its act sorted out. It has been badly-wrong-footed by this election. Fortunately, the outcome is not so bad as I feared … We have a lot of work to do … The right-wing will now go away … Their backers and funders have deep pockets.
    4. Great news that the bastard Coyne is once again humiliated … and his puerile apologists.

    ***** HAPPY DAYS *****

    Tooting popular front does Cluedo
    Who did it to who in the parlour with a fuck8ng candlestick
    Hold Sharon Graham to a single pledge to demand value for money from the party
    Wirral in it together somes it up better than me let’s see what happens at conference
    If the answer is sfa then it’s over to us on Labour Day, Tuesday 5th October

  7. As always, time will tell.

    Firstly, kudos to Graham. She beat Coyne and that’s what mattered most.

    As for Graham and Unite, time will tell. Wirral is correct that fees/donations/support for the labour party needs investigating at the very minimum. Suspension would be preferable (Labour party has no qualms using suspension).

    Labour needs you or more specifically, your vote. You don’t need their Tory lite shenanigans, nor do you need their obvious contempt for you and your ilk.

    Who really wants one of these Labour PLP types as their MP after what they’ve done to you?

  8. My MP was one of the leading Corbyn back-stabbers.
    Also one of Starmer’s nominators for leader.
    Also one of the 2nd referendum tub-thumpers (together with Starmer).
    …… A move guaranteed to lose all those northern “leave-voting” constituencies.
    He’s the last person I want as my MP.

      1. SteveH – Starmer’s campaign gave every impression his leadership would be ‘continuity Corbynism,’ not just the 10 Pledges, he even defended Corbyn at hustings, saying the tabloid press attacks were wholly unjustified.

        Now he’s leading a party that’s booting out members for daring to even criticise Corbyn’s suspension.

  9. “… a PLP thats infected beyond redemption ..”

    If we must use the “infection” metaphor, the PLP has not become “infected”, it is the seat of the “infection”. Clear from 2015 onwards

    1. Idd.

      Really don’t understand the mentality of these people who deceive & undermine movements they’re associated with. How do they sleep at night? The obstacles / terrain facing progressives in the UK is already really hard with the brutal media environment and the right have rich donors. Planted traitors within the ranks makes a difficult task, nigh on impossible.

      1. Andy
        It explains the last 40 years since 1979, the left have been woefully naive
        Right upto John McDonnell calling AS Scam and 2nd Referendum wrong
        There is hope in Corbyn ism, the legacy is strong but belongs to the younger generations and the progressives
        Time to get out of their way and let them get on with it
        They can’t possibly fuck it up as badly as we have

      2. Doug – The left are extremely naive about multi-layered establishment efforts to undermine socialism. It dates back to the ‘Cold war’ mentality, and certain people in the US/UK haven’t moved on from that anti-left vigilance.

        It’s why the press and PLP throw around the ‘conspiracy nut’ and ‘crank’ label so readily at anyone suggesting bad faith actors; because there really is a conspiracy to undermine the left and lots of financial backing behind it. Just look at the Independent Group /Change UK and the money that flowed into that splitters effort. Look how everyone who undermined Corbyn (2015-2019)have now landed cushy salaried jobs that most of them aren’t in any way qualified for.

      3. Andy
        Corbyn ism was no fluke, the electorate were screaming out for clear Red Water, a genuine choice, it looks to me like we own the future
        How we get from here to there is the challenge

  10. Once again the wee fella pontificates.

    You are all wrong. All of you.

    Now, you must listen to him because he’s going to tell you all just why you should vote stammer, so pay attention….

  11. Stray dog, looking for attention

    Yep. That’s why I choose to be argumentative with just about everyone on this site.

    That’s why I’m always left wearing my arse for a hat.

    Now then, what was that about why we should vote stammerist labour?

    You never know wee fella, you might actually get our attention if you give us a reason..

      1. You thought wrong.


        Now. About why we should vote labour…?

  12. I thought you’d gone to bed.

    We should vote starmerism because you thought I’d gone to bed? What sort of a reason’s that?

  13. I would have voted Beckett, but he did the altruistic thing and backed Turner, for whom I voted. Now I’m wondering why Howard didn’t throw his weight behind the most left wing candidate? Why didn’t he back Graham?

    1. Francis Kay – because many of our big wigs are devoted to back room deals. Those almost always exclude women. Also: perils of the bunker group think. Sharon Graham was off the radar until she turned up to communicate DIRECTLY to a wide audience. I’m yet to hear a single negative about her performance. None who heard her are surprised she won.

