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‘Simply staggering’ results as YouGov respondents massively prefer Corbyn

More than three out of four consider Starmer incompetent – and four out of five find him dislikeable and think he will never be PM

A set of ‘simply staggering’ polling results from the YouGov website – results from almost 12,000 respondents, a huge sample by normal polling standards – suggests that Keir Starmer is massively outshone by his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn.

The results – which come despite the easiest possible ride in the media for the former Director of Public Prosecutions (as he never tires of reminding us all) and the stark contrast with the non-stop media and Establishment war on Corbyn – include damning assessments of Starmer’s competence as well as his likeability or lack of it. So much for ‘forensic’.

The numbers were tweeted by trade unionist Martin Abrams after a friend came across them on the YouGov site as part of a ‘chat poll’. The first question asked was on Starmer’s competence – and after answering, the respondent was informed that more than three quarters – 76% – of the almost 12,000 respondents so far consider Starmer incompetent:

Next came likeability – and four out of five respondents said Starmer was unlikeable, compared to only 13% who thought him likeable:

After that, the question of whether Starmer would ever become PM – and just as many thought Starmer will never occupy Downing Street as find him unlikeable:

And when it came to comparing him with Jeremy Corbyn, the man he pledged to emulate in order to win the leadership election but has instead thrown out of the party, he was outscored by a wide margin:

Starmer’s team appears to have given up on any hope of making their man appealing to voters, instead hoping Boris Johnson will screw up badly enough to let him sneak through on the inside rail – and conjuring up management-speak gibberish like ‘adopt[ing] a product-mindset by using agile ceremonies’.

And based on these numbers, even those desperate ploys look like a better bet.

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  1. Well, well, well.

    I suppose this opinion poll doesn’t count eh, wee fella?

    Away and shite. You and keef.

      1. “People have short memories” says the hypocrite who loves to use opinion polls as evidence because they usually support centrist opinion.

      2. lundiel – Unlike some on here I am in a position to supply evidence and I try to do so whenever possible.

      3. Which people would that be?

        Certainly not those traditional voters and supporters considered as having nowhere else to go whose communities and culture of solidarity were abandoned to deindustrialization and Globalisation by snake oil self defined ‘moderate centerist’ politicians and their wormtongue shills over four decades. Whose sons and daughters were used as cannon fodder in illegal forever wars to satisfy corporate resource grabs.

        That’s the trouble with this limited mindset. They judge everyone else by their own limited criteria.

      4. lundiel – so what, if there were 40 of them, then I and many others might take notice but as it is hardly anyone noticed anything until SB drew our attention to it, a day after the event

      5. You know why that is. When a few MPs escorted ‘frightened’ Luciana Berger into the house, everyone and their mum were there to record it. This act of solidarity was no less powerful because it wasn’t propagandised by the media makes it no less a slap in the face for Starmer’s autocracy. His world is crumbling, the natives are getting restless, he says all the wrong things and sends the wrong signals. People either don’t know who he is or if they do, they dislike him.

      6. lundiel – As I said above, who noticed and amongst the few that did not one of them thought it was significant enough to make the effort to comment on here about it.

      7. lundiel – thanks 4 reminding us about that most nasty of the theatrics of the Berger “frightened” palavar‼️‼️‼️

        Only a week or two afterwards, the same character waddled UNESCORTED and UNAFRAID to i think the Limp Dims aka Lib Dem Conference. She has since gone about her merry way unescorted. Suddenly all “threats” vanished into thin air. Just like that. Puff gone 🗯🗯🗯

        The thing is, the general electorate saw through the LIES of Berger & sabotaging accomplices. Why else did they DUMP her and Ummuna and Ellman and Smeethe … every one of the LIARS who so dangerously abused TRAGEDY for POLITICAL MOTIVES❓❓❓ WHY??? Have the bunker dwellers ever come out for air to consider obvious facts???

        Surely if they were reflecting our views, ALL of those disgusting characters would have been elected with a landslide. Especially Berger in HENDON. No???

        To date, WHERE and when have you seen any of our lot using these basic facts to demolish the lies people whine on about the biased MSM⁉️⁉️⁉️ What do we get instead, Whining, Myths and ZERO sustained actions based on FACTS and indisputable evidence???

