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Keir Starmer has staged another useless photo-opportunity, this time walking around with a handful of police officers and his front-bencher Nick Thomas-Symonds – and without even bothering to bus in the usual dozen tame centrist Labour members to make the frame look a bit less barren.

Meanwhile, Labour continues to implode and the millions who need a genuine opposition lose hope…

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    1. Keir Starmer’s Monthly Approval ratings tell us everything we need to know. They’re attrocious. The Net figure has been negative for the last eight months, and currently sits at -21.

      -21 ! Jeremy Corbyn’s were NEVER so bad.

      1. Even Gordon Brown’s weren’t – or Tony Blair’s after the Invasion of Iraq .

      2. qwertboi – Really?
        Did you check your ‘facts’ first?

        Jeremy’s nett approval ratings were horrendously bad throughout his tenure.

        Here’s a sample.
        Date / Approve / Disapprove / Don’t know / Lead
        Dec-19 25% 61% 14% -36%
        Nov-19 24% 61% 15% -37%
        Oct-19 20% 66% 15% -46%
        Sep-19 19% 64% 17% -45%
        Aug-19 19% 65% 16% -46%
        Jul-19 19% 67% 14% -48%
        Jun-19 18% 69% 14% -51%
        To be fair Jeremy did have 1 highpoint when he actually managed to achieve a positive rating of +4 (for one whole month)

      3. a whole month? Wow, and what about Blair and Brown’s, stevieh, were they as bad as Sir Keir’s as well, becuse even if they were significantly better than Starmer’s -21 and we could lose in 2010 to Cameron and Osborne as badly as we did, Sir Keir should be giving you liquid excrement, not the confidence and courage you show here.

        Dig out the numbers for the 3 months before GE17 and let’s all see how meaningless the pollsters’ findings were with the marvel that was Jeremy Bernard Corbyn. I’d be interested to see them, are you not?

      4. qwertboi – You could have just had the good grace to admit that you were wrong. It’s a bit rich of you to grumble about me quoting Corbyn’s polling figures from the same source as you. It isn’t my fault that you were either too stupid or too lazy to check whether your assertions were true or not.
        You can check the approval ratings for the entirety of Jeremy’s tenure here.
        The approval ratings for Ed Milliband can easily be found on the same site. The figures for Brown and Blair aren’t listed but I’m sure you’ll be able to find them if you want to. IPSOS- Mori have been publishing identical polling questions and the varying results on a monthly basis since 1997.

      5. I’m happy to have my mistakes corrected, SteveH. You’re right, I shouldn’t have lazily linked to the statsforlefties page without first checking the numbers. Thank you. I’m not exactly “grumbling” at your correction, just kicking myself that I didn’t check the numbers myself before posting.

        Nevertheless, the point remains, under Corbyn, Labour out-performed the leader’s Approval rating, whereas, under Starmer, it doesn’t. Also, Corbyn built and renovated, stimulated and restored. Starmer pasokifies, reduces membership numbers, demotivates support and de-potentiates success (as Evans might say).

  1. “I don’t want a party supporter or member knocking on a door in the next general election and being told that the individual won’t vote Labour because of anti-Semitism.” Sir Keir Starmer claimed.

    Don’t worry, mate, I won’t. It’ll be, entirely, because of you – Keir.

    1. SIR Keith Starmer Dipstick Pritstick Prick, ” “I don’t want a party supporter or member knocking on a door in the next general election” PERIOD🔴 Kets see how far u get🔴

      U SIR Keith r an utter deceitful PREDICTABLE disgrace. SIR Ubend Starmer u were always bad news for justice, bad news for integrity and TERMINALLY BAD news for ANY hope of transforming this country for “the many”.

      U bent to Mandelson & nest of money worshipers to SABOTAGE a TRUE Labour victory. Blair openly hissed that it preferred Cummings’ Johnson to win GE2019.
      You collaborated in TWO coups🔴

      U lied, u deceived, u JAILED JULIAN ASSANGE for telling truths🔴

      EVERY DECENT PERSON must return your brand of “LOYALTY” FULLEST STRENGTH and in NON STOP quantity until we see the back of U and your other WICKED parasites 🔴🔴🔴

  2. Does anyone ever get impressed with these choreographed photo ops? Would anyone be persuaded to vote by it? Total waste of time.

