What solidarity looks like: Labour MPs change seats to sit with Corbyn

Bravo to these MPs who care more about what’s right than the threats of Stalinist right-wingers

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Richard Burgon, John McDonnell and Zara Sultana deserve every plaudit for demonstrating the left’s strength: solidarity. Instead they face wrath from a Labour right terrified of that strength.

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    1. let’s hear White Flag Shagger & “shill hunter” supremo Allan Howard, shriek at EACH of them because of “what happens” for doing the correct thing. Let’s hear Allan Howards AHs scream their vile defeatist nonsense at Jeremy, for allowing them to sit next to him.

      Wake up WEIRD WHITE FLAG SHAGGERS Allan Howards‼️‼️‼️
      Scream at Jeremy for allowing them to sit next to him because of “WHAT HAPPENED when X or Y defended themselves”. Go on! Scream at them, you vile fraud‼️‼️‼️

      H O W can adults feel change can be had without exposing the obvious fraud like the Allan Howards❓ is that “solidarity”❓
      And how exactly will the AHs’ conspicuous failure to EVER give even one tiny constructive suggestion, but tons of round the clock “look what happens when” ADULTS do what is right… even though the FRAUD refers to the lamest response, especially AFTER Jeremy had already stepped down⁉️⁉️⁉️

      1. I’m not sure whether your GP should lower your medication or increase it signpost, but you definitely seem somewhat unbalanced. Perhaps you should have a chat with him or her and discuss it.

        As for a constructive suggestion: Why don’t you do everyone a favour and put a sock in it signpost!

  1. If I wore a hat I’d take it off. Labour MPs with ‘cajones’, who would have thought? (apologies RBL).

      1. Ladership of what exactly?

        A shell of a skint and rapidly dwindling organisation of incompetent sectarian management numpties at every level. Dedicated to deliberatly losing and sabotaging elections on behalf of Corporate private domestic and foreign interests. Waging internecine war and witch-hunts on its own troops. Disdainful of its voter base as undeserving deplorables. Increasingly representative only of a handful of sad pathetic forelock tugging and cap doffing Uriah Heeps capable only of sneering from the sidelines with such inane observations on behalf of those considered to be their ‘betters.’

        If the LP were an employer of its volunteer members, supporters and voters- an attitude which the bureaucracy, hierarchy and self regarding grandees and their yes men hangers on clearly think they are – the shop floor would be on an official strike by now.

        As it is most people with a functional brain cell have already voted with their feet or are working without enthusiasm, if at all. The difficulties experienced at this year’s local elections of getting sufficient boots on the ground will increasingly become an impossibility as the rowers needed to do the donkey work of campaigning to move the ship become ever scarcer as a result of witch hunts from both the official monopoly right and left wings of the Party. Joining the voters who have also been rejected as not fit to be represented because they prefer to operate in the reality based community rather than the fantasy faith based narratives of the oxygen breathers in their ivory towers.

        All that’s needed to finish the job is the appointment of a suitable candidate as ‘Morale Officer’ – and one name does stand out on this site.

        Lead this at present captured at every level rabble of an institution of dysfunctional self-entitled muppets? A chiefdom with more chiefs than Indians?

        No mate. They are biding their time. Giving the carpetbaggers the rope to hang themselves.

      2. Dave – Thanks for the long diatribe. 🙄

        Maybe the true explanation is actually much simpler and shorter, Jeremy lost the trust of the electorate. Hence for the first time ever more of the working class voted for (Boris’s) Tory Party than voted for (Jeremy’s) Labour Party.

      3. Yes, Eeyore, the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.
        Then there’s the Whitworth.
        A “leadership challenge” is a distraction. It’s the thousands of small steps that will turn things round if anything can.

      4. Steve H Hall…You are so right and its encouraging to see that you are recommending direct action and confrontation from the left of the party .You are correct only another 36 mps sitting with Corbyn would show the public and the world that the Labour party are in a civil war with their own party.Well done ✔ Stevie boy 👦you’re learning..!

      5. Joseph – Thanks, but we both know that’s not going to happen.

      6. Joseph – Who is this Hall guy that you keep obsessing about?

      7. Of course it is Steve; nothing to do with four decades of taking that vote for granted by treating those communities – sacrificed on the faith based nonsense of domestic neo-liberal globalisation dogma or a failed foreign policy of forever wars – as having nowhere else to go. Not to mention the deliberate and evidenced campaign of sabotage of those elections from within the hierarchy and bureaucracy at the behest of the worshipful grandees.