        Berger and her lot had by 666 billion bucket loads loads EVERYTHING the whiners consider vital. Berger in particular had DOUBLE HOUR SEGMENTS with an utterly BIASED journalist, who admitted they were friends. On top of that Berger had at least hour slots with other biased journalists followed by DAILY hour long pushing of the lies on LBC, Talkradio, BBC 5Live and BBC London. Despite our lot hiding and despite a professional actor campaigning for Berger, SHE WAS DITCHED‼️‼️‼️ DUMPED!!! REJECTED!!! DEFEATED!!! LOST‼️‼️‼️

        If we were so “afraid with bags packed”, WHY then did we reelect Jeremy, Dianne, and GAIN the revolutionary Republics of Putney and Fidel Castro’s haunt Cantebury❓❓❓ Jeremy and Dianne were reelected with aporox FORTY THOUSAND votes each. Are their constituencies full of raging a-S❓❓❓

        Why is it left for me or you to speak up??? ATTITUDES, HABITS🔴

        Mandelson Starmer Evans and the Berger cabal failed to deceive the electorate with their lies, DAMNED lies and theatrics. Yet our lot keep heads down and STILL CRAVE a cosy love in with those they must secretly admire. OUR leaders CRAVE a cosy with the most horrendous warmongering creatures. Is that “decency” “integrity” “Left leadership”, the values of a LABOUR government⁉️⁉️⁉️

        Or why else do they behave as if they are as good as dead. We do not need that.

        WE DO NOT NEED THAT!!! That is NOT leadership‼️‼️‼️

        Also i noticed someone earlier claiming Jeremy brought the Palestinian plight to public attention. ABSOLUTE embarrassing RUBBISH.

        We’ve known of the plight of the Palestinians since we were children. I only knew of Jeremy’s existence when he stood for leadership in 2015. Yes he may have brought info to the bunker, hence that extraordinary claim. But NOT to the general public. I know someone who was with Yassar Arrafat while he was under siege. I would be amazed if that person ever heard of Jeremy then. Will find out.

        But that claim illustrates the DEEP delusion and otherworldly CULTISH myths held by well meaning people. THAT DOES NOT SERVE THE PUBLIC🔴

        As embarrassing as the ludicrous claim that Turner made the public aware of “Austerity” and so enabled Jeremy to win. HOW ABSURDLY FACT-FREE is that⁉️⁉️⁉️

        BUNKER DWELLERS. STARVED of general knowledge and out of touch with the general public.

        Get out of the stale aired bunkers!!! REFRESH yourselves. DITCH the cultish tripe. Then, THEN we can all face reality and EASILY defeat those John Major called “bastards” and Doug called “f*****s” outside and INSIDE our Labour Party.

      8. Steve H….no wonder you didn’t get very far as a job centre advisor? “People have short memories” Tell that to the Irish and duck! ITs people like you that think they can murder civilians and get away with it.

      9. Surely there is evidence that many people have short memories – especially with politics?

      10. “Unlike some on here I am in a position to supply evidence and I try to do so whenever possible.”

        We don’t need ‘evidence’ regarding the unpopularity of Keith.

      11. Why does one certain individual come to this site to push a ideology and personality no one likes? If somebody self-determinedly self-identifies as in the “Mr Neoliberal No-mates” category, and doesn’t like socialism, why come here to poisen the atmosphere of an actual community?

      12. Bernie – Or more to the point why are you commenting on an article that was published 5 months ago.

    1. Many who read SKWAWKBOX.ORG were ahead of the curve on SIR DPP Starmer. They would have read the predictable predicted that he was bad, Bad, BAD news.

      They would have read a few responding to that prediction and plus “worst to come”.

      The responses were that making those easy OBVIOUS predictions were curiously damaging a “LABOUR” victory. You could not make it up‼️‼️‼️

      But interestingly, you only needed to have listened to the GENERAL PUBLIC who phone the mainstream media, 24/7 (NOT THE BBC) and a child could have told them that Keith Starmer is responsible for gross injustices stretching back twenty years, plus responsible for perpetuating older ones which he took over. From the post office scandal, to the failure to prosecute Jimmy Saville, or tbe enablers of the Pedophile Information Exchange, The gross wrongdoings of institutional racism and corruption in the police service re Stephen Lawrence, of course Julian Assange, PLUS a longer LONG LIST of atrocities. How did SIR Starmer pack them all in⁉️⁉️⁉️


  2. The extreme right wing of Labour don’t care. They’ll just offer more people who remind them a bit of the sainted tony, and feign surprise when they fail to be elected, again and again and again.

    Those people prefer tory rule. Unelectable.

      1. Wobbly, i’m curious as one of the late “Two Fat Ladies”, Clarissa Dickson-Wright, made a wry comment with her sparkle / vivacity. She said amongst her legal set, the creature was well known to be desperate to get the attention of all the young “sailors”.

