Exclusive: direct link established between Coyne campaign and Watson office

Andy McSmith – the head of media for Gerard Coyne’s campaign for the Unite General Secretary position – has been seen meeting with James Robinson, who is head of media for Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson and husband of Progress MP Gloria De Piero.

watson and.png
Watson with his head of media, James Robinson, leaving Parliament on Monday evening

The meeting took place in Portcullis House, just opposite the main Parliament building.

McSmith then went directly to the office of Jack Dromey, another Midlands MP, ally of Watson and Coyne supporter, on the 2nd floor of Portcullis House, where he proceeded to discuss with Dromey the role that ‘Nick’ (presumably Nick Buckley, media for Coyne and close friend of Watson) would play in the 5 days remaining until ballots for the Unite election are sent out.

The conversation was overheard from outside the room, through an open door.

These meetings prove a direct relationship between these Labour MPs and the Coyne campaign – and that Tom Watson’s staff is using time paid for by the Labour Party to interfere in Unite’s election.

In view of the likely deliberate breach of the Data Protection Act by someone in the Labour Party, who appear to have been feeding members’ contact information to Coyne’s campaign, this meeting also suggests a significant avenue of investigation for the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Watson and Dromey have serious questions to answer, especially in the light of Watson’s unwelcome intervention earlier in the week in the Unite election, when he claimed that Unite were planning to fund pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum – an intervention for which he was soundly rebuked by the union.

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  1. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Bastard Blairites undermining JC at every opportunity and using Labour Party time and money to so so!

    Our party needs purged of these right wing Tory sympathisers at once. Suspend the lot of them and let them make their own party so as not to hijack our #RealLabour one.

    1. Berlu had a propensity for illicit sexual encounters so we are told.
      History of Jacko and Harri can be found @doorfairy whether true or not make you own mind up

  2. How much evidence do we need to get these plotters up in front of the (select committee for disloyalty) to the OFFICIAL LEADER JEREMY CORBIN and those who will support him, through THICK and THIN?
    I’ll even chair it!

  3. Tom Watson should be ashamed of himself. He should resign from the Labour party and join the Tories, it’s the best place for him.

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