        You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel of desperation of the terminally worm tongued when you have to resort to ‘nothing to see here, please move along’ deflections of this nature.

        The Labour Party has no chance of functioning effectively as an organised entity never mind winning any kind of election in the absence of that majority which the carpetbaggers you are cheer leading for are driving out of the Party and the wider movement.

        JVL co-Chair Leah Levane, a member of the Jewish Community being hounded out of the Party as an anti-semite recently wrote to the Party with the following question:

        “One question I have for the Labour Party leadership is why would you expect people in this country to trust with government a Party that treats its own hard working, committed, volunteer members with such disdain?”

        I would go further by advising you that the majority of voters will not trust a Party with power over them which is not only so incompetent in its present structure and processes but which also treats due process rights in so cavalier a manner.

        An incompetence, along with a malevolence, which you have proven more than enthusiastic to be associated with on this site.

        Your ship is going down Steve because it, along with its cheerleaders such as yourself, thinks it can do without the wrong kind of electorate and wrong kind of members. Own it. Only the rats remain. The grown ups are sat in the deckchairs watching people like you hang yourselves with the rope you’ve been given.

        Sad pathetic site really.

      8. Dave – “I would go further by advising you that the majority of voters will not trust a Party with power over them which is not only so incompetent in its present structure and processes but which also treats due process rights in so cavalier a manner.”

        As was proven in the 19GE. Perhaps you should ask yourself who put these procedures and structures in place. Thank goodness that both the structures and the disciplinary procedures are in the process of being changed.

      9. Jeremy was made artificially unpopular through relentless, unjustified smears. The unpopularity wasn’t his own fault He had his flaws but he never deserved what the PLP and the party bureaucracy with him, OR to be falsely accused of softness on a prejudice you and everyone else knows he had always passionately opposed and fought to eradicate.

        Keir isn’t being smeared by anybody, has abandoned all socialist policies-just as Blairites like you wanted- is being endlessly praised by the right-wing media, and has never GAINED the voters’ trust. He is not a superior leader in any meaningful way at all and he does not have the consensus support of the base- if he did, he wouldn’t still be crushing all semblance of internal democracy and refusing to let the AS Smear end.

        Nobody thinks Keir would do anything Labour if he did get into power, or any sense of hope about what a Starmer government might mean- even you, if you’re honest with yourself, SteveH.

      10. Those procedures were not in place when complaints of illegal behaviours I and others submitted were conveniently lost on multiple occasions by those functionaries and their counterparts at local level who sabotaged elections, went on Panorama spouting lies, and then walked off with shed loads of money paid in by hard working volunteer members. Even though relegated complaints were fast tracked and conveniently dealt with.

        By the time the new procedures were in place a combination of the backlog of complaints – many of them spurious politically motivated AS allegations – and the need to replace so many staff with less experience meant that in the deliberately manufactured hysteria most if not all non AS related outstanding complaints took at least another twelve months to get looked at. By that time with an election imminent most, including the two I was associated with were effectively binned for other priorities.

        The notion that there was no long term impact from the pre-Jenny Formby procedures, gerrymandered behaviours and organisational attitudes on the efficacy of those introduced by Formby – which is the logical implication of your fanciful claims – is the kind of untenable and unrealistic argument normally found at the level of a primary school playground or when some carpetbagger is trying to sell you snake oil.

        It was not the current processes in place which put me at legal risk on two occasions it was the gerrymandered behaviours of those you are acting as a shill for. Tell us Steve, who is it currently threatening volunteer members who have given years of service, like Leah Leveane from JVL, with the sack for speaking to an organised initiative meeting before it was proscribed? I’m sure you can provide credible evidence of long standing practice of legal systems in this Country where it is the norm for punishment to be applied retrospectively for an action before it was proscribed?

      11. Dave – Which brings us round to another of Jeremy’s failures. His failure to immediately replace McNicol as GenSec.
        The fact that Formby’s new procedures were discredited is not in question and I distinctly recall Formby showing off in Feb19 that her new system was much more efficient at expelling members.
        The fact that JF’s new system was used to get rid of CW (as well as many others) and that JF was instrumental in getting rid of CW is also not in dispute.

      12. On the reasonable basis that no one over about the age of five cold be so naturally obtuse this latest from SteveH provides about the most glaring example of dishonestly and fraudulently framing a narrative as one is likely to encounter.

        Leaving aside the evidence free assertions based entirely on pre-assuming what one aims to deduce (I’ve said it therefore it must be so) the entire fantasy narrative being sold here is totally dependent upon ignoring key wider system environment factors and processes which drive internal procedure outcomes.