        War Criminal and liar WMD Tony Blair who helped George Bush invade and murder millions not just in Iraq but nearly two hundred thousand in Afghanistan; was referred to as “MIRANDA”. With a wink, she said, work it out.

        I’m non the wiser. But welcome enlightenment. After Shakespeare, men edited out words he wrote for Miranda and attributed them to Prospero. They could not stand a woman being anything other than naive and passive.

        War Criminal and liar Blair is of course not in the least bit naive nor passive as far as politics and money goes. The creature is evil and active. Clarissa gave the impression of hinting at some secret about the Iraq invader’s craving for it to be invaded by young men. The Wendy Deng affair seemed a bit of amateur theatrics. But Murdoch seemed genuinely hurt and betrayed by Iraq Blair for whom he gave so much support. Plus he then promptly dished and divorced Deng. That doesn’t dent the possibility the affair was not an act to hide something else perhaps about to be exposed.

        ANYWAY, does not matter too much, but was immediately struck by your “Miranda” reference. Dickson-Right’s words from fifteen years ago, stuck in my memory… as so many other words and doings do.

  3. Even when he’s making a valid point, Starmer reminds me of that Harry Enfield character ‘Mr You Don’t Wanna Do It Like That’.

    Such a conceited individual.

  4. The ONLY way the LP can have any hope of regaining its popularity is for Corbyn to buy a set of boxing gloves, ditch his useless advisers and become leader again.

    1. Absoloutely Jack T, but he will not buy a set of boxing gloves because he has been surrounded by well meaning people who suffocate him with unwitting stuff about his worst qualities giving him “appeal” and “decency”. He took the singular illogical bit of advice from Tony Benn ie “Policies not personalities”. UTTER RUBBISH. By failing to alert the public to the record of Starmer proving him to be an UNSAVOURY and DANGEROUS personality, Jeremy ALLOWED encouraged ENABLED / gave power and the means for D P P to continue committing EVIL acts and GROSS injustices.

      As if that was not bad enough, the CATALOGUE of wrongdoings over FOUR years, was DELIBERATELY hidden from the public until it was too late. The personality of Starmer indicates the policies he will perpetrate. Benn was catastrophically wrong on that one. Jeremy and ALL who allowed him to deprive the members and public of crucial info re SIR DPP Keith were obviously also wrong.

      He will not “ditch his useless advisors” because he is addicted to hearing nice emptiness and he is surrounded by even more well meaning people who have infinite reservoirs of such empty niceness to drown his potential, which as we both agree could rival ALL competition, were he not held captive under the damp rot of “niceness” and the peculiar brand of “decency” on tap to Starmer and Hodge but runs DRY for Marc Wadsworth, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Chris Williamson, THOUSANDS of members … the list is long.

      That lack of decency to devoted loyal friends of four decades, is not due to being bad. Rather it is due the driftwood around him who intensify his worst instincts and snuff out his best. It is as if some prophet gave him tablets of truths sixty years ago. He believes them. But he never believed he had a duty to implement them. Moreover, he and his clique are not at the sharp end of life. They are unaffected materially.

      Before some repeat the strange interpretation of “decency”, they should ask Chris Williamson for his experience of it.

    1. The main difference between Starmer and the Taliban’s leadership?

      Some still hold out hope the Taliban will keep their pledges.

    2. Andrew – I suspect that, if given the choice between Starmer and Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, a very significant number of people would say that they’d no idea who he was. A lot would also have no idea who Akhundzada was either.

  5. I suspect that your mock-up photo of JC laughing at KS would make Mr Corbyn uncomfortable. He doesn’t do that sort of thing and that is part of his appeal.

    1. Spot on Cathy J. Sadly though his nature helped feed the stream of lies that eventually brought him down. In hindsight he should have fought the smears rather than try to reason with his attackers.

    2. Cathy J, his appeal to me, and i expect MILLIONS was his plan for the country. The majority of the GENERAL PUBLIC, had no idea of what u claim now. People like me see INJUSTICES here, BANDITRY by a few here, Institutional Corruption and Racism, Chumocracy, “The Many” turfed out of their housing estates only to see them demolished and sold to filthy rich people from The Far East, and Saudi Arabia for eg. When people voted THREE times for Jeremy and joined, i’m sure like me, they did so hoping for change. UNDILUTED change as expressed by Jeremy, NOT a dilution. Diluting democratic decisions makes the democratic process a nonsense. Furthermore we want people to get things done. No one at the sharp end of life would be obsessed with wether there id a mock-up photo or not.

      The tragedy was that Jeremy was surrounded by people who prioritised stuff like that.