    1. It just serves his shallowness there is this Carly Simon song playing in my head: You’re so vain….

  3. Starmer’s concentrating on law and order because it’s something the media like to get behind. It’s dead easy to quote figures about this and that, promise extra police and do fuck all about poverty and life chances.
    Nandy’s doing my head in at the moment. She’s going on about the plight of Afghans shamelessly ignoring the fact that new Labour support insurgents in Syria who would impose a similar regime there.

  4. If Starmer and his Zionist followers hadn’t tried to hide behind the falsehood that the Labour Party was full of antiSemites but told the truth that it was full of anti-racists who objected to the racism of Zionism, then the antiSemitism lie could have been scotched from the start.

  5. And of course, with his usual impeccable timing, starmer embraces war criminal blair’s legacy on the eve of the collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban. He really is the most inept, incompetent, out-of-his-depth non-politician ever. We all deserve better than this.

    1. its painful to watch, he cannot be this unispiring & incompetent.Tony & his cronies are NOt this thick & out of touch I can only think this is a deliberate wrecking operation by them

  6. Starmer and his allies are ineffective to say the least. Nandy actually does peoples heads in with her inane waffling which is impossible to follow. If, by next spring, Labour still trails this awful government, then the 39 or so MPs who are staring at defeat next time may well become panicked. Unless they start to spell out real policies people will make their minds up that they are not up to the job well before 2024.

    1. teessidevoice
      Methinks if the penny hasn’t dropped by now !
      So let’s get on with it , only need 20 MP’s

      1. Doug – If you check the rule book then you will see that you need 40 MPs to mount a leadership challenge.

      2. Yes sockpuppet Steve we know! The question you really should be asking about now is how many does it take to tank a party? Because your great leader is doing a spiffing jon with is cult of new Labour 2.0 mates!

        So did he enjoy his walkies? Still waiting for them 20 points lead, policies and a explanation on the missing millions so no rush. We have plenty of popcorn and a comfy seats to watch the Starmer disaster tour continuing on…

    1. Steve Richards, you can say what needs “to be said @ Conference”. Will you be there to say what you want said ???

  7. It will be interesting to see if then policy of muting microphones that has been common in LP virtual meetings will continue to be used at LP Conference if someone is critical of the “leader”and his non-policies. Or will it simply be that anyone who might disagree with the twaddle will, coincidentally, not be selected to speak?

  8. He used to prosecute criminals and terrorists, you know? But NEVER tories.

    Or high-profile nonces.

    Or plod who murder kill civilians.


    …Make a joke on twitter about bombing an airport, though.

  9. We are lied to every single day and nothing changes… nothing will ever change…

  10. Labour is shedding 90 jobs and hiring a smaller number on short term contracts…. Then they issue this sort of crap to their existing staff. Presumably outlining what the ‘new staff’ will be expected to do.

    “These teams will adopt a product-mindset using agile ceremonies, be empowered to make decisions and encouraged to focus on rapid prototyping, deployment and iteration.”

    Max Headroom is in full flow.

    Cue the entry of his Chief Turd Polisher.

    1. “These teams will adopt a product-mindset using agile ceremonies, be empowered to make decisions and encouraged to focus on rapid prototyping, deployment and iteration.”

      Can somebody translate this into English please? I seem to have mislaid my complete load of bollocks tranlation manual.

      1. It’s hogwash, isn’t it? But significantly, he omits to include mention the most cruial component of any “agile” production process: TESTING. Rapid prototyping my arse!

        Starmer isn’t developing anything new – he’s just regurgitating 1980s thatcherism for the billionaires.

  11. “”That Nasty “Jeremy Corbyn”! Look at what he has done to The PEOPLE!”” The Leader of The Compliance Party has to be escorted by Police wherever he goes! Oh but look, nobody’s come out to see him, bless! Very reminiscent of his Contemporary and Colleague fellow TORY Johnson’s one or two town visits!
    I asked Tories to provide me with Pictures of Johnson being welcomed in a way that Jeremy was by thousands of people, nobody could now I can ask the same of The Neolabour Party TORIES, but they will just boar me with Guardianesque Waffle, Campbell, Mandelson Spin and Blair’s People of the Sun and their Tripe!
    They are extraordinarily unpopular and no matter how you vote, unless your Ballot box is secured between Poll Station and Counting Centre, and not left alone, in the trust of a complete stranger, for a 10-30 min ride in a private car, The Likes of Them WILL WIN, Time and Time AGAIN! The Powerful People will NEVER allow a Government that favours The PEOPLE over The CITY!

    1. Whoop0s! Apologies, I didn’t notice that photograph was from the Daily Heil archive.

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