        Such as, for example, the external context of outside pressures where hundreds of spurious allegations on a single issue – many originating from deranged senior players such as Margaret Hodge, who, like SteveH, had and continue to have their own axes to grind – had to be dealt with using a unit which needed to be largely re-staffed, with the inevitable consequence on efficacy, from the reality based factor of starting from scratch and learning as you go along. External pressures amplified by bad faith actors across the party from within the PLP and wider bureaucracy stoking an hysteric Corporate and establishment media with their own agendas.

        And yet on the measure which actually counts – at least for those who inhabit the reality based community – ie the number of AS cases actually dealt with, the evidence is irrefutable that more cases were dealt with quicker and more effectively under Formby, despite the handicaps of new staff and artificially and deliberately manufactured internal and external pressures which amounted to hysteria, than under the previous McNichol regime and processes.

        The fact that the whipped up manufactured and largely evidence free hysteria along with the departure of the fifth columnist wasters like Hogan et al resulted in a focus on successfully clearing up the previous mess of a backlog of AS cases to the detriment of many non AS complaints was always going to be inevitable in this environmental context whatever the process.

        Yet this success is presented by SteveH in terms of a proven failure. A claim which can only be sustained by assuming a fantasy narrative of a closed system and conveniently and dishonestly ignoring the real world reality of an open system whose practical operation was driven and determined more by internal and external bad faith actors and the contextual pressures they generated than by whatever process existed.

        Or, to cite a further example, the notion of being in a position to sack McNicholl earlier within this wider context of internecine warfare in the Party – instigated entirely by those whom SteveH acts as a shill for – without further detrimental cost imposed by those bad faith actors focuses entirely on the treatment rather than the root cause.

        Whilst I might share the view that McNichol should have gone earlier – though without removing the entire rest of the nest of malevolent malcontents from the Party, from self appointed grandees such as Blair, Mandleson, Campbell, Hodge et al, through to the likes of Austin, Akehurst, etc and the majority of waste of space functionaries at head office and Regional levels that would have been mere gesture politics which would not have dealt with the problem – that subjective view is irrelevant for any serious objective analysis of what was and is still required.

        Irrelevant because it focuses on treatment rather than tackling the root cause. The balance of power within the Party over decades has increasingly swung towards clueless careerists dedicated to a vainglorious position of maintaining an unsustainable status quo. Any doubts about that were dispelled watching Wednesdays debate in what is increasingly becoming the political Asylum of Westminster and the HoC
        Any attempt at root and branch change from a position of relative structural weakness from that power imbalance would have produced a far worse reaction than seen with the manufactured AS element of the attack on not Corbyn but what Corbyn represented. We are dealing here with a mindset which does not brook opposition to its will regardless of how far the chosen faith based narrative is from reality. Many people will have seen and experienced this mindset at the level of their working lives in dealing with an increasingly arrogant and it orang corporate management. A mindset we have seen at another level which has culminated with the US and UK hubris in Afghanistan.

        As matters stand now – as opposed to where they ought to, with those such as Williamson and others still in the Party; Corbyn having the Party whip etc – the logical outcome of that imbalance is playing out as the clueless wonders of the self defined moderate centre and their cheerleaders hang themselves on their own hubris.

        They’ve more than decimated their electoral base with decades of arrogant neglect. Now they are doing the same to their activist and supporter base believing the Party can function and operate in any kind of practical sense without them. Relying on management consultant bullshit and a failed Carrillion model of sub contracting transposed to the realm of politics as a consumer product.
        This will not survive any encounter with objective reality.

        Rather than dishonestly attempting to re-write and re-frame a failed and failing narrative it would probably be more productive for wormtongues like SteveH to find themselves a lifeboat to escape from the sinking ship they are desperately clinging to.

    1. Harbouring leadership ambitions, that’s where and upsetting the applecart wasn’t on the agenda.

      That went well didn’t it?

      1. Nemtona – Isn’t this the same RLB that during the leadership campaign declared that she would pay compensation to the Panorama ‘victims’.