      1. ps that’s why Breakthrough, according to Grey Swans, may have put an age cut off for membership. I would be stunned if anyone under Forty had any concern with what you consider “appeal”. Grey Swans says the founder of Breakthrough is over 50. I suspect he has seen the uphill battle with people set in their ways. Some people find change impossible. (the Breakthrough cut off according to Grey Swans is 40).

        Generalisations are always crude and unfair. Better to have a short chat with people of any age or get them to write a short list of ranked priorities. Then decide who you want in a team that aims to ACHIEVE transforming this country rather than “appeal” to open enemies who despise the public, for FOUR WHOLE YEARS.

        There would have been nothing “dirty” or “indecent” about dismissing Hodge, Mandelson, Blair, Starmer, Ashworth, Cooper, Coyle and the rest of them on their FIRST wrongdoing during Jeremy’s tenure. It is what would have been done in any other sound organisation, since Mandelson Hodge & gang have form.

        At a stroke they may have realised that they could not get away with the stuff they did. The reality is, they were ACTIVELY encouraged to do as they did. Even rewarded at the end, eg Watson was offered a peerage by Jeremy.

        Perhaps a reason to form a new party is to do as Breakthrough and vet members. The people at the sharp end of life deserve INFINITELY better than people fussing about photos and insisting on parroting nice nothings in a cosy social silo.

      2. If leaving one comment makes me obsessed in your eyes then so be it. As for not being at the sharp end of life – well I’m not homeless, but for the last 9 years I’ve not earned enough from my 3 pt jpbs to pay any income tax and for the last 10 months I’ve had no regular income (self employed and don’t qualify for help). At 64 I still have 2 years to wait for a state pension. So not living the life of Riley. But I do hate to see good people misrepresented, so I commented.

      3. Cathy J, thanks 4 your reply. Yes, yesterday was the first post i noticed from you and i apologise for being ‘triggered’. From time to time some people pop up out of the blue to expresses irritation that their comfortable reading is being disturbed by lively exchanges. In my opinion, that is EXACTLY what we need. Not a determination to be ‘right’ or ‘win’ an argument, but to present our views however challenging, with logic. That’s how we learn, in life in general and in all things scientific in particular. Work is put forward for critical scrutiny.

        With your difficulties you relate above, you are indeed “not living the life of Riley”. And you are absolutely admirable hating “to see good people misrepresented.” However neither you nor i can be sure of Jeremy’s feelings about the photo. He, as you have done, have the opportunity to turn up on to put his views either way.

        You may have read his views on as he complains about the biased mainstream media. Next time he appears on the mainstream media, i will report back here if he saw the photo as a priority greater than your life circumstances you mentioned. Because of his public position, he has a multitude of platforms to communicate his views on that and anything else, to the general public.

        You feel he is being “misrepresented”. That is your assumption. Jeremy may consider it a laugh, even a touch of irony. In any event, Jeremy is a grown man on his second or third wife, with two grown sons. One of those sons just called his uncle Piers Corbyn “a tosser”. I am sure that Piers will survive, Jeremy’s sons will survive, Jeremy’s wife will survive and Jeremy survives!!! When i last saw a photo of him in public, he looked a picture of radiant health and NOT some delicate china doll nor vulnerable helpless infant. Since you felt moved to comment on a photo, despite your real difficulties, it could be a latent / subconscious “obsession” or lets call it a concern, if that sounds nicer. Either way, you commented on your hatred of the photo. I commented on your comment being in my opinion part of the swaddling suffocating Jeremy as if he’s a helpless baby.

        He was called an “F*****g a-S” by the vile Hodge. No that triggers me. I’m still upset. Now THAT is a “MISREPRESENTATION” that others and i, hate so much we’ve commented on it more than once. (opposed only by a group of White Flag Shaggers and AHs). That’s a serious cruel dangerous “misrepresentation”. Apologies if i missed your comments on that.

  6. The old saying it doesn’t matter who you vote for the same fuckers always get in, is all to true here and in America
    The kleptocracy have bought out both parties either side of the Atlantic
    Good news is the JC legacy is alive and well, people are screaming out for a choice between a bucket of shit party and a Socialist alternative
    It’s not rocket science, FBTP demands a binary choice not the pale imitation Red Tories offer

    1. Doug, we the people made it OVERWHELMINGLY clear; we wanted Jeremy and what he offered at the Leadership election and TWO Starmer coups to sabotage change.

      The people did not expect FOUR WHOLE years of Jeremy “doing everything to be loved by” “fuc***s.