      I posted my positive impression of her immediately and my conviction that Coyne was a busted flush. ( plus he seemed shifty. something was not right… can’t put my finger on it)⚠️

      p.s. to Bazza – i’ve heard that the Workers’ Manifesto has ALREADY been written BY WORKERS. Graham is AHEAD of the curve. Prepared for ACTION rather than be buffeted by events. She clearly intends to set the agenda, set the tunes.

      NO SURPRISE then that EVERY SINGLE news bulletin i’v heard today including one 5 minutes ago, SIR Keith Starmer’s deceitful congratulations to Graham has been played out PRETENDING to care about workers. I would be AMAZED if Graham is taken in by 🔱Starmer’s cheap words⚠️

    2. Frances I wouldn’t have but my thoughts on this are that as always Howard was acting at the behest of Len McCluskey. .
      HB was originally Len’s mini me (the chosen one) but when HB was forced to drop out then Len was left with a choice of either SG or ST and given that SG’s platform was the antipathy of what Len stood for then there was really no choice but to throw his weight (via HB) behind ST.
      Given that Steve Turner and Howard Beckett really are not natural bedfellows then I do wonder how many of ST’s supporters switched their votes or abstained because they were uncomfortable about his pact with HB.

      1. In what possible universe was Sharon Graham’s platform ” ‘the antipathy’ (did you mean ‘the opposite’? if so, it wasn’t that, either) of what Len stood for”? Their views are almost identical, except where Graham’s are to the left of Len’s. Also, given that he got out of the race weeks ago, why are you STILL slagging Beckett? What did you ever have to slag him for? Or McCluskey, for that matter?

        You need to face facts- the results prove that the Unite rank-and-file DON’T want their union’s leadership to cheerlead for Starmer’s relentless, unjustified war against socialists and socialism. There was no mandate to join Keir on the now-nonexistent “centre ground”.

      2. kenburch – You need to face facts- the results prove that 90% of Unite’s rank-and-file couldn’t be bothered to vote.

      3. kenburch
        ‘Non existent centre ground’
        ‘No man’s land’
        Which lost 5 million votes and came within a whisker of bankrupting the party
        Temporary Embarrassment is simply a pale imitation

  14. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sharon Graham for her solid victory and to note that the overwhelming majority of the Unite rank-and-file gave their support to the two most left-wing candidates, Graham and Turner. I must also apologise to Sharon Graham for significantly underestimating her appeal and her chances of winning- like many others, I assumed she could only be a spoiler. I was wrong and, and GLADLY admit it.

    1. kenburch – the overwhelming majority of the Unite’s rank-and-file didn’t vote

      1. The overwhelming majority of any union’s rank-and-file NEVER vote in union elections. That fact is irrelevant here. If the majority of that rank and file had wanted Coyne- the candidate you clearly secretly backed- they WOULD have voted.

        It’s just silly to try and discredit graham’s victory, or the fact that the prohibitive majority of those who DID vote rejected the idea that Unite should have a general-secretary who defers to a right-wing Labour leader and focuses on NOTHING but wages and conditions- which were things McCluskey never ignored and which Turner would not have ignored either.

        This was a massive defeat for the Labour Right AND for Starmer. He’s going to have to end his pointless war to drive all leftists-only leftists are socialists- out of the Labour Party and he’s going to have to admit the AS issue has been put to rest, if there was ever an issue at all.

      2. kenburch – On the contrary I think that Keir will be quite happy with the result. It marks the end of McCluskey’s influence.

      3. McCluskey was never evil, and it was never nefarious that he backed Corbyn against the “chicken coup” and the AS Smear. You can’t seriously think that Owen Smith, the man who literally couldn’t get anyone to turn out to hear him speak as a leadership candidate and had to beg to be allowed to speak at CORBYN’S rallies to be heard by anybody, would have been an improvement as leader- or that Kendall, Cooper and the Burnham of 2015- all of whom were “continuity Blair” candidates- would have done better.

        Why would ANYBODY think that?

        They’d all be just as weak in the polls as Keir is now, and the response of all of them to that weakness would have been the same- they’d have just kept moving the party further and further and further to the right, and the 2010/15 GE results prove that doing so would never have gained Labour any votes?

        What is your grudge against McCluskey about? For that matter, why are you STILL attacking Beckett? He never did anything to harm his union or Labour as a party.

      4. kenburch – It’s amazing what you manage to extrapolate from a simple statement. Perhaps you might have more credibility if you refrained from attempting to put words in other people’s mouths.