    2. There are some of those RLB’s, Dawn’s, etc who, like Hardie, we’ll have to turn a blind eye to, but watch like a Hawk! They still have one foot deeper in The UK Labour Party than the Neolabour Party TORIES, without the Constant Sabotage from the Neolabour Party TORIES they could be forgiven, but never forgotten.
      But again, The PEOPLE must decide what they want to do, stand up and fight, The Parasite Neolabour Party TORIES, in/out “Labour” and vote all the NEOLIBERAL TORIES OUT and start The UK Labour Party all over again, without ANY Parasites OR Saboteurs!
      Get all the little parties under ONE umbrella Party, with one main Democratic Socialist Manifesto and freedom to do their own thing as long as it does not undermine, sabotage, etc the Main Party!
      We can’t stand and fight running in all directions, at the call of Charge, We need to Charge as ONE, Fight as ONE, Speak as ONE! This time we can even set up a so called “War Office” with our OWN ‘Global Luntzspeak Dictionary’ only we speak truth and activism not Neolabour Party TORY SPIN/SMEAR/LIES/PROPAGANDA/SABOTAGE and even our OWN ACT.IL like App, we can be prepared for the International Onslaught that we already expect! MOST IMPORTANTLY WE NEED TO ENSURE THAT THE BALLOT BOXES ARE SECURED 22:00 to 22:30ish, WHEN THE GO COMPLETELY OFF RADAR!

  2. I thought it might only be Labour councillors were into childish instructions like “dont sit next to him” .Now it appears amongst our very own private school educated knight and whos suprised?….Pathetic flashman of the right wing Labour party parasites.My final year as a Labour councillor were much the same with the same instructions for not following our lib \lab pact or supporting council house asset stripping and investigating missing hundreds of thousands of pounds of money from my council.Somtimes MPs and councillors need to do whats right and behaviour of the Labour public schoolboy methods of intimidation doesn’t go down well with the members.ITs clear to me that the Labour party is beyond saving.

    1. You may be right, Joseph but the more people who say “I am Spartacus.” the better.

      1. Goldbach I want more than I am sparcatus”,Before becoming an armchair warrior restricted by geographical location and age I always believed in direct action and confrontation and still do.IT doesn’t make you very popular and many it frightens ,but when dealing with scum that wreck lives and carreers by lies and propaganda its the only route that works Remember that Spartacus led a army to defeat the enemy.I came into politics by activism and if we recruited amongst them the Labour party would be something to be proud of instead of ashamed.I was recruited by Labour party members who knocked on my door and asked me to stand for Labour in Surrey….which is quite a noval and difficult task in East Surrey home of the fyadds lady Diana and Dodi and of course our knight of the realm .I the other three are dead,and the knight?

      2. Joseph – …..and yet you chose to step down after only one term in office?

    2. Joseph – Yet more silly propaganda in a feeble attempt to prop up your weirdly obsessive agenda.

      For some reason you forgot to point out that unlike Keir’s parents Jeremy’s chose to pay to send him to a private school. As you well know Keir, like tens of thousands of other working class children at the time, passed his 11+ to attend Reigate Grammar School.

      You already know that whilst Keir was attending his grant maintained Grammar School the school decided to turn private because of government legislation at the time.and Keir’s school fees (like his fellow students) were therefore paid by the state.

      Trying to make a big deal out of Keir’s education whilst ignoring the fact that Jeremy’s parents (unlike Keir’s) chose to pay for their sons to be privately educated is disingenuous.

  3. Well done! Unity without measures of Resistance is nothing.

    This is an act of Resistance. Thank you. Any more?

      1. More than would have noticed had it not happened. Point is, it really only needs to be noticed by two (sets of) people: i), The one(s) doing the oppression: ii) the one(s) being oppressed.

        Starmer and his sponsors noticed and every Labour member notced. The rest don’t really matter for this.

      2. qwertboi – Really?
        In which case don’t you think it is a bit strange that nobody thought to mention it until this article appeared.

      3. Not really, it can only bcome an issue and be taled about when it happens.

        Point is, the MPs should have done this earlier, but now that they have started, we’ll talk about it more – and the more we talk about it, the more Sir Keir will realise he is an unpopular leader who a lot of members are severely disappointed with.

        We need more gestures like this.

    1. Gesture politics never went away or ceased stevieh. Every PM since 1979 has been gesturing submission to the neoliberal hegemonists, the financial capitalists, the industrial military complex, the carbon fuel and polymer industries, the pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries and, of course, the billionaires behind them.

      Gesture politics has since Thatcher been submission politics, whereby the bourgeose and liberal politiccal classes genuflect to the ruling class parasites known as billionaires. The gestures we’re awaiting eagerly from democratic socialist will be the opposite: Resistance politics.