      Similarly, there was endless OPEN fighting in PUPLIC by Blue Tories for FOUR DECADES; with Major describing accurately his “honourable friends as “BASTARDS”. And David Cameron calling Nigel Farage as one of the “SWIVEL EYED LOONS”…

      Cameron misjudged the public who agreed with what Jeremy had ALWAYS believed TO DATE. Thus Cameron gave the referendum. A GIFT. Jeremy decided to “remain neutral” despite everyone else expressing a view. After all the wrangling, the people voted as Jeremy had always believed. That very night when the people won, he popped up and said “TRIGGER ARTICLE FIFTY” then PUFF gone … silence. For all the years after that one utterance, we lived through the spectacle of Jeremy using his scarce voice and presence to utter the words of his enemies … even with the laughed at concoction of “Constructive Ambiguity”.

      Once GE2019 was handed to the Tories outside our party, A PARADE of Starmer’s collaborators PROMPTLY said the Brexit argument is finished INCLUDING Mandelson.

      Yet STILL this very day knowledgeably, committed, educated, well meaning people STILL trot out the laziest evidence free MYTHS which keeps us failing EXACTLY as they failed before.

      You could not make it up
      🌍🥁🌍 🥁🌍🥁

  7. So there we have it, the new catch phrase of the relaunch after the fifth relaunch of Max Headroom’s New Labour Party.

    “People have Short Memories”…

    Rather catchy and straight to the point….Especially as the short memory of the leader has enabled him to forget his ten pledges already.

      1. Jack – Jeremy was in office for nearly 5 years, what did he achieve for the Palestinians?

      2. skellyknelly – As I’ve intimated elsewhere I give your comments the respect that I fell they deserve.

      3. SteveH he gave them hope that he would speak up for them if he became PM.

        Zionists such as Starmer knew this, which is why they dedicated so much effort into smearing and undermining him. When he didn’t fight back, and allowed his strongest supporters such as Chris Williamson to go to the wall, they couldn’t believe their luck, knowing it was just a matter of time before they got him.

      4. It is called “Turning the other cheek”. Something which true Christians should understand – and admire.

      5. [W]hat did he [Corbyn] achieve for the Palestinians?

        Brought their plight, and the injustices being perpetrated on them, to the attention of probably millions in the West who otherwise didn’t give them a second thought because they weren’t in the forefront of the news media.

        Starmer, on the other hand, by his words and actions has shown nothing but contempt for their situation.

      6. That would be after the biggest and most prolonged character assassination by a bought and paid for press in British history. Get real will you?

  8. We already knew this, even looking at GE17 and GE19, Thousands of People flocked to see Jeremy at his Rallies, Arriving at the Studios for Interviews/Hustings, Jeremy had 2 Negative Incidents one at Far Right Tory Ian Austin’s Dudley North and a Raging Convicted Crazy Priest in Glasgow! Considering the vast volume of Campaign Rallies that Jeremy did in comparison with the Inbred Buffoon, I would guess less than 2%, and of the few that the Buffoon did, there was not one that he was publicly welcomed at all, very few that he was not chased out of Town!
    However the incredibly unpopular Buffoon doesn’t just beat the Massively Popular Corbyn but he kicks his arse by 80 seats! Where in the world have we ever seen such a debacle!? Then his first words to the public after winning is “We Pulled it off! Didn’t we, We Pulled it Off!” like some Long Game Grift! And The Fuhrer Sir Keith Loopholes Starmer is already showing the same results as his ally and colleague BoJo the Buffoon!
    I believe it was a Grift an international effort of the Criminal Elites!
    I also believe that Starmer is the Next PM, forget about your vote, “The Masters” have Spoken!
    For as long as we allow our Ballot Boxes, with our Votes to VANISH with ONE Stranger ALONE, in Her/His OWN PRIVATE CAR between 22:00 to 22:30ish, from Polling Station to Counting Centre, that is the only weak spot, the rest of the time the boxes are in the care of 3 or more people, (more can be done), but it’s that weak spot that cost us 80 seats and until we fix that weak spot, we’ll have NO VOTE! We’ll just have to accept ‘The Chosen One’!

  9. I am not surprised at this information and am pleased to hear it. However, I believe the image above misrepresents Jeremy. He is not an egomaniac and would not gloat and grandstand in this way.

    1. No he is a True Gentleman and a hero of The PEOPLE, he well always be the Prime Minister Stolen from The PEOPLE! That Picture though is just a Creative expression of how we/SB would see it, and I am sure to take The Piss out of The Neolabour PARASITE Party TORIES who robbed us!
      Here’s a No Gloat Required Meme for sharing. 🙂

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