    2. kenburch – “. I was wrong and, and GLADLY admit it.”✅☀️🏆✅☀️🏆✅☀️🏆

      If we had more like you and qwertboi, who GLADLY admit we are wrong about something, we would not have been in this mess🔁⛓

      We ALL get things wrong. The TRAGEDY is refusing to admit it PUBLICLY. why??? That discourages others from doing same. And, because people prioritise doubling down on their errors, they appear UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. And the SAME errors are then repeated🔁⛓

      Why 4 eg could i a novice, spot within fifteen minutes that Jeremy would be the choice of the many at the Leadership election AND at SIR Starmer’s TWO coups??? Interesting that the misnamed BOD & misnamed CAA and misnamed Chronicle ALSO expected Jeremy’s win early o’clock and PROMPTLY tried to make him loose. STILL at NO point did Jeremy and his team act like adults willing to grasp reality. The maintained a COMPLETELY FALSE sense of virtue. THOUSANDS were betrayed. Thrown to wolves in WOLVE’s clothing🔁
      Apologies to wolves. DEEPEST apologies

      Why could i have posted with confidence that “worse was to come” re: Starmer???

      Why could MANY see at once that Sharon Graham would THROW Mandelson’s Coyne
      DEEP down the bin??? Howard Beckett could have won this EASILY. But good has come of it. We have all now discovered a TRUE independent thinker, woman of ACTION and a TRUE LEADER🏵🏵🏵

      Why could anyone not see that Turner was WRONG absent himself from the wide GENERAL public??? and WRONG for perpetuating PATHETIC tiresome GROSS inaccuracy that we dont have opportunities to “COMMUNICATE to the public”??? Well Sharon Graham had the BASIC intelligence to ignore the forever moaning minnies and ninnies. WELL DONE Graham!!! AT LAST

      Coyne is of course DEPLORABLE. But in my FIRM opinion neither Turner nor Beckett deserved to win. Turner for failing to turn up and backroom deal with Beckett to pull out. And Beckett for pulling out i.e. APPEASEMENT🔁

      I disagree ENTIRELY with the bilge of Maria Vazquez today that Graham should treat Turner and Beckett as something positive… can’t remember what the positive was. They are unnecessary WHATEVER it was. I’m sure Graham already knows that. She won without them or Vazquez’s input🔁
      Graham does not strike me as some CULTISH clique chaser happy to bang drums with a pack of bunker bilgers. HARSH and ACCURATE. Upset? Then for the love of Doug’s DOG; go! Go!!! GO away with your space occupying drivel. The party is not some yogurt and kale squirting SH hole. It is meant to BRING ABOUT CHANGE.

      Graham is also CORRECT in saying that the PLP has not delivered a single benefit for workers.
      Dianne Abbot is WRONG to spout drivel yesterday about the party being “unified”.
      EVIDENCE that being good and well meaning is not enough. We do not need at the centre of the party who no matter what, can’t seem to plug their DISASTROUS attitudes. They treat repeated TWISTED CRIMEs against “The Many” as a virtues🔁⛓
      ENOUGH of that.

      THIS country needs change. It will not be helped in ANY WAY by those who with every event, pipe up to repeat their most inane noises they SINCERELY believe worthwhile. DESPITE events the very minute before in FRONT of their eyes!!! You could not make it up. They will NEVER learn. They prioritise something else other that pausing to fix their wonky thinking🔁⛓

      We also do not need those who value the most embarrassing priority of not calling things out just to keep on board those who will cause OUR boat to crash against OBVIOUS rocks AGAIN, then blame the rock that were ALWAYS there for being there🔁⛓

      Someone mentioned “fellow travellers”. No one needs “fellow travellers” who want to “unify with” parasites on board. Who instead of getting rid of parasites; like the battered wives, decide to feed the batterers and “FLIES” with the “best honey”. OR cannot spot the obvious Malcolm Coleman🔁⛓ Absolutely on the edge of inexplicable, except for stale BUNKER air.

      The wife and the battered are not bad. But to save this country, those who have proven that mentality, have NO PLACE in directing what needs to be done🔁

      Turner and Beckett will repeat the EXACT failures as McCluskey, McDonnell, Gardner, Jeremy etc have repeated for nearly SIXTY YEARS EACH. They enabled ACTIVELY the dreadful stuff now. Even when they had a chance they allowed a war criminal to roam free🔁⛓

      There is no shortage of brains, knowledge, “smartness”, “cleverness” etc.
      Excruciatingly neither a shortage of some ready in a flash, to regurgitate the same PROVEN rubbish from last month🔁⛓

      CRUCIALLY we have perilous glut of “fellow travellers” who to maintain a NICE cosy social creche for adults, are in PRACTISE… by their actions and words, SATISFIED with seeing “The Many” continue to suffer more exploitation by TORIES just because they crawl about with red rosettes and abuse the Labour label🔁⛓

      ENOUGH of that‼️ Go‼️‼️
      YOU are the KEY part of the problem‼️‼️‼️ Tories no matter RED or BLUE, could not do as they do, without you.

      🧱👁‍🗨💯🧱👁‍🗨💯 🧱👁‍🗨💯

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