  4. About time they did something! Not sure I susceptible to theatre any more though.

    1. but maybe theatrics is all there is atm? Labour left MP are denied any meaningful power and means to communicate with the general public, so a gesture here and there can be very effective – and a sure way to frighten the powers that be (which is what we all want).

      1. qwertboi – “Labour left MP are denied any meaningful power and means to communicate with the general public,” NOT true, NOT true, NOT true.
        That another MYTH i heard even Jeremy regurgitate at the end of a FULL UPLIFTING HOUR on LBC with Iain Dale.

        Ditto with Ken Loach DURING his HALF hour when he used the opportunity to present his case on TALKRADIO last weekend. First time he turned up in over a year to communicate with the general public.

        With Jeremy it was the FIRST time in SIX years, despite numerous invitations.

        DUMP Group NON-Think MYTHS. We cannot change without that.

      2. windchimes – Finally something we can agree on, Jeremy and his team were in hiding from 2018 onwards. They should have been out there at every opportunity ‘selling’ and ‘normalising’ the concepts behind the 2017 manifesto.

      3. Oh, isn’t that sweet…. there’s something that Steve-the-shill says that he can agree on with signpost-the-shill! Funny thing is that Steve-the-shill said EXACTLY the same thing when signpost-the-shill said EXACTLY the same thing a few months ago!!

        But that’s SHILLS forya!! Always trying to dupe the readership of skwawkbox! And ALWAYS to the detriment of JC and socialist MPs.

        To listen to signpost you would be forgiven for thinking that just about everyone in the country listens to LBC or Talk Radio! Needless to say only a tiny percentage of people do, and the VAST majority of people DON’T, and they rarely tune into programs like the Daily Politics etc, AND, the vast majority of people who DO tune into interviews and discussions with politicians are those that already have strong affiliations to this particular party or that. So both WC and Steve-the-shill are spouting complete and utter bollox!

        Never a day passes when the all-day every-day shills on here don’t falsely and spuriously discredit the left. But then THAT is what they are paid to do!!!

      4. Allan – Did I, in which case I’m surprised you thought it worthwhile to comment on.

  5. What solidarity looks like: *UK Labour Party* MPs change seats to sit with Corbyn.
    I bet The Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY Fuhrer and his little Himler (Evans) are steaming, like little beetroot faced Right Wing TORIES!!

      1. Looking at your tweets, they smack of sheer desperation!
        Your Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES are FUCKED, and you running around the comments like a headless chicken splurting child like lines of Desperation!
        What your aim is here TORY BOY is not clear, but if you’re trying to put positive light on Your Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES, this might be the wrong place!

      2. skellyknelly – You are at liberty to ignore me. The choice is entirely yours.

      3. skellyknelly – I will give up when I get bored, but I’m not the one complaining.

  6. There’ll be more calls from the likes of Akehurst for the Whip to be removed from those sitting next to Jeremy soon.

  7. Corbyn should have doubled down & not thrown Chris Williamson under the bus.

      1. Toffee – Well we wouldn’t be where we are now if it hadn’t been so badly handled in the first place.

      2. And where are ‘we’ now, wee boy?

        Languishing light years behind THE most corrupt government in all history , with keef expelling members left, right and centre on the merest of whims, and bankrupting the party to pay his mates that conspired to lose the last election.

        And STILL banging on about non existent antisemitism.

        ‘We’ have fucked up immensely, haven’t we?? The best of the bad bunch has been found to be the worst of a shite bunch.

      3. Toffee – In the process of changing the discredited disciplinary procedures put in place by Jennie Formby. Perhaps you should reflect on how many high profile members the previous administration sacrificed on the alter of AS

  8. I’ll bet faux hardcase ian austin will be gnawing on the office furniture on seeing that…Look out, keef! 👀

  9. Two pieces of good news today –
    1. The simple act of solidarity and defiance shown by a few Labour MPs
    Respect to them.
    2. The climb-down by Manchester University / Whitworth Gallery, who have stood their ground against the bullying
    tactics of zionist supporters of the Apartheid State of Israel.
    A victory for justice !
    A victory for the rights of the Palestinian People.

    Onwards and upwards !

      1. goldbach – non whatsoever to this article which is why I clearly labelled it BREAKING NEWS.

      2. Ah! “non whatsoever ” – so it’s business as usual.

      1. skellyknelly – …. and yet you’re still here posting meaningless drivel.

      2. skellyknelly – As I said above, who are you trying to impress?

      1. Odd how you never can say anything to the contrary, always just a repeated overly predictable childlike balderdash!

      2. skellyknelly – I give your inane ramblings the respect that they deserve.

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